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Monday, July 20, 2020

Ten Billion People Have Tested Positive!

By Anna Von Reitz

What?  Yes, according to the official records being promoted by WHO and the rotten CDC, ten billion people have tested "positive" for Covid 19 since January. 

There's just one problem.  

There are only about 7.2 billion people alive in the world.  

They must have gone to the cemeteries and exhumed some more "voters".  Quite a few more, in fact.  

Not only has our $50 Billion Dollar Reward gone unclaimed, those promoting this GIANT HOAX have sunk to a new low.  Even Joe Biden only missed the mark by millions; WHO and CDC have missed it by billions with a "b".  

How can people continue to live in a world where such obvious bunk is being blatted out on the public airwaves by straight-faced "news" anchors shoveling this crap all day long?  

Where is the man (or woman) with guts enough to shut this carnival down?  

And arrest Bill Gates, the international criminal already indicted in India and elsewhere for killing, maiming, and sterilizing hundreds of thousands of people with his insane vaccine scams?  

Really.  An estimated 750,000 children in India have been murdered, maimed, deformed, left sterile, blinded, and otherwise harmed by Bill Gates. 

Why in Heaven's Name is the monster still walking around free on our streets? 
Still making threats about releasing the Bubonic Plague?  He's insane.  Loony. Bonkers.  Bill Gates needs a rubber room and permanent sedation. Let's give it to him. 

Mr. President, if you need someone to swear out a complaint against Mr. Gates, there are about 320 Million Americans who have been harmed by his most recent caper.   

And if anyone wants to argue with me, there is the $50 Billion Reward issue. 
I say it's all bunk and nobody has come forward to prove otherwise. 

This latest compilation of literally impossible claims by WHO and CDC is just more proof that we are all being used and scammed by reckless entities that have no granted authority to do as much as sneeze on our shores. 

Shut them down.  Now, please. 


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  1. Gates has already casually proclaimed an estimated 700K adverse reactions if a new vaccine is produced so can easily estimate its a fraction of actual projections of probably 7+Million, and an "adverse reaction" includes DEATH!

  2. Where is this data please? How can we shut down the naysayers if you don't share the data?

  3. Anna, would you please show us where we can find the whole history of the Who's daily "new" cases count. I don't see it on their site, they only go back a couple of days. I/we need real numbers to show people. Has someone track this for us?

  4. back up your claims with links and proof.....too much fake news!!!

  5. Love your posts Anna...they are so informative and seeded with your humour and knowledge they make my day. May The Lord Bless and Keep You dear sister.

  6. How would the Cabal handle it if the government of India successfully arranged the killing of Bill Gates ?

  7. The only entity that can stop this fiasco are the entities that are creating it! A tyrannical Government!

  8. The world public will eventually take care of him. Bill Gates is so stupid thinking no one will be none wiser but eventually the truth about this indifferent anti-human being will be known to the general public as sure as Monsanto finally got their asses handed to them with more coming. Can't wait for that moment which will come eventually for Bill Gates. We all got to tell this ignorant man NO at the same time! We need to start a worldwide protest and petition with every single living persons name on it for his arrest and trial for crimes against humanity.

  9. Neither my wife nor I have been tested nor been to a doctor or medical facility since this hoax began so I can verify the numbers are wrong by at least two. I also know many more who have not been tested as well here in Canada. It is an agregous crime.

    1. an article from a testing facility.... they sent in a bunch of unused swabs ,that ALL tested positive for corvid....wft??

  10. Again, I am objecting to your offering a 50 billion reward in OUR names.
    We have no proof this can be honored, and therefore WE cannot be included in your offering. Also these numbers you say from the CDC cannot be validated anywhere in the public domain so please stop doing this. It really distracts from thru TRUTH we are all seeking.
    Maybe show people how to get restitution! We can sue them for using us as a giant experiment in euthanasia and a global take-over removing all individual rights and beliefs. As a group we could sue. Class Action. Then you could say WE!

    1. Why are you pleading with a mentally deranged nutjob?

  11. Wearing Masks is the first step. Mandatory vaccine next. Really? If they cared about people they would of provided bio-hazard disposals for the used masks. They haven't even said anything about disposing of them properly. This is a clue folks.

  12. Walmart and other company's have been ordered by democrat controllers to make masks mandatory no exceptions. Killer Cuomo is scheduled to go on tour on a mask charm offensive - the plan is to nominate him for president at the is so hated in New York.

    Here is the petition to the white house to ban masks. This mandatory mask agenda is not for safety, it's for social control - forced vaccines. Sign it as if your life depended on it because it does.


    Surgical masks are designed to prevent HEALTHY surgeons from spraying their breath & spittle containing BACTERIA into the open wounds of the patient they are operating on. They do NOT prevent the spread of viruses like Covid-19. Scott Jensen MD explains

    Dear humans: face masks don’t work; the study-review was published by your very own CDC. To readers: Contact Georgia Governor Brian Kemp with this information. He can use the ammunition. He’s issued an order against mandatory masks. (404) 656-1776

    Dr. Russell Blaylock Says That Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

    Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe: A Summary Of The Science

    Henry Makow@HenryMakow
    "It's Just a Mask" Watch this. Apparently, this woman was a leader of BLM so even they are waking up to the truth. Wearing the joker mask, she blows the whistle on the Scamdemic agenda:

    Just Get In The Box Car:

    Adolf Hitler:

    1. Only 80K signatures. If someone started a petition to sow masks onto peoples' faces, I expect it would get 319M signatures.

  13. I am seeing the number 10 Million not 10 Billion. Any link to the 10 Billion number?

  14. Dispatches from the War: Dershowitz con, Florida covid hustle

    Kentucky family under house arrest after testing positive for COVID-19

    Margie RN MSN 4Life@Margie1820
    New Mask! I was stopped 10 times at Target getting compliments. The cashier even gave me a discount because he loved the mask. #Trump2020 #Nurses4Trump

  15. You have a medical exemption from wearing a mask. You need the free flow of oxygen! Anything less than 19.5% Fi02 is detrimental to your health! (OSHA). You are rebreathing your bodies waste (C02) this imbalances your PH level and stresses ALL your organs functions. If you have any underlying disease it causes your bodies stress response (cortisol production) to increase, thereby throwing off your PH even more and lactic acidosis can occur which leads to a circulatory/oxygenation crisis. This leads to multi-organ failure ending with the lungs and kidneys compensating for all the fallout from lack of OXYGEN!
    I have no problem in any business so far (Supercuts, Safeway, UPS,USPS) in informing them I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing a MASK! They have been told they cannot discriminate against anyone with a medical condition. Everyone has this medical condition! No exceptions! Use it!

  16. 'CREDIT' Cards to be distributed.
    Funny how they can do this BUT cannot provide 'Credit Owed' Cards to American State Nationals. So those bastards born from satans backside are stealing us blind, creating more debt which our credit they're stealing.

    Just so folks know, 1 Trillion is to be the cost for providing us with OUR OWN CREDIT. This NEW 2 TRILLION DEBT will have equal CREDIT which the JEWS ARE STEALING. More debt for us, MORE THEFT BY JEWS of our Credit.

    Attorney General Jeff Landry Alerts Citizens That Some In Louisiana Will Receive Stimulus Money On Debit Cards
    BATON ROUGE, LA – Attorney General Jeff Landry wants Louisiana citizens to be aware that the U.S. Treasury Department has begun distributing some Economic Impact Payments to eligible individuals via prepaid debit cards; and he is offering consumer information and tips to help ease some of the concerns regarding the validity of these stimulus monies.

    “It is great that Louisiana consumers are being cautious in the wake of the many Coronavirus scams we have seen,” said General Landry. “I want our State to know that the federal government is indeed sending debit cards to some people and that those recipients should follow all directions provided with the prepaid cards.”

    Consumers, who are receiving EIP cards because the IRS did not have their bank account information, should be aware that the prepaid debit cards will arrive in a plain envelope from “Money Network Cardholder Services.” The cards are Visa branded and are issued by MetaBank. Detailed instructions on how to easily activate the card will be included in the envelope.

    General Landry offers the following tips to Louisiana citizens who receive their Economic Impact Payments via a prepaid debit card:...

  17. Thanks @Bellerian, The link you gave is absolutely SHOCKING AND INVALUABLE!!!!

  18. 50 Billion Reward! That would have been better spent on the people who have been waiting for over a year to see their submitted bills paid through the Sign in America Debt Relief program.

  19. Folks may have seen the son of this first Latino woman for Fed Judge Salas, lost her only son to a disguised Fed Ex at their door, who shot Son, killed him, bullet to the heart, husband Anderl, an attorney wounded.
    Betcha that said attorney/killer Hollander is also a jew, said killed himself.
    Salas handling Deutsch Bank & Epstein case.
    Salas also prevented death penalty for Gang perp.
    Wow, what a heroine she is for IMMIGRANT LATINO JEW WOMEN, eh?
    The reason she got the job is becuz she's a JEW. Look & find how many are JEWS, no matter what they do.
    Now how does she like being in her position, proud immigrant, now that she has LOST HER ONLY CHILD, HER SON?

    And.. the whole other point to this post is to show that even though they were practicing Catholics, SALAS IS A JEW. Maybe Anderl too. Their very good looking son is now DEAD. Was it worth it all to Salas?

    Importantly to us is that she is a JEW & Immigrant Latina, half Mexi/Cuban. Let it also be known, the Cubans who are allowed to leave Cuba are JEWS. Like Cuban jews Ted Cruz's dad Raphael involved with JFK assassination, shown in New Orleans with JEWS & patsy victim Lee Harvey Oswald.
    If folks want to get some dirt on vaccines, JFK, & all the filth on JEW Dr. Oschner, who injected his own Grandchildren with his poison vaccines & his grandson died within 78 hours & his granddaughter got polio for life, & sooo much more intrigue, see Dr. Mary's Monkey. Oschner did not give a damn that the monkeys DIED, that jew did not want to loose his massive vaccine investments. And that jew made a lot of money POISONING US.
    One other thing, its looking like DDT poison is the same symptoms as Polio.

    Here on Salas Latina jew:
    List of federal judges appointed by Barack Obama
    Judge Esther Salas's Biography (History, Contact Details ... -
    Esther Salas is a United States District Judge of the United States
    District Court for the District of New Jersey sitting in Newark, ...
    Her father's name is not yet known but is Jewish.

    1. Am going to add some curious info here, even tho posted many, many times WE MUST NEVER FORGET the following:

      At the same time the Polio Epidemic occurred in BROOKLYN NEW YORK, 1916-1917 is the same time 30,000 BROOKLYN JEW BOLSHEVIKS were in Brooklyn...

      Who was responsible for Polio Epidemic? ROCKEFELLER INSTITUTE ==>> JEWS. Now we wonder did Rockefeller JEWS inject or cause the consumption of DDT in Brooklyn JEW York?

      Is DDT poisoning the REAL POLIO EPIDEMIC? And what are JEWS pushing now, but MORE POISON VACCINES.

      Catherine Austin Fitts says do not call them vaccines, becuz this is a medical term which gives those jew-poisoners legal escape clause.
      Under the law vaccination is medicine, even though they're not medicine they're biowaste, heavy metals poisoning
      baby fetuses, nano technology, >>> that's the biowaste, it's not medicine.
      Don't call it a vaccine becuz then they get all sorts of benefit of law & protection from liability that they don't deserve.
      If its called vaccine, they can't be punished, they can't be prosecuted. Call them "Toxines"

      See how JEWS do it? Now, did the JEWS use DDT to cause Polio?
      Also, after JEW Ochner's Polio Vaccine for profit plan was implemented upon US, OUR CHILDREN across America >>> CANCER INCREASED 300%.

      Its all about the shekels. Dr. Ochsner DID KILL HOW OWN GRANDSON & crippled his own granddaughter with poisoned vaccines & BECAME EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL for the rest of his life.
      JEW Ochsner sacrificed to Baal his own grandchildren. Do ya think that JEW gives a damn about anybody else's children?
      Same thing w those Sandy Crook jews who used their own childrens photos in the SCAM, PSY OP, to fool the stupid goyim.

      thanks & stay sane

    2. Speaking of Bill Gates (published by Mustang1969):
      Make This Go Viral! Another Doctor Exposes Bill Gates Wicked Agenda On Depopulation of the World
      REPORTER: Jeffery Pritchett: Pharma executives testify at coronavirus hearing on vaccines — 7/21/2020. The House Energy and Commerce Committee is holding a hearing Tuesday with executives from five top drug companies on efforts to create a vaccine to prevent Covid-19. The companies — AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Moderna and Pfizer — are emphasizing to members of Congress that scientists can create a coronavirus vaccine in record-time while also ensuring that it is both safe and effective, according to written testimony submitted ahead of the hearing.

      Click here to see, "Make This Go Viral! Another Doctor Exposes Bill Gates Wicked Agenda On Depopulation of the World"


      Your Body is Their Weapon - We Are All Patients Now! - Must See Well-Researched Polly Video

      REPORTER: John Rolls: As a follow up to my "Is This Torture?" video, I discuss the way The Medical Tyranny is turning us all into Chronic Illness Outpatients. I rely on an excellent article by Sam Vaknin called "The Body As A Torture Chamber" and I apply his arguments to what is happening with the #Pandemic response. more...

      Click here to see, "Your Body is Their Weapon - We Are All Patients Now! - Must See Well-Researched Polly Video"


    4. Wink Wink- That is a good way to put the term "vaccine" into the proper context. I always knew it was a misnomer decades ago and should have always been called an injected micro bullets called poison.

  20. Wink Wink, you can say that again. I am too lazy to sign in as Mustang1969 at the moment.

    1. Anonymous - & lazy can be a very good thing. Kick back, laze-out, let the mind clear, let the ideas flow.
      Its also said lazy people can be the most efficient, effective, cuz they don't want to waste time nor energy, they think about it then just get to the point, get 'er done!

  21. Since my family won't wake up, I posted publicly on my FB page
    " IF ANY of my family EVER test " POSITIVE" for COVID-19 OR CORONA VIRUS" OR are EVER Quarantined, I will SUE " their asses for PROOF it is real, and for full restitution of pain and suffering and lost wages".

  22. Shelby - On MEDICI: similarly previously posted, a result of my reading Fomenko, about just who the Brit Royals really are. I keep re-reading it & more.
    This is for Folks to glimpse our entire history is fake, lies, not small lies, big ones. If we can crack its shell, light peeks in.

    Folks What If: Englands/Britain’s said lineage is fictitious, a copy of characters who did exist, but not as said & not all in England Britain? (thus is Q Eliz today, lineage fiction?) Imagine the falsely inserted generations used to fill a concocted timeline amounting to 1000++++ yrs. What if there weren't 8 King Henry's for instance? Nor 17 French King Louie's? Am not yet sure how Q ElizII is inserted upon this throne, nor when the lineage was concocted.
    In saying this, compare dates of rather infamous Society of Jesus/Jesuits said formed in 1540, was really formed in 1725? Timeline is reduced, crushed. - So just who is Q E II? From where did she/lineage really come? Prince Philip was titled in Greece & Denmark, had no financial standing, nick-named The Hun. His Mountbatten name-title was adopted, can't find his last name, only 'of Greece'. So who is The Hun?
    - Below we see a 'What If' its all conflated? - Near the bottom: - In the epoch of Reformation the history was re-written. In Europe it was declared that allegedly Elizabeth [1st] never married, and that Ivan the Terrible marriage proposal to her failed. In the Russian history Elizabeth remained under the name of Sophia Paleologue. - Thus the Russian-Horde story of Esther is reflected in the Western chronicles twice. First - in French history as Catherine de Medici and her rival Diane Poitiers. The second time - in the Anglo-French history as Elizabeth Tudor and her rival Mary Stuart.
    - What If a hard historical shift is rather recent? Our time-balloon keeps moving up into 1700-1800 into today. - The Romanov's defeated 'Pugachev' in >>> 1775 <<< then America's War of Independence 1776. It was America under desired Russia dominion [Christian] & which War Of Independence to prevent its subjugation, its lands divided. Russia aided America in the War of Independence for good reason.

    1. Shelby - Hoping to enhance upon Medici fakery:
      "In reality Catherine de 'Medici is to a great extent the reflection in the Western chronicles of Sophia Palaiologina, the famous Russian-Hordian princess, the wife of Ivan III the Terrible. Karamzin informs us that they called Ivan III – the Terrible: 'He was the FIRST to be given the name of GROZNY (Terrible) in Russia'... He was also called the GREAT. We will repeat that he is the reflection of Ivan IV Vasilievich the Terrible from the XVI century.
      Today Sophia Palaiologina is dated to the XV century. And Catherine de' Medici lived in the XVI century. However, there is nothing surprising in such a hundred years shift. We discovered it in the history of the XV-XVII cc... In the Bible Catherine-Sophia are described as the Queen Vashti (Astin) the first wife of King Artaxerxes.
      It is quite challenging to point out the original of Sophia-Catherine in the XVI century, as the epoch of Ivan IV suffered particularly thorough cleansing by the historians. From what survive it is only possible to understand that the image of Sophia Palaiologina combined with information about several wives of 'Grozny' (the Terrible) – Anastasia and Maria...
      Elena Voloshanka, the rival of Sophia Palaiologina in the Russian-Horde court, the very same Biblical Esther, reflected in the Western chronicles as the notorious Diane de Poitiers and also as the famous Mary Stuart, her contemporary from the XVI century. Please make note of the similarity between the names Esther and Stuart. Biblical ESTHER or ESTER or STR without the vowel marking (on account of TH turning into T) was considered in Europe as the name STUART, i.e. STRT, without the vowel marking. Or, in other words ASTRUM (ASTER), i.e. a STAR in Latin." HOW IT WAS IN REALITY
      Chapter 6.

    2. NOTE: just after 1776, Hubert Robert & Louvre, 1784. Construction of fake Roman Empire archeology. All of this is at the behest of JEWS changing history, destroying true history, as they do today, burning Notre Dame, tearing down American churches, giving Hagia Sophia to Islamists.
      "..It is understandable why the Europeans, beginning with the XVII-XVIII cc., paid such deference to the 'iron ancient Rome'. They started talking about it with a heady idealism, as if of a beautiful legend, worthy of emulation. In the XIX-XX cc. the 'ancient' Roman ruins were restored all over Europe. And where there was nothing left, they simply built them anew, unashamedly declaring them to be the remains of the military Roman camps, aqueducts, theatres and arches. They wanted so badly to have their own 'sightseeing attractions'. Without compunction they erected 'half ruined ancient columns' of modern reinforced concrete. They made cracks and holes 'from the savage cannon balls' in the freshly built 'ancient' walls. They broke the bricks off in a beautiful way. For example, in the XVIII-XIX cc. an 'ancient' modern replica was erected – the Coliseum in Italian Rome, in imitation of the genuinely old Coliseum of the XIV-XV cc, in Czar-Grad [VAT]. The modern replicas were muddied and cured with smoke to give them an 'ancient' patina. Numerous 'designers' worked hard. Here and there, nearby, there were authentically old pieces, fragments from the XIV-XVII cc. BC which were scattered picturesquely, on each of them – an obligatory plaque: II century BC, VIII century BC, XXVI century BC and so on. Tourists arrived in their droves, and with them money. Piles of it.
      A French artist Hubert Robert, 1733-1808, in 1784 was appointed in charge of the Louvre museum and the curator of its art gallery. He created a series of large great canvases celebrating the ruins of 'ancient Rome'. He painted gigantic half-ruined Roman temples, lit by the rays of the setting sun. Moonlit remnants of the grandiose statues. The colonnades overgrown with trees… But there were never any ancient constructions of such a size in Western Europe. Hubert Robert aimed to arouse the emotions with such exaggerations. He expressed the spirit of his age. The talented artist placed tiny figures of people in front of the background of crumbled silent 'classical' temples, who in admiration were gazing at the traces of Europe's great past..."
      Chapter 6.

    3. Lies about historic dates:
      Lets get this clear Folks, by hundreds of years false dates, pushed back in time. Our history is vastly more recent. Troy, Trojan War was Middle Ages. The jews fake Antiquity is really the Middle Ages. There is NO Dark Ages, never happened! Mt. Vesuvius in 1638 not 79 A.D. & probably is Mt. Sinai.

      ~· 1677 Columbus’ "discovery" 1677 not 1492, of already known occupied lands is 185 years later than 1492, as the liars used 185 yr increments most often.
      Enter 1700's:
      ~· 1705 Schism of the West - Martin Luther The Captivity of Babylon 1705 not 1520
      ~· Roots of Freemasonry 1717-1736 jews capture trades, form subversive 'unions', stealing away this great knowledge (differs from Masonry)
      ~· 1725-1773 Society of Jesus not 1520 dismantled by Pope Clement XIV in 1773 (is 'Jesuit' a different, more recent franchise? So what are Jesuits?) >>>>>1725 The Society of Jesus was created then, not before, and its main business was to spread the Messianic Bible and reconstruct history by reconciling all the calendars of the world. <<<<< Note: This happened quickly in 48 yrs time, just prior to 1776.
      ~· 1768 (not 1583) jew Protestant Jesuit J.J.Scaliger publishes false 'official' chronology map, adding 1000+ yrs to history timeline & changed to Gregorian calendar.

      Just prior to 1776 >>> What the hell was really going on? AMERICA EXISTED, it was White, had cities, rails, culture, extraordinary magnificent architecture & into early 1900's Free Energy was implemented. AMERICANS WERE HERE, being invaded by JEWS & look at us today, as we permit the JEW whatsoever it desires & it is NEVER SATIATED, vacuous empty glutenous devouring 'thing' not by God, it has NO LAND, it is a 'thing', dead entity, a lie, a Zombie infused with OUR LIFE. Everything of the jew is a lie.

      BEAWARE of all old CATHOLIC CHURCHES BEING BURNED DOWN in America, as well as Europe & world over. It is OUR DUTY.
      >>> THIS IS THE JEWS DESTRUCTION OF WHITES, CHRISTIANITY, CATHOLICISM, which it has made ITS ENEMY becuz the JEWS HATE WHITES, HATE CHRISTIANS, HATE CATHOLICS. Only without Whites, Christians, Catholics can the JEW finish what they have started JEW World Order. All of this is JEW Collateral Damage. All of it.

      Wearing Islamic Masks covering our faces >>> JEWS LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK. Useful Idiot Stupid Goy fall for this baalsh*t every friggin time.

    4. DO YOU HAVE THE CAPACITY TO GOVERN YOURSELVES OR NOT? We are currently under Noahide Law aka "Education Day"
      Noahide Law: NOW THE GOVERNMENT CAN LEGALLY KILL CHRISTIANS by Rep Bill Dannemeyer (husband of Dr. Lorraine Day) U.S. Congressman, 1979 – 1992 - "Your U.S. government can now legally kill Christians for the “crime” of worshipping Jesus Christ! A diabolic deception has been perpetrated on the American people by their OWN leaders, Senators and Congressmen, who have sold their soul to the devil. On March 5, 1991, in the House of Representatives, and March 7, 1991, in the U.S. Senate, without any knowledge of, or input by, the people of the United States, U.S. Senators and Congressmen passed a law that is so outrageous – and frankly unconstitutional – that it forces the American people to be bound by a set of monstrous rules, called the Noahide Laws, rules that make the belief in Jesus Christ a crime punishable by decapitation by guillotine!"

      It is TOO LATE to save that which is burned. Too late to save the lives of over 3000 OUR PEOPLE incinerated by JEWS Holocaust 911, not one jew prosecuted!!

      I Got the Jew Call on 911: Al Franken - Jew World Order - - I Got the Jew Call on 911: Al Franken " To tell you the truth, I got the Jew call. I had an office in the Trade Center where I used to do most of my writing. The call came from former New York mayor Ed Koch. "Al," he told me, "don't go to work on the twenty-third day of Elul." [11th Sept]

      In 1920 Whites were 30% of world pop, now down to 12% = 2/3 Whites are gone from face of Earth in just 100 years.
      NEVER FIGHT FOR THE JEW AGAIN. Never serve the jew again. Never act for the jew again. It is White Christians who give GREAT PEACE & ABUNDANCE & HOPE & POSSIBILITY to all mankind & Earth.

      NOBODY else even comes close. White Christians do this & provide for all. NOBODY on Earth has ever accomplished the good that Whites have done. 98% of all inventions, advancements are by White Christians. If those useful idiots are so anti-White then BE ANTI-WHITE 100% & stop all White Attribution - nothing with wheels nor wings, no electricity, mass production & manufacturing, no phones tv computers internet, faucets, toilets, air conditioning, radio, advanced instruments of any kind including medical music technical, & so on. They can all drink from a ditch & cr*p in a hole, just NOT ON MY AMERICAN LAND & SOIL.
      Thanks & stay sane

    5. Shelby - Yes you sure have said all along they make this sh*t up. You get it & you get how massive their deceptions are & worse. It is worse, thats all it ever is, is worse.
      So with your digs I can tap into & further digs can turn the rotten jew onion inside out.
      Unfortunately I can't pursue your posts as often as I'd like.

      So what I post is for us Folks trying to grasp the damn evil thing. For a while I was looking how we could be made aware of it, change the course... but not anymore.
      The thing has got to be blasted out of existence, its so damn evil. The more wealth it gets the worse it gets, self-perpetuating evil, void of self-reflection.
      Its their envy, knowing they can never be what we are.
      thanks & stay sane

  23. .
    People have no idea whats really coming and how will they react towards their fellow man.

    Gratitude - keep moving forward