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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies - 30 The Constitutions

By Anna Von Reitz

Just as it is a shock for many people to realize that there is an American Government operating separate from the Federal Government it created, and that there were "Confederate States" in operation long before the Civil War, it will come as a shock to many to realize that there are in fact three (3) Constitutions, not one. 

Much of our education has been neglected so as to promote fraud against us and make us -- and our entire country -- easy marks.

Let's notice a few general things that are important about the Constitutions and the Federal Government they created.

1. The word "Federal" can be used in several ways.  It can be used as a descriptive adjective indicating a contractual relationship with our American Federation of States -- The United States of America [the unincorporated version] -- or any other federated entity; it can also be applied to any part of a federated entity.

This is important, because it allows a great deal of "genial deception" and not-so genial deception, which we will discuss a bit more fully.

2. All "Federal" entities referenced by the Constitutions operate exclusively in the global municipal jurisdiction of the air and are fictions created by fictions.

Via the Constitutions, these commercial businesses contracted with our States to provide our States with nineteen (19) stipulated services, which according to the Preamble of each Constitution, includes safeguarding our National Trust.

That is, there is no direct connection between any Federal entity and our States, except that our States own and (are supposed to) operate the Federal States of States, which have been officially Missing in Action since 1868, and all the Branches of the Federal Government are under contract to provide our States with stipulated services.   

3. There are three (3) branches of the "Federal Government" established by the three (3) Constitutions, and they are all limited and related to each other within the context of their separate constitutional agreements with our States:

(a) The Federal Branch of the Federal Government is supposed to be run by the Federal States of States (the original Confederate States) and their Union of States of States doing business as the "States of America" operating in the global municipal jurisdiction of the air -- commerce.

(b) The Territorial Branch of the Federal Government is run by the British Government under authority delegated to King George III via the Treaties leading up to and including The Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, which ended The Revolutionary War. 

This Territorial Branch of the Federal Government is in charge of supervising British Territorial Citizens "residing" in our States of the Union for the purpose of providing us with stipulated governmental services--- most especially, protection on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways (Naval Defense and Defense of our Commercial Fleets and International Trade) and management of our "Territorial Possessions"--- like the Insular States of Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and Guam, and the Territorial States arising under the Northwest Ordinance, which provides an orderly means for new territories of The United States to become States of The United States of America.

(c) The Municipal Branch of the Federal Government is supposed to be operated by members of the Federal Congress, and the Federal Congress is supposed to be composed of Deputies from each State charged with running the Federal State of State belonging to their State of the Union. The Municipal Branch of the Federal Government is given the responsibility to oversee the District of Columbia as a neutral meeting ground and to provide a local government for the Municipality of Washington, DC.  Unfortunately, they were granted plenary power over the ten miles square of the District of Columbia and the Municipality of Washington, DC. See Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17. And the Municipal Charter was granted by the Holy Roman Empire.

So, contrary to what you learned in Eighth Grade, the Branches of the Federal Government are not "executive, legislative, and judicial", they are Federal, Territorial, and Municipal.

All three operate in the global municipal jurisdiction of the air and are operating as commercial business enterprises providing governmental services.

All three have separate existences apart from their role as service providers under the constitutional agreements.

All three are obligated by solemn treaties and commercial service agreements to provide Good Faith Service to our States and People. 

All three operate exclusively via Delegated Powers. 

In order to provide us with the nineteen (19) stipulated services, our States delegated some of their "powers" to be exercised by the Federal Government --- with the complete understanding that they retained all their other powers (Amendment X) and also with the understanding that if the Federal service providers failed to hold up their end, the States and People doing business as The United States of America, would have the right to sever the constitutional agreements, withdraw their Delegated Power, and find new means of providing the stipulated services and doing business in the commercial realm.

This is precisely where we stand today, the urgent reason that the State Jural Assemblies must assemble, and the reason our birthright political status must be declared and asserted. 

Only the People who own the States that contracted with the commercial businesses operating the Federal Government are competent to (a) restore and reconstruct the Federal States of States and (b) enforce the constitutional agreements.

As things now stand, those of us who woke up early in the morning are operating the Holding Company, The United States of America.  We have fully informed the rest of the world that all bets are off and that we are only accepting services explicitly stipulated by the Constitutions and only on a month-by-month quid pro quo basis while our States Assemble.

We have also informed all Parties that incompetency in bankruptcy severs the presumed service contracts and related delegated authorities by Operation of Law, and that we acknowledge and accept the bankruptcy of the Municipal United States and receive back all Powers delegated to the Municipal Congress.

Once the people have been sufficiently educated and have reclaimed their birthright political status and taken up their Lawful role as People and have Assembled their State, a Continental Congress of the States and their Lawful Deputies will be called to confirm and reconsider all aspects of the history and the situation going forward.

Meantime, be advised:

1. The actual Federal Constitution is called: The Constitution for the united States of America, adopted in 1787.  All members of the "States of America" organization are Federal States of States, also called "Confederate States" which have been mothballed since 1868.

2. The Territorial Constitution is called: "The Constitution of the United States of America" adopted in 1789 --- notice the small "the".  This version of "United States of America" is a British commercial corporation operated as a "Territorial Democracy"--- which has been running the Federal District Government in the "absence" of our own Federal States of States--- not be confused with our American Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.

3. The Municipal Constitution is called: "The Constitution of the United States" adopted in 1790. Notice that there is no reference to "of America" involved.  Notice also the small "the" as part of "the United States" --- this municipal commercial corporation is not to be confused with The United States representing our republican states. 

In an ideal world, the States of The United States doing business as The United States of America own and operate the Federal States of States (also called Confederate States), and the Territories naturally belonging to The United States are administered by British Territorial subcontractors prior to their inclusion as States in The United States of America federation, and the only Municipal Government in this country is controlled and limited to stay and operate exclusively within the District of Columbia by the Territorial Government.

You can now see how very far we have strayed and how potentially catastrophic this situation is without your prompt attention and participation in your own history and your own State Jural Assembly. 

At the very beginning we noted that because the word "Federal" can be used in many contexts and can be applied to any part of any federation, it lends itself to various kinds and levels of deception.

In the course of this 150 year debacle, both the Territorial and Municipal Governments have represented themselves as "the" Federal Government and they have been allowed to do so because they are part of the Federal Government.  This then, has led everyone to assume that the actual Federal Government in sum total, including the Federal Branch of the Federal Government, was still in operation long, long after the Civil War ended and the Federal States of States were due to be "reconstructed". 

Also, other entities having commercial contracts with either the Territorial or Municipal Governments, like the Federal Reserve, have made a "claim by association" to be "federal" entities, when in fact they have no relationship with the Federal Branch of the Federal Government, nor with our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.

The Federal Reserve is as "federal" as Federal Express.  So is the FBI. 


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  1. Anna you are presenting in these articles for "All the Jural Assemblies..." an amazing reveal of what has been hidden and lost from our view for generations. Now we can see how the prevalence of legal chicanery and literal hiway robbery of unwitting innocent Americans and the innumerable injustices heaped on us have been performed by these foreign courts that have been running rampant on the free soil and land of America. Formerly I thought the Constitution of 1787 was faulty, which I still believe it is due to subtle but decipherable inconsistencies it contains.

    Nonetheless your analysis of the profound levels of deception about States, States of States, people, People, soil and natural rights vs Territorial and Municipal claims of being made subjects of these foreign jurisdictions, gives hope of effective remedies using a sure path to follow.

    I propose you join and lead your students or followers to lead out in a structured plan of emancipation of people, organizing, planning, training, and implementing the actualization of Jural Assemblies in each State and in providing to individual people a template to follow with a self managed progress report of steps accomplished. How about a "Manual for American People: 20 individual and 20 Public steps to re-establishing The United States of America and Your Full Land and Property Ownership, and Putting the Nightmares of the Swamp Behind Us for Ever", (With simple steps to follow to make your own path straight again) prepared for both individual people and for Jural Assemblies.

    Having a clear plan to follow with the steps laid out in black and white will hasten the progress and steady the mis-steps that otherwise will occur. People cannot be blamed for hesitation since our public-fool training has been to be graded in everything by one "in authority",to stand in line and ask the State of State Municipal and Territorial appointed authority for permission to do business, to "drive", to build homes, to marry, to engage in education, etc., so we cower at the thought of claiming our own authority under God again.

    For those who lack confidence, a guide book will bolster their bravery needed to leave the old but wide roads of behavior leading us all into darkness and captivity and shed light on the straight path out of error into freedom and prosperity we all are owed by our birthright nearly lost to liars, thieves and devils.

    Let's write a guidebook! Ask for readers input for ideas, then select and edit and ask volunteers to take on specified tasks so students get to the work of writing and publishing it on the web, and in pamphlet form, done!

    1. joel this is precisely my thoughts as well AS I HAVE STATED BEFORE; SIMPLICITY; has to be simple for this to be accomplished!!! another thing that has to be done, in my opinion, is to 'convert'/ 'educate' the line of thinking by these attorneys , lawyers, counselors , 'judges', county administrators, legislators etc.etc., WITH THESE FACTS presented by anna !!!! a structured education plan DEMANDING WHAT IS TO BE DONE !!! you can call it an ULTIMATUM if you wish !! only thing that i can think of that will work to make this happen correctly !! and direct registered receipt mailings of notice to all of these individuals involved in county and state offices ! i may not have all the answers but am certainly open on this as this is my line of thinking !! an example; when i was in the navy as an nco 'bosun' when i gave an order to a shipmate to do a specific task and that shipmate didn't follow thru and didn't obey the order that person was " ON REPORT " !!!! SAME APPLIES HERE in this 'task' of us taking back our country ! if these people are given the facts presented by anna as to our total situation regarding our freedoms involved and the procedures are not followed thru with 'our' demands then they are " ON REPORT " !! they need to be TOLD what is demanded of them and held accountable !!!! let the 'top brass' know the JIG IS UP !! any other ideas fine; i am open as everyone else is !! good write up joel and thanks for getting the ball rolling .

    2. Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
      Enter the access code: 443602

      Status correction help meeting
      Every Sunday at 8pm est till whenever

      There is no " book " there is however articles Anna has written and people who are going through the process available to help.

      CM Kevin Cote
      845 987 0084

    3. Yes "Full Land and Property Ownership" is a must and should be priority ONE! Has anyone had any success with that Corrected Deed process???

  2. Paul, I tried to reply to your comments but that blog was no longer open on the topic of "From their Works".

    I contribute to Anna's blog to try to add my light to the discussions about liberty lost in America, be it great or small, to a discussion among a group of self proclaimed truth seekers.

    You assume I have not read the links your posted, but most I have read, considering them an opportunity to comprehend your viewpoint and convictions. I drew the comment about the article you shared coming from an advertising arm of the Catholic Church something I gleaned from the advertising website itself, and it was truly its sponsoring source, apparently approved in content by the Catholic Church. I have not specifically condemned your church, rather I have said man's tendencies to judge anything without asking God by humble true intent to know His Will in prayer causes us (anyone) to remain without His light and to remain uninformed of God's Will.

    So I have read many of your articles, but - have you, before making your declaration that what I try to share is uninspired and not the truth it claims it is,- have you read for yourself - any of the things I have shared? I would guess your answer is no. So if you do wish to have me consider Catholic policies and teachings, I can , I will and I have done so. In exchange I think it only fair that you carefully consider the teachings I have shared from the place where resides your own individual intelligence, that of Paul Stramer, and not from a pre-decided (prejudiced) viewpoint. If you accept, then let's take turns commenting about various points of doctrines in our respective beliefs and where they concur or where they disagree, and explain why, the history, the origin of the doctrines, and the pertinent facts.

    Making any judgement without examining both the facts and law will not make for a just or fair decision of the jurist, but makes for a reversible decision in a higher court of facts and law. Are you agreed? Mind you this offer is not to try to put anyone or anything "down", that is a waste of time. It is to try to reveal the truth of the matter in our open discussion of the merits. I promise to do no name calling or put downs, do you?

    1. I have read enough about the Mormon heresy to know that I don't need or want to discuss any more about it, especially in a public forum, and I don't have enough time without detriment to my work here.
      So I am declining that conversation at this time. This decision was made decades ago when a local friend asked me to do the same, after looking into it then.
      There are just too many things about LDS that don't add up with history.

    2. Paul, it would seem Joel is simply saying we can all find some common ground.
      i can see common ground within many different groups and also see falseness within many different groups.
      i have found Joel to be quite respectful in his comments.
      Are you asking everyone to just swallow what Anna and other commenters are spewing and shut up?
      Yes, there are a lot of things that do not add up in History,(not just LDS) that is why many of us are here.

    3. Thanks for your comment A follower. I see no need to speak disrespectfully or to try to put others down,as we are all limited by our experiences and personal histories of what we have been exposed to, and passing judgement on subjects we have not studied carefully and thoughtfully personally are being dismissed routinely as it is easier to throw something in to the heap of uninvestigated rumors than to truly consider its points in as objective a view as we are capable.

      I don't blame you Paul for declining my invitation to discuss our beliefs with consideration. But when we are trying to get at the truth, I cannot see where any harm is done in sharing the eternal truths revealed in scripture to all who will consider them, because if we say, do succeed in establishing Jural Assemblies and in self governing our soil and land, counties, and other self government matters, without the ten commandments used as our guide, we can not expect to obtain results that are just and true, so iniquity will go on in its many forms, including mis-led governments.

      I will continue to offer scripturally backed thoughts in an effort to encourage the first amendment's acknowledgement that without religion being given a special permanent place in our assemblies (and in all American government), we are walking in the dark without God's much needed influence. That would be doomed to dismal failure.

    4. If you want to knit pick Anna's stuff and think that is constructive be my guest. She can defend herself.

      Anna is not a Catholic. She is a Lutheran and I won't defend that position. It's her opinion, not mine.

      On the other hand I don't attack that position either unless someone spews some kind of attack on the Catholic Faith.

      On the one hand you all seem to want me to not engage in defending the true Faith, and on the other you want to be able speak all manner of false belief at will.

      Well not here. You can't have it both ways. In the first place none of you know what the Catholic Church really teaches. And none of you really know the true history of the Church.

      So just leave the Catholic Church out of it. You all still seem to think that outfit in the Vatican is the Catholic Church AND IT'S NOT, NOT BY A LONG SHOT.

      So I won't be a part of any half baked "discussion" about Catholic history with anyone who doesn't know what that is, and God knows I have provided plenty of evidence.

  3. Go to Amazon and buy her book, you know one of those socialist corporations who is actively capturing all of your informtation for their social enginnering inititives?
    And if you have one of their SMART cards congratualtions this is what it contains or what it will contain once the bankers implement their worldwide cashless society
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    Anyway hope this information is being captired as these are serious issues facing the entire nation
    Need to seriously think about other means than using the web after all they also control it too
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. I believe the wi-fi and cell phone radiation is a type of micro wave, emits for several inches from your cell phone, can and does penetrate the bone of your skull and disturbs the cells of the brain and other body parts causing their normal cell division to become confused and fried. Micro waves definitely penetrate through the brain/skull barrier, passing right through the skull. My wonderful righteous son died of brain cancer three years ago, someone who never smoked cigarettes, never did drugs, always tried to live clean and true to honoring the sacred temple of his body. But he believed the hours spent talking to friends on the cell phone accumulated from headaches to cancer, and he died at the age of 45, a fantasticaly disciplined and spiritual man whose loss has been the biggest loss and blow of our life (even bigger than losing a $850,000 home to the liers running the district courts and IRS who colluded in the presumption that the all capital name on the complaint was me, another fundamental lie and presumption among the many Anna speaks of). Yes Shelby, micro wave radiation does kill and we will be witnessing an avalanche of brain and organ cancers unfold on the worlds population due to exposure to these hellish frequencies that kill and destroy life. Use that technology with great caution and judgment!

  5. And if anyone can watch this and not see the truth then you are just blind
    This has all been planned and they are executing their plan all over the world and we are filing paperwork? Seriously?
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved