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Friday, April 3, 2020

Dear Mr. Fink -- F1

By Anna Von Reitz

We would like to ask you --- if someone told a Great Big Fat Lie about Larry Fink, who would be responsible for it? You or the Liar?
We believe that everyone present here knows the answer. The Liar would be responsible for the lie and everything resulting from it.
Read that: take your grievances to the Pope, the Queen and the Lord Mayor. Don't presume upon or address the victims of this farce as if they are responsible for the lies told to them or about them.
What if, as is usually the case, you didn't hear the lie, because it was told behind your back? What if you didn't hear about it for twenty years? Thirty? Would the time even matter? You can't rebut something until you hear about it, can you?
No, you can't respond to and rebut a lie that has been told about you, until you hear the Whopper.
We, the actual government, were not told about these Whoppers being spread by our Trustees acting in Breach of Trust. Indeed, it was all kept very secret from us, and we have reacted with as much alacrity as possible to rebut all the adhesion contracts, false registrations, impersonation and identity theft and credit theft that has gone on here.
Your clients and their Principals have been fully and freely advised and now, so are you.
You recently sent out a letter describing us, Americans, as "shareholders" and inviting individual people to participate as shareholders --- the problem, Mr. Fink, is that we aren't shareholders.
That presumption is part of the Big Lie that has been told about us, and part of the excuse that has been used to practice fraud and genocide and human trafficking and no end of other criminality against us.
We are, instead, the Issuers of all the corporate charters, including your BlackRock, Inc. and affiliates charters.
You may not have been aware of this when BlackRock's parent companies were formed, but facts are facts. All powers delegated in international and global jurisdictions are delegated through The United States of America [Unincorporated] and all Territorial State of State records and registrations and legislative acts are subject to us and to our member States.
As I explained yesterday, using Delaware as the ripe example --- "Delaware Corporations" are not really "Delaware Corporations". They are either: (1) State of Delaware Corporations, in which case they accrue as part of our "Territories and Possessions", or (2) they are corporations sheltered in the Delaware State [Trust] which contains properties that belong directly to Delaware, the actual State.
It has been some years since a properly constituted State Assembly has met in Delaware, meaning that properly declared State Citizens of Delaware have convened their Assembly to conduct business for Delaware-- but the Delaware Assembly is now in session, which means that the Delaware State [Trust] is accepted, acknowledged, and for purposes of the State, automatically liquidated and dissolved by Operation of Law.
You will be receiving a letter from the Delaware Assembly Coordinator in a few days further detailing the legal and lawful necessity of communicating directly with the Delaware Assembly, which is a constitutional body politic, and with The United States of America which represents the Federation of the States operated by the properly constituted State Assemblies.
These body politics are not to be confused with State of State Assemblies composed of U.S. Citizens or Municipal citizens of the United States, who may be considered individual shareholders and franchisees of the bankrupted US. Inc. and USA, Inc. corporations, and may also be misidentified as chattel assets held under bond by your corporation.
Please be advised that our country does not practice securitization of human flesh, slavery, or human bondage. Likewise, we do not permit human trafficking, press-ganging, kidnapping, unlawful conversion of assets, racketeering, unconscionable contracting processes, unilateral contracting processes, impersonation, trespass on private property, trespass on public property, breach of trust, conspiracy against the Federal Constitutions, or any form of inland piracy or pretense under color of law.
All the above is against our Public Law and this is your Notice of the facts and liabilities of conducting business on our shores. False or misleading statements and assumptions or omissions seeking to entrap individuals into making erroneous contracts or trying to get them to accept foreign offices of person hood, and thereby induce them -- without full disclosure -- to accept foreign emoluments and citizenship obligations is a crime.
Your assumption that our people are "shareholders" and therefore franchisees and chattel backing the corporations now under your asset management --- we are speaking now of the Federal Reserve and IMF -- is improper, and could be taken as violation of the above understandings and stipulations owed to The Law of the Land and everyone standing under it.
This is Warning and Public Notice of Liability.
You may be prosecuted under the Public Law and your corporations may be liquidated if you continue to make such assumptions and undisclosed offers of determination.
No American who innocently accepts your offer to consider them "shareholders" when in fact they are the Holders in Due Course of the National Trust and the Issuers of your corporate charters and the charters of your clients, will be held in any way accountable.
You are on the land now, and under the rules of land jurisdiction contracts.
No contract is valid unless it is in like-kind, achieves a meeting of the minds, is fully consensual, fully disclosed, equitable in nature, formed with equitable consideration, and executed in wet-ink.
Without full, complete, accurate disclosure being made to your prospects regarding the true nature of the circumstance, the effect of allowing themselves to be considered "shareholders", and the resulting presumptive change of their political status and its effects, too, as well as full disclosure of the nature and the value of what they are in fact owed as Americans and as Issuers --- starting with the $15 trillion dollar National Credit and the return of all gold and land patents and other assets that have been confiscated or purloined and removed from our shores and their interest in all the corporations formed under their auspices ---no contract you propose will be due any honor.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you, I am always impressed with your research. May GOD continue to richly bless you. Mike

  2. The (foreign) Delaware Corporations like to play their cheating mind-games, without telling us.
    When they pretend to lend us (hot-air) money, they actually take our money, and/or resources instead, in multi-fold, by borrowing our signature to place on their document ("note") to redeem our HJR192 Credit in our behalf. See UCC 8-102(11).

    From the fraudulent Bancorp to you, via Escrow:
    UCc 8-102(11):
    (11) "Indorsement" means a signature that alone or accompanied by other words is made on a security certificate in registered form or on a separate document for the purpose of assigning, transferring, or redeeming the security or granting a power to assign, transfer, or redeem it.

    Presto! your signature becomes money for them, and for you temporarily. Anywhere from 4X to 72X the amount of your property value.
    From the fraudulent Bancorp to their Escrow, cooking you and me:

    UCc 8-102(12):
    (12) "Instruction" means a notification communicated to the issuer of an uncertificated security which directs that the transfer of the security be registered or that the security be redeemed.


    Can I prove if this is true? yes, I have demanded the crooks to provide me with a)Proof of lending in a "cancelled check form" b) Proof of their jurisdiction. They have not proved to me Anything in 5-years. Railroading is what they did best. That's fine (I said to myself), I went ahead and get them stuck in their dirty Mind-Games.

    If you wonder where did the moneys come from? Not from the printing press for sure, for their Mortgage funding, otherwise Bankers would be breaking the National Currency Act 27, 28, 53. (Some vermin did break this law)

    Our HJR192 Credits, are tied to our Ancestors' Gold that England and the vermin stole from us, 87 years ago. They might have added our Chattel insurance to our Credit pool in their controls (not sure 100%). But our credits are the core of funding for the Banksters and their mind-games. ------------------------------ I am sure the vermin can, and have printed their illegal moneys, but that's a different set of crimes they committed.

  3. Anna, you keep referring to the lord mayor of Britain as if he has any authority...he is just a figure head with no authority to do anything, especially to Donald Trump..!! An article was posted about the same time that Regina v JAH was posted saying that the lord mayor was going to belittle everything Trump was saying or arresting bunk...the Queen set him straight and told him you dont have the authority and he said.." No i dont, but if i did thats what i would do". So he has absoluty no power to do anything to anyone..!!

    1. Yes James, rather than the mayor of Britain, Trump has more to be worried about from the armed guards who stand outside his bedroom all night to "guard" him, or the cooks in the kitchen who feed him. Or does he drive out to McDonald's drive through every day to reduce his chances of accidentally swallowing radioactive poisons from the White House kitchen.

      Look up Viktor Yushchenko in the Ukraine if you have forgotten how these guys work.

  4. What about those accessing our Credit on the other side of the veil? Is rat-Fink one such 'authorized' to steal our credit?

    Who are they? When our credit is taken, where does it go, whose account & where?
    Where does our credit go, as say, for a fake bank loan mortgage, our credit is stolen from our accounts, the house is paid for, there is no loan, but where does that stolen credit go?
    Who's the point-man accessing our accounts in these cases?

    Who is stealing our trillions, as allocated for Corona-Con?

    Would rat-Fink be one of them? Who is stealing our credit in all the clients & BlackRock? This is a global franchise.

    Same for Fed Reserve, who is the point-man?

    1. Wink, now this is the kind of critical thinking you should be applying to this situation. I see my recommendation to consume recreational drugs is working out splendidly for you and you are focused like a laser on the real questions of the day. Good to see you back in fighting trim. Have a great life!

  5. There is more lie, from the Fake Lending Corporations, to be responsible for their Great Deceptions.



  6. Anna,
    Sorry if this seems daft, but if we were considered "shareholders" and played along, couldn't we just cash in our shares and get out and leave them with the corp, then try to bankrupt/prosecute them? I am not a business person so I know almost nothing about these things. I am willing to learn though... Kaycee