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Friday, June 28, 2019

Operation Wet Back

By Anna Von Reitz

Back in the 1950's, when Americans were not pre-programmed to be politically correct, General Dwight D. Eisenhower and his Staff conducted Operation Wet Back.  They used US Army and Federal Agency personnel to sweep through the Southern and Western States and remove all undocumented aliens back to their countries of origin.  If I recall correctly, more than a million people, mostly South American in origin, were ultimately returned home.  

They were returned home and the home country got a stern warning: you are responsible for the care and conduct of your own people within the international community.  We respect your borders.  You respect ours.  

End of communique. 

And that was that.  No crisis.  No political Flim-Flam.  No Mexican flags flying above the American flag in LA.  No pretense that "treaties" signed by unhinged members of political parties have anything to do with us and our States and our People and our land and soil.  No South American Gang Members being allowed to come here and cause trouble.  

Threat to our security.  Boom.  End of that problem. 

Eisenhower performed the duty owed by the Territorial United States Government and the U.S. Military and the Commander-in-Chief to protect and defend our land and soil against any kind of invasion--- without fanfare, without apology, without political correctness, and without a nod to the Municipal Congress, either. 

So now here we are, the actual States of the Union, flexing our muscle and making visitation upon our erstwhile Federal Employees.  Consider it a Surprise Inspection after a 150 years, but here we are.  

We find that Donald Trump is attempting to do his duty, but various members of the Joint Chiefs and PENTAGON are having difficulty understanding exactly what their duty is and who is owed Performance under the contracts, treaties, and agreements which allow their own existence as "Persons" and which delegates the empowerment they exercise in our behalf.  

So here it is, boys, spelled out in black and white.  

Your paychecks come from the States and People represented by The United States of America--- not "the" United States of America and not "the" United States, either.   The Queen and the Pope are both just acting as middlemen under our Delegated Power.  Your actual duty to perform is owed to us--- the American States and People.  Period. 

Anything and anyone that threatens us and our well-being, whether foreign --- like the hordes of illegal immigrants -- or domestic, like renegade members of Congress - you are under absolute obligation to protect us, our peace, and our well-being. 

If that means building a physical wall, so be it.  If it means telling South American Governments to back off, so be it.  If it means rounding up illegal immigrants and arresting Municipal Officers operating unauthorized "Sanctuary Cities" on our shores, so be it.  If it means arresting members of Congress who have violated the Public Trust, so be it. Deport them along with the illegal immigrants. If it means being politically incorrect, so be it.  

Do your duty.  Do it no matter what yelling and screaming it provokes.  Do it no matter who snivels and cries in the New York Times.   You don't owe Performance to U.S. Citizens, but you do owe Performance to us: the American States and People. 

So, as you can now see, it is all very simple.  You all do your duty to the Public Law and the States and the People of this country, or----what good are you? Exactly what do we need you for?  

We'll fire your flat rumps and hire someone else who will do the job we hired them to do.  We'll suspend your pensions for Dereliction of Duty.  We will Dishonorably Discharge the whole General Staff.  And we won't blink or be acting guilty or apologizing or being politically correct about it, either. 

Better get on board.   The Ship of State is sailing. 


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  1. Barr announces over $10 million to fund law enforcement crisis in Alaska

    1. Question is, is it alaska or the State of Alaska or STATE OF ALASKA

    2. The use of the words law enforcement tells me it is the corporate state not the land jurisdiction state
      Anna would know better then we would as she has served notice to the corporation State of Alaska and STATE OF ALASKA

  2. No one else can stop it, but Anna can? Now i do appreciate that this site and others all seem to be exposing the lies and manipulations of the world in which we live in. And yet your attitudes and answers seem to be off base. Your big talk does not impress me.
    The Bible, The Living Word of a Living God has warned us of all of these things! Learning to recognise them for what they are is a gift from above! In the Bible how did God bring down and expose Babylon? What punishments and chastisements happened?
    You think you or "The Donald"can stop this?
    Has the "united states" ever had a wall? EVER? Why do we need one now? Will it make any difference? What about the land and citizenship being sold to the foreigners daily? How about the plane loads being flown in by the Lutherans ,Catholics and so many others belonging to the NWO?
    God uses His enemies to get the job done of Humbling a nation or destroying it if deemed necessary.
    So many are upset and willing to fight and murder each other over monuments, graven images, "historical images of man.
    How much "history" has been destroyed in the past? Look at the ruins all over this world that we continue to still dredge up. False gods and deities. Have we not all been warned?
    Perhaps a reading of Acts 17 23-32 could shed some light upon this?
    Is this relevant? "Nor is He served with men's hands- as if needing any- Himself giving to all life and breath, and all else."
    Perhaps a look at Babylon and the results of these days could give one some further insight?

    1. You better hope she and others can because they have planned your death and the death of billions of people
      The whole earth is running under the Babylonian (beast) System set up by the so called original families all of which operate the Vatican and all the churches - they have made an absolute 'bloody' fortune killing off the masses for centuries to get to their end game which is global genocide and they get the earth all to themselves

      Planned genocide rates for 4 nations as per their projected planning
      PLANNED GENOCIDE by these corporations

    3. And so we are to fear death? By a bunch of liars?
      They are the ones in danger, in danger of losing their lives.

    4. I don't fear death but I damn straight don't like for my life and the life of my family to be threatened by these psychopaths
      We have just as much right to life as they do
      Published open threats of pre meditated murder to end our lives I take offense to. If that does not offend you then there is no help for you
      You keep following

    5. "You better hope she and others can because they have planned your death and the death of billions of people"
      "The whole earth is running under the Babylonian (beast) System set up by the so called original families all of which operate the Vatican and all the churches - they have made an absolute 'bloody' fortune killing off the masses for centuries to get to their end game which is global genocide and they get the earth all to themselves"

      The problem lies in where you want to put all your hope.
      In the Bible it is plain to see that the scenario above does not and will not pan out!
      "Get the earth all to themselves???" Not gonna happen!
      And yes keep following, good advice for everyone.
      And i do have righteous anger but i refuse to be taken in by every fear monger on the www web of deceit out there.

    6. Instead of worrying and fretting so much about our earthly lives we should pay more attn. to loosing our everlasting lives,
      this is the life that so many deceivers and liars are in mortal danger of loosing.

    7. A Follower: Amen to that! Instead of building a wall just build a gallows on the boarder and use it for Sorrous and his ilk?

    8. anna seems to have undisclosed "republican" backers, AND/OR she thinks she will have better luck "inspiring" so-called "conservatives" AND/OR this is more false hegelian "conflict" "ARGGHH! those evil democrats!" WWF-style.

      history must never forget, it was "radical republicans" who brought us the "Federal citizens only" elections, see andrew johnson.

      point being, mixed in with all the good info., is wishful thinking (or disinformation).

      trump wasn't even elected by any non-federal citizens. same as anyone else. he's a former democrat too. a new york real estate person. evangelicals and rural farmers think he gives a hoot about them? LOL. as much as the federal reserve and UN does. he won't lift a finger for non-feds. he flat out says federal citizens are the only "americans". see his census idea.

      yes, it is a joke, but the bar is buried 200 feet.

      at least anna is trying, in her myopic self-serving "americans are god on earth" manner.

      sofaras the "american" religion goes, this is about as good as it gets.

      everyone has biases/partial info. the unlabelled/mislabelled bottle of poison is more dangerous than the openly labelled one.

  3. shelby: can u spread some light on this guy?

  4. Anna, have u read this book?

  5. Look up 'Banana Republic' on Wikipedia for a little history from the other side of the story and see if the story line is familiar. If these folks would risk death and imprisonment to get here, it must be terrible where they came from. And... if they're that impoverished, who is paying food and transport for them to reach our border? This situation is the result of American based agricultural corporations manipulating the governments and economics of those countries and the people can either starve or move! When they come here, they provide cheap labor for those same corporations, and because they're 'illegal' and 'migrant', things like minimum wage, adequate housing, and health care don't really apply. They move on, and it's their problem. In their home country, they're caught between the police and the cartels, and if you don't join up, you, or your family members just disappear in the night. Let's move past the stereotyping and look at the actual conditions. The real cartels are American agribusinesses, and somebody with a lot of money wants to stress our borders with the side benefit of cheap labor. Sooo… who's on the board of directors and which congressmen do they own? Everyone seems to be flailing around on the surface of this issue and there is something deeper going on. There's some larger intent behind this movement to destabilize the economy, build visible containment camps, and polarize opinions. Moving right along, eh?

    1. i expect a "wall" may or may not be built, and then a "tear down that wall!" charade. see "the perestroika deception" "new lies for old" "red symphony" last 3 paragraphs of transcript ( for how this works.

      see also 68th convocation of the rosy cross order, 1916, about how we are supposed to merge with "mexico" and "england" it is our destiny and their interpretation of "2nd coming" and "True christianity".

      it also distracts from the fact the whole u.s. is one giant concentration camp, 24/7 programming/brainwashing, "mastery learning", see the "hazzard circular" too.

      it serves the current scum in office of all stripes to spit out these buzzwords. same way they are always whining about "democracy" (while non-feds aren't allowed to vote)

      it is all about mind control. manufacturing consent.

      the "cartel" is here too. if you dont want to disappear, they take money.

  6. Sorry, Mae Dawson with the above..

    1. A good article
      Read what this blogger has been writing for the past several years
      800 Fema camps throughout America and they are overseen by none other than Dick Cheney and Halliburton
      And as the first article I posted says for years before Germany was totally locked down they put all the stuff out in the public and no one did anything to stop it until they came for everyone else?
      Anyway though these items may help

  7. Well... there is a hell of alot more to the issue and "Wet Back" was an end result of failed US agreements and policy to manage the migrant workers as part of "The Bracero program" which started in 1942 ((During World War II, the Mexican and American governments developed an agreement known as the Bracero program, which allowed Mexican laborers to work in the United States under short-term contracts in exchange for stricter border security and the return of illegal Mexican immigrants to Mexico. Instead of providing military support to the U.S and its military allies, Mexico would provide laborers to the U.S. with the understanding that border security and illegal labor restrictions would be tightened by the United States. In 1954, negotiations surrounding the Bracero program broke down, prompting the Mexican government to send 5000 troops to its border with the United States.[Wikipedia]))... So Eisenhower was doing clean up after over a decade of insufficient US action while the US greatly benefited from all the cheap labor which it has consistently done for decades since and currently. NOT any duty "to protect and defend our land and soil against any kind of invasion". After 1 "surge" year of "Wet Back" the program steadily declined in efficiency over the next few years until it had doable the man power and was barely working just like most administrative programs. Greatest of all our total failure "War on Drugs" which has been 100X more of a problem then immigration boosting Mexican Gang activity, the biggest reason the US currently has any boarder policy is to further inflate the blackhole of endless resources to further the totally corrupt rotten to the core bloated bureaucratic political free for all called "War on Drugs".

    1. that's the point. war on x, means permanent martial law. and then non-feds don't ever get to vote.

      "endless resources" -- this includes people. they get to kidnap everyone forever and ever, so long as they cry "EEK! A MOUSE! I BROKE A FINGERNAIL! WAR ON MICE!".

      so long as they are at "war" they dont have to run an actual treasury/mint either. national banking emergency.

      thats the whole point, that none of these "Wars" ever end, or are ever against actual entities/countries.

      be sure to salute at the military-managed federal-citizens-only football game.

      its all about image. they dont want actual america, or real law, or actual money, or real elections. the last thing they really want is "democracy" -- notwithstanding some "experimental" corporations, they are very much into "titles" and top-down bureacracy.

      all they care about is people seem happy, so they get to keep going with their miles of fraud, and claim that people "consented" to it all.

      if you arent smiling, you must be mentally ill. have some pills.

      the "war on drugs" has been a total success from their point of view. bags under your eyes? gonna have to search you, step out of your vehicle sir.

      not wearing your businessperson suit? must be a drug dealer. gonna have to search your house.

      pay with (what passes for) "cash"? gonna have to freeze your accounts.

      its all about image. now they dont need warrants. "war on drugs" was a total succes.


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