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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Anna's Maiden Voyage Webinar Now on the Website

See this video on Anna's website at :


  1. Now just imagine these same entities have set the low minimum wage, mandatory vaccines that have physically injured us and our children, screaming now Green New Deal UN Agenda 21 bullshit
    Got COG (Councils of Governments) working behind the scenes distributing block grants to your city, counties and states to implement their very agenda to put all of us off the land and into stack and pack cities also known as FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities
    They have actually erased the state borders and the southern borders (hence open boarders) they have no intention on building a wall, 3 ring circus on tell lie vision keeping the masses from seeing what they are really doing
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  2. I agree my friend you are 100% right

  3. Are you saying the current progress on actual new border wall construction doesn't really count? Or, it is never going to be "finished" and servers as lipstick? Just curious.

    1. Have you personally seen the wall? Just curious?
      And according to the plans they set forth years ago, see link, they have no intentions of closing boarders in fact they have erased them including our very state boarders be sure a read all 4 pages - includes disarmament of all
      Even the ex leader of the Soviet Union right here on US soil helping to plan that very task
      And our so called ex leaders and mega millionairs and hollywood stars helping them plan it
      All part of their NAFTA or USMCA deal that was just made
      They've planned right down to the regionalized education that our children get in order to work in their planned economies
      We are all being lied to about who these representatives really are and it is not just here in the United States either
      They all in on the plan - tell lie vision weapon of propaganda for years has kept all nations complicit to their evil, thinking these jokers doing stuff for our safety when in actuality they were all scaming the entire populace and setting us all up for complete aniliation and for those that are left behind they have a microchip waiting for you
      Not prophecy, planned
      All part of their santanic bullshit
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    2. Couple more links for you
      And prominent names on the Committee of 300 like Al Gore who by the way helped set up the Chicago Climate Stock Exchange just in time for the UN Agenda 21 weather terrorists to reek havok all over the nation and buy and sell carbon credits for the Green New Deal that the new big mouth from New York is spouting off about
      I live in one of their FEMA Mega Regions right next to their NAFTA Super highway part of UN Agenda 21 pay as you drive carbon footprint crap, taking hundreds of dollars from peoples pockets to pay for roads we already paid for - and they are complete with cameras every mile for tracking and the toll sticker has an rfid chip in it
      Every friggin store you enter has hundreds of cameras in your face or above your head - and the crooks are the ones putting this stuff in place
      Trump fast tracked 5G which is for the internet of things which is what they need up and running for their cashless society to track and trace all financial transactions in preparation for their rfid chip in your hand
      Already chipping people in Wisconsin - of course these are the brain dead ones
      FOXXCONN in Wisconsin is a Chinese slave factory, people actually jump to their deaths in China working in these factories
      Alabama being taken over by the Chinese
      I could go on an on but you get the picture
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. I suspect that your analysis would be correct were the NWO actually able to accomplish their goals. I think Pres. Trump has pretty much canceled their tickets to that party. We should have an adequate general concensus in a few weeks hence that most will have to acknowledge. Just my analysis.

    1. the problem is the trump claim "horrible trade deals" is right on cue. what part remains of "their goals"? it is pretty much all done at this point, only a facade of "civilian government" remains in name only.

      trump may be "genuine", but there still is no treasury, no state gov., no actual "at law" courts, noone naturalizing or verifying non-"federal citizens", no "banks", no "schools", no "churches" ... all are incorporated law merchants nowadays.

      the images/deceptions may have changed, the long-term plans are just new means for the same old goals. "new lies for old"

      see "perestroika deception" "new lies for old" "deception [edward jay epstein]

      and as always "red symphony" [which is not about "jews", quite the opposite, rakovksy implies they are/were used as fall guys; the "jews" who were "communists" were all excommunicated by the orthodox "rabbis", none were in good standing "jews" at all; the orthodox "jews" did not want to integrate, did not believe in israel unless/until "the messiah" arrived, which hadn't/hasn't happened yet; the "reform judaism" didnt want to wait, so essentially started a new "judaism" variant with policies of "integration" and "jewish homeland"; the orthodox jews thought the "communist jews" and "israel supporters" were essentially "bad jews" "anti jews" -- destroying the orthodox jewish religion]
      The West focused on this aspect of Kardelj's
      book and failed to understand the significance of his recommendation that differences between communists should be analyzed in terms of their substance, not in terms of the verbal polemics between them.
      The West also failed to appreciate Kardelj's numerous references to Lenin's doctrines, including clear, if not explicit, references to Left-Wing Communism, An Infantile Disorder,
      Once it is realized that licensed anti-Sovietism can in fact yield dividends for overall communist strategy, it is easy to see that the anti-Sovietism of leading dissidents inside the Soviet Union and Eurocommunists outside it, like the anti-Sovietism of the Chinese, Albanian, Yugoslav, and Romanian leaders, is artificially contrived to serve the ends of long-range policy.
      "When making an objective analysis, one should try to separate what is subjective from what is objective, that is,not allow slogans or political declarations to conceal insight into the real substance of things."
      Tito made much the same Leninist point when
      he said in 1958 that "internationalism is practice— not words and propaganda.
      The decisions of November 1960 authorized the use
      of all forms of tactics—right and left, legal and
      revolutionary, conventional and ideological—in pursuit of communist aims.