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Monday, March 18, 2019

BREAKING: New Zealand False Flag by Zionist Israel with New Zealand Police & Freemason Complicity?

Please comment on this article. It seems even Fox is not telling us the full story on this one. Again.

By Gordon Duff, with comments by Robert David Steele.

Can this be true?

Two articles from two different sources shed light on this beyond mainstream media's tale.


  1. No doubt another false flag.... but the article is poorly written nonsense.

  2. I read he had a Black Sun emblem on his backpack.

  3. I saw this video of NZ shooting for myself, and truly had trouble seeing the Blood, that should've been splattering about with how this shooter was shooting. There was so many oddities about this and it looked to me more like a video game happening.

  4. These false flags are waking up the masses.

  5. New Zealand is where many of the top global elite have pegged as their new home
    If they have an organization in New Zealand as they do here in the US that plans these events and then puts them on tell lie vision as real to push their disarm every one on the figgin planet, bet they have one
    Watch this video and see how they plan these full scale events and get paid to do it
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. Gordon Duff 99.9% BS. He said if he told the truth he'd be dead.
    Robert David Steele is CIA.

    1. I agree 100%?
      Makes you wonder why this stuff gets posted on this blog?
      If you read this blog every last one of them are actors/put in position
      Not a pretty picture to say the least of what they are really doing behind the scenes to the migrants
      Read this
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  7. If they wanted the truth to come out, they wouldn't fine someone for possession of the video, nor for sharing it. Let's be honest here. 10 yrs prison for possession of a video? or 14yrs for sharing it? Pedo films draw less time as do robberies. So what is the deal? If the truth gets out that it is a false flag, their gig is up. The deep state is getting desparate. It also appears that the president of NZ is in on it too. Stay vigilent! Send her multiple copies of the video and see if she gets arrested for possession!

  8. Ah yes another "The Jews did it stories."

  9. I listened to audio from the allegwa shooting...made no sense.. shooting dead bodies ?.. if there were any.

  10. ultimately, as bad as mass "random" killings might be, the "news" is just one giant distraction.

    (this makes it VERY useful, IF one knows that is the goal; if nothing else, useful to see what the incorporations (roman civil law) and law merchants expect us lowly sheeple to believe)

    they kidnap everyone at birth, steal all their credit, enslave everyone from birth to death, press gang everyone into law merchant and dragoon everyone into roman civil law and "martial common law" going on ~150+ years...

    but we are supposed to be worried about "terrorists"...yet another excuse (real or imagined) for continual "permanent martial law" against peaceful civilian non-combatants (gun owners or not, "right wing extremists" or anyone else).

    i love how the "news" is always concerned about so-called "militia" groups

    there is no "militia" anyways. bouviers 1856 "militia", these are/were state citizens and/or nationals, with state court martials...noone is running any "state" government, nor "well regulating" (training) any "militia". those never got "reconstructed", hence no actual "militia"

    where's the NRA, all the so-called "right wing extremists" the media is constantly afraid of? A: they don't actually exist, such stereotypical people are in bed with the law merchants, asleep at the wheel.

    the truth is simple. there is a "radical center" as points out. this is hegelian/spinosoan/"marxist" "synthesis of opposites", they are constantly trying to cement their synthesized "merger" of roman civil law + equity + law merchant + federal citizens only fake states/elections, as a substitute for actual "government" by the people, of the people, for the people ("we the people" are not federal citizens).

    the "communists" had names for these phenemenon too, "the spectacle" "recuperation"

    "communist" theory was that most if not all "revolutions" tend eat their own children once the "new" people get into power (witness the cannibalistic overthrow of american common law,; witness law merchants devouring the public treasury while preaching about the "free market" and against "socialists")

    "recuperation" in the modern world, is identical to "communist" theory, but the "conservatives in power" would be the "radical center", but same principle
    Debord argues that without terrorism, the integrated spectacle wouldn't survive, for it needs to be compared to something in order to show its "obvious" perfection and superiority.
    the tactics are all too predictable. the "capitalist" media has nowadays adopted "communist" methods.

    ultimately "the goverenment is god, can do no wrong" is the unspoken rule (as ucadia has helpfully reminded us). everyone who doesn't buy into this must be either "merged" into the radical center, a.k.a. "co-opted" "recuperated", or they are harangued and chastised/demonised as "extremists"

    not much news, same old "tactics" as usual.

    1. disclaimer: there is, in theory, a common law shire/county level "waupentake" militia, that is arguably back into action due to "State governments" not training "well-regulating" anyone (delegated powers revert back to principal automatically if the agent defaults/fails to do their required tasks)

      of course, "the news" will never point that out either.

    2. disclaimer 2: it depends on one's POV, but either "side" of the synthesized "radical center" is ultimately identical.

      "communists sell out and adopt capitalistic techniques of usury slavery of the masses" is also entirely true.

      so long as the "radical center" media can constantly conjure up phantasms ]real or imagined] of "right wing extremist militia [deplorables]" and "left wing radical socialists [e.g. bernie or greens]" they think this makes them appear to be "moderate" "sensible" "sane" "professional"...a green light to go full speed ahead with more dismantling/destruction/nails in the coffin of the actual american government.

      in both cases of these imaginary spectres of "left" or "right", any so-called "extremists" are ALWAYS in bed with the roman civil law and law merchants. [both foreign types of law, private and international, not "government" at all]

      there really are very few actual "extremists" (in upside down hegelian world, this is redefined to mean anyone with any permanent values whatsoever, anyone who does not subscribe to a "value system" of morally relativity)

      the "radical center" in truth actually LOVES "conservative bible thumpers" BUT ONLY IF "revelation" is allowed, so that nothing is ever permanent/fixed. then it is all open to "interpretation" and "co-option" and "recuperation" is very easy. [witness trump signing "bibles"]

      "communists merge with capitalists [or vice versa, and/or there never was any separation at the top], then they try to spook everyone with phantasms of extreme left or right in an attempt to justify/solidify the merger"