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Wednesday, December 23, 2020



Dec 21, 2020 - Attorney L. Lin Wood sits down for an exclusive interview with Joshua Philipp on the 2020 US presidential elections, the possibility of martial law, the Georgia Senate runoff, China's infiltration of America, and why he fights for the truth.

Documentary: 2020 Election Investigation:


  1. Man is either ignorant or not telling me truth think latter no souther that knows history would call Lincoln anything by tyrant.
    Jimmer jabberd . Like a slick ass attorney on the clock.
    No milita leader would swollow that BS.

    1. Annie is correct about a hidden Deep state Agent / disinformer herein this group:

      Shell-by ** Trump are ones of them. Trump gave $740b to Communists, SOCIALISTS, and to PAKISTAN $1.4* trillion. SEARCH !

      ** The Deep State agent(s) are here almost every day, to entice you to watch his feeding nonsense YouTube videos.

      So [ Google play, persistent background services ] can turn on your cellphone Geolocation to spy you, even if you turn it off
      So beware, don't allow Google play. Youtube App to alter your system, stop them at Setting. Be in controls of your lives America.

  2. All these commentators above need a severe History lesson! Stop drinking the cool aid folks, it's deadly! Do some Research!


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