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Monday, May 20, 2019

The Plot Thickens

By Anna Von Reitz

It seems like every day more twists and turns surface, especially recent history looks like a stockpot full of spaghetti.

You will recall that the gold FDR illegally confiscated from Americans by pretending we were all magically transformed into "Citizens of the United States", and which his Administration used to secure the bankruptcy of the Roman Catholic Church's Delaware corporation doing business as "the" United States of America, Inc. back in 1933 ---- all that gold was eventually released when the bankruptcy was settled in November 1999.

We went looking for it, and found that a portion of it was released to the World Bank/IBRD as "abandoned assets". Where was all the rest? Our gold and silver reserves and historical trust assets, our public property deeds, for example?

The United States Navy collected the property left over from the bankruptcy of "the" Territorial corporation dba "United States of America, Inc."--- but not the gold FDR put up as security for the bankruptcy--- and they handed everything else over to Slick Willy Clinton, thinking that he was our President and that they were returning our property to us and to something they call "the Republic".

Well, as we actual Americans know, there are fifty republican states and no Republic at all associated with us, so obviously, what the United States Navy did, was to hand over our stuff to the Municipal Civil Government of Washington, DC, by mistake.

Slick Willy accepted delivery, signed for it,  (except the portion of gold which the Navy claims it didn't know about and didn't recover) and the assets, together with the Navy contract delivering it, disappeared.  More magic.

So when we bore down on the Navy about the Rotten Patents scandal and about their failure to perform with respect to the 1933 Bankruptcy Settlement, they started digging in an effort to exonerate themselves, and they discovered that Clinton, just as we told them, had no authority related to us, and that they had been snookered into delivering our assets to a crook with no authority to receive our assets.

After all, the United States Navy didn't know how to find us, and Clinton didn't tell them the (severe) limits of his actual Office. 

It would be like Fed Ex showing up with a thousand truckloads of gold addressed to your long-lost Landlord, Eddie Shumacher, and you just took the shipment 'in his name" without telling anybody.

So now we know where Clinton got all the extra gold and other assets, deeds, and titles, that he was busy selling to every Tom, Dick, and Sheik Abdullah.  It was our property he was selling and using to buy votes, peddle political influence, invest in scaggy arms deals, poppy fields, all of it.  This is how he was able to sell our highways, bridges, dams, public buildings.... and this scam didn't even have to involve the Clinton Foundation, though it probably did.

Nothing beats dumb luck they say, and Clinton's luck has served him well.  At least, until now.

The United States Navy is in a fix and dither.  How is it that their good and honorable name was used to concoct a Municipal Corporation doing business as the US NAVY and used to apply for and receive patents to Weapons of Mass Destruction that they never even heard about? 

How did innocent Anna Maria, a Grandma in Big Lake, Alaska, wind up portrayed and misidentified by the IRS as ANNA MARIA, manager of a rum distillery in Barbados?  The same schtick was applied to the United States Navy.  Let that one sink in. 

Believe me, the Admirals both Front and Rear are scrambling around.  No mistake that it was a Naval Operations audit team that got blown up at the Pentagon on 9/11.

It was our scumbag buddies at DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE again, pulling another little identity theft scheme just like they've been pulling on us clueless Americans, only this time, they pulled this same crappola on the [Territorial] United States Navy. 

When the Navy started to investigate at the Pentagon, when they got too close to the truth, ah, yes, well, conveniently, it just happened to be their auditors who took the hit.   And of course, the whole project got scrapped in the aftermath of that. 

This is all Municipal United States wrong-doing, the "plenary government" allowed to Congress under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, running wildly amok, as all oligarchies tend to do. 

DOD is also the entity responsible for cashiering away our National Credit and failing to make it available to the American States and People for Mutual Offset Credit Exchange.  No American should be paying a mortgage, medical or dental bills, college loans, utility bills, federal income taxes --- none of it.
That was supposed to be our remedy and payback for back-stopping the Church's bankruptcy.

Instead, the Pontiff's Flunkies operating the Municipal United States Government came in and "assigned" our assets --- under color of law--- to a giant Slush Fund, which the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE then used to fund war for profit, build military bases all over the planet, and carry on every flavor of Black Ops known to man.

There is absolutely no doubt now that we are dealing with criminality and hypocrisy on a scale that is all-but unimaginable.  About the time that Trump pulls Clinton's toenails, we might get to the bottom of it at last.


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  1. So if they confiscated the assets, then used them to fund wars for profit, they still have the original assets to return to us. I'm right here DOD. Pay up!

  2. Maybe Trump is seeing the bigger picture that if America is given back to the people, he will lose his status as a billionaire and his hotels. Perhaps he needs a financial incentive to help him do the right thing here. Not a bribe, but a guarantee of some sort to give him comfort in the process of fixing this.

    1. Everybody needs some comfort in the process of fixing this. And yes, there are a LOT of people trying to figure this transition into the calculus of this. Pensions and social security, jobs, housing, food production even. Since big agriculture slowly took over we dropped our guard and went with the flow.

      Trump isn't alone, everyone has assets valued in the currency of the empire, and the value of fiat is largely a function of perceived confidence that there is ANY value there.

      Dan I am sure you remember Anna's overture to Trump some time ago to jump ship and defect to this side. The issue is that this side needs a lot of organization and money. I said yesterday that they have boatloads of organization paid for with fake money.

      But what they DON'T has is anything of value with their printed banknotes, whereas this side has ALL the value with the ENERGY of the people to create value. It's not magic.

    2. Will Smith: I do remember the message from Anna to Trump. Confusion point: If an American National/State Citizen cannot hold dual citizenship, how does he execute the office of the President without being a U.S Citizen? How does he take over the militia if the Territorial gov't was delegated to control it? Even if they are bankrupt and the delegation power has returned to the true American gov't, that Federal branch has not been reconstructed yet.

    3. wouldn't matter if we guarantee Trump keep all his assets and give him $5 billion, because he has caused so much trouble for the deep state that as soon as he loses his status of President , you can bet he will be hit hard from all angles since he will no longer have executive immunity....!! The IRS will terrorise him unmercercifilly along with the DOJ and DOD...!! He is not going to be taken care of like all the other presidents....!!!

    4. Connie and James, I am trying to understand Anna's offer to Trump to assume the role of President of The United States of America (unincorporated) and still resolve the matters at the federal level, if he would have no jurisdiction to the incorporated federal United States albeit that federal entity is bankrupt and basically has no authority for anything. But all the players still assume they have authority, therein lies the problem.

    5. James supposedly they have tried to kill him umpteen times how much more personal does it get than that? Who knows if that is true anyway.

      Dan I get it, you have the gist of it, and when Anna made the suggestion for him to defect, I would have been under the assumption that he would file his paperwork to throw off the US Citizen yoke so he could legitimately lead the charge. She did say that it would be less confusing to the sheeple if he just transitioned from one to other and people would hopefully not notice the difference. I see why she would want to establish that. At his level however you have to assume that he rather enjoys the perks of being a slave. I am sure it doesn't feel much like being a slave to him. He surely is more invested in supporting the status quo than most I would guess. I would like to know if he knew how things really work before he got the keys, or if he got an education like you can't imagine.

    6. Not sure how a republic that is not incorporated can have a head of state called a President, since that title is reserved for a corporation, most people just don't realize that. Or maybe they don't make the connection, or maybe they don't care if it doesn't affect them. I suspect that latter.

    7. C. Johnson, oops I think you just answered my question earlier. Thank you.

    8. C. Johnson, that was succinctly worded as a summary, I appreciate. It would be like herding cats to move people in a forward direction, that was very clever. Trump would have to make a national broadcast it would scare the daylights out of everyone but is likely the fastest way to see the start of the end of it. It was the subject of a Youtube video recently that if he tried any of the usual media venues he would be shut down before it could ever get out.

      I have seen the reference to Bush Sr. previously, I am very surprised he would make that reference. I guess he reckoned that nobody would be able to do the arithmetic on it, but still a risky confession.

      I gather from your post that there is precedent for the head of state of a Republic to be called a President? Governments toss the term crown corporation around but the connection was never made that it literally meant like IBM or McDonald's.

      That kind of truth would have started people's heads rotating if they thought of it in that context. One of those hidden in plain sight moments.

    9. Thanks kindly, I will review.

  3. Used a satilite.weapon on 9/11 towers that's why it turned to dust from top down.
    According to John Lear.son of man who create the LEAR jet and CIA pilot.

    1. You mean this John Lear
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. I wonder how many people know the true history of their countries....I can assure you, not many..!! And if they do all fingers point to the U.S. as the betrayers of the world....!! Death to the I know why we are hated so much by the rest of the world...!! I wonder if Lincoln really understood the consequences of what he did....!! It only took one man with an agenda to cause all this betrayal and corruption....!! And then even LIE to himself about what he was doing for our nation.....!! If we really could go back in time, we would need to kill Lincoln before he even became president....!! Paul why haven't you posted the new "Declaration of Independence " yet....?????

    1. Woodrow Wilson is on record as having realized what he did for his part of the betrayal when the Federal Reserve Act was setup. Virtually in the dark of night when it can't stand up to scrutiny, although it was never intended to be.

    2. James, I have not even had the time to read the whole thing yet.

    3. James, I don't disagree with the content of that document, but a declaration of independence need not be 8 pages long. I suggest that a summarization of sorts be done before I would use it given what we know today.

  5. There are much more powerful and sadistic entities behind all of this
    Destruction of all governments is part of the plan they have layed out - present to the people that their governments are corrupt and they will welcome a new world government???
    Read with caution -
    Read all the entries on the page listed above
    Find out who Bezos really is an who he is related to
    Find out who Oprah and Gail are and what they do behind the scenes
    Then find out how they planning with the likes of Gorbachev the future of mankind
    In the video below listen to what he says about Jimmy Carter
    And look who is one of the so called elders making global decisions for mankind
    According to the speaking Carter had three nervous breakdowns and he was chosen to be president because he could be molded to be just that
    Listen to what he says about Clinton and his extra marital affairs and how they convinced Hillary to go back with him to fulfill the roles the eventually came to hold
    Those listed on the above list are all active and working agents to their global agenda of killing off the rest of us
    It's a big club of psychopaths and we are not in it
    Tell the armed forces this stuff you can bet they won't be fighting for the cause of democracy (mob) rule anymore
    They have a documented plan to kill off mankind and yet no action what so ever is taken to wipe this scum off the face of this earth
    Nope - they going in for Iran now - Venezuela
    The innocent people of the world and OUR MEN who can be here to defend against tyranical take over are being killed off
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    I AM AMAZED AT ALL THE KNOWLEDGE EXPOSED ON THIS BLOG! OUR “government” is ran by de-compartmentalized flying monkey, brainwashed idiots, whom “think” they are special. Well the real specialty is in YOU GUYS KNOWLEDGE! IF, just IF, we could only get people to join together, STOP BICKERING OVER THINGS THAT HELP NOTHING, YOU GUYS COULD MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE!!
    UNITE AND DEFEAT, instead one divide and conquer! TAKE IT TO THE EMEMY not your fellow warrior!!!
    I love every one of you true AMERICAN PATRIOTS!!! WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL!
    Q or Not!!! Hooorrraahhh!! We are kicking their ASS!!!

    1. Nubb, your enthusiasm and confidence are encouraging. Observations of behavior tend to show that it can be challenging to rally people to work together for a common cause unless it directly threatens everyone in a tangible way like a natural disaster. People apparently will band together as a more unified group under those conditions. Natural disasters and other easily identifiable threats come to mind where a large percentage will perceive the benefit of helping achieve a common goal.

      The remainder will be down at the mall looting all the stores taking advantage of the fact that the cops are not around.

    2. nonono cats herd people. see attached. if people simply played the right movies/video games then 99% of the frauds would disappear overnight.
      password: mirror
      password: magic

  7. Foreign interests control our military so it’s no surprise when our military engages in treason. When you’re loyalty as a Mason takes precedence over your loyalty to your country and Constitution, that's a conflict of interest - you can't serve two masters. Masons are one of the secret societies that Kennedy warned against before they assassinated him. Once you are a member, you may feel pressured or ordered to take actions that are detrimental to your fellow Americans and may in some cases amount to treason against your own county. Masonry offers financial incentives and career advancement. You are compelled to become a Mason if you wish to advance up the career ladder. Masons intentionally infiltrate our institutions to effect top down control of all our institutions.
    “Former US Army E-4 Specialist Bickle has come out unequivocally stating: The US Army is run by Freemasons. All the top brass with rank in the Army are Freemasons whether they’ll admit to it or not. I can’t speak on the Air Force, Marines or the Navy because I wasn’t in those branches but from what I know about how fluid the military runs, it is probably the same in those branches too.” While in Afghanistan Bickle noticed his Staff Sergeant reading a book with the Masonic compass/square logo and asked what it was about. The Staff Sergeant answered, “I’m trying to become a Freemason. It’s something you’ll learn about as your career progresses. It’s a fraternity and in order to get your E8, Master Sergeant, you have to be part of it.”
    Bickle also learned that military ERB (Enlisted Record Brief) resumes and DD214 discharge paperwork both always have an innocuous looking “M” written on them if they were Masons. In conclusion, Bickle re-emphasized, “Yes, Freemasons run the Army. I don’t care what anyone tells me. I did 4 years of that shit, 16 months in Afghanistan. I know it for a fact.”

    Free Mason ranks in the U.S. Army - An American Soldier Speaks

  8. All things will come to light in time! As is evident here and now. We “the people” have been conditioned to compete, and challenge anyone, or thing that intimidate which causes unintentional competition! We are not competing against our fellow patriot! Anyone intentionally attempting to sabotage will fester like a boil in a hogs nose, it will run out with the snot. Back where it belongs, and you know who you are!!!
    I know literally nothing compared to you guys and I ABSOLUTELY APPRECIATE the fact that y’all share your knowledge. Please don’t let some loser distract you from the mission at hand!
    LETS COME TOGETHER (at least on this blog) and SOLVE PROBLEMS!
    Soon we will need every one of you Patriots to step up and lead! That will be really tough if we bicker over nothing.

    1. We need to be kicking their asses already - they destroying our farmland all over with these weather weapons
      Their UN agenda initiatives require them to destroy and take over all private land, farms, resources and water (which they term as blue gold) now - hijacking the fresh water
      See, adn mike morales on you tube all great resources for showing how they using doppler radar, chemtrails, numerous other mechanizms to destroy the people on the land and then come in and take over
      The military, NASA all involved and they getting away with it too
      Complete bullshit is what it is - more than enough proof to show what they are doing
      Droughting and burning out people in California forcing them off the land and completely out of the state to take over the land
      Burned out 50,000 people in PAradise California - this is war and not 1 man in the military is doing shit about it
      Just my opinion
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    2. Shelby,
      All these things are not being controlled by man. Now i believe that man (satan) would like us to think that man now controls everything including space the stars and the sun. This is most likely one of their goals. And yet i do not believe they have been given nor granted this Gift.
      i like to check in to this sight often. They have discovered many things that are connected to the Sun. Things we were not taught in school. They can forecast many events by what is happening on the sun. This sight is one reason i do not believe Anna's earthquake was caused by the navy or any "beams."
      My opinion is man does not rule nor controll the sun. satan wishes too. and yet the earth i believe is his dominion.(so to speak.) Connect this to what musk and others think they are (Alphas) and what they think they are entitled too.

    3. correction,site:and yet sight may carry with it more Truth.

    4. More evidence
      Read the article about the rat poisoning they putting in the kids vaccines
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  9. Don't worry. I have archived every post he ever did on this blog along with the date it was posted and which article it was posted on.

  10. Heades up listen to the second recording on this page
    As slick Willy sold stuff - have a listen to how the dams in California are all being compromised
    In Missouri they are going to release dams to flood out the farm land even more than they are flooding them out with their manufactured storms
    Everyone stay away from FEMA and all their agencies, help your neighbors leave no one for the vermin to take away
    Also heads up people have seen ads on Craigslist for crisis actors in Las Vegas for the Memorial Day weekend
    Why do we celebrate memorial day?
    Food for thought
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  11. Read all of this
    I pass along information to educate and inform of the long fomented plan to enslave the entire world and if we do not fight back in every capacity then we are complicit
    This corporation is no different created to keep the people complacent and in line while the entire world is being raped and pillaged
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved