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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Thank You SOTN and AIM

By Anna Von Reitz

Thank You SOTN and AIM 

I appreciate all the work State of the Nation and American Intelligence Media have done to research the British calumny and deceit that has ruined our country and destroyed untold millions of lives. 

SOTN and AIM are backing up what I said many months ago. 

Go back and look.  I told everyone that it wasn't Russia and that it was Britain causing the trouble. It's ALWAYS Britain at the bottom of every dog pile. 

Once the nations of the world catch on to this fact it will be a lot harder for Britain to employ its puppets in the US, in Qatar, in Hong Kong and elsewhere to cause trouble.

We all need to double-down on both "British" Governments-- Westminster and Whitehall-- and all their affiliates, especially the Government of Scotland which has been used for a lot of banking and legal chicanery. 

People also need to know that the Government of France is largely influencing --and also being used behind the scenes---by the Monarchist powers to cause trouble in a secondhand fashion. 

Britain uses the US, Scotland, and other countries as puppets for its bullying and cheating, but works with France to promote the same. 

The end result is the same-- the only difference is that the French are more aware of it, so they protest -- like the Yellow Vests. 

This is the difference between "Patsies" who are being commandeered or used unwittingly and partners in crime. Britain and France have long associations all the way back to the Dark Ages and have often been ruled by the same powers--- so they work together in ways that would astonish many people and are not the "Natural Enemies" they pretend to be. 

Just notice that for many years Jacob Rothschild controlled the Bank of France and Nathan Rothschild controlled the Bank of England and you will see how "hand and glove" they actually are. 

France has also been the Holy See's Ace in a Hole for centuries. Most of its investments outside Italy are centered in "Loyal France" and Spain is where they keep their private bank accounts. 

The Holy See uses France the same way the Brits manipulate the US.

This sets up a situation where the sanctimonious criminals--- Britain and the Holy See--- sit back and appear to be innocent, when in fact they are the ones responsible for the problems in the first place. They are invariably the source of 90% of the trouble on Earth. 

And it needs to end.  

We all need to wake up, expose their "Hidden Hand" -- the Secret Societies they have run through the Office of the Pontiff and now propose to orchestrate through the resuscitated "Holy Roman Empire"-- and keep the focus of exposure on them. 

It's like monitoring a nasty little kid who is always causing trouble. You have to watch everything they do and all the kids they influence in order to keep them all in line.

You have to identify the ringleaders before you can sit on them. 

Now we all know that it is not the Americans that are causing any of this and that the "US" is a puppet being run by Britain, it is a lot easier to make sense of what has gone on in the world. 

Britain has used "the US" as a siphon to drain America dry and supply itself with abundant cheap mercenaries. 

Now that the Americans are waking up, the Schemers are trying to move their operations to China and use the Chinese in the same way--abundant cheap mercenaries under British and Holy See control.  

Via a combination of co-option and pay-offs they intend to set up Hong Kong inside China just as they set up the District of Columbia in "the US".  

This forms a safe base of operations for them inside and associated with the country they are targeting. 

Over time they confuse the identity of Hong Kong with "China" in the same way they have confused the identity of "the US" with America. This then allows them to undermine the actual Chinese government and gain access to the labor and credit and resources of the Chinese People.  They will try to do to China what they have done here. 

And they will try to use China and it's young men to bully and rape the rest of the world, just as they have misled, used and abused the Americans. 

It behooves every thinking being on the planet to see what these Vermin are doing and expose it so that they are cheated out of their aims. 

Russia needs to play a crucial part in this exposure because no other nation can.  America is just waking up and the rest of the world is at a hopeless disadvantage. 

As more people recognize the horrors of Commercial Feudalism and the plans of Britain and the Holy See to impose this on the whole world via manipulation of China, they will be blocked by many countering forces both inside and outside China. 

Once fully awake, the American People will be outraged by the mistreatment and Breach of Trust they have suffered at the hands of these criminals--- and they will have no trouble assisting the rest of the world in putting an end to these self-interested and diabolical Monarchist crime syndicates. 

Enough is enough.  

We now know which governments are actually responsible and who the criminals are.  We have identified the source of the problem and it's not Russia. 

We have exposed the intention of the Vermin to move into the Middle East and foment trouble there via their misleading propaganda and funding of ISIS.  We have identified their parasitic tentacles seeking to "set up shop" in China and run a "US v America" style national identity theft scheme via a similar "Hong Kong v. China" set up.

It is time for the entire world to wake up and put an end to the parasites' activities--- see through them and end them. 


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  1. I could entertain the possibility of what you say about the British, but to be honest, you provide no real evidence of anything. You just post videos by other conspiracy theorists. No real documentation of anything official I have seen in the various months I have read your articles. I also can't comprehend how you can make out our current president to be such a lover of America and Americans, when he just passed a huge tax cut for the rich. It's common knowledge the majority of his businesses have failed and he needed several bailouts from banks at various points in time. The great majority of what he says is clearly lies to anyone who does their research. How do you justify supporting someone like that who lacks any sort of morals? Why doesn't he just come out and tell the truth to the American people about the British and the federal reserve if he's so concerned about America? Most people I follow who take some time to research him end up seeing he is just a con artist. Anna, why don't you actually put your money where your mouth is and show us some proof, not conspiracy theorist opinions.

  2. You also posted a while back an article about the economy and it was wrong. If you look up the numbers of GDP and the stock market, and also the years of all the big recessions and depressions in the United States going back to around the 1870's, it's clear the economy is always better under democratic presidents, and the crashes always happen under republicans. The only exceptions are Grover Cleveland, who was a Democrat. But, if you do the research, his economic policies were right-wing. Do your own research. I appreciate you doing so many years of research to educate americans about the law. It's incredibly important and i'm personally very grateful, but what you write about the economy and our current president with no morals whatsoever, makes me doubt your own morals.

    1. Perhaps you missed the point that Propaganda is the weapon and Finance is the tool used. The duality between Democrats and Republicans is nothing more than a teeter-totter. When conspiracy theory-the investigative component, becomes fact, it is no longer theory and there are so many facts it seems inconceivable, but facts none-the-less.

    2. The reps and dems are one and the same party. And there is no law, only public policy.

      The Constitution is suspended due to a "national emergency" with little chance of the suspension ever being lifted, or ever being properly explained for that matter.

      There is another in a series of executive orders soon to be revealed that will permanently cement our nation in the damnable heresy known as the 'doctrine of national emergency'.

      The reason for the existence of the doctrine of 'national emergency' is so Presidents can write laws onto to the books that otherwise are not legal or lawful and 'violate the Constitution'.

      We have been under the current period of constitutional dictatorship since 1933. Executive Orders have no basis in law other that during a 'national emergency', the only period of time an Executive Order is given the power of law.

      We now live in a constitutional dictatorship and that without remedy.

      That is why Obama claimed to be King over this country.

      I'm wondering why Anna has not investigated this doctrine of 'national emergency'.

      This doctrine was loathed by the upright politicians truly interested the welfare of our nation.

      Now its nothing more than a game of ego played by virtually every president since Abraham Lincoln.

    3. And that brings up another point...the MSM would have us all believe that Trumps govt shutdown is officially the longest in history...!!
      Did someone forget Lincoln....his shutdown of our govt is still in play....with our original continental Congress is still in ressess....!!

      How is Trump and our military going to rid the planet of half the population of earth that will always remain evil and corrupt....!!

    4. Net, Anna has addressed the national emergency many moons ago and currently as it applies only to the Territorial and Municipal incorporated governments.

    5. James, taking down the top currently involved in this perpetuation of evil is the beginning. It is said that 30% are caught up in this mess and it is our responsibility to call them out along side of Trump and the military.

      Will there always be evil? You bet, but it is the people's responsibility to keep them in check at the ground level of community and prevent it from escalating to what we currently are experiencing.

  3. Thank-You Anna!
    Thank-You Paul!
    Thank-You LLF!
    i truly admire & appreciate all your Courage!
    Keep the presses rolling! Enough people are waking up fast enough to get this runaway "freight train" called Earth, back under control!
    Keep supporting all men of goodwill!
    All The Best, Wirkin

    1. Woking Dawg...what good men...I haven't come across any in my lifetime....!!

    2. Well James, lack of evidence is not evidence of lack. You have been introduced to many on this blog and yet do not recognize them, men and women. So sad.

  4. R.C. "I could entertain the possibility of what you say about the British, but to be honest, you provide no real evidence of anything. You just post videos by other conspiracy theorists. No real documentation of anything official I have seen in the various months I have read your articles."

    I have read Anna's blog for several years along with other sources of information... Michael McKibben associated with the American Intelligence Media with his group of researchers confirms Anna's information of the legal and historical past of the British city states governments along with the Vatican in their roles regarding the corruption of our government. This information is becoming better known by the populations of many countries day by day....

    "I have seen in the various months I have read your articles"..

    Maybe, if you read the entire blog from start to finish, you might become better informed regarding the substance of her material.

    BTW, I would be most interested in...

    "Most people I follow who take some time to research him end up seeing he is just a con artist. Anna, why don't you actually put your money where your mouth is and show us some proof, not conspiracy theorist opinions."

    Could you please provide these sources.... I would be most interested in reading them... before any further comments...