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Sunday, September 13, 2009

What the Montana Freemen knew. Money as Debt!

Do you want to understand the FRAUD in the money system?

This movie tells some of what Leroy Schweitzer, a so called "Montana Freeman" knew that put him in jail for fourteen years. Did the so called "Freemen" get a fair trial?

I don't know, but I will show some history and let you make up your own mind. Did the mainstream media report the whole story? I have my doubts. Did the so called "Freemen" get to present their evidence? Definitely not. They surrendured precisely to avoid any loss of life or injury under the agreement their evidence would be preserved and they would have their day in court to present their evidence of FRAUD in the money system, a fact that is becomming very well known now, and talked about on mainstream media by Ron Paul and many others.

All the evidence that would have made Schweitzer's defence in court was supposed to be safeguarded by then state legislator Karl Ohs, on his promise to preserve those computer disks and hard copy.

When it came time for the trial in Billings the evidence was no longer available, and Karl Ohs received an award from the FBI for his "help" in the matter.

Here is what his Bio says about it.

"Lieutenant Governor Karl Ohs is widely known for his role in peacefully ending the Freeman standoff near Jordan, Montana. In 1996, at the request of the FBI, he served as principal negotiator, making 19 separate trips into the Freeman compound. His involvement earned him the 1998 Lou Peters Award given by the FBI for public service."

The Montana legislature recently also praised Karl Ohs for his service to Montana. One has to ask if the legislators knew the whole story?

Here is just a sample of some of the information from Leroy Schweitzer himself and from the Militia of Montana at the time.


To Patriots and concerned Americans,

The following report was released today by the Militia of Montana, concerning what actually happened at the hearing held during the third week of July, 1996. Alot of unsubstantiated stories are being spread about. Hopefully, the truth about what is going on will soon be known.


Militia of Montana

P.O. Box 1486, Noxon, MT 59853
Tel: 406-847-2735
Fax: 4O6-847-2246

JULY 25, 1996

(Editor's Note: Because of the amount of controversy that has erupted over the information released by Patriot Media personalities the following letter is being released. This letter was written on July 22, 1996, by

LeRoy Schweitzer and Ralph Clark to Randy Scott of Noxon, Montana. The text of the letter explains to Randy what exactly took place at the now "infamous" hearings before Judge Burns of Portland, Oregon over the third week of July 1996. The letter was hand-written and has been typed by Randy Trochmann (co-founder M.O.M.) for easier reading word for word, spelling for spelling, emphasis for emphasis.

Following LeRoy's and Ralph's letter to Randy is a statement we received from U.S. Attorney Sherry Matteucci. Judge Brown's office would not comment on the hearings.

The "Schweitzer Transcript -- Jul 17, 1996" is available from Michel's Reporting Service, P.O. Box 20577 Billings, MT 59104 for $45.00. It is approximately 60 pages for those interested.)

"twenty-second day, seventh month

Dear brother Randy,

The day you were at the visitor's window I had numerous items and family to review so we did miss our voice transfer of events; nevertheless it was a grand day of our former tradition in Law, Full well recognized by the executive bearing officer James M. Burns in our judicial Branch of self-government.

If you had not heard it before, James M. Burns stated in open Court quote `I want the attornies to see the whites of the eyes of the Judges.' There were six large yellow placards on our bench (table) with our last names --- somewhat a misnomer but still in compliance with their 'Criminal Justice

Reform' as found In 28 USC & 18 USC 1994 ed., Burns gave a lengthy story of the Dred Scott cases, a speech by Abraham Lincoln and another quote by someone on the ignorance of the People is such a waste upon a Nation lying asleep, he finally asked me to write an Order for release. A seven page `Protective Order of Release" was done the very next day being served today.

It is now a recognized fact we are the King's bench in Billings, Montana state.

The next day Daniel C.; Petersen brought up the fact we would enter a 'Peace Bond' into Court, whereupon the `feds' called a recess and all our People were brought back to the jail, Ralph Edwin and William Lee; Stanton were never taken back for any further lien hearings. By reading the Code sections I have discovered the method to transfer for want of jurisdiction into our exclusive original jurisdiction, where no corporation nor attorney can speak We have successfully crossed this `bar' causing the `feds' to lose their presumption of an action. I full well expect a timely release,.

The goons never stop their crimes however and did screw up once again by breaking Dale's thumb, More commercial paper with subsequent bank takeover. Will they never learn? The former mighty whore of Babylon in its final throes.

Praise our Father Yhvh from whom all Blessings of liberty flow to the remnant People, We have won through this phase of the battle, now the magnitude of teaching the lost sheep. All is well here at the inn; we will be on the other side soon. Keep your faith, our prayers were heard. with love - - your brothers

Ralph Edwin and LeRoy Michael"

(Editor's Note: The following is a comment to John Trochmann from the U.S. Attorney's office, Billings, Montana concerning the hearing.)

"An erroneous misinterpretation as to what occurred in the court room. There are no plans to release any of the Freemen. We are proceeding with the trial as scheduled."

(Editor's Note: Calls were made to the U.S. Marshals office requesting any information on release papers for the Freemen. They stated they had not receive any release process orders from the court. One last note, the Court Reporter stated "Judge Burns did not turn over the court to Mr. Schweitzer.")

With the above letter and comments by the Justice Department our only other source will be the transcript. However, some will believe the transcript to be altered from what was really said. If that is the case then you will have to judge for yourself what really took place.

Our own observation concerning Judge Burns and the hearing has led us to believe that LeRoy and the rest of the Freemen may be tricked into giving the court personal jurisdiction. As patriots who have fought their own battles in the court system can attest to, most judges and lawyers are willing to do anything they can to get you to grant the court jurisdiction.

We pray that LeRoy keeps his arguments pure and not be tricked. There has been talk that we now have to wait to see if the court will honor LeRoy's orders. If LeRoy's perception of the hearing is correct, the court will honor his directives. If his perception is wrong, then it won't. It's pretty cut-and-dried. LeRoy is either right in his comment, "It is now a recognized fact that we are the King's bench in Billings, Montana state,"
or, he is not. Only time will tell.

Concerning the "Certified Money Orders" we have learned that an individual in Michigan is being charged for fraud using Schweitzer's "Bankers Checks." What is so interesting about this case is that he is charged for only "half the amount of the check". He owed the IRS $70,000. The check was written out for $140,000 with a demand for refund of overpayment. The fraud charge is for the extra $70,000 and not the $70,000 owed to the IRS-- which they kept.. The refund demanded from the IRS was in lawful United States Money.

A U.S. Treasury Check is lawful money. What the gentleman from Michigan had done was send the IRS a Freemen Money Order (a piece of paper), worth nothing, and asking for substance in return (U.S. Treasury Check); this constitutes fraud.

We have said it before and we will say it again. If the Freemen are guilty then so is the Federal Reserve. This is exactly what the Federal Reserve does every day. It issues paper notes worth nothing to the Federal(government in return for substance (U.S. Treasury Check or Bond). This is why the government is dead-broke and in bankruptcy. This is also the reason why the fruits of our labor (substance) is taxed.

However, two wrongs do not make a right. If the Freemen have accomplished nothing else, they have accomplished exposing the fraud of the Federal Reserve by making a mockery out of the entire system it is based upon.

We will continue to watch the hearings and assist in any way we can in exposing the truth and lies for what they really are.

One last note: As of July 25, 1996 the Freemen who refuse to be fingerprinted or photographed as part of routine booking in the Yellowstone County Jail have had all privileges suspended until they cooperate. They will have no television, no phone calls, no visits and no candy bars fromthe canteen until they cooperate according to the jail commander, Capt. Dennis McCave.

Shame on them for treating Justice's from the King's bench this way!!!

Militia of Montana
we are everywhere


Militia of Montana

permission to reprint granted if entire message is left intact.


Freemen evidence taken by Feds.

Federal abuses of Montana Freemen continued

After reading all this do you really think you were given the real story by the mainstream media about the so called "Freemen" ?

Stay tuned for more opinion and background on this.

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