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Wednesday, December 23, 2020


 In 1975 a Japanese Professor by the name of Satoshi Omura discovered a microorganism called Streptomyces Avermitilisi in a sample of soil found on a golf course. During many painstaking years spent isolating and cultivating that specific strain, he enlisted the help of William C Campbell in the USA and formed a research collaboration of scientists across the world. In 1981, the drug IVERMECTIN was born.

Little did Omura know that ivermectin would be hailed next to penicillin and asprin as the three most important drugs in human history, or that he and Campbell would be awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize for medicine for their discovery of ivermectin.
Today, few people have heard of it. Vets and animal lovers may know it as a treatment for de-worming livestock. However, 250 million people worldwide have taken ivermectin, mainly the poorest of the poor who suffer from river blindness, a debilitating parasitic disease. It is also taken by humans for many other parasitic infections including lyme disease and viral infections such as malaria and dengue fever. The drug was given away free in many developing countries and side-effects are trivial and rare.

Despite decades of searching, nobody has been able to find another sample that matches Omura’s original. Luckily for the world, one sample was enough to develop the compound at extremely low cost. It is absolutely safe and is currently on the WHO’s list of ‘essential medicines.’ In March and April of 2020, doctors began publishing the benefits of ivermectin for treatment of covid and the NIH immediately responded by recommending it NOT be used outside of controlled trials.

This put the brakes on the treatment, but did not stop it as doctors familiar with ivermectin continued to use it as part of their covid treatments. In December 2020 Dr. Pierre Cory pleaded to the US senate to have it recommended as a treatment and prevention for covid. He presents a mountain of data from 4000 patients showing that it's cheap, it's available and it works. This is an emotional eight minutes of live testimony to watch:

Today, open source communities are lobbying the powers that be to make ivermectin freely available for worldwide use. In some countries, like India, it already is. In one region in Paraguay, the governor gave it the people under the guise of “a de-worming program” and covid numbers massively reduced. 40 published medical trials (16 peer reviewed) are available and many more studies are underway.

Sadly, the NIH still maintains its recommendation that it should not be used outside of clinical trials. This is ridiculous.


  1. The substance can be found on Amazon - sold over the counter as pinworm treatment for animals and humans. All one has to do is follow the directions. I dothis once every six months, prophylactically. It’s a liquid. It tastes like vanilla. It doesn’t give you diarrhea like most anti-parasitic agents do - it works in a different way than most anti-parasitics. MDs in this country will tell you that parasites not an issue in this country but that’s not true. So there are some alternative position to feel that regular prophylactic treatment with an anti-parasitic is a good idea and they recommend this particular substance/medication. Do the research.


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