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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Horribly Misrepresented

By Anna Von Reitz

All information seeming to suggest that I am or ever was an "Agent of the Vatican" comes directly from me, so there is no effort to hide anything I have ever done, nor is there any mystery concerning why I have done what I have done. This particular example that Arnie Rosner is waving around comes from my book, Disclosure 101. 

In October 2007, I brought our objections and research directly to the Pope, Benedict XVI.

Why?  Because he (and his Successors) are in charge of the Civil Government in this country (not civilian, civil) and as anyone can observe now--- thanks largely to me---  both the Territorial and Municipal (Civil) Governments are functioning in gross Breach of Trust.

It does no good in a compartmentalized hierarchy to attack low level employees; they can do nothing to change anything.

So realizing that the problem with our civil government administration at the federal level was within the Pontificate and its administration, I went straight to the top, because lower authorities would only defer to the Pope.

He heard me out.  He was stunned.  His answer was, and I quote, "Nobody told me!"

So the Office of Evil was such that even the purported head of the organization wasn't told what was going on. 

I was in the midst of giving Notice to his employees and cohorts in the Church concerning the Great Fraud.  Benedict asked me to add his authority to that Notice process, as the ultimate employer of the civil (municipal) government. 

He asked me to do this for him so that the weight of his office would tell the employees to reform and not just ignore the Notice.

This was an unpaid mission that I was engaged in anyway and his reasoning made sense, so that is what we did. 

That Notice process took seven (7) years between October 2007 and April of 2014.  In that time period, about 10,000 pieces of mail went out of my home office at my own expense, informing members of the Municipal Governments worldwide, and the Territorial Governments, too.

When Benedict XVI left office in 2013, I had a few months left to do.  Francis did not end the Notice process, nor change the arrangement, so it continued on to its logical end in 2014.

The Final Judgment was issued in April 2014 and is published in my book, Disclosure 101.

A great deal of work has gone into giving every Territorial and Municipal organization on Earth a shot at doing the right thing, or at least not doing the wrong thing.

All these Notices went out via "Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal; Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent", so we may assume that far more than 10,000 people worldwide were made aware of the Breach of Trust and criminal mismanagement ongoing in this country and many other countries around the world.

So far as this work was concerned, the Church Officials did what you would expect Church Officials to do.  They took steps to correct and then they battened down the hatches and have done what they could to protect the Church.   The Office of Pontiff was dissolved and ended in 2011, along with the underlying Trust, the Romanus Pontifex. 

I don't know how other people view the current state of the world, but to me it is clear that the Apocalypse --- the Great Revealing --- has come and much of the dirty linen of the Roman Catholic Church has been prominently on display, including this vast exposure of wrong-doing by the Municipal Governments that are supposed to be operated "lawfully" --- not legally. 

The Municipal United States Government which administered the civil government here has always been under the ultimate control of the Pontificate and has now, since 2011, been passed on directly to the Holy Roman Empire. 

This situation was not the original structure of our government. 

That is, the Municipal United States oligarchy run by members of the Territorial Congress, was never meant to run our civil government. 

That duty was supposed to be performed by the States of America organization that was destroyed and never reconstructed after the Civil War. The ensuing "emergency" and the rationale that "someone had to do it" while the "government [Federal branch of the Federal Government] was in "abeyance" led to these abuses. 

But in point of fact, the entire circumstance didn't affect our actual government at all, as both the States and the People remained after the Civil War, and all this corruption was based on deliberate misrepresentation and self-interested constructive fraud.

In any event, as my Letter to Cardinal George of Chicago (published on my website) makes clear, the tenor of my communications and Notices throughout this seven year period were high informative and critical of the Municipal Government and the Church's failure to do right by the States and People of this country and cannot in any way be taken as "pro status quo" or "working for the Pope" in continuance of their bad behavior.

My role for those seven years was to give them Due Process ---and that I surely did.   Any misrepresentation of me being "in league" with those forces in the Vatican that were promoting these crimes against Humanity needs to be squelched with prejudice. I was already the driving spearpoint demanding reform and restitution from the Pope(s) when Arnie Rosner was sitting around on his duff watching re-runs of Bonanza.


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  1. Anyone who reads Anna's work could have come to the same conclusion . Its sad that Anna had to explain something that was so self evident. How stupid and irresponsible can people be ?

    1. Look at this article from 1995 which implicates Mr. Strammer's old ass as an associate of radicals that were charged with attempting to abduct a Judge. Boy are you in a load of trouble Patriot58. I cannot wait til the entire world crashes down on your white trash face lol!

    2. Yeah, and if you read the linked articles the very next one tells how all but two concealed weapons charges were dropped; Strammer was exonerated! Speak truth, twit.

    3. Thanks for digging for the truth Johnny.

      I was never charged with any gun related charges, because I was not armed when in the cop shop in Roundup Montana in 1995.

      All charges against me were dropped by the State in just 13 days.

      Here is an article with many details of what actually happened in 1996, and remember that this was written in October of 2009, long before I knew who Anna Von Reitz is.

      So if you go up to the search box on the right side on this blog and type in Montana Freemen you will get lots more 1st hand eyewitness testimony from someone who was there, and spent 13 days in jail to prove it.

    4. Here is that next article mentioned above by Johnny Silverseed.

      I made a mistake saying this was in 1996. It was 1995. Read the links I gave you for the truth about all this.

  2. There is an old expression that I like to use, perhaps because I am old.

    Figures may not lie...but liars can figure. Translation for those who aren't old?

    That which can be made to seem self evident in its own right can be manipulated to not be self evident by those who have a vested self-interest in such deceit.

    Or thereabouts...

  3. When I was first referred to Anna's site one of the first things I read was the book Disclosure 101 and looked up the information on the Vatican website, the notice is there. Any one who read it thoroughly could not possibly come to the conclusion Anna is working for the evil side of the Roman Catholic Church. Here we have a woman who is working for the good of the people and she has to waste her time revisiting this subject over and over. Knowledge is not for people who are happy to remain ignorant. I pray every day that Anna does not get discouraged as the masses need her knowledge. We are given the gift of life by Yah ( can't even use the word God anymore) and the gift of our name by our parents. I am wrestling with the idea of changing my name and how that would be such a dishonor to my mom and dad. The faster this is exposed and people wake up and band together maybe it will get easier to correct the record. For anyone who are researchers got to and go to downloads. Huge amount of free information, fillable documents and links to most every topic imaginable.
    Thank you Anna for being strong. Many appreciate all your work. I know I have much more hope than a year ago.

    Peace and Love to all.

  4. Anna,

    You stand tall among the heroes of the ages. Thank you dearly for all you have done for humanity and specifically all Americans. I too have read a mountain of documents on your website... I have corrected my political status and stand for truth. Your words and communications are the Truth and it is evident you are guided by a divine hand in exposing all that has been hidden for a long time. Indeed, I say to you the words of our King, Yashua! "... for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known" Matthew 10:26... Thank you for uncovering the truth and for sharing with others!

    Blessings to you always,
    Louisiana Tim

  5. I see all the trash talk is comming from " Unknown" I do not put any stock whatsoever in such sleazy rhetoric coming from a slimy spineless shadow of a mystic source. Go your way and leave us alone and be in ruin and chains. I am intrigued by Anna's insights and teachings and I find I can collaborate what she has to say. Choose to disbelieve her at your own ruin if that is your lot in life. I dont care what you have to say nor do I recognize any credible authority for such shit talk coming from a phantom source hellbent to sew discord and contrary rhetoric unfounded by any solid irrefutable substance as evidence of your empty claims of Anna's alledged deceit, I am grateful and Thankful for her learned and thought provoking discourse and dedication to the time and effort to help us all reconnect with our freedom and humanity that God has Blessed us with. Angels be with You Anna! With Gods speed continue and Continue with assurance that you are chosen for this very time and purpose to expose the enemies of the peoples of this world. Amen !

  6. Thank you, Anna Von Reitz, for all you have done, over the years, for your country and our honor. We are all, truly grateful.
    You are a true patriot and inspiration for freedom worldwide.
    Thank you again.

  7. It's not her country. It's simply the U.S. Hey Coach, how about you quit thanking her and start organizing an assembly in the state that you live in per her instructions? You should thank her that way. Form a local State Assembly. Quit wasting time. 👀😂😂😂

  8. Anna- I don't know how other people view the current state of the world, but to me it is clear that the Apocalypse --- the Great Revealing --- has come and much of the dirty linen of the Roman Catholic Church has been prominently on display, including this vast exposure of wrong-doing by the Municipal Governments that are supposed to be operated "lawfully" --- not legally."
    There is much more involved with the 'Apocalypse,'than just a great revealing with the Roman catholic church. This church has daughters etc.
    i admire your wish and 'pursuit' of peace, yet we know,& we are told and warned of wars that will happen, that are happening.
    murdering each other can and is being done also by words.

  9. Tln here, Thoughts on emulating Buddha, when he was vilified, he never accepted the vilification, there for the vilification returned to he who first uttered it.thou reaps what ye sows. Abracadabra!

  10. Sad how stupid and naive people are, they're drugging everyone to death, using our hospitals, doctors, nurses, and responders to euthanize us and we can't find 13 people in a county to form a common law jury and use that life and liberty agenda to go after our criminal municipalities who are allowing it to happen as part of the Popes priority credit hit list of all americans, I can't believe it. We could take it all back, one decision in one county in one state and we the people could stop the death mongers, put the fear of God back in their hearts and hold the leaders accountable with Nuremburg trials. Whatcom County Jural Assembly