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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Crazy Like a Fox, Wise as Serpents, Gentle as Doves

By Anna Von Reitz

I've been asked--- why am I so quick to excommunicate people and alienate them from my own efforts?   

Well, what did Jesus say?   If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it away. Better that, than risk the loss of the whole body.  

Everyone needs to know how we got into this mess in the first place and then reason forward from that.  

Just prior to the Civil War,Thomas Hickey and Abe Lincoln and their pals at University Publishing and various big time industrialists eager for British investment money organized Territorial States of States ---- purportedly so they could deliver support services and social benefits to British Territorial Citizens living in our States while providing us with "essential government services".   

After the hostilities died down, these same Territorial States of States were waiting in the wings, ready to stealthily step forward and substitute themselves for the American-controlled Federal States of States we are owed.  Nobody was the wiser. And that's how the Brits commandeered our lawful government.   

Now they are on the hook for it and twisting like worms, but that doesn't mean that they won't come back and try the same thing over again.  They got away with it for 150 years and made trillions of dollars off us dumb Americans.  Do you think they are just going to go home and mind their own business?  

The Brits and the Holy Roman Empire are not so silly as to plan (and invest in) another Civil War on our shores, build 800 internment camps, haul in 30,000 guillotines, buy billions of rounds of ammunition, arm the alphabet soup agencies to the teeth, militarize our police forces and prepare to kill millions of their innocent American Creditors without having a plan in place to pull the same kind of trick in the aftermath. 

What better than to corrupt and commandeer our own efforts to rebuild our States from within?  Get their cuckoo birds in on the ground floor....and voila. 

They could pretend to be States instead of States of States. 

That would be even better than what they managed to do to us after the Civil War, from their point of view.  

So what do we see and hear and from whom?  

People acting as leaders of our State Assemblies clacking about how they are going to "meet us at the Hague" --- when our States have nothing to do with the Hague and don't stand under the Hague Conventions.  Red flag up the flag pole and flapping in the breeze--- these folks are building States of States, not States.  

Only States of States stand under the Hague Conventions. 

The DOD which is a "Department" of the UN Corp, is also playing pussyfoot with people who are --- purportedly at least --- acting as leaders of our State Assemblies. 

The same DOD that sequestered the bulk of the National Credit owed to the American States and People and used that over $21 trillion as a Slush Fund to promote war for profit on a worldwide basis, the same DOD that made all the preparations for another Civil War on our shores, the same DOD that spent our money on building hundreds of military bases worldwide----- that version of DOD ----is busily infiltrating our ranks.  

This is entirely predictable, but hard to guard against. Just as in the First Round, they look like Americans, sound like Americans, and most of them were born here like anybody else.  It's easy for them to slip in and mislead gullible Americans who are just getting started and finding their feet in this game. 

There is yet another goal for DOD's activities.  If they can't commandeer us from within, they can still open up a pathway to accuse us of insurrection --- thus providing themselves with an excuse to arrest and discredit everyone involved in organizing our State Assemblies. 

Even though they have grossly betrayed us and failed to meet their own obligations under the Constitutions, they are sticklers about our performance of our obligations.  The Constitutions require that the States not act as States of States, which is precisely what they are trying to create under the guise of our State Assemblies.  

So if they can't commandeer our efforts and Cuckoo-bird style substitute their own State of State organizations for our State Assemblies, they can still use their own work within our Assemblies as the basis to complain that "we" were setting up States of States and not in compliance with the Constitutions and so, according to them, "we" would be insurrectionists plotting the overthrow of the government. 

They always accuse everyone else of exactly what they are doing themselves. 

Thus they propose to "win either way" --- either by successfully commandeering our efforts or by denouncing our efforts based on their own surreptitious activities.  

We are not in a vacuum, folks.  Not everyone likes what we are doing.  DOD stands to lose its Slush Fund and be forced to pay us back our National Credit and be cheated out of all the money it has already spent (albeit, our money) on FEMA Camps and cattle cars and guillotines.  Think of all the armored track vehicles and machine guns donated to "our" local police?  

Of course, DOD is seeking to undermine us and either sideline or commandeer our little ho-dunk efforts to restore our rightful government.  If we succeed, "Dorothy" gets to go home, and they have to pay back their Priority Creditors --- the American States and People.  If we are derailed, they get to keep our National Credit as a war chest and most likely, get another Civil War started on our shores. 

The stakes are much too large to let them get away with any of it.  

So, when someone starts blathering about the Hague and their ties to DOD and making moves to welcome US Citizens as members of what are supposed to be State Assemblies, I take on the role of Bouncer. 

I can't stop these people from thinking what they think or doing what they do, but I can draw a line between them and me --- and thereby maintain the integrity of what the rest of us want to accomplish, and keep our Assemblies and Assembly Members safe from accusations of insurrection.


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  1. Replies
    1. In your earlier article you call the Pennsylvania assembly fake. When I informed you of all the paperwork we do, which happens to be mostly or all your paperwork, I hear no response. Now you say we welcome US Citizens as members. First, we don't have members, we have participants. Second, of course we welcome US citizens, so we can help them become State Nationals. Or should I say presumed US citizens, and help them rebut that presumption.

      Chris from Pennsylvania.

    2. Chris from Pennsylvania. Anna said it was ok to have them in a meeting to learn, NOT to become members until they did their paperwork. Pay attention.

    3. Reply to Unknown from Anna Von Reitz:

      We aren't talking about "US Citizens" meaning Americans who aren't really "US Citizens" ----just labeled that way. We are talking about actual Federal Employees --- Federales.

      Of course, we all talk to people who have been defrauded and misidentified as "US Citizens" --- that's not the problem.

  2. Jesus didn't accuse the innocent. You are nowhere close.

  3. Anna begs Frank O Collins to come aboard says "Its Time" and she admired and followed his work yet his Comments on this forum and his humble opinions have been deleted. No 'Right to free speech" comments for the people offering his as Anna once called him "Genius" opinions deleted. Why deleted? because the truth does not serve the False Agendas and Primary goals of Paul and Annas truth..? Maybe you can have a go at explaining this for yourself Ms. Reitz.... Your misinterpreting what Jesus said again as usual, please get into a good bible teaching group.

    1. He declined Anna's request to participate because he had already taken a beating from publishing the work he did. And if memory serves he said he wanted to keep a low profile, but he was certainly diplomatic about it. Don't know if or why his comment was deleted. She also invited Ken Cousins who runs Gemstone University, I don't recall that Ken responded publicly, nor do YOU know whether Frank responded privately since a Frank O Collins clone has been floating in and out of here for some time.

    2. Stella you need to zip it about this Frank O Collins guy who has been trolling this blog for years now with his foul language and twisted disinformation and slander. He is NOT Frank O Collins.

  4. Are you absolutely sure it's the real Frank o'collins? just saying

  5. Nobody with the handle Frank O Collins will be staying on this website comments section. I delete anyone using that name. Will the real Frank O Collins please stand up. The one using that handle for months is the same as Ucadia and sometimes he uses Unknown. Their comments will be deleted without regard to content because of all the trolling and foul language used for months already. So If you are the real Frank O Collins you need to use a different name.