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Thursday, March 14, 2019

The International Trade Bank Answer

By Anna Von Reitz

As recently discussed as part of the Jural Assembly Series, the interface between the world of fact and the world of fiction occurs in the International Jurisdiction of the Sea. 

On one side of the Corporate Veil (Bar) is the land and soil and the lawful realm of actual assets and actual money, and on the other side, is the legal world of the sea and the air, the realm of bills of lading and commercial script.

To my knowledge, there is one form of institution that can handle transactions on either side of the Veil, according to kind, and do so very efficiently: The International Trade Bank.

The International Trade Banks have been mothballed over the years while their commercial bank sisters took over the world and forced everything and everyone to function in commerce as commercial corporations.

Now that more and more of us have caught onto the scam and are removing ourselves from this web of deceit and enslavement, the two "sides" of the issue --- the gold bugs on one side, the commercial banking interests on the other --- are offering us deals we can't refuse.

According to them. 

We have a quasi-military version touting itself as the "Quantum Financial System" --- QFS, which is just a glorified file data storage system and we have the antiquated SWIFT system --- neither of which are all things to all people, and both of which singularly fail to perform the needed function: an interface between the world of actual assets, and the world of commercial paper.

We are being told we can have one or the other, but not both --- yet both are necessary for the global economy to stay afloat.

The QFS won't work, because on one hand we are being told that all world currencies will have the same value relative to gold (which is an impossibility) and on the other hand, we are being told that there is vastly more gold already stockpiled than is needed for backing all the various currencies in the world.

Neither basic math nor human nature are being factored into the QFS , and a system that starts out with false premises cannot be expected to succeed. 

How long before some military leader or group of military leaders decides to start "leaking" some of that excess gold into the economies of the subject nations and artificially tampering with the supposedly "transparent" system?

Can we measure it in nanoseconds? 

This is, after all, precisely the same mechanism as the Economic Stability Fund (ESF) simply applied to a pot of gold instead of a pot of oil or a pot of paper, and yet another form of commodity rigging. 

It doesn't matter if the commodity being rigged is gold, oil, or paper.

No, QFS is not an answer to anything. It's a heavy-handed and poorly veiled "offer" to set up yet another gigantic global commodity rigging scheme, expedited by computer and A1 controls.

No, thank you, we do not consent; our ability to form our own contracts will not be so summarily overtaken.  Refer to the G2O2P3 Treaty.

We have it in our ability to transact our own business in kind, via International Trade Banks which can navigate the interface between actual and symbolic trades with ease.  Time to get busy hauling them out of the mothballs.

No need for another monolithic military-controlled commodity rigging scheme in which there is no substantial difference between BRICS and the IMF in function or position. 

China?  Have you lost your mind?  Russia?  Have you lost your nation?  US -- what the @$!$!$# are you playing at?  EU -- wake up and shake a leg. 

Britain -- Mr. Wonderful pretends that he is an "Absolute Royalist" --- time to find out which "royalty" he serves.  It isn't yours.

We already have better systems than QFS and better answers than an arbitrary global commodity rigging scheme.  And the Treaties are already in place.


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  1. OK let's go back to basics on this one. Anna has said previously that money has been pummeled into submission by the unwashed masses out there who believe everything they are told and believe the world works exactly the way they're told it does. That everything is transparent in society and government. And even in the face of niggling tugs at the edges of their faith in what they have been told, the traces of cognitive dissonance start playing in their beautiful minds.

    "Oh no, my country would never do that to me, what's with all this fake news nonsense"...And so on.

    Gold and silver may be useful in some circumstances when times are sort of normal and working well, but they aren't more important than food, shelter, transportation and energy.

    The only thing that is really of value if you stop and think about it is energy. Specifically, human energy. Human labor. We have been taught to think of labor as almost a 4 letter word particularly by those that identify as "monarchs" that are insufferably lazy and would like nothing more than to be waited on hand and foot, by someone laboring over them.

    Those folks represent the parasite class that seek to elevate their status over mere commoners, who just labor over things so they can have the lifestyles that they think they are owed and should be accustomed to. Pity the 'little people' who aren't smart enough or lucky enough to be us, they snarl.

    Look, it is as simple as this. Without labor of every kind, nothing happens in this world. Nothing...

    Gold and silver would sit untouched in the ground. Homes and cars and phones and electronics would not be built. The labor of the minds that design all this would be moot if nobody could realize it due to a lack of effort.

    There would be no worthless paper money to print out of thin air because nobody labored over it to actually make it happen. Bankers and priests and soldiers would all be sitting in their own dung waiting until somebody got the idea to get up and work.

    We go back to being hunter-gatherers and the notion of "civilization" doesn't happen without labor. If we all sit around in our own dung (because there is no labor to clean it up, ourselves included) then there is no progress. Nothing gets built, nothing gets mined, nothing gets manufactured. Nothing happens.

    So the elite parasitic class had to convince the rest of the world that labor is at the bottom of the rung and that labor is worth nothing, or at least as little as what the monarchs deemed it to be worth thus they can exploit the masses, which is what we see today.

    Did I mention that literally nothing happens without labor? Let your mind work on that awhile and you will soon see that anything that requires labor to be accomplished should be respected as the highest form of honor in this world. Because it is. We need to understand that and staple it on a little piece of paper to your forehead and keeping reminding ourselves.

    Why do you think Roosevelt unlawfully pledged the "good faith and credit" of the people during the 1933 bankruptcy with HR192 detailing the theft of the good labor of the people. He knew, as all those of that elite class knew that it wasn't THEIR labor that was important, they were interlopers and con-men. Labor was the "credit" of the people and it was STOLEN from them by pretending that they consented to do so. We need to WTFU (<-think about it) and realize that we are all kings and queens in our own right because of what we CAN and already HAVE made this world into, and stop talking about gold and silver and paper money. This is an inconvenient truth to the parasite class but it needs to be discussed.

    1. Common sense is prevailing. Bravo Will Smith.

    2. Will:
      THINK about it...…...WE ARE THE SOVEREIGN when we sign that promissory note or ask for credit.....CREATING NEW MONEY into the monetary system. I repeat for emphasis: WE CREATE THE NEW MONEY. we are the sovereign/s.

      Alexander Del Mar said in History of monetary Systems, "The right to coin money has always been and still remains the surest mark and announcement of sovereignty".

      OF course, we have been fooled, deceived and lied to, but let's not be fooled, deceive or lied to any longer.

      davidd snieckus 617-964-2951

  2. We have been fed so many lies that it is beyond comprehension
    The deliberate dumbing down of our schools continues to this day as they remake the world map
    Still teaching the bullshit to the kids while ripping off the masses
    And if that's not bad enough, staging false flags to put full blown surveillance and tattle tale programs in the schools
    No doubt that the business opportunities for those supplying the equipment and services pegged to make millions doing this
    And then the actors in DC pass legislation to disarm the masses in preparation for their planned massacre
    And now these so called laws coming out of the woodwork while the actor John Goodman who plays William Barr will push the narrative
    And if anyone thinks that your right to protect yourself comes from anywhere but God there is something completely meesed up with you
    The constitution nor any other document ever produced by any man gives another the right to kill you if you do not give up your right to defend against a coming planned mass genocide
    Have a look at their plans and who is helping them to plan it right here on United States soil
    How about Ted Turner, Oprah and Gorbechev himself
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. re: gorbachev (and bushes, and reagan, they love "pretend conservatives" to provide a cover/distraction for their activities) he is/was just a recent incarnation of very old tactics.

      when a "conservative image" is in office, they have a "shield" "disguise" to quietly push things further along with less opposition

      see "new lies for old" "perestroika deception" "deception [edward jay epstein]", "red symphony" [more on spinosism below]

      google for education agreements with the soviets under reagan (also mentioned at end of "deception" book, along the lines of "CEO exchange program", "education" is now "workforce training", these are one and the same phenomenon)

      "deception" also makes the claim the "communists" had infiltrated/blackmailed the nazis the CIA "pardoned" and brought back (the CIA pardoning Nazis is well known, not surprising, this always happens in exchange for "technology" i.e. if you share with us research/biological weapons/technology/etc., we will pardon you; but that part is never mentioned) is not surprising, considering the history of lenin + germany, "red symphony" claims, etc.

      "new lies for old" still VERY applicable 30+ years later.

      re: "vatican" mentioned in last link, there is a plan to be use the "bible" to push the "new" "one world religion [islam + "jews" + sola scriptura christianity + masonic/mormon heavenly father]" all these are based on "the lord" of the bible, so they figure this is how to grab everyone in one shot

      see and nominum interpretatio
      see also "the union jack" helen peters

      bush II "office of faith-based and community initiatives" dovetails perfectly with this, obama continued it, so has trump. exactly same tactic the "soviets" did

      note below, more of the same

      (paraphrase from television comment)
      "what [st. peter, holding 3 keys of heaven/trinity] talked about, is now reality [heaven on earth]" -- mormon leader visiting rome.

      they think this is heaven on earth! not only do they do a different trinity [and "the lord"] than the st. peter statue in rome, so does the "pope" nowadays. "catholics should not say the lord, but our lord"

      this is a very common tactic too -- both "sides" are false, and then they stage a "make up" "converge" "synthesize" for "peace", in an effort to cement the falsehoods/lies.

      right on cue:

      note "christus" (instead of christum) statue, doing masonic "M" "secret combination"

      "masons" on both "sides" is very common tactic.

      this is all, just more of the same: "they are spinosists" "red symphony" quote
      For example, questioned by two members of his synagogue, Spinoza apparently responded that God has a body and nothing in scripture says otherwise
      The Father has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man's
      "jesus was a socialist" also very old and common tactic, this still goes on nowadays as excuse to rob people

  3. well, they want it both ways, is precisely why everyone else gets one or the other but not both. they want the gold/silver locked up to use as collateral to print worthless irredeemable paper against. they don't want it in circulation, as it is debt free and people wouldn't have to borrow (from them, anyhow, the replacement private people would probably try to set up the same scam as these "private" people did)

    imagine your monopoly opponent stole the bank and says it is gone, you have to borrow from him now, at interest.

    oh, no worries, he assures you, all that "money" is still there, all his new "derivitaves" are "backed by" it...but his new paper money is irredeemable for monopoly money. so "backed by" is a meaningless claim if you can't "cash" his money for the previous one.

    99% of "money" nowadays is neither specie nor even paper, just "credit" "checkbook money" "money of account" "entries in ledgers" "entries in computers".

    they dont even bother to print the irredeemable paper nowadays when they can help it.

    "only criminals use cash" (which, properly, irredeemable paper is not "cash" it is "monetized debt" (when based on interest bearing bonds) "pilfered credit [substitute for money/specie, not money itself]" "unlawful conversion" (forcing everyone out of american common law of the land into private international law merchant, see "the dispatch of merchants" william [bill] avery 1976 and "clearfield doctrine")

    like most things, "cashless society" "quantum financial system" is already what we have now. this is a common tactic to distract/mislead, talk about things as "new" after they already occurred, parasites have to always try to brainwash everyone, be one step ahead.

    "quantum already" because in theory all the FRNs are "redeemable" for specie, specie payments just have been "suspended" indefinitely.

    the "banks" can "loan" (i use word loosely) "credit" for X "dollars", but the actual dollars (specie, or even paper most times) don't exist.

    very quantum -- the "dollars" exist in theory, until you try to redeem them for paper or specie, then they magically disappear.

    heidenberg principle.

  4. First, thank you Anna and Paul for your information and road map to freedom.

    Are you aware that one of the top priorities of Agenda 21 and 2030 (agreed upon by the UN General Assembly) is to put an end to national sovereignty?

    And are you aware that the US fake government is trying to do away with (abolishing) state lines turning the entire country into 4 or 5 regions under Federal military control.

    Where does that leave all of us who reinstate ourselves as State Nationals?
    What can we do to counter this if the State Assemblies, etc cannot be formed in time.

    Thank you.

    1. Oh they have already erased the state lines they just didn't tell anyone they did it
      Even rolled out the educational requirements for their planned new world order slaves through Rockefeller Department of Education and through unemployment offices nationwide
      The regions are called FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities and they are already filling them to the brim creating weather disasters to rid people off the land and either kill them or move them to the designated regions where humans will be permitted to live
      See Mike Morales on you tube for complete details on weather modification and those who will be affected by them
      Weather channel and all other weather outlets read scripts
      See Rothchild geoengineering empire
      Everyone best get ready because they are about to mess with the electricity and the food supply here in the United States just like they doing to Venezuela
      You don't go along with their mandate you get sanctioned and of course all the other 'governments' play along because they are part of it
      Part of their plan is to DISARM everyone on the planet except for their new world order army - planned long ago and with each false flag they throw out more legislation to take away peoples firearms
      Just some things for your reference
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. What if,

    There are people born on a State of the union, and those birthing a new nation comprising foundling children and charity cases? The first is the-LAST-and the second coming is just around the corner. One had rights under the creator, the other was given rights as a cretian/creature, fill in the blank if you will. When we fill out the application for the re-cord, is the result in accord with a heavenly union or in dis-cord with an artificial creation? Now, can the State have any say in affairs preceding its custody? What name and date did you use when electing the pol position? We are here to think and act accordingly.

  6. My name is Shelby period
    Do you know why we have surnames?
    Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was sometimes known as the Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling
    All of it developed for the purpose of taxation and still under development today as they identify people in the jungle and bring them in to their system
    India in the process of biometrically marking every citizen and assigning the UN unique ID number - hence this is why they started outsourcing jobs to India, they fell in line with the mandates
    It's also why India started withdrawing the cash from the market so they would have no choice but to get their UN ID in order to buy and sell
    And while that was going on, big agriculture moved in to take over the farms and put the people off the land
    Which all falls in line with this map where 70% of the worlds populations will live in poor, overcrowded, polluted cooridors all designed and implemented by the UN
    And they working to do the same exact thing in the United States where wildlands, which encompasses over 80% of the continent I would say, will be off limits to all humans and the people will be put in their FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities where they will be controlled at all times
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  7. Bravo!

    Well done, hopefully others will glean the meaning of whats being said here.

    The first cause preceded the afterbirth itself owing its existence to the zygote. This is science!

  8. Keep us posted on that FOIA request - unfortunately they falsify all kinds of documents and records to suit their purpose
    My take on this is to go straight to the source of the fraud the hospitals
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  9. Shelby,

    Hospitals are ports of entry for the corp US. If a child is left behind at that port of entry, has it been presumed naturalized? Does the wrong info provided on the application for BC back this presumption up? Does one need a license to transport commercial property? Everything lines up perfectly, just a sound becomes form. Ma-sonic-mother of sound = matrix, sign by the X.


    The removal of goods or persons from one place to another, by a carrier. See Railroad Co. v. Pratt, 22 Wall. 133, 22 L. Ed. 827; Interstate Commerce Coin’n v. Brimson, 154 U. S. 4 17. 14 Sup. Ct. 1125, 38 L. Ed. .1047; Gloucester Ferry Co. v. Pennsylvania, 114 U. S. 100, 5 Sup. Ct. S26, 29 L. Ed. 158. In criminal law. A species of punishment consisting in removing the criminal from his own country to another, (usually a penal colony.) there to remain in exile for a prescribed period. Fong Yue Ting v. U. S., 149 U. S. 698, 13 Sup. Ct. 1016, 37 L. Ed. 005

  11. What is PRESCRIBE?

    To assert a right or title to the enjoyment of a thing, on the ground of having hitherto had the uninterrupted and immemorial enjoymeut of It. To direct; define; mark out. In modern statutes relating to matters of au administra- tive nature, such as procedure, registration, etc., it is usual to indicate in general terms the nature of the proceedings to be adopted, and to leave the details to be prescribed or regulated by rules or orders to be made for that purpose in pursuance of an authority contained in the act. Sweet. And see Mansfield v. People, 104 111. Oil, 45 N. E. 970; Ex parte Lot.hrop, lis U. S. 113, 0 Sup. Ct. 984, 30 L. Ed. 108; Field v. Marye, 83 Va. 882, 3 S. E. 707.

  12. Difference Between Birth Certificate And Certificate Of Live Birth
    Written by J. Hirby and Fact Checked by The Law Dictionary Staff
    For most purposes of identification, people use the Birth Certificate as the original document. But some have recently heard about something called the Certificate of Live Birth. What is the difference between the Birth Certificate and Certificate of Live Birth?

    “Hospital Record of Birth: Certificate of Live Birth”

    The medical community has established the practice of issuing the Certificate of Live Birth when a human being enters the world. This form will include the basics of the baby name, parent names, doctor names, hospital, sex, race, date of birth and person completing the record. Health care professionals will then enter the information into their hospital database.

    At this point, the father should verify that the information on the form is correct. Mistakes can be made on the original form or during medical data entry. The mother will, of course, be stressed and won’t be able to concentrate when given the form. Corrections should be made before the Birth Certificate is officially issued.

    The Certificate of Live Birth is the first unofficial draft of the fact that your mother gave birth to you. Once this information is complete, this Certificate of Live Birth is sent to the Office of Vital Statistics or State Register to create the Official Birth Certificate.

    “Official Government Issued Record of Birth: Birth Certificate”

    For the sake of school, insurance, taxes, identification cards and travel documents, you should use your Birth Certificate. While the Certificate of Live Birth shows that you are medically alive, the Birth Certificate is the official record declaring your place of birth. Some people are not born in hospitals and don’t have these other records.

    The United States federal government may not take your Certificate of Live Birth for Passport purposes either. There have been some difficulties with birth documents in Puerto Rico. It is always wise to have your official Birth Certificate in a safe deposit box.

    Remember that the live birth hospital form is primarily for data entry purposes. Your Birth Certificate is for official recording purposes and will have the signature and date of a state official on the bottom. It should be printed on high-quality paper or cardboard with a registrar’s embossed state seal in the corner for authenticity. This official Birth Certificate will also have a registration number, so it can easily be looked up for reference.

  13. What is MONSTER?

    A prodigious birth; a human birth or offspring not having the shape of mankind, which cannot be heir to any land, albeit it be brought forth in marriage. Bract fol. 5; Co. Litt. 7, 8; 2 Bl. Comm. 246.

  14. One LAST thing, rip-cord-rest in peace!