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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The coverup of what the Montana Freemen discovered! Why is it important to you?

If you are reading this blog on a regular basis you will begin to understand that the Author does not believe the hype and propaganda that surrounded the "capture and conviction" of Leroy Schweitzer and the others Leroy was working with in Roundup Montana around 1995 and 1996.

If you remember or followed that incident you probably only got your information from televison, newspapers, and other main stream media. In that case do you think you really have the information you need to understand what happened?

You might ask why Paul Stramer should have any credibility at all concearning such things, considering the way my name has been dragged through the mud for the last 14 years by county commissioners, sheriffs, deputies, judges, State officials, newspaper reporters, newscasters and others.

Let me say at the outset that I don't agree with some of the tactics reported as employed by these men, but on the other hand I don't have any first hand information about their dealings with law enforcement personnel, especially after they left Musellshell county and Roundup, and went to Garfield county where the so called standoff took place in 1996. I have never been in that county, contrary to the news articles covering what the local Sheriff has said, and they have been trying to make you believe.

The fact is that I have first hand knowledge of the evidence the so called "Freemen" had accumulated over several years of study and research. That evidence was shown to me via computer and hard copy during several hours on the first of only two short visits at Rodney Skurdahl's cabin south of Roundup in March of 1995. That evidence has since dissappeared, or been suppressed. More on that later.

Leroy Schweitzer presented a very convincing case that there was massive fraud in the money system of the Federal Reserve, and that we the people of America have been systematically defrauded of our wealth over the period of years since 1913 under the "color of law".  Now in 2009 we have many political figures asking where the money went, and calling for an audit of the Fed because of that same coverup. In fact Ron Paul has a bill, HB1207 that has enough sponsors to make it veto proof in the House.

Leroy also made a case for 14th Amendment fraud on a massive scale. That fraud has been promulgated according to Leroy, mostly by Federal Judges by aquiesence if not by actual formal participation over the entire period since the so called ratification of that same 14th Amendment. See this link for more on that subject from another source. It has to do with your status.

He also made a case for the fraud of the Income Tax. They knew that the IRS has no law, which has now been proven by many cases.  See for just one recent case where an attorney by the name of Tommy Cryer from Shreveport LA was acquitted of all charges because the jury it seems could not get a straight answer about the law requiring him to file from either the judge or the prosecutors. Then see another website where Bill Benson, working with Red Beckman of Montana travelled to every state and collected over 17,000 notarized documents (certified) from the archives of every state legislature that was involved in the so called ratification of the 16th Amendment (income tax amendment) proving that there in fact was no ratification at all. It's been null and void from the beginning.
This amounts to nothing less than the legalized plunder of the American people UNDER THE COLOR OF LAW. That is the crime of fraud. Look up the definition of fraud on Google.

Then there is the issue of status. Are we indeed the We the People free sovereigns living on the land, or county at large, who wrote (ordained and established) the US Constitution for GOVERNMENT to follow with 17 enumerated powers as in Article I Section 8, or are we citizen subjects (read slaves) as the 14th Amendment says, and how was that all perpetrated on the American people largely in the judicial system after the fact?  And how are we constantly told we are living in a free country, and people talk about the Constitution, and yet at every turn we are pressed on and our Liberties taken from us? What is it at law that allows government to do this and get away with it continuously? Is it the false interpretation of the commerce clause by the Supreme Court?  Has the Federal government upsurped powers without authority in the law, and passed those off as law for us to follow? What is our status at law? How has the judicial system covered up this status issue?

Then what exactly was Leroy "convicted" of?  Something to do with a video camera?  I heard that the news media wanted to do an interview at some point, and Leroy or one of the others told them to stay away, and not come on the ranch property they were living on.  The media came anyway after clear warning not to come. Was the media not trespassing at that point?  I also heard that those reporters tried to video without any permission to do so.  Now if someone came on your property and attempted to video your family, and you suspected the video would be used to lie about your life and beliefs what would you do? Wouldn't you attempt to stop the video taping?  In any case, when has the media ever told the truth about any major event?
I can think of several examples including but not limited to the Kennedy assasination, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Pearle Harbor, 9-11, Oklahoma City, and many more.

So are there many unanswered questions? You bet there are.  So let's get to the very definition of the word "Freeman".  What would the media like you to believe it means?  Wouldn't they like it to mean "criminal"?
Out of the other side of their mouth are they not wanting everyone to believe we are free men? Don't politicians talk about "Constitutional Rights" like we all have them?  Who wrote the Constitution and who was a party to the Constitution? Think about the definition of fraud here.

Almighty God is the real author of rights!  He wrote certain rights into the very nature of man! Prove me wrong. What happens when men take away the God given rights that were written into man's very natural order?  Revolution?  Was that what the revolutionary war was fought for? So who were "We the People"?
Were they residents on the land? Were they only land owners? One thing is for sure. They were NOT 14th Amendment "citizen subjects"!

Why is government so afraid of all this that they absolutely can not allow the tuth to come out?  What are they so afraid of that they could not allow Leroy and his friends to present their evidence on the record? Why did they have to bury them in Federal prison with extremely harsh sentences and keep them without communication all these 14 years?  Why did the judge seem to acknowledge the status of these men in the courtroom on the record, only to then proceed with their "trial" after having them removed from the courtroom?  Was he mocking them in total arrogance? Who is committing the real crimes here?

Why were these men not allowed to present the evidence that was supposed to be guarded by a State Legislator, who later received an award from the FBI for turning it over to them?

Has there been a coverup all these 14 years?  Has the sheriff of Lincoln County, Daryl R. Anderson, bought in to this whole coverup without ever bothering to get any other side of the story?  Has he ever even ONE TIME bothered to call Paul Stramer and ask any of these questions?

The answer is NO. Not ONE TIME! 

So Sheriff Anderson, Are you going to continue to defame me in the newspapers without bothering to check out the facts?  Are you sure you want to go there?  Are you sure you want to continue to accuse me about something you know nothing about?  Are you sure you want to keep on saying that I was at the "freeman standoff" in Jordan in 1996?  Are you sure you want to continue to believe hearsay without any proof whatsoever from politically biased agencies and individuals, or are you one of those individuals?  Are you going to uphold your oath of office to defend, protect and obey the Constitution for the United States and the Montana Constitution, or did you even take that oath?  If you did, please show us where we can see it on file with Lincoln County in a notarized form as the law requires.

If you did take this oath, did you understand what it means?  You said recently that if you were asked to collect the guns from the people in Lincoln County you would quit, lay down your badge and walk away, or words to that effect.  Is that keeping your oath to protect, defend and obey the US Constitution, not to mention Montana's Constitution? Or is that violating your oath and leaving the Lincoln County people unproteced and it's residents vulnerable to unlawful federal actions that violate that Constitution you were supposed to protect, obey and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic?  Is that creating peace and good order in the community?  I doubt it.  Do we even have a supreme law of the land in the US Constitution or don't we?

You have my phone number. You could have called me any time and asked any questions you wanted to. Instead you denied me a concealed carry permit and accused me of a lot of things without even bothering to ask.  Are you part of the solution or are you part of the problem?

Who are the real potential terrrorists? Who is really putting peace and good order in the community in joepardy by operating under the rule of man (making the rules as they go)  rather than the rule of law?

Paul Stramer   Eureka Montana  406 889 3183

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