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Sunday, December 8, 2019

America Never Sold, Just Foreign Corporations Abusing Our Names

By Anna Von Reitz

For several days I have been getting this photo lobbed at me, as if it was any huge surprise, and as usual, the people sending it to me have jumped to the mistaken idea that "America" was sold to these Billionaires: 


The only things sold were foreign corporations "doing business as" the United States (Inc.) and the United States of America, (Inc.) ----- British Territorial and Municipal corporations in the business of providing "essential governmental services" --- not our country.  That is the key fact you have to know and stick to and realize that while corporations can be bought and sold and go bankrupt, etc., this actual country and the people who live here are not eligible nor in need of any "bankruptcy protection".  We are, in fact, immune from bankruptcy of any kind.  Period.  

So when you see things like this --- step back, remember your history.  What was happening in the 1920's?  The Internal Revenue Service was brought ashore as a Delaware Corporation in 1925, the stock exchanges were be bought up and up and up in preparation for the Big Bust in 1929, just two years after this report.  We are in the midst of the Roaring Twenties and these are five of the Robber Baron Families benefiting from all the graft and identity theft and "false titles" being issued by "the" United States of America, Incorporated.  

If you own a house and you have a Lawn Service and a Housekeeping Service and they both act crazy and abuse your credit without you knowing or approving and then they go bankrupt ---- what happens?  

Well, the bankruptcy and the credit theft is their problem and the problem of the banks issuing the credit ---- not yours.  And as for the rest, it doesn't matter if they stay in business or go out of business after the bankruptcy, because it has nothing to do with you as their Employer.  

You can cluck, you can duck, you can offer help, you can ignore the whole situation and deny them as much as access to a single penny of all the credit that is owed to you.  Why?  Because they are all incorporated entities, separate from you in nature and in fact, and the most that you really have to do is look around for other organizations that can mow your lawn and swab your kitchen floors.


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  1. High frequently radio replays attorney Howard Freeman’s explains how a judge told him in 1938 (all judges were told the country was bankrupt and now the constitution doesn’t apply .

    1. Your statement is only true for the Territorial or Municipal citizen, like yourself. You missed the HUGE point that bankruptcy is ONLY for corporations, go ahead look it up.

      ...its almost like that was the only contradicting info you could find?

      Have a Great Day little one.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

    2. I got your little one .
      You one trick pony.
      This is the state of affairs for all cases what could a should a would a is worthless. Only what you can stand on and fight in thair courts . I know what’s going on party to Texas common law court .pretty sure the communist are running this outfit that way tie up any loose ends were ZOG will be in charge of any controld opposition.and as far as trolls well trolls will be trolls!

    3. depends on your status and how you enter the evidence. if you have contracts with the state and fed governments and or you have not properly evidenced the constitutional oaths and state constitutions/or federal, well then it doesnt. Remember you need to get this eventually into an article 1 or 3 court, appeal up like trump, see how often he wins after he loses twice? he is trying to show you how the system works.

    4. You are so adorably childish, I do get a kick out of how small you can be, mental and otherwise as you so brazenly admit. How old are you again?
      No surprise though, leading with mud flinging yet again... YAWN!
      Thank you for your not-so-grand fact-less OPINION once more.
      And there you go again, the current "state of affairs" courts are not for we Nationals, you excluded, obviously. Yes yes, you trolls will always be trolls, that's exactly why I need to comment to counter your bassakward thinking... try commenting on the articles.
      Although it can be tough having to re-learn everything you know, over-riding your Public School indoctrination and then a military indoctrination as well. With enough effort little guy, you'll get the idea. Once you get the idea, and make a claim to life... we Nationals will accept you, no joke.

      Have a Great Day my teeny weeny peasant.

      Thank you Penny4yerthoughts, great comment

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

    5. To all those seeking clarification.

        I thank People like Anna who spend their valuable time working for the good of others. I could care less about trolls or those passing judgement, name calling or pointing fingers.  Those wallowing in those 10th grade behaviors are ripe for the picking of the Pirates operating on the land.

      If you want to be out from under the thumb of corporate government, Know thyself and exercise your rights!  Look at every confrontation as a learning experience to exercise your Sovereign power.  Always stay in Honor.

      The biggest problem is between your ears.

      Know in your heart and soul and get it straight in your mind.

      I AM a Sovereign state in and of myself. Alive. Whole. Mind/Body/Spirit

      I have a territory = Body

      I have a government = Mind = self governing

      I have a population = One

      I have the unlimited right to contract with any other state. Make Better contracts.  Start operating your Monopoly piece instead of being the Monopoly piece.

      I function in a Foreign Office of Origin = Office of Executrix = without the VATICAN, BRITISH CROWN CORPORATION, UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

      I function as Attorney-in-Fact for the Birthright land Estate.

      No diversity exists when an equitable Claim is made for your land, DNA. Paramount Claim.  The STATE OF STATE has an inferior salvage title because we haven't made an equitable claim to presumed abandoned land. 

      All court cases in Admiralty maritime jurisdiction are about who owns the Property  (DNA) and who can prove it.

      We have sole equitable ownership of our unique land, DNA.  the STATE OF STATE has a Legal salvage title which is bogus at best as we never abandoned our Vessel Body as we are still using it.  the Birth Certificate is a memorial, which is not needed until our natural Person "Corpse" is interred in the land.  Dead baby scam, Registered, never Recorded.

       Cloning is not about creating a duplicate man/wombman its about creating duplicate LEGAL PERSONS.

      When we claim to be the fictitious entity we perfect the Claim of the STATE CORPORATION granting inferior jurisdiction. 

      Each man/wombman is the genuine owner of their unique private property, DNA, capable of handling our own affairs.  If you don't learn to handle your affairs they will do it for you.

      I hold my own Superior Court and have not granted an inferior Court the right to administer my Estate.  Stand on that fact alone and void any order issued from an inferior Court.

      The Sovereign does not ask permission of the employees. Does not PLEA to employees.  The Sovereign issues orders and instructions. 

      It is most definitely important to correct the record and the sole reason to correct the record is to rebut all the presumptions and nulify the salvage lien title removing the legal right to usufruct.

      Ignore stupidity and nonsense from people who are living in  chaos because they do not know who they are.  Find Peace through knowledge and clarity.

      Annie McShane
      On Delaware

    6. @Annie, Thank you for the 'slap' of clarity within this great comment.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  2. When we clear out the crooks, we should punish the HOA, and Corporate Utility Gov't as well, for calling themselves the important NAMES "DISTRICT", the board, the commissioners when in fact, they are foreign agents. They too stole people real property, billing people without providing service, cutting off services after 2 months, then continued to bills long enough to foreclose people homes on NO services, with massive fake debts. They pretend that the the UK legislative codes are American law. No matter how much we explained to them, they close their eyes and ears, presuming that USA.Inc is the same as USA(Uninc.) because they depending on those codes to scam humanity.

    1. Pinkham, I totally agree with your statement! The semantic deceit needs to be countered for the People's own good. Like a New American English Dictionary that holds what Nation-state Nationals (We the People) agree to to be true and factual.
      Is our only re-course against bad actors the Notices of Liability?
      I comprehend that with enough state citizens (not Territorial or MUNICIPAL citizens obviously) we can have the Republic FORM of Government we are owed. And only with enough People can we populate our self-governing Offices and Common Law Courts. And our Courts, when they are up and running, can make the needed changes to the corporations (by their charters) posing as governments by NAME.
      This is the way.
      The biggest problem I see in their world is the FACT that they LIE.
      Can a nation-state operating under self-government clean up its own nation-state of the fraud and corruption or do we need the Continental congress formed to do that?
      Your volunteered opinion would be welcomed.

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

  3. didn't Anna, a while back, give a link to a web site where one could look up our strawman names and see what corportions they were assigned to? could someome share that again, please?

    1. Tommy go to
      Type in your S.S. # with the dashes hit Q
      Then hit LEI
      I have17,805 on my SS#
      I forgot where I found the site but don't think was Anna?

    2. Tommy sorry I don't know that one? However one's SS# is traded on is what I shared above. That will still shock Ya... I also would love to find out your question. Peace...


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