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Monday, May 20, 2019

Public Declaration of My Collective Entity

By Anna Von Reitz

A great many innocent people have suffered identity theft and been pillaged and plundered under what the Courts call "The Collective Entity Doctrine". This bit of drivel holds that your Legal Person and any commercial or private corporations operating in your NAME, are essentially one-in-the-same, albeit under different ownership, different control, operating under different law, and under different jurisdictions --- and all without your knowledge or consent--- and that you are responsible for all these fictitious entities and their debts.


This is how and why the smug little snot-nosed Bar Attorneys will swear up and down that there "is no difference" between Tom Allen Jones (a British Territorial Foreign Situs Trust)  and TOM ALLEN JONES (a Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trust) and TOM A. JONES (a bankrupt Puerto Rican Public Transmitting Utility Franchise) and TOM JONES (a co-beneficiary of a Municipal Public Charitable Trust)..... and if you believe that, you are a sick, blind Wonky Donkey with dementia, but this is, nonetheless, the "policy" of the courts and the Court System.

Whenever you hear the word, "System"---- think of Rudy Padino, Bookie Extraordinaire, down in the bowels of some old Italian restaurant in New York, smoking a cigar and talking about "the System..... the System…."

Well, welcome to the "American" Court System.

There's just one thing to say about this and that is, that what is sauce for the Goose, is sauce for the @#$%@%, too. 

So, here I publish and give Public Notice of My Collective Entity:

When addressing me, you are addressing a Wisconsinite, and not any kind of US Citizen.

When addressing a Wisconsinite, you are addressing Wisconsin, the actual, factual State.

When addressing Wisconsin, you are addressing a Compact State and member State of The United States of America -- the actual unincorporated Federation of States formed September 9, 1776.

And when you are addressing The United States of America, you are addressing the Delegator and Source of all Delegated Powers of the States of the Union that were ever bequeathed to the Queen or the Pope or any agency, organization, court, or individual acting under their authority as an inhabitant on our shores to exercise in our behalf for the purpose of providing us with Good Faith Service. 

[When their Municipal or Territorial Courts dry-dock on our land, and we are properly declared and functioning in our birthright capacity as one of the People of the Land and our State of the Union, those dusty old Constitutions shove into view again and the actual duties of all these Courts and all these COURTS and of all these Court Officials and MUNICIPAL OFFICERS becomes very, very clear.]

I am part of Wisconsin and Wisconsin is part of me; Wisconsin is part of the Federation of States known as The United States of America formed September 9th, 1776, and The United States of America is part of Wisconsin --- and there's my "Collective Entity". 

May all those who are part of "the System" from here to Washington, DC, take Notice, and also take Notice that the same basic associations that create my Collective Entity also create the Collective Entities of every other American who reclaims their birthright political standing.


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    All of our communities need to get active NOW
    5G and this led lighting and all this so called SMART technology is their nail in the coffin for all of us
    SMART meters on our homes, led lighting all over the place, led headlights on cars, led light bulbs all of this is an attack on us period
    AT & T and other telecommunications companies and your cities are rolling out all of this technology with no incumbrances
    NO TO 5G - get involved at every level
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  2. 5G and the effects on the kids in the schools includes laptops
    Best step up everyone this is a world wide assault on every living thing on this planet
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. We all think we know what land is . but land Is not Terra earth land is like a blanket over the Terra so like the footprint on the paper a layer is between you and the dirt! So don't claim the land of Wisconsin claim the Terra earth or your just claiming the use or land title thanks for all you do Anna

  4. Anna, I love this and I am doing this currently with the STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA for ITS and ITS EMPLOYEES fraud for using MIS-CONSTRUCTED STYLIZED NAMES and CODED LEGAL LANGUAGE, to cause me, a woman to believe I was ever a U.S. CITIZEN, by their misrepresentation, concealment and schemes which are violations of TREASON AND SEDITION, U.S. TITLE 18-1001, 18-241, 18-242 AND 18-96.
    I have put them on notice about 15 days ago, that I have discovered the fraud and how dare they think they can make me register my PRIVATE AUTO and obtain a license to use my PRIVATE PROPERTY, if I suffer any harm, by their mis-representative, concealment and schemes, I am going to hold them all accountable to criminal and civil trespass of unalienable rights.
    I love you and I are on the same train and this train is rolling down the tracks!

    1. Hello C.Johnson,

      what was the steps you took to put them on notice, I would like to do with the STATE OF CALIFORNIA and ITS EMPLOYEES.

    2. I want to see, if I can make this very long story short. DEPT OF REVENUE. I sent copies of Anna's forms. Mr.Esq sent me back a letter, with 20 deficiencies,[ only needed one]. One of which was claiming to be a representative of South Carolina, yet the letter head was STATE OF SC. So I listed all the deficiencies I found in that one letter of 2 sentences. And I broke the deficiencies down into 3 groups. I sent a NOTICE OF INQUIRY for each group, to him, sec of state and state rep. and gave them 30 days each notice to speak now or forever hold their peace. So about every month to month and 1/2 I sent another notice of inquiry. same terms, speak now or forever hold your peace. then I received back the crickets. My last notice was NOTICE OF FINDINGS, PER THEIR ACQUIESCENCE BY SILENCE. same 30 day terms. Got crickets. They did exactly what I wanted them to do, with the duly served notices. So, 15 days ago, I sent NOTICE OF CRIMINAL AND CIVIL VIOLATIONS with all the codes, I listed above. I do hope they do not respond again. I am waiting another 15 days. Then I am going to walk into a federal judges office with all those notices and registered mail receipts and a criminal complaint. I am going to go with 18 U.S. Code § 3 and 18 U.S. Code § 4. Misprision of felony. "Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both."
      The thing is PROCESS...DUE PROCESS! They have rights to be noticed on unlawful acts and they have the right to time to correct unlawful acts, however, if unlawful acts are not corrected after notice given, that becomes WILLFULNESS. WILLFULNESS MUST BE PROVEN, ON AND FOR THE RECORD. I HAVE BEEN CREATING RECORDS, FOR ALMOST A YEAR BY NOTICES GIVEN. THEY IGNORED THE NOTICES. OH WELL, THEIR CHOICE. I am following the rights of due process and duly served and their U.S. STATUTES.
      IT'S ALL ABOUT PROCESS! This thing 15 days ago was my last notice to them. I want them to fall silent! Because when they do, they have exhausted their due process right to dispute claim. They have had almost a year to dispute and they decided to hold their peace. OK, so now I am going to make a criminal complaint to a FEDERAL JUDGE, not State.

  5. Article IV section IV of the Constitution is a good reminder of our right to form our Jural Assemblies.

  6. Someone is using FRANK O'COLLINS name as an identity, on this blog site. I believe IT'S UCADIA, the shill. I have this to say to him: IDENTITY THEFT IS A CRIME!
    The thief is slandering the name of FRANK O'COLLINS. That's a civil violation!
    Paul before deleting those comments, keep them they can be tracked to the true author of the posts!


    2. That is absolutely right. No one should have the right to use your name. The entire thing is identity theft. The entire system is based on identity theft.
      It is absolutely a crime [lawful and lega] for some to use your name or Frank O'Collins' name! Or my for name either!

    3. it's also a question of intent/forum. collecting posts wont do anything if they are sufficiently trying to be "anonymous". how many c. johnson's are there?

      you are infringing yourself. how many candy johnson, cathy johnson, catherine johnson, caty johnson, cave johnson do you think i could find? impersonating dead people, hmm? impersonating children? this is likely for many names.

      HOWEVER in case of frank o collins it is clearly a 16 year old trying to slander the real frank. that is no accident, no "nickname". it does hint that the real frank had quality info. they would try to badmouth him.

      i would rather have a nicknames internet than "papers please". as anna sometimes says "the living god" -- which albert pike says is nameless. which is more godly, hmm?

      sure, forgery on legal documents/etc. is one thing. some random internet post? please.

      if we are going to do id /papers everywhere for internet, then nowadays there is wifi many places, and "internet of things". cant have it both ways. if everyone gets an ip address you can track to one person, you get internet of things, 5g everywhere, etc.

      i prefer what little remains of a non-fascist internet.

      yes, you shouldnt fill out internet forms with fake info., but people do this all the time. all these companies are in bed with the war criminals. doesn't make it right, but the law merchants have already ruined the internet and web.

      prove damages. frank o collins would likely have to do that by the way.

      in the current climate of 24/7 fraud, maybe the only way some people can post/get an email/etc. is by using "Fake info". how many pamphlets of founding fathers were "anonymous" ? even some "Anti-federalist" things were.

      the best thing is up vote/down vote/tag. then you can tag "i think this is fake". and paul doesnt have to play "moderator". and nothing is censored, if you want we can see all the "unpopular" posts, but they are filtered by default. that is best "forum" IMO.

      alas, most modern internet sites tend towards censorship of anyone who disagrees with them. trump can even tell you that.

    4. i suspect the people wanting everyone to "stand by their words" would be the DOD/etc. trying to hunt/slander people down.

      if someone is going to argue "have the courage to stand by your words" then it kinda helps to use your full name.

      also please include your address/SSN/phone(s)/childrens names/ages/spouses/schools attended/etc. with your future posts.

      just so we all know which "c. johnson" i am dealing with.

      who wants to bet you changed your mind :)

    5. it should be self-evident the only reason people can slander frank o collins is BECAUSE he did not use a "nickname"

      while i dont fault the real frank for that, that is the only reason someone can "impersonate"

      "by their fruits ye will know them" -- not "by their names".

      trump made a similar argument, yet still no tax returns. what's good for the goose...

    6. Yes,
      and we do not see the "real" frank collins getting upset, do we?
      One of the sad things in all of this has been. Ucadia actualy has made some decent points and some relevant Truth, Yet the manner of his delivery turns people off.
      We could all learn from this?

    7. a follower, he has not represented FACTS:IN LAW. He has nothing to do with any relevant truth and the facts are He has now committed criminal acts on and for the record.

  7. All comments made WITH PREJUDICE, and nothing reserved!