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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Update Uptake on Simulated War Exercise

By Anna Von Reitz

Let's call it what it is, folks? This whole virus hoax is a Simulated War Exercise, being foisted off on us, on purpose. US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo admitted it, said it was a "live exercise" within days of it starting. Why can't we start thinking and acting accordingly?
Our government hasn't declared any emergency. We haven't gone to war with the Common Cold. That's all their shenanigans. Not ours. We have continued to function as normal, despite the inconveniences that they and their Patsies have caused.
This is a play. It's a deliberate make-believe "war scenario" being played out as a practice exercise in real time. This allows Mr. Trump to access "emergency" Defense Funding. This allows Mr. Trump to call up a million Reservists, which he may need to patrol America's streets once the Municipal bankruptcy is finished --- because suddenly, all those LEO positions that have been funded by Municipal corporations will be defunded.
All the government employees are required to pretend that this is real as part of their jobs, so they do. Corporations that hold their charters from this government are also "encouraged" to pretend that its real, or face unspecified punishments.
Pretty soon, all the clueless Innocents get caught up in the play and start assuming it's real, put on their face masks like good little sheep, and stand around looking confused and scared.
All that is real about it, is what has always been real about it --- people catch the flu, a certain percentage of them go into pneumonia, and of those, some of them die. 80,000 people died in the 2017-2018 winter flu season. About 65,000 have died in the 2019-2020 flu season.
These kinds of losses have been happening every year that the statistics of death due to "Common Cold" virus have been tracked--- that is, for longer than I've been alive, and that's a long time. Every year. Nobody noticed until now? Probably because your likelihood of dying in a car crash is about three times more likely than dying from any form of Corona Virus.
We don't stop driving and hunker down, do we?
No, folks, this is a form of hoax, just like so much of what this government is famous for. More lies, more smoke, more mirrors.
They get emergency defense funding. They get to smokescreen over the fact that Washington, DC is vacated for 90 days. They get to prepare for the loss of Municipal funding nationwide. They get to put a lot of corporations out of business, so that they can buy their assets for pennies on the dollar. Hey, from their perspective, this is better than The Great Depression.
George Soros, Bill Gates, and Dr. Fauci got wind of what was in the works and made plans to benefit themselves financially and politically. What else is new?
Soros funded the lab in Wuhan where all this blew up more than two years prior to the event. Bill Gates started buying nine vaccine manufacturing facilities devoted to coronavirus vaccine production two years prior to all this. Fauci started negotiating with Bill Gates more than two years prior and got a deal worth $100 million to peddle Gate's vaccine.
Do I have to paint you all a picture?
Meantime, Fauci, Mr. Big at the National Institutes of Health, had known since 2005 that the anti-malarial drug, Choloroquine, was effective against all SARS viruses including the Coronavirus. Read that: no need for vaccinations at all.
Don't believe it? This just in from Forbidden Knowledge TV:
"On August 22, 2005, the NIH published an article under the heading "Chloroquine Is A Potent Inhibitor of SARS Coronavirus Infection and Spread," in which researchers reported that, "concentrations of 10 μM completely abolished SARS-CoV infection.”
In addition, they reported that, "chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells...These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage.”
This is Fauci's own shop-- the NIH-- reporting this about chloroquine fifteen years ago, yet he stood there bold-faced and lied about it at a Presidential Press Conference, saying that there were no tests, etc. and casting doubts on the efficacy of chloroquine.
The Mainstream Media used his comments to start a media circus against Trump for having the temerity to suggest the use of chloroquine -- remember "Trump's not a doctor" and all the criticism the President took? He was quoting NIH research. Fauci's research. The little lizard.
Want more proofs and indications that this is all a giant insider hoax?
Almost two years before this started, July of 2017, members of the House of Representatives started discussing the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act --- CARES Act, and on July 17, 2019, they passed it. I count that eight months prior to the blow out in Wuhan, China.
Six months prior to the Congress give-away, I started getting a lot of military and quasi-military chatter about viral bioweapons, but it was talk about "Special Ops" and rival groups giggling among themselves about "pulling one off on the Chinese".
The upshot of all this gossip was that a group of Secret Service and Mossad Agents passed a substitute virus to the Chinese--- most likely, and thank God-- a much less virulent strain than the Chinese funded by Soros thought they were buying. This accounts for the fact that the worldwide panic and huge death tolls that Gates and Fauci were counting on, didn't happen.
No, Peeps, this was planned, and not by the Chinese Government. It was our own Dear Boys at Whitehall and in DC and in Tel Aviv, pulling all the strings --- again.
CIA contacts openly bragged that the Chinese were being framed for all the economic damage to be caused by the bogus "plague" and that these damages would be used to offset the US-China Trade Deficit.
That is, to cover up the siphoning of $20 trillion dollars that came out of our pockets at cash registers all over America and then just didn't make it back to China to pay the Chinese for the goods they produced in good faith and delivered.
Instead, the Chinese stopped trading with "the US", and so did more than half the rest of the world. They all just stopped dealing with the rats. Called it quits. Stopped extending credit to "the US". I, for one, don't blame them.
Mr. Trump and his Israeli friends are using this to buy back and on an emergency basis, rebuild "US" light and heavy industry. They are investing on a huge scale every penny they can skim and muster, and "hunkering down" in anticipation of an economic rebound.
They are using this bogus emergency to restructure the American economy along the lines of the 19th century robber barons, with Fascist government control mechanisms guaranteeing favoritism to privileged cronies, and an even more oppressive monopolization of basic core industries --- media, electricity, mining, refining, food production, water supplies, sanitation, and health care.
The Parasites had decided to leave America as a burned out shell and head for the green pastures of China. This was set in motion soon after the Second World War, and was well on the way to realization --- but the Chinese got a strong whiff of what these jokers were up to, looked at what they did here in America, and decided not to follow in our footsteps.
Oops. Full stop. Reversal. Now the Chinese were the Enemy. And it was time to beat feet back to the safety of our shores and re-invest here, try to bulk up and rebuild the antiquated American infrastructure and continue to use us as their primary base of operations.
Except.... except that they used and abused us for a hundred and fifty years and we see what they are doing now and we don't like them one bit better than the Chinese did. And we don't appreciate being blamed for their actions, or paying for the damage they deliberately cause. We don't like being swindled any more than anyone else does.
So what to do? Think for yourselves, fellas. Think hard.
The virus escaped in China, but it wasn't a Chinese virus. This was planned, but not by the Chinese Government. It was all planned and executed by our Federal Subcontractors: the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor of London.
Look at who is always at the bottom of the dog pile. And learn.
We have solid contracts called "Constitutions" with these fiends and the rest of the world will stand at our backs and help us enforce these contracts if we have sense and guts enough to take control of our own government and tell our Hirelings what to do from now on--- instead of letting this sinister and mostly foreign group of shysters continue to act as the tail wagging the dog.
It's up to you, me, and the chickens--- but I've already led the stampede straight out of the corral: declare your birthright political status, populate your State and County Assemblies, and start telling your employees when to stand and when to sit, instead of letting them "serve" you, however they see fit.
Go to: and get started.


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  1. No doubt the super corridor from ports in Mexican trucks terminal in Kansas City and on to Canada . Dropped it was full steam ahead but silence now .
    Was NWO Clinton making China favored nation trading partner.
    All set for Chinese systems on
    And like you say they see how America was pillaged.
    Bush allowed state assets to be sold till roads aquifers minerals.
    Kinda obvious.
    Rape going on.

  2. And how will any of this help the citizen farmers tilling crops under for being unable to deliver them, or the pig farmers aborting the piglets, or the death of thousands of chickens and cattle ready for market? We know this is a hoax, they know it is a hoax, but they have to obey. How do we help save the food chain in this country while beef from S. Africa is brought here?

    1. yep. From poking around years ago: Its the food brokers doing this along w USDA, Cargill (largest privately owned corp in USA) et alia, contracting to broker our food with their foreign food for their profits. Even shipping LIVE livestock. While of course they blame us for bovine gas & pollution, while they're the ones over-producing to broker profits. Horrendous ANIAML CRUELTY for their Baalsh*t Warship. Must have torture, sacrifice, cruelty. (Same for animal use in research must have cruelty suffering). EVIL BASTARDS.

      Same for apples, pistachios, almonds, etc in which they take the best products & leave us w remaining, charging us higher prices too, for lesser quality & fake scarcity products.

      Food distribution control to stores. One grocery chain manager said delivery was half /wk than before. We also saw large reduction in product on shelves years before, especially WalMarx.

      Funny how only those stores are most widely 'open' are operated by the same friggin vermin, same who control distribution, same who torture, poison, create scarcity, profiteer => jews.

      How do we help save our food chain? REMOVE THE JEWS.

    2. And just so folks know:
      South Africa
      About 90 percent of the inhabitants of these informal settlements are foreigners or undocumented migrants from other southern African nations like Zimbabwe, Yusuf Abramjee, a spokesman for the charity coalition said by telephone. They do not qualify for food aid from a government busy attending to its own large numbers of impoverished citizens.

      The catastrophe is then blamed on Whites. White Farmers are/were slaughtered by hand. White Famers are the ONLY ONES on Africa who produce food to feed them all.
      Average iq S Africa: 77
      iq of a trained Chimpanzee: 80.
      Nuff said.

  3. So what does the fall and collapse of world wide and effecting Babylon
    look like? Who is really in charge, and who does He send to cause this correction?

    1. Like everything else in life...follow the money.

  4. Anna said:

    "This is a play. It's a deliberate make-believe "war scenario" being played out as a practice exercise in real time. This allows Mr. Trump to access "emergency" Defense Funding."

    OK so where does that "funding" come from in these precarious times we find ourselves in?. Do they just pull it out of their ass as usual, or is it contingency money from the already bloated "defense" budget? Emphasis is on defense since it is anything but. How does a bankrupt corp get access to keep going, there is some other mechanism here that isn't disseminated.

    1. pull it out of their azz. Its our credit they multiply 7-10 times to enrich themselves. Digits are exchanged as credit. Funny, how its when their digits are used, they're also the ones who garner control, while its our wealth they've stolen, yet we have no control. In this case more Military Industrial Complex shekels, I'd reckon.

      Yep, its 'defense' against us, 'their enemy', from which they parasite. Time for the Final Solution. And I do mean Final.

    2. Anna also said:

      "Probably because your likelihood of dying in a car crash is about three times more likely than dying from any form of Corona Virus."

      It gets worse than that. For a real wakeup call, look up how many babies are aborted every year, or die of suicide. Medical malpractice? Holy moly, look that one up.

      Anna is correct, there is something VERY wrong here and everyone just goes along with it.

    3. Oops I meant look up how many people (not babies) die of suicide. Thousand pardons...

  5. "because suddenly, all those LEO positions that have been funded by Municipal corporations will be defunded"
    What are LEO positions in the Municipal Corp?

    1. LEO Law Enforcement Org = Inc. mercenary. City/Municipal police departments enforcing corporate policy codes statues rules regs.
      Notice how all these useful idiots garner their Ninja Turtle suits to combat us? They were the generation who watched Ninja Turtles. Implanted early this image of enforcement & hiring relatively lower iq, putty for brains, think being a man is putting on their Ninja suits & whacking us. FRIGGIN NINJA TURTLES, ok. So friggin stupid.

  6. I met a fellow once who had a really good job high pay and just wrote up plans. War and Event Plans for the top. There are shelves of these plans, ready to go, how many tanks, ammo, chemicals, logistics all of it for each plan so if needed just grab one of the shelf, like Operation such and such preplanned out and hashed over by top. Top nowadays with Sheriffs and with the people mostly trained to respond to commands like "Jump" with the action "How high" the plans are run with little resistance and for years now many played out during "Computer War Game Scenarios" Whenever they are running it uses up a lot of computer resources so until over expect your computers to slow down. Corporations like Walmart and the biggies were trained years ago to respond as extensions of the government systems if activated CEO and top others, only a few at the top.

  7. I've called it Operation COVID-19 for almost 2 months now, Gates laid out all the details of his war games pandemic agenda over the last decade, he's basically been trying to re-create a Cold War scenario instead of being scared of pending nukes its now the unseen emerging viral pandemic.

    Now I call it COVID-1984

  8. "and 'rumors' of war!"

  9. "The virus escaped in China, but it wasn't a Chinese virus. This was planned, but not by the Chinese Government. It was all planned and executed by our Federal Subcontractors: the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor of London."
    Why Anna Von Reitz didn't mention the Black Nobility that are behind to all those she mentioned?
    The Black Nobility.
    Top Houses and Bloodlines of The Black Nobility