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Monday, December 21, 2020

Rebuttal of TROH Garbage for the Umpteenth Time

 By Anna Von Reitz

People are running around like chickens with their heads off, pillar to post, unable to discern lies from truth.  That's what we are told to expect in the end times.  Women cherishing cats and dogs instead of children, everything upside down and sideways, pervasive lack of conscience and selfishness, sexual perversion, and lies, lies, lies---- because these people don't love the truth.  

They love lies --- fantasies and illusions and fiction of all kinds. What do you expect from the followers of the Father of All Lies?  

I have already and repeatedly and with great gusto rebutted the garbage being spewn about by The Reign of the Heavens Society about me and my husband and even Paul Stramer. Just hit the search button on my website:  

I already have liens against their organization and the private property of the offending members for their slander campaign.  

Please note the following: 

1. The Founder of this organization, The Reign of the Heavens Society, a man named Keith Livingway, went to a Naval Yard Auction and bought an old copy of The Articles of Confederation, and he thinks that because of this, he now owns America and The United States of America as a result. 

2. If you think that someone can own your country and your Federation of States--- which created The Articles of Confederation ---- by virtue of such an action, you obviously need your head examined.  Nobody owns this country but the people who live here.  And nobody owns The United States of America but the States of the Union and the people of this country.  

3. My husband and I and Paul Stramer haven't been accused, much less convicted, by any court of any "human rights violations" and so, that is just so much more insane drivel. 

With respect to The Reign of the Heavens Society, you will note that: (1) it's incorporated under the auspices of a foreign country; (2) it's entire structure was plagiarized from the work of Frank O'Collins---and doesn't follow our country's traditions; (3) they preach elitism and think that they are the 144,000 chosen ones destined to reign over the Earth--- yet there aren't any virgins among them. 

These people can't read straight, write straight, or think straight.  They are crooked in all their ways and doings and their only function is to cause confusion and to slander those who are true to the True God and to this country and the ideals upon which it was founded. 

If you are wise, leave them alone.  If you aren't wise, reap what you sow.  

Also note:  There is no "UPSA" at this time.  The States of America can only be recreated by the American States of States, which themselves have to be reconstructed by the actual States of the Union, not conjured out of a hat by a bunch of criminals.


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  1. Anna, What does UPSA mean or do you mean USPA?

    1. United People's States of America

    2. UK Honey, went to three search engines and found nothing under United People's States of America. It there a link or reference?

    3. I was on Facebook last night and was explaining to someone the work of the Assemblies and Keith Livingway trolled the post with that ridiculous laughing imoji. It was then that I realized, Facebook is a vat of raw sewage and it was time to leave for good. The only reason I was their was to inform people of the work but Facebook is just as dirty as the Reign of the Heathens Society so I cut my losses and closed my page.

    4. Wiki Google.... are part of the Deep State. Here's to tell: › wiki/Deep_state…

      The deep state is a conspiracy theory which suggests that collusion and cronyism exist within the U.S. political system and constitute a hidden government within the.....
      When your 3rd eye is opened. No one can lie to you.

      Ace or King or Queen of swords, are good indication...

      May God be with you.

  2. Here we are in a constitutional crisis and Rebutting some Dude from who’s knowns were .
    Them bums continue to rob us blind and our AG is missing in action houston we have a problem!

  3. Wink Wink I feel sorry for you. Somehow you choose to be ignorant and have hatred in your heart. Stop pretending that white people created everything on this planet. If you don’t repent of your ways you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. You are so nieve to believe the narrative being pushed upon for decades.

  4. Ok shelby - took a spin on Christian Remedy In Law. So its the surname required on their BC, no given name, good point. Ok, good enough.
    Reckon he's a correct. Just don't have time to study his work. Checked the link on render the surname.

    It may be similar to Recording 928's, but from Christian Law perspective. Would be interesting to see what he has to contribute. Would like to become more familiar with detailed view on it. So am not able to comment really.

    My mind went to unconscionable contracts, fraud, which vitiates it all. And it is ALL FRUAD from 'deception inception'.
    Summarily, doing Anna's paperwork cuts to the chase as efficiently & effectively as any other I've seen, hands down. Don't know if he has document method.

    This is the thing, ain't nobody paying attention to its legitimacy & there isn't anybody to enforce, nor even to have a presence the gov thugs recognize.

    Example: Saw where a state of state AG went on defense for a woman whose city mayor refused to allow a voice competition, was it, so AG brings up 1st Amendment &... >>> "to protection from tortious interference with your private contractual relationship" <<<< This right here is significant, interfering in a contract.

    So its Contract Interference which ought to apply across their wicked realm! Lets count our contracts which are interfered! HOW TO ENFORCE IT?

    Saying this & that to them, shove recorded docs, shove Nuremberg Code, pin all the papers to your sweater, walk around wearing it all. MEANS NOTHING.

    This is interesting, folks might appreciate. When people met a stranger, they said their name, then Christian, meaning they are protected by Christian Law, which did have enforcements, but we're not told about how effective it was to claim your law as Christian, & it gave notice as to how to conduct contract. So 'flagging your ship' by wearing a Christian cross meant something outside of religion, as we perceive it today.
    It was Law. And consequences.
    thanks & stay sane

  5. Mountain - What I've come to realize via research over many years, is Whites are responsible for 98% of all inventions & advancements. The White contribution is over whelming above & beyond any peoples. Whites are beaten brain dead, forgetting who they are & why everybody wants to parasite off of Whites.

    It is true that indigenous peoples of America are White, as their remains are found, but we are lied to about it. I know the nature of Norwegians very well. Ya know what they do for summer fun? Sail around the world.

    For 'anceint' man to have sailed to parts afar, they would have had to construct sea worthy craft & access to proper & enough wood & generational working knowledge on how to cut, refine, then construct these craft, then sail these craft, paddle these craft, feed themselves, heal injuries, construct sails, master the seas, navigation, suffer great challenges & step foot upon unknown lands with unknown threats. And do this repeatedly?

    Who else exhibits such character? Whites are the indigenous American peoples & their remains, structures & artifacts are repeatedly uncovered.

    And Whites were & are the Great Builders, even in Central America. Japan was originally inhabited by Whites & first Samurai were White, which is why Japanese women wore White makeup in honor of those ancestors.

    Massive, most exquisite architecture world over, built by Whites. Every continent have White Builder structures, including Star Forts. Look up Star Forts online & realize the capability of those who built them.

    I had the great honor of being in Thor Hyerdahl's Norwegian summer home, the comfort of fall asleep on the sofa surrounded by Great Norwegian Adventures, their stories, their accomplishments were common chatter.

    One Norwegians dog had a chipped canine. One Norwegian dentist friend repaired in, in gold. The pooch had a gold tooth. WHO DOES THAT? For fun, because they can, they do.

    These people are so far beyond in everyday capacities, even building an outhouse is done with exceptional craft & beauty. They create, plan & execute with remarkable ease & confidence, its chit-chat. Everybody played classical piano, spoke & read 3, 4 languages, understood more. Common.

    The Great True Germans are equally brilliant, & beyond, engineering, tool & die, architecture, clocks, agriculture,... everything they do lacks little. The True Germans... i mean, what do ya say? If its beyond your own capacity to comprehend their accomplishments, then please, just step aside.

    While the rest of the world was digging in dirt, Europeans made massive clocks the size of buildings. And then made pocket watches. Geopolymer constructions, exquisite sculpture, music & building the instruments to perfection unequal today, ...

    Just think about it... Never mind.

  6. Thanks Wink Wink for sharing with the world.

  7. They got free resources, at Great sin that the low vib. Wont understand, and never will.


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