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Friday, September 25, 2020

BIOWARFARE: Chinese communists “intentionally” unleashed “Frankenstein” COVID-19, says Wuhan scientist


  1. I think I understand -- though I find it extremely disappointing -- that this web site promotes the hopeless, godless Doom & Gloom of such as Mike Adams and "Natural News". To retreat now to the base-level dialectics of so-labelled COVID -19 seems absurd. When attacked by forces executing a planned, well funded and equipped BLITZKRIEG, one does not go back to the drawing table to map out strategy!

    In the beginning, many can recall we had a brief debate about
    Turn the page, and the next week we had
    Turn the page and the next week we had

    The tapestry of this massive, planet-wide psychological operation continues today! We have to discuss vaccines, mandatory vaccinations. To a mask-wearing population so confused and discombobulated, people will do what they are told to do.

    Mike Adams and his doom porn not required, not needed, best ignored. For a site that host the hope and promise of Anna Von Ritz.....

    1. Yep, whenever I see anything connected to Mike Adams, I avoid it.

  2. I suspect this woman was sent in to muddy the waters.

  3. If you can't see both the good and the bad in this post and the comments, read until you can detect the truth and the lie. Remember that the wheat and the tares grow together until the time of harvest. Reserve judgment until you see clearly.


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