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Sunday, March 17, 2019

March 17, 2019: Dear Mr. Trump

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Mr. Trump

We hold the answer to all your monetary problems.  

In return, we ask that the IRS be restricted to dunning actual Municipal Employees and Dependents and be severely penalized and punished for racketeering outside their appointed jurisdiction. 

We also ask that all Territorial Employees including the District Attorneys and Postal Service Employees be fully informed of our return to the land and soil jurisdiction and that the need to issue proper identifications and passports be addressed promptly, so that our People are not constantly being mistaken for one or another kind of Federal Citizen. 

Finally, we have found a means to amicably resolve the banking crisis.  


Anna Maria
(907) 250-5087


  1. It ends with Fountain hauling manure, and the commentator saying it was the job of a "free man". I beg to differ. Those people were never set free. In fact the 14th Amendment enslaved us all instead. Just a different kind of slavery. One where we just think we were free, but are really slaves to government.

    1. You got it Paul. The fundamental question of slavery comes down to: "Who owns your Body?" If it is the state, then they can mandate you to get holes poked into it (vaccinations), give me your money from your labors (Taxes) and what you produce and that includes your children (born into Slavery). God bless you and Anna's staff you all you do.

  2. If you dont want to be mistaken for a US Citizen , want the IRS to evaporate, not be hass.ed by the " policy enforcers...
    Status correction call
    Step 1 Documents from Paperupnow
    Sundays 8pm est

    Participant Instructions
    Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
    Enter the access code: 443602

    We follow Anna's work through her articles that you read here on the blog. Please join us for help and discussion on getting your status correction process umderway. It is not difficult. I am only doing this because I truly believe in it and Anna challenged me ( articles 519 and 520) here I am . This is free, I have volunteered my time in the spirit of reconstruction . Do this for yourself and your family. Don't be a slave to the Crown and the Vatican any more.You arw not lost at see/sea and you are not a subject of the criminals in congress. Time to reign in the errant employees !