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Monday, December 9, 2019

IRS Fraud 101 - Tacit Admission

By Anna Von Reitz

I recently mentioned that HR - 1 [House Resolution 1] of 2017 is a tacit admission of wrong-doing with respect to the so-called Sixteenth Amendment, in that it attempts to redefine the taxing authority under which the "Income Tax" is collected and to place it under the general taxation provisions of Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1.

Why is that important?  

They are admitting that they've been collecting this tax under false premises for decades. 

They are admitting that they had no subject matter jurisdiction over money accrued from our labor as men and women--- our earnings and salaries that they taxed as "personal" --- meaning "corporate" income.

As Thomas Freed has said, regardless of any power to create a tax, there must also be the ability to write law to enforce it.  "The fact that the 16th Amendment never gives Congress the authority to write law with respect to the enforcement of this alleged direct taxing just ignored...."

Notice that Congress has the power to tax us, but only under the limits and constraints of the Constitutions.  And next.... 

Notice that Congress can tax Federal Citizens, both Territorial and Municipal, any way it wishes to tax them. Constitutional constraints don't apply to Federal Employees and their direct dependents. 


This is another case of the foreign court system operating under Roman Law and "Let him who will be deceived, be deceived."  

All my American Readers now know that this law was created for and applied to whom?   United States Citizens and "citizens of the United States" ---- Federal Employees and their Dependents, in other words.  

Federal workers are not in receipt of any Constitutional guarantees, so they were fair game and not protected by Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3, nor by Article 1, Section 9, Clause 4. 

Federal citizens of both kinds, military and Federal Civil Service, are defined
by the Constitutions and are not parties to these agreements, so they can be abused at will. 

Simply by redefining all of us as "Volunteers" working for the Federal Government for free, as "Withholding Agents", they could strip us of our constitutional protections, too.  And they did. 

So what does this change in the source of claimed authority from the Sixteenth Amendment to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 do?  

Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 contains no ability and no claim to the ability to impose an un-apportioned direct tax on us and our earnings and salaries. 

They can continue to do whatever they like to the Federal Employees and their Dependents, just as they always could before, but for those of us who declare our proper political status as Americans, the actual constitutional protections clamp down again.  

If Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 is the only basis for the income tax, then it must also take the form of an impost, duty, or excise tax and the source of that impost, duty, or excise tax must be explicitly stated in the written law and that source must be taxable. 

And we already know that 15 USC 17 specifically excludes any "excise taxation of labor", and we also know that as originally enacted in 1913 and still maintained as Subtitle A, Chapters 1-6, the intended "foreign persons" were all the Federal Employees, so that there is no possible application to the earnings and salaries of Joe Average Americans working in these United States. 

Take home message --- direct un-apportioned taxation of the earnings and salaries of average Americans as Federal "income" has always been illegal. 

They simply contrived to get around this fact by: (1) alleging that we "volunteered" to act as Federal Employees (Withholding Agents) and (2) misidentifying us as British Territorial Citizens and/or Municipal citizens of the United States at birth.

This "unlawful conversion" of our political status stripped us of our Constitutional protections and guarantees and having converted us into "Federal Citizens" then made us subject to whatever taxes they imposed on their own employees. 

So, they've admitted -- tacitly--that the Sixteenth Amendment was bogus as a taxation authority, and that also means that all the tax enforcement actions taken against average Americans by IRS Agents acting "under the 16th Amendment" from 1913 to 2018, were also bogus. 

And now we get down to the reason that the Sixteenth Amendment was always a bogus taxation authority with respect to Joe Average American.  

The "Constitution" that was amended by the "Sixteenth Amendment" was actually the Articles of Incorporation for a Scottish Commercial Corporation, merely calling itself "The United States of America" --- Incorporated.  And that corporation went bankrupt and liquidated in 1906. 

So we have been treated to the spectacle of a hundred years-plus of vicious taxation based on the By-Laws of a defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation that was infringing on our Good Name for purposes of deliberate deceit and identity theft.  And is trying to do so again.  

But that's another story. 

For now, declare your proper political status, record it, give notification of it, and if you are not a Federal Employee or direct dependent of a Federal Employee, revoke your election to pay Federal Income Taxes.  

Thomas Freed has done a great deal of work on these issues though I have not been able to spend adequate time to evaluate it; it seems likely that he does not understand the reasons that the 16th Amendment had to be abandoned and may not understand that Federal Citizens were always subject to being taxed in ways beyond the constitutional provisions. 

Most Americans remain stubbornly unaware of the existence of the two second class citizenship statuses of our Federal Employees and the impacts on them and, if we are not vigilant, on us.  

Be that as it may, Freed does understand the implication of this tacit admission. Those who want to investigate more can find more at: 


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  1. Thank you for getting the word out there about all this. I am fairly new to all these ideas. It would be of tremendous help to not have to pay these IRS vultures. Is there a good place or book to start with to learn how to avoid paying the IRS correctly as I do not need anymore legal battles after my ex wifes tyrannical lawsuits I am broke and out of vacation time at work.

    1. @Floyd

      Book: Cracking the Code

      I have a pdf version I can send you.

      The trick to get out from under the IRS is to know who you are. Start with definitions first. I also have some information explaining how to eliminate taxes. We are using the wrong forms and volunteering to work for them for free in the OFFICE OF WITHHOLDING AGENT.

      I sent you some information earlier today.

      Send me an email about the information above. I'm not at my computer right now and might forget. Lots on my plate.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    2. @Annie thanks I will read it along with the other books you suggested. I am kinda at a fork in the road not paying taxes would grant me some relief financially which I need due to my ex wifes tyrannical abuse of the family court system. Or study and learn how to prepare myself to deal with her next family court lawsuit which always hangs over me like a dark cloud in the distance which is depressing. I have been told by Annie & Anna my daughter is my property and I need to step up and claim her in court. I would really love to learn the steps to this process asap as I am missing out on so much only seeing her 1,3 & 5th weekends she is growing up so fast. Thanks again for everyones input its giving me hope that some day I will be free of all this mess.

    3. Floyd, the process of extricating yourself from the United States federal government mayhem is gut wrenching at best. This includes lawfully relegating the IRS out of your life. The guy that Annie is talking about got LOTS of people in deep doodoo, including me. There is no hard feelings as I persevered and eventually found those who in fact can help i.e. Anna who makes much better use of her knowledge the Mr. Hendrickson ever did. This is no easy path so be prepared for many sleepless nights in anticipation of your actions. But again, it is worth it so hang in there! My opinion is you are much better off staying close to Anna's writings as opposed to risking your future upon what Mr. Hendrickson might lead you into. Be damn careful.


    4. @Net thanks for the information. I am the type who will analyse stuff to death so I will not take action on anything without researching it to a point of complete understanding. In this case it may take years. I been listening to the content on the past few days and man this stuff is wild but fits a suspicion I have always believed already without any outside influence. That inherent suspicion for me has always been that everything / everyone is being controlled by some elite aristocrats who once made their fortunes turned next to control the people. Once I was tricked into the family legal / illegal system it was more evident that something is really wrong. It may also sound paranoid but I have seen it already here is there are people that create disinformation in order to perpetuate the games being played on us. That being said I struggle with what to read, listen and believe. I completed my paperwork when the paper up now website was online it being taken down fed my paranoia and has me very cautious so I have not recorded it yet. As for sleepless nights the family courts have already given me those. I often feel studying this information has ran me through all the emotions sad, angry, confused but also hopeful and eager to learn. There is no bigger sacrifice one can make out of ignorance than being told by a crook in a robe when you can see your child! No greater hurt then knowing your ignorance has caused your child to suffer. If that isn't enough people I know and love think I have lost my mind and I can see their eyes glaze over when I try to talk about it. I watched an amazing video describing the history on how the fraud came to be and I could see my girlfriends eyes glaze over when I talked about it. You are on your own in this world of the rabbit hole its not a fun place to be. Truth is all I wish to learn then I will know what steps are necessary to pull myself out of their fiction and step on firm ground no longer confused by their deception. I wish everyone the same.

  2. Need to stop the damned hospitals where all of this starts, with the birth certificates

    1. For every man and woman who frees themselves from this fraud, there are 8000 babies born every day in The United States of America to this fraud

      It needs to stop at the hospitals, period

    2. well first the hospitals are creatures of the State and Dr's are agents of the State So...??? Second like to see any tax case where it came down to "sir you have a birth certificate so you owe us taxes"?

  3. Go to the 25:11 minute of the below video and see where the catholic arch boshop of new york makes the statements that it is up to them to manage the 'creatures' that the creator put here

  4. Just listened to the call from last night

    Teri mentioned public utilities raising rates

    Well in California according to and deborah traveres, California is working to 'outlaw' natural gas, propane and even the burning of firewood - total electricity is what they are working towards through this entire fraud - which plays right in to their hands of their future of electric cars

    1. Their UN plans to phase out all 'fossil fuels' so the ROCKY boys can hoard all of those resources for themselves

      Their philanthropy of stealing everything and leaving the serfs with nothing

      Plays right in to their Declaration of Interdependence they signed the world up for

      While they make the back room green new deals for themselves

  5. A must listen by everyone

    CCA's being set up to facilitate their removal of the use of gas, propane and wood

    Rockefellers offering green new deal loans to everyone to retrofit your homes???

  6. Now how to use this to OUR advantage ANNA? Lets do this!!!
    Posted by stevew | Mar 1, 2018 | 2018, Conspiracy, Cabal, Daily Blog |

  7. The USMCA deal and the North American Union

    21 goals to destroy United States and the USMCA deal will do just that

    They will ship what jobs there are to Mexico as plainly stated in their goals to deindustrialize us while shipping our jobs elsewhere

    They are not building all of this infrastructure with things made in the united states, so where the hell are they getting the material while we are being deindustrialized? CHINA folks, free trade deal, they will ship the stuff up through Mexico on the NAFTA super highway bypassing border patrol and any inspections

    Where do you think the cheap toxic solar panels are being manufactured for the united states and the world, CHINA which just so happens to be part of their BRICS new deal

    Has anyone thought that the so called destruction of these 'institutions' is nothing but a smoke screen to their one world system?

    Just putting it out there

    If we do not have jobs, then what?

    For the past 3 decades they have been outsourcing all of our jobs to people they bringing in from India or shipping the jobs to India, make no mistake this was all part of the plan

  8. TrumpCare (yet another green new deal for the doctors and hospitals from hell)


    Anti vaxxers being targeted

    Forced compliance or they steal your children

    But not Bill Gates' clan, they are exempt

    Gates Foundation gives 4.3 billion to depopulation the world agenda and VACCINES ARE USED TO DO IT

  9. Global Research and selling us the electric car - now how convenient is that

    Goes right in line with their ban on oil and gas

  10. And while they ban the use of 'fossil fuels' they transporting all kinds of stuff and making green new deals to stuff their pockets with

    The tar sands and the joke that is
    see and his article on the environmental damage this has done and is doing to Canada and also the absolute damage that this so called 'fuel' does to your car

  11. Anna i think your confusing "personal" with "individual", everyone fills out an Individual Income Return, now depending on the definition "individual" can mean the man or woman or an organization. DC code is essentially US code both territorial and both refer and utilize IRS code all creatures of the same jurisdiction, congress actually declared "personal income" to be non-taxable to non-residents of the DC territory, but if being an organization organized and domiciled in DC this is a resident individual. The "individual" is the organization they are taxing as a franchise.

    SEC. 602. [D.C. Code 1-233] (a) The Council shall have no authority to pass any act contrary to the provisions of this Act except as specifically provided in this Act, or to-- -
    (5) impose any tax on the whole or any portion of the personal income, either directly or at the source thereof, of any individual not a resident of the District (the terms "individual" and "resident" to be understood for the purposes of this paragraph as they are defined in section 4 of title I of the District of Columbia Income and Franchise Tax Act of 1947

    1. The only word for man/wombman is man/wombman. Even "woman" can be found to be defined as 'woe to man'!

      Look up "Being" in Blacks law dictionary any edition. It's not there.

      Personal is corporate, look at the signature line on any so called personal check. Authorized Representative
      Personal income tax is corporate income tax.

      Look up Income in the tax code. Has nothing to do with wages.

      "Individual" describes the Born Alive Afterbirth material. The soulless creature

      Anyone listen closely to Comercials for car loans lately. Negative Equity??? Oximoron... Equity is always positive.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

  12. Very short 3 sections on the Constitutional Law regarding the 16th and Federal taxing powers, one section dedicated to State Franchises. , this is what was created and what is being taxed since the New Deal everyone was registered and organized as State franchises AKA transmitting utilities of the bankruptcy "individual" banking organizations.


    1. The Afterbirth material is registered and receives our birthright Estate when we disappear without a trace. Like Rainman. The defective institutionalized individual inherits.

      The new baby has the birthright till it leaves the hospital which is a federal port of call, like an airport terminal and baby is not heard from again. Baby is suppose to inherit but there is no equitable claim from a man, so the Vatican and it's corporations suck it dry.

      Mom leaves the land DNA at the hospital and she even convienently creates a name for IT by leaving her literary property at the hospital too. A trust is set up because they supposedly don't know who the land and literary property belongs to, so It is salvaged and given eternal life by the vatican. Trusts live on while people pass away.

      The baby is not registered. Baby disapears, the Afterbirth dies. The estate is probated and a trust set up to hold the Birthright Estate. Mom and dad never records the born alive, still alive baby. No evidence of baby exists. The certificate of Live Birth is evidence of a live birth but it is definitely not identification for baby. COLB is evidence of where a live baby was born alive on the land but is now missing. The Birth Certificate is a memorial. The next time we show up is when our natural Person is separated from our spirit and becomes a corpse. We don't need a memorial as we are self evident. But we don't know we need to claim our birthright estate, we presume we have it and believe taxes are for the good of our community.

      Let those who wish to be deceived, be deceived. Roman Law.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

  13. looks to me the false flag in a kosher store... looks fake.... of course it involves VICTIM JEWS
    Trump, all for his JEWS: "... combat anti-Semitism... title 6 of civil rights act... engage in discrimination.... that "traffick" in anti-Semitic hate. What the hell does that even mean?

    What the Freak is going on here? What?? How does one trafficking in anti-Semitic hate??
    HOW DO JEWS TRAFFICK IN ANTI-WHITE HATE? Kill, genocide Whites all the freaking time. Videos upon videos of jews, rabbis saying to genocide, kill Whites.
    Am blown away... for the last time. UN REAL. JEW'ALITY AT ITS FINEST BY TRUMP.
    And AVR wants TRUMP to be president of OUT The United States. ?? Ohhh cuz he's in the cat-bird-seat & do so much for this nation... of JEWS.

    Guess its just another (((5-D chess))) move. Yeah right.
    All for the jew, jew, jew, jew, jew.

    Trump Signs Executive Order, Vows To 'Crush' Anti-Semitism | NBC News

    1. You bet it all is

    2. And how about that, a 'license' that traffics you in to their jurisdiction which means they can take them away
      And of course no one knows that their UCC set up and the registration and licensing of everything means that you are in their CORPORATE jurisdiction
      Make no mistake these folks are nuts

  14. IF INTERESTED IN JEW USURPATION VIA TRUMP: - Live now... The JEWS are very pleased. Will the JEWS ever be satisfied w the JEW'DICATION of OUR CHRISTIAN NATION. No! They want all, all of us to bow to the jew.

    There is no such thing as anit-semite its a JEW CONARD: Anti-semite is a trick 1:26 “Well, it’s a trick, we always use it.”

    THE INTERNATIONAL JEW THE WORLD'S FOREMOST PROBLEM Abridged from the original as published by the world renowned industrial leader HENRY FORD, SR. Appearing originally in the periodical published by the Ford Motor Co. "The Dearborn Independent."

    1. Check out the Handy Sook connections made with C_A front companies and video surveillance

    2. Bloomberg and his gun control

    3. New Jersey and the FEMA drills for fun control

    4. Shelby - will check it out soon. thanks ya hear.

    5. More on their terror training

    6. Wink wink you will appreciate this one

    7. Wink wink you will be amazed at this one

    8. At the 34:51 mark in the above video wink wink, J o e
      R o g a n

  15. We can't find "The Constitution for the united States of America" anywhere. Does anyone have it? If you do, please post it for us. Thanks ahead of time!

    1. From Anna:

      I have it and have also seen it on line. The problem for posting is that I have sent my copy to safe keeping along with thousands of other documents that are being scanned and archived one by one by a team of volunteers in another state and all of it is being done in strict secrecy because THEY have destroyed so many records and “moved the cheese” so often.

      Remember that in the War of 1812 the primary British objective was to destroy our records.

      So— I can put out a call and I am sure other people especially in Texas (that I know of) have copies they are guarding, too. They may be able (and willing) to post online copies.

    2. Stramer & Anna - Thanks for the reply. NO DOUBT they'll do what they can to prevent its availability. Am please, via Anna's posts, that I even know the correct terms.
      These Jural Assembly folk are all so overwhelmed too, as well as the archivers. So, will be patient & thankful for their extra efforts in getting it to us.

      Can't wait to see it. The corrected history am reading, Fomenko's says the total destruction of our history was/is their full intent. Book burning, meh, a marshmallow roast.
      Merry Christmas Season.

  16. What about income re tax for state income tax. Again I am not a corporation. So how can there be liens on my home with penalties? My home is all CAPs mortgaged with Chase too. So this all is a scam. Prove I am a corporation and not an alive woman? Wow.

    1. The neg.Thieves (Cap.+Sag.+) think they can treat you/us as a PERSON or CORPORATION (slaves) without having to prove anything to us, after they corrupted American Constitution, and added their corrupt Act of 1871(repealed). They lost their mind, logic, to recognize that a legal contract requires both parties to sign. So the 340+ million missing lender’s name(s) and signature in county records already prove them wrong, and true Thieves of their foreign masters. The narcissists think of us, PRO-Se have no venue. Actually the Thieves are the ones without a venue in law. So people Expect a good fight with the vermin’s ahead worldwide. They robbed American military as well, Not only illegally taking/profiting from people’s property, w/o paying rent of 154+ years.

  17. Replies
    1. Evette, it should be recognized that your home state i.e. Minnesota, Iowa, New Jersey, etc. (not the 'State of Minnesota' or 'State of Iowa') has been mothballed, a fate shared with the federated State of state. We are moving in the direction of getting this corrected but this takes time and nothing comes without a cost.

      The state responsible for charging you an income tax is a federal State of state (foreign) United States government criminally minded corporate charter operated under it's owner's corporate bylaws. This is a prime example of why we must make haste to repopulate the unincorporated jural assemblies of each of the fifty (50) States of the Union to reverse the damage the federal government is doing to our American Society. The current federal government has proven that no good thing can come forth from them.

      The answer to forced vaccines, toxic spraying of our skies with heavy metals, unconstitutional taxation, in-effective laws against corrupt government contractors, to implementing the law systems justly owed to American State National's, it is all wrapped up in the success of the intelligent development of our Jural Assemblies and Jural Societies. So learn learn learn and get on board and help us restore our American Society.

      Over the course of my learning of the nature of the Internal Revenue Service and the fraudulent nature of their revenue laws, I have had them just take thousands of dollars from me and lien the crap out of me too. But not any longer. If you stay the course you will enjoy the same fruit of your self governing labors. That is if you take the initiative to do this for yourself. Plus, for eternity you can fondly look back at your time on this earth when your energies were thoughtfully tied toward full restoration of The United States of America.

      It is challenging to navigate foreign corporate states that are accustomed to doing whatever they want to United States Citizens and Citizens of the United States, which of course we are not, but which becomes the focal point of our attention when we are mistakenly or purposely mis-identified as Territorial and Municipal Citizens of the United States. We have to declare our political status using the well disguised path laid out by these deceivers operating on our shores, which is nothing more than self insurance by them for them to insure they don't end up in prison for what they have done to us.

      The documents we have submitted to the U.S. Secretary of State, the U.S. Treasury and to both Internal Revenue Service offices, we created for this exact purpose of proof, that we have freely chosen the American State National and potentially American State Citizen political status and no one can say different. That paperwork will stand in the face of any foreign United States federal government, as well as the entire world, but that is not to say the path to those freedoms is always easy.

      Using Annas techniques, it is likely you will be able to settle your account and have 'paid' nothing to do so, other than the personal effort so vital to those who will rise to the call of Self Governing. This is done through established procedures found in Anna's writings and more specifically on the website. I hope you will consider joining in the work of reconstructing your own state Jural Assembly.

  18. Hello, thank you for the wealth of information. I will do this, however, how do I navigate the child tax credit I rec'd or "stimulus" ?


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