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Monday, December 9, 2019

United States Corp Registration

By Anna Von Reitz

Teri, Paul— 

Please pull the attachment for your records, and Paul, please post it on my website for all to see. 

There will be more commentary about this. 

To see this full size :


  1. The coming ban on gasoline, natural gas, propane

    It's the green new deal for the crooks

  2. Am I wrong ??
    I believed capitalized words are used for the
    Municipal Gov. and now ??
    Is there anybody to solve the riddle?

    1. Yes, just Myself!
      Please read? Justinian Deception. Wordpress . com
      Have a beautiful standing, smile!

  3. The form is dated 2010

  4. First County to Form Militia in Response to New Virginia Gun Laws

    "Before a crowd of more than 200, the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed two resolutions during their meeting on Tuesday night. The Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution and a resolution promoting the order of militia within Tazewell County both passed to loud cheers from a crowd that overflowed the 189-seat board room.

    We went through them with three attorneys. It was not our intent to water anything down. We wanted something with teeth in it. Something we could use to file injunctions and defend in court,” Hackworth said.

    County Administrator Eric Young, one of the attorneys, along with Collins and Eric Whitesell, who helped draft the ordinances, said the resolutions allow the county to take action in the event that state or federal laws are passed violating the Second Amendment."

  5. Doesn't anyone find it funny that Authorization is mispelled on the document??? So these crooks can't spell either??

    Articles of Incorporation filed 1925 in Florida

    The above document comes from the following link


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