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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

For All The Jural Assemblies - 27 International Jurisdiction

By Anna Von Reitz

One of the most important things to remember is that in America and for purpose of the American Government, the word "interstate" is completely synonymous with the word "international".  This is because each State is in fact its own country and its own nation. 

For the sake of streamlining certain functions and creating uniformity in some areas to bulwark our strength (such as military operations and expenses) and to expedite free trade (such as interstate banking services) our States have agreed to act together as members of an unincorporated Federation of States known as The United States of America --- but each and every "power" that this Holding Company has or can delegate derives from the member States and powers which they intrinsically possess.  And the member States remain sovereign. 

As we saw, the national soil jurisdiction is controlled by unincorporated republican states which are members of The United States. 

The international jurisdiction is controlled by unincorporated States which are members of The United States of America, a Federation of States

The international jurisdiction controlled by your State has three components, air, land, and sea. 

We have discussed the international land jurisdiction of the States briefly and described it generally as the thick layer of rock and material underlying the top six inches of soil. Land obviously includes your State's mineral and groundwater resources. The international land jurisdiction of your State is also
able to appear in some contexts above the soil -- as it does when we build railroads and post roads and post offices and interstate highways and interstate electrical services. 

These are transit lanes and service stations on land analogous to sea lanes and docks in the jurisdiction of the sea-- resulting in routes and infrastructure that have been created to deliver interstate/international or global services within your State.  Because this interstate/international infrastructure is within the borders of your State such facilities remain under State control, but because of their international nature and their role as part of the connecting service web other States depend on, they fall under your State's international land jurisdiction and function under international law.

Both the railroads and the post offices have been used to promote various in-roads against local law and control. Many States have allowed these foreign international entities to exercise the right of Eminent Domain, for example, which allows them to "condemn" public and private property --essentially commandeering it-- to allow construction of infrastructure.   

Thus, these enterprises have been allowed to abuse both public and private property owners for their own benefit using the excuse that the Public Good they provide outweighs the loss to other's property rights.

Similar arguments have been advanced with less success to excuse the imposition of "property taxes" on landowners within each State to pay for public services, such as snow removal on pubic roads. This places a disproportionate and arbitrary burden on the landlords that is non-consensual and is in fact an unlawful conversion of property rights.

The Territorial State of State that is functioning in a "care-taking" capacity and mandating these practices in our States of the Union has no actual authority to impose upon the States and People in this way, and instead of presuming upon the landlords should be paying back dividends and lease fees and compensating the States and People for the use of their resources. 

An examination of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports of each Territorial and Municipal State-of-State organization reveals that the income these organizations receive from the use of our State resources each year is far in excess of all expenses and that largess should, logically, be available to pay for public services such as snow removal and fire departments without any additional taxation.  However, without active and competent input from the State Jural Assemblies, the For-Hire State of State employees and their corporate legislatures have padded their own pension plans instead.

The Checks and Balances System has been totally out of whack in this country because the State Jural Assemblies have not been meeting regularly, have not weighed in on the deployment of State income, have not protected private property rights, have not insisted on the enforcement of the Public Law, and haven't been doing their job representing the interests of the actual State and People.

Also, because these interstate/international businesses are operating in international jurisdiction but are interfacing directly with our State's soil jurisdiction, there are conflicts of law that result. 

The most visible  part of this conflict of law arises from the fact that these private and international business organizations functioning under international law have been allowed to employ "Pinkertons" -- private law enforcement agencies -- within the boundaries of each State, and these LEO organizations have proliferated and been hired as subcontractors in other venues to substitute for actual peacekeeping officials and officers.

Law enforcement officers are, generally speaking: (1) not familiar with the Public Law, having been trained to enforce the "code and statutory law" of the international jurisdiction instead; and (2) are not properly directed to enforce the Public Law, even when they are hired to do so.

These private security agencies have become abusive and have failed to recognize the fact that the People of the State are living under the Public Law and, except when they are actually on a train, in a post office, or otherwise in direct contact with these limited international land jurisdiction functions--railroads, electrical power line right of ways, post offices, etc., the living People of each State are not subject to international law within the boundaries of their States.

Territorial State of State employees and Municipal STATE OF STATE employees, are subject to international law, but the States and People are not --- until and unless we directly interface with a railroad, post office, or other interstate/international utility --- for example, we rob a Post Office, vandalize a power pole, or commit murder on a railroad right of way.  

The Territorial and Municipal organizations in each State have discovered that they can make money by arresting people and filling up prison facilities, which has led to the proliferation of more and more oppressive statutory "laws" and burgeoning prison populations. 

This Prisons for Profit scheme is a direct affront to our sovereignty in which People of each State are deliberately mischaracterized as Territorial or Municipal "Persons", held to be subject to Territorial and/or Municipal international law, and incarcerated at our expense. This is not only an abuse of our People, it is an abuse of our Purses by our employees.

They are profiting themselves by arresting us under color of law, charging us under statutory laws we are not naturally obligated to obey, and then charging our States for the service of putting us in jail.   

More abuses include registration and copyrighting of our private Given Names as property belonging to State of State and/or Municipal STATE OF STATE organizations, conferring of Federal citizenship obligations via unconscionable contracts, seizure, manipulation, and patenting of our unique DNA, securitization of living people as assets belonging to these organizations, and the bonding of public and private property belonging to our States and People for the debts of these "state of state" organizations.

These are actions readily recognizable as crimes that have been going on in our country for decades via the abuse of our State's international jurisdiction.

This has only been made possible because our trusting people have been deliberately kept unaware of the false claims being made against them by their employees, and our State Jural Assemblies have not assembled and kept watch on the proverbial store.  

The international sea jurisdiction belonging to each State varies according the individual State's location and geography.  Thanks to the Great Lakes and abundant large navigable rivers, plus sea coasts on three sides of our country, most States have ample and direct access to the transport of goods and services via these natural conduits. 

Generally speaking, the British Monarch is supposed to be acting as the Trustee of all Americans and all American shipping on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, and as such, our States should not have a great deal to worry about --- however, as more and more Americans have unwittingly allowed themselves to be mischaracterized as Territorial or Municipal "citizens" instead of reclaiming/retaining their birthright political status, the British Monarchs have been encouraged to escape their duty owed to the States and People, and eager to profit themselves from the States of States and Persons, instead.

The Coast Guard owed to each seaboard State has been allowed to run amok and been privatized and misdirected similar to what has gone on with the hired law enforcement officers being used to substitute for peacekeeping officials and Officers of the Law.   As a result, the Coast Guard has become a clearinghouse for smuggling and theft from the States and People instead of a bulwark in our defense. 

Port Authorities have similarly been employed in the interests of international crime and exportation of Americans, both literally and figuratively, along with our resources, using ports of entry and "Free Trade Zones" established in virtually every State. 

The international air space owed to each State has similarly been abused to favor international business interests and placed the profits of these commercial interests above any benefit owed to the States and People of this country.  We are constantly bombarded with false advertising and propaganda from foreign sources clogging up our public air waves, and no effort is being made to impose any better standards. 

Media monopolies have become common and other monopolies have grown up uninhibited by the proper application of Public Interest anti-trust and anti-monopoly legislation.  Although these issues often bridge upon commerce rather than international trade, the State Jural Assemblies have a potent voice that needs to be heard in Washington, DC, and elsewhere.

What goes on in our States is fundamentally under the authority and control of the People of each State, so this is all hash that we need to settle with our employees and service providers and international Trustees. 

In order to do our job, we have to choose to act in our birthright political capacity as one of the People of our State of the Union, and make public declaration of this fact by recording our deliberate and permanent expatriation from any "presumed" federal citizenship obligation. 

If we fulfill our obligations as State Nationals and/or State Citizens and/or State Electors, we will have more than enough to do.

The members of our State Jural Assemblies have the critical role and function of nullifying unconstitutional and repugnant laws, upholding and enforcing the Public Law including the Constitutions, and controlling the soil (national) and land (international) jurisdictions of our State.

Beginning with the fact that we are not acting as Federal "Persons" and are not accepting any Federal "citizenship" obligations, for all the reasons cited above and far more beyond the scope of this small discussion, our State Jural Assemblies must act to direct the proper administration of the international land jurisdiction we are heir to, and to bring effective complaints to our federal service providers and international Trustees regarding the misuse and abuse of the international sea and air jurisdiction of our States. 

As brief as this discussion has been, the issues raised are compelling and should be enough to convince any American that effective action must be taken to restore the People and the States and the Public Law. 


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  1. Have a listen to this video specifically where he talks about districts (aka FEMA Mega Regions) and high speed rail - this is what their so called green new deal is all about
    They have every intentions of making this happen folks so no time to waste
    Read a statement today that the UN already has control over all national parks?
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  2. Anna you state members of the American National Jural Assemblies should get busy

    "to bring effective complaints to our federal service providers and international Trustees regarding the misuse and abuse of the international sea and air jurisdiction of our States"

    My idea of a complaint (I realize it is the common word for starting a legal action in a foreign court of the incorporated Municipal United States like the 9th District Federal Court), is something a "person" who believes he is s Citizen or a citizen of the United States would do, like someone entering a complaint against an employers abuse of his employee.

    But that some one who has expatriated back to the land of his birthright State would bring a "claim", as a claim of his or their unalienable Right, a claim being more fundamental than a complaint. Do you have any embellishment of your statement about "complaints" versus "claims"?

    It seems the 9th District Court would be quick to dismiss any claim or complaint coming from a State National, since the S.N. stands on the land and exercises a jurisdiction foreign to a U.S. District (Municipal) court, and acts in a different capacity that of a U.S. Citizen, being foreign to both the U.S. court and to the U.S. Citizen capacity. Plus the subject matter jurisdiction of the U.S. District court would probably not have authority to reach in to the organic State or be able to hear a matter dealing with a State National. Comment?

    1. Correction: A Saate National stands on the soil, whereas the Federal State of " " stands on the land.

    2. Joel...correction..!! The only thing that matters is the LAND..!! That's why the State calls it "property", which they own because they changed the real "metes and bounds" describing the LAND into "lot #, plot so and so, etc, effectively changing it to property and not LAND...!!

  3. Convinced yet ?
    For status correction help even if you are a fence sitter or have no idea where to start..Anna has been personally after me for a number of years, so I got to it, please join us . My goal is to do 1 step every week.

    Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
    Enter the access code: 443602

    CM Kevin Cote'
    845 987 0084

  4. ” The ignorant American masses are already being inflamed with promises of socialist utopia, including reparations for slavery.”
    Left and Right?
    Do you see the problem?
    Having a job providing for your family is not slavery. and yet some will claim it is.
    Paying taxes is not necessarily slavery. At least to the degree of “evil.”
    Over the years i have seen comments from others on many sites, that do not think we should work 8- 10 hr. days etc.
    Are we all falling into or for this, i am a victim spot?
    Were we not warned of all these things?
    Well what warning do we take that as, from whom? What are the answers?
    Why as a nation would such perils arise? Or upon many nations?
    Has this happened before?
    i ask through the Son for these answers and i do believe the answers are there. In the Bible, and within our hearts.
    All the physical preps are worthless if we neglect True Spiritual prepping.

    Commentary on Ephesians 6:5
    Pretty close to the verses on Spiritual warfare!
    6:5-9 The duty of servants is summed up in one word, obedience. The servants of old were generally slaves. The apostles were to teach servants and masters their duties, in doing which evils would be lessened, till slavery should be rooted out by the influence of Christianity. Servants are to reverence those over them. They are to be sincere; not pretending obedience when they mean to disobey, but serving faithfully. And they must serve their masters not only when their master’s eye is upon them; but must be strict in the discharge of their duty, when he is absent and out of the way. Steady regard to the Lord Jesus Christ will make men faithful and sincere in every station, not grudgingly or by constraint, but from a principle of love to the masters and their concerns. This makes service easy to them, pleasing to their masters, and acceptable to the Lord Christ. God will reward even the meanest drudgery done from a sense of duty, and with a view to glorify him. Here is the duty of masters. Act after the same manner. Be just to servants, as you expect they should be to you; show the like good-will and concern for them, and be careful herein to approve yourselves to God. Be not tyrannical and overbearing. You have a Master to obey, and you and they are but fellow-servants in respect to Christ Jesus. If masters and servants would consider their duties to God, and the account they must shortly give to him, they would be more mindful of their duty to each other, and thus families would be more orderly and happy.

    No matter where you see yourselves we all face responsibilities for our actions, our words.
    masters and servants. Both sides need to put the ‘Master’ Yahuah first in all things, all decisions.
    Many seem to be lacking gratitude in all things.
    i think it is good to point out the many deceptions of the past, yet not looking to the Gospel is a mistake. The Gospel of Christ is all that Truly matters. Not the gospel as according to anyone else, Group or otherwise. Seek for your selves!
    i am not looking for a wash rinse and repeat. i am not looking for a reset in history (false or otherwise) complete with 'victim hood

  5. “If you board the wrong train, it is no use running along the corridor in the other direction.”
    ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    1. Ah...grasshopper, what exactly does that mean...!!!

  6. The military industrial complex is dumping poison on our heads every day - if this is not pre meditated murder I don't know what is
    New York calling for he death of babies at birth - pre meditated murder
    What the hell is it going to take to file international charges against all involved
    No paperwork is going to protect you or the babies from this planned genocide
    Just my opinion
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Shelby....exactly what I have been saying for awhile now...!! And the only solution to that is not "jural assembles", not semantics, and certainly not a constitution that recoginizes three jurisdictions....water, land, and air...!!

      All true jurisdictions "ONLY" recoginize "LAND JURISDICTIONS", and no other...!! Look out into the Sea and tell me you don't see it as LAND. This planet is a LAND PLANET no matter what people say...that is a major defect in the constitution that will ultimately destroy all "jural assembles" since they will never know the difference...!! Therefore the answer is not "jural assembles" , but a new updated "Declaration of Independence ", meaning we no longer recoginize the Crown or Great Britian, and do not recoginize any country as an fact just the opposite...every nation on earth is a combatant and that no one else is allowed to live here from other countries, but if they do, they are considered SLAVES...!!
      We have to be reasonable and realize that people, cultures , races are all different and should remain that way from now on...!!
      And no one from any Muslim society can ever come here at all, not even to visit...if Muslims living here already legally, they have to go to them, because none of them are allowed to come here...!! They already have tremoundous power here in the states and extremely well funded...!!

      We have to rewrite history once and for all....if "jural assemblies" and not going to recognize that there is absouluty no "WATER JURISFICTIONS" , whatsoever, I'm out...!! Also we need a new in which there are no capital letters, no punctations , no rules at all for it to be understood any other way than it is written....that way it will be way to hard to mess with our language anymore...English teachers have to go ...they have only brought havoc upon this nation...!!
      It's up to you guys, but gramma is living in the last and cannot seem to wrap her head around the future...I would bet you 100 to 1 that Anna's house is filled with antiques, with not one ultra modern fixture in it...!! The past is the past...lets start living 2 century's ahead instead of living in century's past and actually paying for antiques as if they are who..!!
      Not me, not ever..!!

  7. Been shoveling the past 2 days, came in for a learning session about Assemblies & ended up with popped eyes & then relieved LOL+++
    Anna, thank you for this attention getter @ 10th paragraph down: "such as snow removal on pubic roads".
    Ho'oponopono, no harm or malice intended nor any sibling rivalry.
    Sometimes we just have to give thanks to the Creator/Father for lightening up the serious situation that we find ourselves in.
    With deep Gratitude, Love & Peace. ra

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