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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Keep Calm and Get Even

By Anna Von Reitz

I agree, it is maddening when you think about all the harassment you have endured in your own country and the losses that you and your State have suffered because of legal chicanery and Breach of Trust.  Yes, it is enough to make one very angry.  

I get angry when I think about Bruce Doucette and Stephen-John:Nalty and other good men who are in jail, while those who misled them like Michael R. Hamilton, are probably taking a vacation with the money the Federales paid to goad these patriots into "taking action" ---- albeit, wrong action.  I grieve over Schaeffer Cox. and his young family destroyed by Federal entrapment. 

I get mad about the way Alaska Senator Ted Stevens was lied about and falsely accused and "retired early" by these thugs, even though I don't get involved in politics.  It was clear enough that the Bully Boys were on a rampage, and even a Senior Senator in their own Weird World was at risk.  

I want to kick the FBI where it hurts nearly every time I think about them and their whole organization.  They are always at the bottom of every dog pile, just like the Brits.  

Think of one travesty from Ruby Ridge to the Russian Collusion Investigation that the FBI has not been involved in?  I can't name one.  They obviously have a culture of crime embedded in their ranks and are not making sufficient effort to shed themselves of it, so they are dishonored at every step.

It has gotten to the point where I don't know what would be worse -- working for the FBI or the IRS?  

And when the jackals wanted to threaten me, what did they trot out?  The IRS and the FBI --- privatized corporate monkeys belonging to the UN CORP.  Bwaaah-ah-ah!   What was the first thing out of Sun-Tzu's lying mouth?  Oh, I had been "questioned" by the FBI---- according to him.  Little could he, or did he know, that I am instead looking forward to questioning them.  

You see, the FBI is responsible, along with the US Marshals Service, for combating crime in the international jurisdiction of the land.  That's what we pay them for.  And that is exactly where all the worst crimes are occurring.  Human trafficking across State borders......FBI...... Interstate bank crime......FBI......Drug smuggling......FBI..... contraband....FBI......

I have a case file and email screenshot file six inches thick of literally dozens of documented reports that I have made myself, reporting crimes and suspicious activity to the FBI.  Do you know how many calls and letters and emails I've gotten back in response?  Not one.    

Nothing.  Zip.  Nada.  

So it is particularly ironic that Sun-Tzu tried to scare me with being questioned by the FBI, when it is apparent that the FBI doesn't want to talk to me, because presumably they know already what I will want to talk to them about. 

"Before we get into your questions, I have a few questions, too......"  Five hours later:  "And what about this report I made about interstate bank loan fraud, September 12, 1992..... and again, March 3, 1995..... and this related documented illegal solicitation via the US Mail on August 15, 1999 and this report of securities fraud by Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch.....dated May 17, 2001..... "  Another five hours.... "Finally, I pulled this report off the internet.  It shows that the FBI is a wholly owned and operated private subsidiary corporation belong to what looks like a UN CORP  operation calling itself "THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT" that is registered Offshore.... I have tried several times to get in contact with the listed Registered Agent, but..... 

Can you all get the picture?  I've been out here doing my "duty" to report crime to the FBI for thirty years and they have been doing what?  Sitting on their rumps making fun of people like me and causing trouble---shooting little boys and dogs and ambushing peaceable men like LaVoy Finicum.  

Yes, I'd just love to talk to the FBI.  I have a lot to say to them about their performance or lack of it.  Give me fifteen minutes and a thumb drive of my case file to shove sideways.  Angry?  You bet, I'm angry.  So far as I can see, they are just a big waste of space and payroll, and the amount of crime taking place in "their jurisdiction" neatly proves the point. 

Strange thing, isn't it, how they couldn't catch a glimmer of any Russian Collusion when Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid sold 20% of our Uranium to the Russians, but they could chase Mike Flynn over a simple misstatement like the Hounds of Hell and spend two years of the taxpayer's time money trying to dig up non-existent dirt on Donald Trump?  

"THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT" is not the United States Government we all think of, and its not The United States Government, either. It's another foreign Interloper that picked up the "FBI" Brand Name, just like it picked up the "BLM" Brand Name, and now operates under color of law, pretending to be something it isn't, while raping and pillaging the natural resources of our western states.  

If you can feel the steam rising off this page, you aren't imagining things. I am angry.  I get angry all the time.  But never so angry that I lose my stone-cold focus. 

The day of reckoning is going to come for the FBI  and its sister company, the BLM, and more to the point, for the owners and operators and directors of the FBI and BLM who colluded together and ordered the ambush and murder of LaVoy Finicum.  That much I am sure of.  

They wanted to make an example out of someone.  It probably didn't matter who.  Well, they did.  But instead of making us scared and instead of making us kow-tow, it just made us angry and outraged to the bone and no, we aren't even close to forgiving or forgetting it. 

Meantime, we are having an influx of angry people coming into our State Assemblies who haven't gotten to the point of quiet outrage endlessly pouring from an unfathomable well; these people are talking loud, and bullying others, forming little gangs of supporters, and causing trouble and trying to distract attention away from our organizational focus.  

That's exactly what Michael R. Hamilton did in Colorado.  

One day everyone was on the same page and moving along in a coherent and lawful fashion, the next day the Colorado Assembly was swinging and swaying to the beat of his "Patriot Drum" and being goaded to "take action".  

Well, when the action was taken, where was Michael R. Hamilton?  Nowhere to be found.  

This is Standard Operating Procedure for Federal Agents.  They come in talking bigger, louder, longer and more passionately than anyone else in the room.  They drown out the quieter, more thoughtful voices.  They are always the first ones to snuggle up to violence and "action"----and the last ones to actually do anything productive.  They bully people who encourage caution and common sense.  They are always in one scrape or another.  They have a cartoon-like persona that is always horribly disruptive. 

So let's make this clear --- it's all right to be angry. Lots of people have plenty of reasons to be angry.  It's what you do with the anger that counts.  Start funneling it into research and study.  Start using your anger to build your State Assembly and educate more people.  Encourage others to get their political status correction done and on the Public Record.  Work together, quietly, amiably, but with intense focus. 

Let there be a little mantra running around in your head:  "Keep calm and get even.  We are going to win.  We are going to win.  Just keep your head down and make like a duck....  Keep calm and get even.  We, the people of this country, we are going to win.  We are going to wake up.  We are going to make it happen.  We will not falter, we will not fail, we will not be distracted.  We are going to win.  We are going to do this right.  We are going to keep it tight. And we are going to win, win, win!...." 

If the certainty of knowing that doesn't calm you down, count your blessings. 

Just stop a moment and be grateful for whatever there is to be grateful for in your life. Look outward and see the beauty that always surrounds us.  It's hard to feel sorry for yourself and feel grateful at the same time.  There's something about it that chases out anger, too.  Sit back.  Be grateful.  We are finally on the move, and its a long train running. 

I've been asked what to do about bullies and loud-mouths and troublemakers and angry people disrupting the State Assemblies.  

Try to take them aside and say, "Hey, Brother, that isn't what we are into here..."  and if they won't listen, show them the door.  

You can't keep an otherwise eligible American who has done their paperwork from attending public meetings of the State Assembly, but you can control how they behave in those public meetings and post your Protocols along with your Agenda. 

"We, the members of the ___________Assembly, in order to ensure peaceful and orderly meetings hereby establish the following Protocols: 

1. All those wishing to speak to a topic, wait their turn and let the prior speaker finish without interrupting. 
2. Each speaker is allowed three minutes.  If a topic can't be discussed in three minutes, it needs to be addressed in a committee setting or be set up as an Agenda Item prior to the meeting.
3. All cussing, swear words, foul language, threats, and other inappropriate speech is not allowed here; this is a business organization and we expect all members and guests to act in a business-like manner. 

Establishing these kinds of operational rules and publishing them so that everyone knows what to do and how to behave and what to expect in advance cuts down on any "Flaming Wayne" behavior, and provides a solid basis for enforcing the standards that your State Assembly adopts. 

Occasionally, organizations attract mentally unstable people and people who have been traumatized in various ways.  Newcomers may come to the State Assembly assuming that you can just wave your hand and fix everything that's wrong overnight.  Please make it clear that this is a work in progress, that instant gratification is unlikely, and that it is a community effort. 

People are used to going to a government office and being served.  They might make the mistake of thinking that the Members of the State Assembly are Public Servants, too.  The idea that they are being called to serve instead of being served may take a while to get through to them.  Do the best that you can do to explain and to demonstrate that this is a whole different paradigm, a whole different government, occupying a different jurisdiction, and operating according to different rules.  


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  1. Hope has two daughters Anger and courage

  2. I have followed this blog for a few years now, although I have never commented before now. I would like to begin by saying thank you to Anna and to Paul, for the education I have received here. It has helped to explain what I have always known. That something was seriously wrong with the government and the world, and it was becoming increasingly insane. This article is so spot on as far as what we people need, to remind us what we are DOING. I honestly think that this is the battle that will determine the war. The enemy can easily become ourselves. That is why evil has ruled for so long. The people who are one day, "we support you Anna" and the next day, "Anna's must be wrong because I don't understand", are doing exactly the subtle damage that makes it so hard for everyone to unite. There are agents of this evil everywhere and they easily can become anyone. Anna IS right! We can be kind while keeping our guard up. But if anyone is promoting violence or trying to change the "rules" they need to be shown the door!

    1. Please use a handle that is not "unknown" or "anonymous" see our policy at the top of the page in blue. The least you could do is to put your name on the first line of your comment so I can see your unique handle. There are too many people using unknown or anonymous and it makes this moderation job much more difficult.

  3. I have seen, heard, watched, listened, been preached at, and scolded. I am furious that going into the second decade (I know, many of you have been at this forever) I haven't) but when a disabled senior great grandmother gets charged with disorderly conduct by a COP/PIG (person in government) forcing me to become barricaded within my home for fear since April 15th of being arrested (there IS a warrant on me) for cussing the cops out for STEALING MY TRUCK off my property at midnight on April 9th. FREEDOM OF SPEECH? lol IT does not exist in Amerika anymore when they can do that to someone standing in their own doorway on their own property. I don't see ANYTHING CHANGING throughout the years since I've awakened to the degradation of this country. Worse yet, there is NO HELP FOR ME! I can only emphatically state there is NO WAY IN THIS HELL WE LIVE, I'M GOING TO BE IMPRISONED FROM THIS (MY HOME) PRISON to their dang JAIL for my freedom of speech. They'll have to kill me first! You all take care now ya hear!

    1. Patriot58 Ive been doing just that, however anything paper wise that I file, THEY IGNORE. Hold on for WHAT exactly? I've been terrorized, they've committed tyranny, they have stalked me, threatened me, abused me, treasonous devils. I know that the Trust exists. Ive seen my own name with SOME of its amount, I sent them a general power of attorney, I claimed my Trust as I am of age (18) and no longer a minor/infant, recognized the judges as being the trustees, demanded their Foreign Agent Statement, even sent them a copy to jog their memory, questioned their JURISDICTION, demanding the Bond information. Well I found the bonds for all of them, Judge's, clerks and Sheriff/cops. I am under siege. I am fearful for my LIFE. I cannot get out and shop for groceries or dog food for fear they will KIDNAP me off the street or while I'm in the store. The arrest warrant is still on their court records as ACTIVE! What am I holding on for? Is a knight going to save the day lol. Are the courts FINALLY going to do right by the people. I am in poor health, the stress of it all has my RA so escalated I am now in congestive heart failure due to the inflammation thats gone awry. I've been waiting and attempting to obtain JUSTICE for whats been done to me for over 20 yrs. What am I waiting on? thanks

  4. Having such rules at meetings is paramount. There are certain meetings where this has been done for many years and it keeps the meetings focused on the purpose, preventing just the kind of thing Anna talks about. As well a fellow from Iceland who was around during the peoples meeting up using their laws, said that people that like attention and have agendas will often try to jump into speakers spots, lead the crowd off in some direction and are in fact a danger to any productivity and progress in the direction desired, tried and at least able to stay on track if honest, dedicated people can be found.

  5. Paul said in a related blog:

    "Of course, we all talk to people who have been defrauded and misidentified as "US Citizens" --- that's not the problem."

    Since everyone has been pigeonholed into being presumed, coerced, falsely mis-identified, and propagandized since birth to the falsity and political-economic-social labeling as being a U.S. Citizen, it is highly probable that such abused persons will be in attendance at any of the State Assembly meetings. That is why having a meeting of the Assembly must follow rules to keep participants who are still in confusion about their disabiities inherent in being a U.S. Citizen from causing confusion of all kinds from getting afoot in Assembly meetings.

    An explanatory statement about the nature of the State Assembly meetings as specifically excluding any formal participation in the State Assembly meeting or initiatives by any persons who have not completed the emancipation paper up process will be needed.

    1. Where did you find this quote?

    2. You stated it in one of your comments in a blog about two days or two blogs before this one.

  6. You need to watch this and listen about who Jimmy Carter really is
    And once you listen look at who one of the elders is
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  7. "vengeance" belongs to "the lord" [*]

    see "vengeance"

    [*] QUOTE catholics should not say "the lord" but "our lord" (, catholic bible)

    because "the lord" is pre-christ wanna be imposter, nowadays is equivalent to denying christ, used to set up a fake 2nd coming (known fabian socialist tactic, see "the union jack")

    1. reasons for spreading both "Sides" of "russian collusion" include:

      1) provide smokescreen/cover for both "sides" to continue their "corporate communism" as usual
      2) provide convenient "IT WAS ALL THE DEMS FAULT!" to cover up decades/centuries of bipartisan treason, all the "Rs" care about is staying in office, same as the "Dems"
      3) provide smokescreen/cover that "communism" is a "russian" idea (actually was imported abroad, with british and american assisance) and provide smokescreen/cover for british fabian socialists (who thought those ill-educated "russians" werent "mature" enough for it, gave socialism a "bad name")
      4) provide cover/smokescreen for "russia collusion" since the days of woodrow wilson and the us army (See e.g. antony sutton, red symphony, etc.)
      5) provide cover/smokescreen for soviet deals with reagan (see charlotte iserbyt, also used to be site american deception with lots of various docs)

      private bankers kidnap everyone into federal citizenship at birth, steal everyones credit, yank everyone into law merchant, fund the "commies" and "national socialists" on the side (even sold bonds before us entered the "war"), do
      fake "one nation" "pledges" (bellamy was a "christian socialist" and a mason), declare interdependence with all the major "conservative churches" signing on.....and then they point the finger at "THE DEMOCRATS ARE SOCIALISTS" "OBAMAS A MARXIST"

      just one giant excuse to continue their treason/plundering. thats all it is.

      the "Rs" are just as guilty as the "Dems". the "Radical republicans" started this "kidnap everyone into federal citizenship" charade. they told andrew johnson (elected vice under lincoln) he was "no longer a citizen".

      nowadays, they are all "red" on the inside. which is another way of saying, all they care about is the green.

      reasons for "lock her up" (hillary):
      1) provide smokescreen/cover for CFR/Rhodes people/etc. to continue business as usual
      2) provide smokescreen/cover for "the quigley formula" to continue business as usual
      3) provide smokescreen/cover for private bankers to continue enslaving everyone

    2. american big business have a long history of "russia collusion"

      makes "perestroika deception" seem all the more likely.

      eustace mullins nailed it (paraphrase) "the soviet union collapsed when the american taxpayer could no longer prop it up"

      (the mysterious "sidney warburg" i suspect is abbey warburg; he was not in the banking business, instead made a "deal" he would not ask his banker brothers for any money, but they had to buy him any book he wanted; he built a big library and wrote some papers analyzing art

      in one "Article" about him he was worried they "created hitler" believe this meant his "art analysis" and spreading "horoscopes" "astrology" etc. in the newspapers;

      he was going to shoot his family to save them from an angry mob; they threw him in few loony bin instead.

      it would make perfect sense he was "Sidney warburg"; i only found his name mentioned briefly in "the curse of canaan" eustace mullins IIRC.
      GE brainwashed their employees all about "capitalism" and the "free market" at the same time doing business with the "commies"...reagan even did "ads" for GE.

      "american" entities wrote the "five year plans" at the beginning of "bolshevism", because they had murdered all the "competent" bourgeois who had any technical training/etc.

      this was an early "glasnost", and then they kicked them out/tried not to pay them. the "communists" were confused why the "capitalits" had been brought back, what was the point of the "revolution" ?

      IBM made the same argument (thomas watson sr., was also carnegie endowment for international peace" "world peace through world trade" -- this was used to justify deals with hitler. see "ibm and the holocaust"

      QUOTE antony sutton

      I've learned something about our military assistance to the Soviets. It's just not enough to have the facts - these are ignored by the policy makers. It's just not enough to make a common sense case - the answers you get defy reason.

      Only one institution has been clearsighted on this question. From the early 1920s to the present day only one institution has spoken out. That is the AFL-CIO. From Samuel Gompers in 1920 down to George Meany today, the major unions have consistently protested the trade policies that built the Soviet Union. Because union members in Russia lost their freedom and unions members in the United States have died in Korea and Vietnam. The unions know - and apparently care.

      No one else cares. Not Washington. Not big business. Not the Republican Party. And 100,000 Americans have been killed in Korea and Vietnam - by our own technology.

      The only response from Washington and the Nixon Administration is the effort to hush up the scandal. These are things not to be talked about. And the professional smokescreen about peaceful trade continues.

    3. See The Rand Corporation
      Also IBM created the punchcard etc etc etc that marked the people going to the camps
      IBM Q for Quantum computing
      They've got regionalized education going on right now - even worked in with the unemployment offices
      Plans for the shit jobs of the future which include nothing but service jobs or computers to go along with the zero growth de industrialization of all nations
      Of course this is because humans and pollution and industry causing climate change and they can pitch their green new deal all part of their UN agenda
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved