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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Your Government

By Anna Von Reitz

Your Government is supposed to be staffed by you.

It's decisions are supposed to be made by you. 

It's primary responsibility is to protect you and your property assets at all costs and all comers.  

That's why governments exist.

And that is the only reason for any government to exist, ever. 

But what if your government doesn't protect you?

What if, instead, your government preys upon you, threatens you, harasses you, and makes you miserable and fearful?

Then something is terribly wrong. 

Six generations of Americans have been preyed upon, threatened, and harassed by something posing as "their" government.

It isn't our government.

It's a substitute government run by two Federal subcontractors.

So these people are our employees, indirectly, but they are being told what to do by foreign governments controlled by foreign Principals: the Holy See, the British Monarch, and the Lord Mayor of London.   

Those foreign governments are under contract to provide us with certain enumerated "governmental services". 

They have been exercising "Delegated Powers" and operating "in our names".

They are supposed to operate under the limitations and in accordance with their employment contracts called the Constitutions. 

Instead, they've been colluding to evade their obligations under the Constitutions. 

And they've been misdirecting our Employees to racketeer against us and to misidentify our political status, to impersonate us, and to defraud us.

So instead of protecting us, these Hired Helpers have operated in Breach of Trust and harmed us. 

They've done exactly the opposite of what your government is supposed to do.

But do you notice something?  Do you see what's missing?

You are. 

You are supposed to be self-governing.  You are supposed to be running Your Government.

Not your Hirelings.

So, we noticed what was wrong a long time ago.  And we dusted off our laurels and we got to work.

And we talked to our friends and neighbors (those who would listen) and we explained what was wrong and we learned more as we went.… and, we organized the government we are supposed to have: Your Government. 

There's just one problem.  We are supporting it.  We are putting our time and money into it.  We are building it up and restoring it. We are doing our "job".

But where are you? 

If you want a government that protects you, a government that doesn't steal from you, harass you, threaten you, or harm you --- then, it's high time that you start backing Your Government and participating in it and supporting it with your money and your skills and your time. 

We are taking up collections for projects to advance the restoration of Your Government, to fund our Peacekeeping Officials and Officers, to run our State Assemblies, to make Your Government work the way Your Government is supposed to work --- a government to protect you and your family. 

When you come home to the land and soil that bore you, and start breathing as a free woman or man again, you will remember the American Dream and you will no longer bear the burdens of Federal (US) citizenship. 

You won't be subject to foreign statutory laws.

You won't worry about "Federal Agents" breaking down your doors.

You won't pay "Federal Income Taxes" anymore. 

You will have little or no reason to ever visit their courts. 

You will possess your homes and your land and soil as Freeholders -- not Tenants.

You won't pay any mortgages or utilities or property taxes.  

You will be in control your own lives again.

You will sleep sound in your beds again. 

Now think about that, and know that Your Government is what guarantees these results.  What's more important than what we have just described for you?  What greater profit can you realize by investing in anything else? 

 Go to: and weigh in. 

We've made it simpler than ever to reclaim and regain your political identity as an American ---- so that you can come home and enjoy the protection of Your Government. 

And, if you can, send us a donation in support.  Think long and hard about the thousands that have been purloined from you to support foreign governments that have abused your trust ----and think about not having to pay those expenses anymore. 

Snail Mail:  Anna Maria Riezinger
                   Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Correct:
    >> Your Government is supposed to be staffed by you.

    However the U.S.(Inc) Army has been Bank run ever since Elliott B Roosevelt? At least a bit before FDR for sure.

    If you don't believe me, download and compare the old and the new US Army Doc, search for the key word "Comptroller" = Banker, financier., or go to page 169.

    Then find another secret U.S. Army Doc #116120 on the net, I used to be able to find it, Any way. This is ridiculous for them to claim spending 34 years war in Indochina, misnamed as "Vietnam war", to help those countries. From 1944 - 1978, and compare the two Doc’s go to page 169, of today’s CONgress U.S. Army Doc.:

    Find the key word "Comptroller" again, you might find something Interesting, about their plan to slow-kill their US Army personal, as their technique to rid of someone closed to them. Like FDR 90% poisoned, Stalin claimed so. And I find Stalin is correct, as well as FDR heavenly records.

    Who in the right mind would believe the U.S.Army cared for other countries when they didn't even care for America? Being U.S. soldiers or commanders is really being their Guinea-pigs, for the vermin to achieve thievery goal. Then they will kill the army personnel off, who knew their secret plan. Read their Doc. carefully.

    Yes the British, its U.S.(Inc), U.S.A.(Inc) using US Army to lie to the whole world, “dumping many year long of cluster Bomb Rain” on those poor countries.
    con•trol•ler (ken-tro¹ler) noun
    1. One that controls: a controller, not an observer of events.
    2. Also comp•trol•ler (ken-tro¹ler) . An officer who audits accounts and supervises the financial affairs of a corporation or of a governmental body.
    3. A regulating mechanism, as in a vehicle or electric device.
    — con•trol¹ler•ship¹ noun

    [ Synonyms ]:
    treasurer, honorary treasurer
    banker, financier
    bursar, purser, quaestor
    cashier, teller, croupier
    depositary, stakeholder, trustee, steward, consignee
    liquidator, receiver
    bookkeeper, Certified Public Accountant, Certified P.A, accountant
    keeper of the purse, paymaster, almoner, controller, comptroller, Secretary of the Treasury
    mint master, minter

  3. And where does God fit? Where is His Government in all of that,
    Your and 'self'?
    We have been warned so many, many times.

  4. KEERY-GEORGE-RIFENDIFERMay 7, 2020 at 12:00 PM

    You think there is only one God. So, nothing else could possibly be a God. Then religions are worshipping all different Gods and they all fight with each other, saying you are the pagan. No you are the pagan. Which of course means countryman. That is the definition of pagan, a countryman. And all these religious people are all countrymen.
    And the God everyone is worshipping indeed, their country, their love of country, nobody even thinks it is a God. And that is the God , God is talking about. And the people who run this world are laughing their ass off at you.We will learn that God’s system or plan cannot be compromised. It is impossible, and you will suffer.
    James 2:19 Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.
    I never knew you, I do not recognize you. You who practices inequity, wears a mask, a graven identity, member of a different family, different father, different maker. I am not giving you your inheritance. I have no relationship with you. You dissembler.

    All Satan needs you to do, is to take the place of God. The Serpent move.

    You are enticed and suborned into committing the crime.
    No one can force you. You have to be tricked into this.
    It is the love of self, your vanity that makes you do it.
    We are the thief, the fraudster, we deceive ourselves, we become the sons of perdition. Just the one premise that God created all that there is, the heaven and the earth, and all that there is therein, he is the property owner of everything.
    Only God can make the law, the rules, what could be more simple to understand.
    And he has made and given the law. The only lawful lawgiver. The Word of God that we call the Bible, is the only Holy Book that is a Constitution.
    And if you look at the Constitution, it is exactly like he says. What more proof does anyone need then that?
    In addition, the legal system of every country on earth, regardless of whatever state religions they have, and regardless of whatever form of government they have adopted, uses the Constitution of God as a template, to construct their replica, in their own likeness and identity.

    1. "to construct their replica, in their own likeness and identity.
      an opposite has been created. yes
      And it would seem many are ready to keep on replicating.

  5. The vermin lie, backdated their recently altered Regulation Z, NOT in 2012 as they claim, on Reg. Z or 12 CFR 226.23(a)(2): I filed this proof in their courts, with USPS Tracking#, and Publicly. Here what the code said:
    To exercise the right to rescind, the consumer shall notify the creditor of the rescission by mail, telegram, or other means of written communication. Notice is considered given when mailed, or when filed for telegraphic transmission, or if sent by other means, when delivered to the creditor’s designated place of business.
    Beware all corporate creditors are fake, they never lent people a dime, they extract-ed all people assets via HJR192, 1099OID, 1099-A, playing mind-games.
    Here is what they did to strip off, and confuse you people:

  6. Milligan ex parte says just that "If the people in the area are governing themselves feds have no business governing anything in that area." Prisoners and family arrested as insurrectionists by Lincolns federal officers won in the case and they were freed from prison.