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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Message to the Dark:

By Anna Von Reitz

It doesn't matter if you comprehend us or not; we comprehend you all well enough.
In fact, we aren't two steps ahead of you, or ten steps. It's more like twenty miles and two hundred years.
Contrary to your suppositions of secrecy and being cloaked and thinking that nobody knows who you are and what you have done --- we know it all.

To us, it's like reading the Sunday paper. All we have to do is use our eyes and turn the pages, and we know "the All of it".

We not only know who you are and where you live and everything about you, we know who your family was back to ancient times, we know your bloodlines and your DNA, your mental capacities, you weaknesses, faults, and foibles.

We know every nasty little thing you have ever thought of, every plan.

We know who planned it with you. All your accomplices.

Every lie you've put breath behind and every lie that has appeared in your mind, we've been tracking all of it.

It would be ridiculous to think --- though you apparently do think --- that we haven't been clocking you and all your activities, both good and bad, simply because we have seldom interfered.

But now, you have crossed the line. Or should we say, "lines", and there are consequences for that.

There are those of you adept enough to recognize the fact that huge beneficial changes are coming to the Earth despite all that you will and wish that is exactly opposite.

These changes are coming in spite of you, and the Power implementing these good things for the Earth and the people on it, is immune to your games and parlor tricks. No deceit will help you. Only pure contrition, confession, and repentance from evil will save you.


From recent conversations it is apparent that most of you still think that you are unknown and that your activities are unknown and that you are hiding behind a curtain of secrecy and lies and anonymity that can't be penetrated, so as to protect you from accountability for your actions.

I once had a cat who, when I turned on the vacuum cleaner, would hide under a piece of clear plastic carpet runner and think that he was invisible.


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  1. The Bastard Google, Youtube, etc.. conceal public records again, they want people to be their slaves, by blinding people eyes away from the British 2017 THEFT: Now I am no longer able to find anything relating to: "prince Philip received $995 trillion dollars 2017". I used to see like 10 results, now zero result. Firefox too removed Bing search. To add a new junk search engines, Crooked Google only lists limited Search engines like its.

    Can you see now? This is how the Deep State defrauding us, blinding us. Changing laws, system like hell. Then they blame China for not being transparent. When you see your "Deed of Trust" it's like seeing their piggybags of Great Fraud, on top of the hidden truth in Warranty Deed. We should charge them for Commercial law violations, 18 USC 2071, crimes of deceptions, theft of our freedom, etc.. They own their equipment, BUT NOT THE BROADCASTED PUBLIC SPACE. The crooks think they own the world.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I know one thing you don't know about all this Anna is how to finally get these filthy scum arrested.

    1. Then here is your chance. What are you waiting for?

    2. Anton, Anna has conversations with the HIGHEST Authority.
      She knows.

  3. You will never get relief using their laws , all 90 million of them belong to the DEAD "let the dead bury the dead"

  4. Most of their laws except abused laws they merely taint and use are phony made up playground rules. Some laws belong to the Universe or Multidimensionalverse and cannot be changed by organisms seeking to destroy. The hey dey or time for such shenanagins will reach its end as all things do in the great wheel of life. Life will flow and in abundance again. Ever notice nature giving up, just packing it in and not growing around from every tiny crack and cranny despite the destroyers silly efforts? Nature does not lie or make up stories and just is what it is right out front for all to see. Hiding indicates that finding the hidden is also in action.

    My error on the $dollar amount above, not $995 but $950 for the UK. Beware the cost is divided, meaning the deep-state likely got away with 0.5X of its original amount. Meaning they took our $1.425 Quadrillion. They Gave $450 trillions to the crooks Bar lawyers and/or the elites, and $25 trillions for their sub-servants, or cost for fake Canadian bankruptcy. How do I know this? I checked their pattern of the past Thievery WWII in 1940 – 1978, this is the period the UK made most Thievery gold earnings by Fraud, linked to FDR, JFK killing. FDR very Greed’s were still below the UK Super-greed’s. The UK killed FDR for his shares that they originally promised each other. JFK opposed their DP-State-UK-France idea from stealing off one particular country he had a deep concern, by his word in a video "they are harmless, they are neutral country, (there is no need to create war in their country, by the secret society)".
    To search online, please beware the vermin changed the search Algorithm too frequently

    FROM: “prince Philip got away with $950 trillion”,
    or from: “prince Philip got away with $950 trillion”
    To this: “prince Philip received $950 trillion”,
    or from: “prince Philip received $950 T ”
    or from: “Prince Philip absconded with $950 T USD
    It is time for action. In my opinion! To stop the Bar attorneys from Colluding with the USPS jerks, from blocking our mails out to World Court and etc..

    They are too greedy, too sneaky, uncompromising, stealing hiding shamelessly for their greed's, in my 12 years of experience with them. Even with the very proof’s of their evils presented to them, they are too eccentric to admit, they don’t know the limit-time of their countless Administrative defaults.