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Friday, September 25, 2020

The British Way

 By Anna Von Reitz

There have always been Tories in America.  There still are.  I have proof.  I get attacked by them, one way or another, every day that I live.  

These people come from many backgrounds including the obvious English scions, but they are united in their belief that anything that comes from England is superior. 

The mere idea that any upstart American colonists ever came up with anything better than being ruled over by a British Monarch is anathema too unsettling to consider.  Even briefly.  

Perhaps they fear that if they look, they'll see?  

And see something that they don't want to see?  

Which is the mean pettiness, cruelty, and guile that underlie the finer traditions of England?  

England is like a Favorite Son among the nations, but deeply flawed in character--- so much so, that it is at the bottom of nearly every dogpile plaguing the modern world. 

The Mideast?   England. 

China as a threat?   England. 

Corporate Feudalism?   England. 

It's hard to imagine how one tiny nation isolated on all sides by sea could possibly become a world power, much less a world destroyer.  One must chalk it up to the unique character and abilities of the people who live here. 

Here in America, the Tories have been entrenched since Day One.  They survived the Revolution very handily, thank you, with only a few high profile Tories feeling compelled to flee to England or Canada afterward.  

More important, they survived the Civil War, which they promoted and benefited from tremendously.  

Always remember that the [British] Territorial United States Government largely controls and influences our military, especially the US Navy, which sails under the British Monarch when it is on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.  And to a lesser extent, the Marine Corps and Coast Guard.  

There is a reason that Colin Powell was knighted by Queen Bess II.  

It's not a good reason from the American point of view. 

This past week I have been engaged (again) in a discussion with British Legal Eagles about the nature and efficacy of British Law and the remedies available to Americans who choose to live under it.  

Those promoting the British System as is, which includes "voluntary" slavery and remedies that amount to healing our own wounds by indebting ourselves even more than their spending has already done -- can't seem to grasp the American perspective. 

Why can't we be content to receive military script as money and recompense for all that has been done to us and stolen from us?  

As one of them put it to me --- "It spends, doesn't it?" 

He couldn't quite grasp the fact that spending more of my own credit to make up for British graft wasn't really a remedy in my view.  

He was equally abject when the glories of British "judicial discretion" were lost on me.  

"When obeying the Public Law becomes discretionary, you have no law," I told him.  He fell silent for a moment, stumped on that one, but quickly deflected and finally, not to be defeated, offered -- what is it that I want?  

"I want you fellows to obey your constitutional obligations," I said flatly.  He cocked his head to one side, as if he'd been doing that all along.  So I spelled it out.  

When we, Americans, are on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, the British Monarch is our Trustee and is obligated to ensure our safe passage; this is similar to when crewmen and passengers board a ship and their safety becomes the captain's responsibility.  

The same applies when entering "American" military bases and arsenals and similar installations.  Captain's rules apply.  We all know that and take that for granted, but somehow miss the important point: this is a different kind of law, Admiralty Law, and it is literally a "foreign law" with respect to us civilians, as is all Federal Code and its Regulations, and all State-of-State Statutory Law. 

These are all "foreign law" with respect to us, and per the Constitutions, Amendment XI, Americans are not subject to foreign law. 

The only other instance where Americans are subject to foreign law is if they happen to be engaged in the manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcohol, tobacco or firearms across state lines. 

If the Brits were obeying the Constitutions with respect to us, they would not be "presuming" any form of British Law upon us, except in the aforementioned situations. 

So, I concluded, all I "want" is what you promised, that you honor your obligations under the Constitutions, and stop trying to traffic Americans into British Citizenship obligations and stop trying to subject us to British Law and Roman Civil Law, both.  

I haven't heard a word back.  The silence is deafening.


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  1. Brilliant play Anna absolutely brilliant..!! karl

  2. Thank you, Anna. The thought i have bothers me so much. The colonists, have formed a nation out of lawful persons that The United States of America, unincorporated of September 9th, 1777, ontracted with those existant world controlling powers (British and Rome) what implies that William the Ist Ordinance of Separation of Temporal and Spiritual is maintained upon international sea jurisdiction, where those entities manifest. If there was no split during afterbirth, other words woo-doo of soul removed from body, all human beings would have put a kabach long time ago on this nonsence- global trust. So what bothers me is that this aparatus is unstoppable, and the House of Rome or whatevever is an orinal owner of this intellectual property [trinity] - will continue to benefit upon unaware humanity, perpetual slavery. I dearly admire your efforts, it is the only way out for humanity if they will learn at least what you push down their throat. Their brains are too small to comprehend the debth of fertilization, time, calendars... Its like already "genetically modified" human beings via works of hears and minds an other programs goings for hundred if not millions of years upon humanity, nonstop.



    It says read it - but at a font of 4 you cant see it

  4. This is a emergency transmition down load this book and read from pages
    139 to the end of book,there you will find and acient alphabet called (Mandong),its what they are using, and after that you will find out who are hidden rulers are and where they live... AND THE SECRET TECH THEY POSSES THIS IS A MUST READ BOOK FOR ANNA AND EVERBODY.

  5. "can't seem to grasp"... REALLY ??? We have a written contract... When will we not give a **** what they grasp..? Is there any court on this earth to ENFORCE this contract ?!?!?!

  6. Flashback: AIPAC claims victory in Supreme Sanhedrin Court 🇰 _ourt🔯 iers ruling🇺🇳 (1998)
    Politicians from both parties regularly speak at AIPAC’s national convention. It is widely considered the most powerful organization for a foreign country in the US.
    The American Israel Public Affairs Committee claimed victory in a 9-year-old legal standoff with critics of U.S. policy toward Israel. The Supreme Court ruling made it highly unlikely that the pro-Israel lobby would have to disclose information about its membership and expenditures… An attorney for AIPAC said the high court “did exactly what we asked.” Stephen Breyer wrote the opinion

  7. former Gyu tells of Co Religionists Britisn Crown that STOLEn Heights "gave away" Palestine in exchange usCORPse entering WW2 Benjamin Freedman's 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel (Complete)

  8. bravo standing ovation well done lets do it again and again

  9. It’s nice to pin the tail on the donkey pope,Queen,D.C..
    The rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say .
    The investment arm of Holy See is Rothschild.
    And the cozy relationship in incorporated and trust law is well known the city of London completely Rothschild banking BAR.
    Queen as always does exactly as her money masters tell her . a further manifestation of N.Y. C. Say British and Jewish till today .
    Only fix is to restart common law courts crack that glass ceiling it all reverses.
    This will help fight for common law grand juries then the genies out of the bottle.

  10. Some good lines from the judge :
    Entering military bases your under captains/maritime commercial matrix law.
    But miss the point it’s a different law in regard to us civilians.
    As is all federal code and State of State statutory law.


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