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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Logic, Logic, Logic....

By Anna Von Reitz

You've been given irrefutable proof that: (1) the Federal Branch of the Federal Government was overthrown in the 1860's and never rebuilt; (2) the necessary "Reconstruction" has never been completed; (3) we have lived under a British Territorial military junta since then, operating under the authority of a Commander-in-Chief, acting via Executive Orders; (4) the actual Government owed to the States and People was never part of the Civil War and is still owed to us, if we bother to wake up and operate it. 

So now various Fools and Ghouls among us are trying to ignore these facts and bring forward completely insupportable theories, among them, the idea that the military junta has to "validate" what we are doing. 

We, the States and People operating the States, are the civilian government that they are obligated to serve.  We are their employers and they are our employees. Without us, they don't get their paychecks.

Today I received several nasty comments telling me to be "afraid, very afraid" or the Big, Bad FBI was going to get me, and telling me that their "tip line" had been activated and that they couldn't verify my position as a judge. 

This is on top of claims earlier this week that the FBI had interviewed me and asked questions and that in response to this non-existent grilling,  I turned tail and stopped claiming to be a judge. 

Let's get this straight: the FBI knows better than to talk to me, and they never have done so, because they know that they are just subcontractors of subcontractors working for a different government which is in fact under contract to serve my government.

Once the civilian government appears, the military government is obligated to stand down.  Why?  Because they are standing on our soil and getting their paychecks from us. 

And the FBI is several pegs down the totem pole from the military.

I also had claims that the FBI "failed to validate" --- well, yes, of course. 

Does the Government of Slovenia validate the Government of France?  Do I require the say-so of my own employees to "validate" what I do?


The people making these claims don't have a clue who they are or how things actually work, and they have an even dimmer idea of who I am and in what capacity I am acting. 

Let's all get a clue here:  I am a State Judge, not a State-of-State Judge.  Therefore, you will look a long, long time among the ranks of State of Alaska Judges before you ever see my name.

Wake Up. 

In the days to come, we are going to teach you who you are (and you are not, generally speaking, "United States Citizens" nor are you "Citizens of the United States") and we are going to show you how to recoup what has been stolen from you and we are going to make sure that everyone who wishes to come forward and claim their birthright is protected.

Stick around.  It's going to be worthwhile.  

And as for all the naysayers and pundits, who like Bruce Doucette, think that they can form "Common Law Grand Juries" and attack the Queen's Bench--- while acting as "US Citizens" no less?   

If they keep trying to get people to riot and revolt instead of pursuing a lawful course of remedy, they will probably be arrested.

That's what has happened to such characters in the past and it is likely to happen again.  And nobody can say I didn't warn them.


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  1. Just sharing this video - pertains to your healthcare and other personal data
    While they spit out crap obout your protected health information and HIPAA Laws that are supposed to be there to protect that data and you, you can clearly see how the entire system and process has been set up to capture that data and use it for nefarious purposes
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    Just a video that supports everything that anna has been teaching

  3. For all who "suffer" any effect from what others say including about anyone else:

    "How often do you suffer when you learn that you have been criticized or accused unfairly? Your first reaction is obviously to respond, which is often useless, because we cannot stop people from talking and saying what suits them with no regard for the truth. To avoid enduring gossip and slander, here is what you must do. Through thought and prayer, rise up to the regions in you where light reigns. There, the currents given off by this negative talk will no longer reach you: the law of backlash will take effect, and such talk will return to those who uttered the slander and they will be the ones to suffer its negative effects. This is how divine Justice manifests.":