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Monday, December 21, 2020

Trump: ‘We’re Getting Closer and Closer’ to Successful Challenge to Election Results

 President Donald Trump alleged Sunday that “we’re getting closer and closer,” in reference to his ongoing challenges to election results in key battleground states.

“We’re getting closer and closer. And I hope you let everybody know we’re actually very close,” Trump said on WABC radio.

“The fake news will not tell you that. They don’t want to talk about it. They’re trying to suppress it. We don’t have freedom of the press at all. It’s suppressed news. It’s a terrible thing that’s happened in our country. It’s been going on for, it started a long time ago, but it’s gotten to a point, it’s a terrible thing. It’s not freedom of the press, and we got to bring that back, because the press is so suppressed. It’s so dishonest. I don’t even call it fake news anymore. I call it corrupt news,” he added.

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Trump: ‘Big News Coming out of Pennsylvania’ About Drop Boxes

President Donald Trump on Monday morning announced that there will be “big news” in Pennsylvania as he challenges the election results in the commonwealth.

“Big news coming out of Pennsylvania,” Trump wrote, without elaborating. “Very big illegal ballot drop that cannot be accounted for. Rigged Election!”


  1. Even it the US Corp has got enumerated powers states can pass state law to block it example sanctuary cities.

  2. Smells like another string-a-long to me. How "close" are he and his team going to get in the next 28 days in the run-up to Biden's presumed takeover? How can he get any leverage with the American people at all, with the biggest propaganda machine in history running at 5,000 RPM's and full steam (he should have taken over months, if not years ago)? He should have shut down this Covid b.s. by June, and we should have already had traitors swinging in the wind. Really hard to believe he's somehow going to pull out a hail Mary end-zone completion in the final seconds of the game and we're all supposed to just cross our fingers and hope a (non-careerist, yes) politician is going to save our collective day before God, the angels, the media talking heads, and the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future.
    Locked, loaded, ready to roll.


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