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Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Constitutional Event of Our Lifetime


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a non-political exploration into matters of:
Law, Jurisdiction, Land, History, History of Law, Status, Standing, and Rights.

Bring Your Knowledge - Bring Your Questions

Get Sheriffs To This Training
Event is for all law enforcement, public servants, and public

The County Sheriff:
America's Last Hope

Presented by the

September 30th, 2020
9am to 5pm eastern time


Hotel Reservations are Being Offered by
Fairfield Inn & Suites Lynchburg.

For more information,
contact the CSPOA Office:
(602) 268-9268


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  2. Sheriff Mac knows too much extra smu stuff made fourth branch of government 1Execuitive 2legeative 3 judicial the problem is fourth BAR.
    A foreign for profit corporation monopoly. Big investments that fuel ⛽️ Jeff Sessions attorney General heavenly invested everyone has a hand in till.

  3. We are 5%of world population yet we are 26-30 % of that incarcerated.

    1. Bubba, that's why you need to be registered as a State National, and get your family and friends to do it to. You ARE the government! Your concerns are completely valid, and We The People stand with you. It's time for this crap to stop! Feel powerless? Yes me too, until now. Anna and Paul are giving us what we need to make a difference! Go for it, if anything, we've got you 6!! Let's get people out of unjust incarceration and hands out of the till!

  4. Does anybody know that the American Inns of Court are on our shores?
    Located in Alexandria, Virginia??

  5. You people that distinguish others as white, black, coloured, chings, spicks etc, or any other name are the cause of all problems in this Country and all other Countries. Until we all realize that we are all red blood & flesh under our skins, we will not connect the way the CONTROLLERS use divide and Conquer TACTICS to distract us by what they are doing to us all. We are all Men & Women, brothers and sisters and need to come together as one to fight off how we are been Controlled by...... the Powers That Be ...through Corporations and Corporate Governments these are not our De Jure Governments of the people. We all need to come together as one to change things, for we are many they are few.

  6. Mr. D,

    You must be new here, you need to educate yourself. Consider starting here...


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