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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Tired and Grumpy in Alaska

By Anna Von Reitz

I DO so wish that people would listen the first time, or maybe the second, or the third time I tell them something, but it seems.... no, it's always the fourth, fifth, sixth..... maybe tenth time before it sinks in.

THE reason that all this is happening is so that: (1) Mr. Trump can access our Emergency Defense Funding to pay for his operating expenses while both the Territorial and Municipal corporations are technically in bankruptcy; (2) Mr. Trump can prepare for the collapse of the MUNICIPAL Government and fund things as Defense Expenditures, like calling up a million Reservists to replace all the LEO's who will be riffed and pink slipped when the Municipal Corporations shut down; (3) Mr. Trump can prepare for food shortages and supply line interruptions caused by the Municipal Corporations shutting down --- and charge it all to our Defense Budget; (4) Mr. Trump can invest in essential infrastructure -- bulwarking the electrical grid, for example, and charge it all to our Defense Budget; (5) Mr. Trump can commandeer all our civilian physicians, redefine them as Uniformed Officers acting under Federal Code 37, and force them to vaccinate all Federal Citizens at $400 per head, so that he can then, again, guess what?  Charge us $1000 (or more) per shot as a yes, you guessed it, Defense Budget Item. 

And then, they will all die off and his beloved governmental services corporation will be relieved of the expense of caring for all those Baby Boomers in their old age.

This is all about money, money, and money.  Saving money, off-loading money, changing money, accessing money, blah, blah, blah.

This is all about gaining access to our pocketbook via "Emergency Defense Funding" ---- and you have to have, or create, an "emergency" in order to do that, right?  So here it is, planned, and right on time.

So all furor and hoop-la they are creating is designed to do what?  Repeat after me:

To pick our pockets and pay their obligations as "Emergency" Defense Funding initiatives.  As I observed, they can order and pay for 14 billion shots of vaccine at $1000 a shot, dump it all, or "redefine" vaccinations as dots on paper, and use the profit from this idiocy for their operating expenses.  

This is possible? Why? 

Because there isn't a single person in Washington, DC, acting as a Fiduciary for this country and all the people in it.  They are all "representatives" of foreign corporations. 

The other reason is that the Municipal Congress has to vacate Washington, DC for ninety (90) days as part of the bankruptcy settlement --- and what better excuse, than "health concerns".  Hide their tracks behind a smokescreen of pandemic response and soak us to pay for it, too. 

And yes, Virginia, it is all one hundred percent, pure, unadulterated, self-interested BUNK. 

And all that said and realized, you had better tell your friends and neighbors, you had better get your paperwork in order and your declarations of political status on the books, so when they come around and want to ear-tag you like a cow and shoot other foreign substances straight into you arm, you have the basis to stand there and say, no, thanks.

I am not a Federal Citizen, volunteer, or dependent.

Just take a look here at what Gates did in Nigeria --- bribes to legislators to pass a mandatory vaccination "law"---

-- And then tell me that you don't believe he's been doing the same thing here, to grease his filthy little wheels? 


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  1. Who has the wherewithal to take these people out ??? Nobody?

  2. Trump needs to go .hes not for the people only for him self.
    Just full of greed ..and wants to control everything and everyone. The government will fall .and soon if ther is not change and soon.
    People are going tired of being tired.
    I been.hscked blocked.
    And shut down
    He can't be in office forever..

  3. Nigerians and others in Africa thought it suspicious indeed when suddenly their "government" wanted to help them by coming around to their homes and giving the vaccine. ( Like they stayed home to keep away from the "government) Black Market vaccine cards are sold to avoid the shots and show to the police you already got the shot (s) and people running , hiding under beds, off into the jungle citing evil and hiding in fear. While these people starve and die get sick and weak, Gates lives in his mansion and among the playtoys of rich, wealthy and terribly terribly sad and unhappy people. Who wants leaders that are so unhappy they cannot actually really smile anymore only fake it and revel in killing off what they view as substandard to them creations? So called governments driving around in machine gun laden jeeps ordering folks around and killing a few to scare the rest in to submitting by violence and taking payoffs from Gates and the Queen dementia crowd to narrow in thinking to know their own face anymore.