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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies - 28 Global Municipal Jurisdiction

By Anna Von Reitz

We could also call this section "From Trade to Commerce".

When we engage in "peaceful national and international trade", this is a private and natural right held under our own authority.  This is the realm in which we are supposed to use our "Good Name" also known as "Given Name" also known as "Trade Name" --- the name that our Fathers and Mothers gave us at birth. 

We are naturally unincorporated and sovereign entities when we stand on the land and soil of our geographically defined states/States; however, when we venture into the international jurisdiction of the sea or upon the navigable inland waterways to engage in trade with corporations or people from other countries, we are considered to be acting as "Foreign Situs Trusts" temporarily under the care of the British Monarch who owes us safe passage, aid and assistance --- so long as we are claiming our birthright political status as American State Nationals or American State Citizens.

If, however, we allow ourselves to be misrepresented as Federal Citizens of any sort, no such guarantees apply; the same Name applied to a Federal Citizen may be mistaken for a "stateless Person" --- and stateless Persons can be attacked, salvaged, and plundered under the Laws of the Sea. 

So, how does this work?  All Federal Citizens are "stateless Persons" of one kind or another, because their "states" are all "inchoate states" --- incomplete, non-physical, incorporated franchises of ---from our perspective, foreign governments and foreign commercial corporations. 

These corporate franchises  are foreign first and foremost because they are not functioning as people.  They are functioning as legal fiction "Persons". 

The instant that your State National political status is stolen from you as a baby, and your Good Name is misidentified as that of a "US Citizen", you are labeled as a "Federal Citizen" and deprived of all the protections and guarantees and property rights you are heir to.  You and your estate can be pillaged and salvaged, and the Queen, who is supposed to be acting as your Protector won't say a thing; indeed, she will laugh all the way to the bank.  

This is because Federal Citizens have no Natural and Unalienable rights and their inchoate States (properly called "States of States") are not Parties to our Constitutions and other Treaties with Great Britain. 

Only the actual geographically-defined States and physical People have access to the constitutional guarantees as intended.  States of States and Incorporated Persons are not generally "covered" by these agreements.  

So when we claim our proper birthright political status as American State Nationals or American State Citizens, our business is our own on the land and soil of our State, and when we venture out in the wider world, we are under the protection of the British Queen.

If we do not claim our proper birthright political status and wind up identified as a Federal Citizen of some kind, we are considered temporary residents on the land and soil of our own State, we are unable to actually own our own land, and we have no constitutional guarantees --- only duties to perform.

This circumstance above all others underlines the advantage and importance of claiming/retaining your birthright political status. 

This is just the first round -- what happens to us when we are innocently engaging in international trade and are mistaken-accidentally-on-purpose for Federal Citizens; there is another level to this same basic identity theft/misrepresentation scam that occurs when we enter the global realm of commerce and are "mistaken" for fully incorporated entities: PERSONS.

In the international land jurisdiction where our States of the Union naturally abide, there are no living people; instead, we function as People -- State Citizens are functioning as Officials and Officers of our States -- Jurors, Sheriffs, Justices, Electors,  and so on, while State Nationals function as Inheritors and may also be Electors. 

In the global municipal jurisdiction there are no people, either, just fully incorporated commercial corporations chartered by various governments, operating under the names of people, e.g., JOHN PHILIP SOUZA, as well as more familiar commercial corporations like GENERAL ELECTRIC.

The Municipal Jurisdiction is Global in nature and is organized as separate Municipalities that operate as International City States and charter all these fully incorporated commercial corporations.  Municipal Jurisdiction is also called the "Empire of the City", meaning Rome under the auspices of the Holy Sea, and since 1929, Vatican City, which has set up and operated all the Municipal Charters on Earth.

This model of government is based on the plenary oligarchy of Ancient Rome, under the Caesars, which established independent City-States and Roman Territories throughout the world. 

The Municipality of Washington, DC is set up as a plenary oligarchy run by members of the Municipal United States Congress under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17. It is an independent, international City-State created under a Municipal Charter doing business as "the" United States, run in turn by a Municipal Corporation, doing business as the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia.  The District of Columbia itself is meanwhile operated  as a Territorial Democracy doing business as "the" United States of America.

Similar independent international City-State organizations have been chartered all over the world, some of the principle members that boast their own flags are the Municipality of Washington, DC, the Inner City of London, Vatican City, the United Nations, and the City of New York.  These chartered municipal entities engage in international affairs and international trade, and then go one step further and charter franchises for themselves known as commercial corporations, or PERSONS.

Thus, the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia, a "doing business name of" the Municipality of Washington, DC, an independent international City-State doing business as the "United States" (Incorporated) has chartered the UNITED STATES, CANADA, DETROIT, JOHN PHILIP SOUZA, WESTMINSTER, PENNSYLVANIA....over a 185,000 such Municipal franchises, plus, via its UNITED STATES franchise and its STATE OF MAINE and STATE OF TEXAS and other franchises----- hundreds of millions of "individual franchises" named after each and every one of us, have been created without our knowledge or consent.

The Global Municipal Jurisdiction is the realm of Commerce--- which is business between two fully incorporated entities--meaning that these entities are not just "Legal Fictions".  They are LEGAL FICTIONS created and chartered by other Legal Fictions/LEGAL FICTIONS and are another step or two or three removed from the realm of actual living people.

A wide variety of Legal Persons can participate in International Trade, including unincorporated Mom and Pop American businesses called doing business under State National and State Citizen Names like "Lisa Ann Purdue" or "John's Autobody Shop" or US Citizen Names like "John George Walton".

Without firmly declared provenance recorded (Americans) or registered (US Citizens also known as Federal Citizens) the capacity in which any Person is acting is left up to presumption. 

Not surprisingly, the Queen's Territorial henchmen have chosen to "presume" that we are not acting in our birthright capacity, are therefore owed no protection and no constitutional guarantees.  They have deliberately falsified the evidence in their favor by registering our Names and leaving us clueless that any of this was going on and equally clueless that we needed to declare and record our birthright political status as Americans.

The Municipal Government has been just as busy registering its own franchises in our NAMES.

As a result, we can, if we so wish, operate as British Territorial CITIZENS under the Spanish laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or we can operate as Municipal CITIZENS under the laws of the Municipality of Washington, DC.... or as Citizens of the United States (Municipal Franchise) or as United States Citizens (Territorial Franchise) or we can say "No" to all this fraudulent undisclosed identity theft  and operate as we are meant to operate, by declaring our natural birthright political status, exercising our own country's sovereignty, and enforcing the actual Constitution owed to us.

Please note that the Municipal United States is specifically limited to the ten miles square of Washington, DC, and the purpose of letting Congress run the City as a plenary oligarchy in the first place was to provide an equal meeting ground --- not to launch a competing "commercial" government made out of paper and hot air and false claims in commerce.

The responsibility for these travesties lies both upon the members elected to serve "as" delegates to unstipulated "Congresses", and upon the foreign governments and governmental services corporations that have allowed, promoted, and profited from these activities. 

The unrestrained corruption of the Municipal United States Congress is also the particular responsibility of the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Empire which issued the Municipal Charter(s) and failed to oversee them.  As this is written, many key Municipal Charters have been revoked and the offending corporations have been or are being liquidated for cause; however, the same guilty parties running these crime syndicates as "service organizations" have been allowed to re-apply for new Municipal Charters and to shelter their ill-gotten gains, so that a true Good Faith correction is lacking.

By substituting foreign corporate franchises --- in effect, their own "Persons" / "PERSONS"--- to replace and usurp upon the living American People, our States, and our lawful Persons, these criminals have endeavored to steal our identities one-by-one, to falsely indebt us and accrue debt against our public and private assets, to set up a gigantic national mortgage fraud, and to embezzle trillions of dollars out of our country's economy

Again, although this is a summary discussion, it should be clear to any American that there is compelling reason and advantage in reclaiming and retaining our birthright political status as American State Nationals and American State Citizens---- and very significant adverse consequences from allowing anyone to consider you a Municipal CITIZEN, as all Municipal CITIZENS are by definition debtors, criminals---- and slaves because they are criminals.

See the 13th and 14th Amendments to the Territorial Constitution made by the Scottish corporation doing business as "The United States of America" (Incorporated) in 1868.


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  1. Unless President Trump turns out to be an insider for the vatican, he could make us all nationalists with one stroke of his pen.

    1. Oh he's an insider no doubt about it
      And according to Anna she made claim for all of us and the land?
      His USMCA deal is to finish the establishment of the North American Union and Mike Pence attends the Summit of the Americas meetings
      The bankers have had all these plans in the works forever and the show they put on tell lie vision is to keep the masses busy while they rob the entire earth of everything and that includes the planned genocide of nation after nation to get what they want
      I see the Agenda 21 plan in my area every day, stack and pack housing, farms being taken right and left, cameras everywhere, pay by the mile for highways we've already paid for, it's all around everyone but no one knows what they are doing because they listen to the tell lie vision which by the way is owned by the same thieves who set all of this up in the first place
      These are international crimes against every living being on this planet and yet nothing, no charges, no filings, just do your paperwork and you will be left alone while they kill everyone else around you?
      Read this blog see what you think
      He makes the claim that there are 1.8 million actors on a world stage and we the human cattle have been reduced to cattle fattened up for the slaughter - they have even changed the definition of the word beast and in one of the links he discusses how they have already rewritten history - so is the history we have correct in all of this file for your DNA and birth names or just another one of their tricks to extort more money from the goyim?
      You think any of us are going to escape this
      They have openly called for the extermination of billions of people and yet nothing happens to these entities?
      Go read the global 2000 report ou want to be shocked - this was all put together years ago and their planned genocide of any useless eater is on going until of course they have all the pieces together to lock down all of humanity and chip or kill us
      The bankers must be eliminated period or there is no nation or people on this plane(t) that will EVER be free
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    2. nope hes for the people. Q uestion your narrative.

    3. I thought we were never going to use that word "citizen" ever again...!! If anything we are "non-citizens"....We are not Citizens, CITIZENS, OR citizens of anything or are confusing people judge Anna....Quite using that word Citizen...Why do you persist on hanging on to that Corp produced document (even the Original), called the Constitution of The United States Of America.....let it go for God's sake...!!
      Get over it...!!

    4. A "Citizen" works for the government. Dejure or DEFACTO. One must return to being a state national before one can chose to be a state Citizen and hold a Public Office of the Organic government. I would like to hold the Office of Public Notary at some point after we get our County Jural Assembly established and wombman are accepted to participate. My ESTATE holds a land and soil heirloom homestead. Then I will be a Land State Citizen.

      It is your choice in which capacity you want to live your life. The word Citizen is not in itself a bad thing, but not knowing what type of Citizen you are is the problem and not knowing you have the choice not to be a Citizen at all and be left alone is a problem.

      Thank you Anna for each of the articles on the Jural Assemblies.

      Peace and Love to all

  2. Since our Earth is not a Globe, how does that change this blog? Should you call it World Wide instead?
    You should if you don't want to tell lies about one thing while telling truths about another.

  3. Ty anna- difficulty has always been the DC Corp & its municipalities failure to acknowkedge your claim to your birthright ! How do u get them to respond ! A green card ? A default? How do u penalize them for their failure to respond ? They ignore u because they see u as all CAP and dead and/or they dont answer you as the living - they dont even respond thru a 3rd party ! Pure evil .. u educate as always but seldom list a solution when one’s difficult and EXPENSIVE efforts fall on deaf ears - Solution ? Yet another admin process or do we simply tag our bodies with the public perrenial green card for the few that care to respond ? what do we do to those trustees who wont even acknowledge a green card ? And how about the moronic uneducated and programmed “law enforcement” ? We stand as oxymoron sovereign citiens to them remember ? Your writings should be addressed to these numb-nuts, and its tribunal core of corruption. Where does your status go if the military PERSONS including courts and cops refuse to listen - how does one enforce liability against those who fail to answer - that is where i believe your focus should be. That and how to operate as a private Ametican when no one and no corp around you gives a damn. Your focus now must be on a proven remedy against these proven criminals and PLEASE dont tell me a commercial lien, when your own lien against the BAR has not worked... by the way, we need the BAR and its members deported now that our Organic C is being resurrected ? Any thoughts to this conundrum of unresolved issues ? Solutions please minus the insults thank you.

    1. fact I couldn't have said it better...!! Anna needs to focus all her energy to ridding us of all Corp law enforcement, and stop with everyone else...they are the "hired hands" doing all the dirty work for the Corporate State, without knowing one iota of real law...."Public Law"...!! Of course it's easy to pick on REAL patriots like Winston Stroud, who just because of the States power was given a 10 year sentence...supposedly...!! That should have been a "Call to Action" right there..!!
      The "black" community would have been in arms the next day...but not whites..!! As long as it doesn't affect us "directly" whites could care less...!! I've meet "brothers" that blow away whites when it comes to law and knowing more about our history than so called Americans...!!

      I wonder who will be the next patriot will be that goes to prison so people like Anna can brag that she said so....!!

  4. become born again, go to court and formally change your name/race/political status on your bc and become an American national and/or State Citizen via DOS. come on up out of her my people.

    1. Please explain how you did this? So you did not file all of this paperwork you just took your certified copy of your birth certificate and filed a court case and changed all of this?
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    2. me where in the bible where Jesus corrected his status via paperwork...!! Status is inherent, it doesn't need paperwork to claim it...its a state of mind, not an illusion...!! The problem is law enforcement....the whole problem as far as I'm concerned...!!
      Anna (grandma) has often stated that she can hold her own if push comes to what is the problem of eliminating all law enforcement, especially Corp law enforcement....????

  5. For anyone who thinks they are free or will be free in all of the tyranny they have planned have a read
    We either stop these bankers and all of this electronic bullshit or this is going to get really ugly
    Tell me all of you who have filed your paperwork, what medium of exchange are you using, the US dollar? Are you getting a social security check? Are you using debit chipped cards? Are you working for this beast and collecting their fiat currency? It is money in their systems that can be taken away at the stroke of a key?
    Think ID2020 is about anyones safety? It is not is is preparation for the cashless society they have planned for everyone
    See the star in the identification card? No coincidence
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. One other link of interest - internet smart cards required to access the internet - this is the crap DHS and others are working on for their one world order crap and we are paying for it
    And for anyone who does not think that this took years of significant planning and huge amounts of money and the knowledge and skills of the humans they now wish to contain then you are just plain ignoring the writing on the wall
    This tracking and tracing is why they want us all crammed in to these FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities and out of all rural areas - because you cannot be tracked and traced there unless they expand their reach
    I will do whatever I can to aid in any effort I just do not have the means to pay their extortion fees to get free so until then I will pass on critical information for those working in the assemblies as I find it
    Make note they specifically plan and carry out events to further their agenda of complete and total tracking - for instance like the nationwide roll out of the Sandy Hook Promise which is a tattle tale surveillance system that they train kids on things to look for or on things they hear to be reported to this system - this means that they are using the kids to report anything including what happens in your home, not that they don't have listening devices and crap already in your home
    I'm telling you nothing is off limits, nothing
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Shelby...I don't know how many of you have small children, but those of you that you ever walk into their class and see what they are being taught....I guarantee I would if I had kids...thats where the brainwashing starts...!! You need to correct any teacher trying to pass off a LIE as the TRUTH...!! That goes for all people who have children...why dont you care what they are being taught...!! There isn't one person on this site who couldn't "school" any teacher in the public school system...!!

    2. My dad came into all of our classes as we we growing up...throughout K thru 8th....!!

  7. Information on the school surveillance program
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  8. Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
    Enter the access code: 443602

    Sunday evenings from 8pm est till whenever
    Status correction help meeting

    For when you want to stop complaining , argueing and doing nothing. We have 50 Republics to reconstruct , people to be saved and our lives and fortunes to be taken back .

    CM Kevin Cote'
    845 997 0084