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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Emergency Powers?

By Anna Von Reitz

It should be perfectly obvious that our Constitution has never granted any so-called "Emergency Powers" to our President nor to any Congress authorized to act in our behalf.  Logically, a Congress can't give what it doesn't have --which is the power to declare any "Emergency" nor to create the existence of any "Emergency Powers" on our behalf. 

Any such powers claimed by the Municipal United States Congress apply only to its organization with respect to its administration of the Washington DC Municipality, which it rules as an independent international city-state.  See Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.  

Out of two million "attorneys" we don't have one left that can read a simple contract verbatim?  

America as a country was born in an "emergency" and forged in fire.  We don't even describe any "emergency powers" as we simply exercise whatever powers we need to exercise whenever and however. 

Witness my comments to President Trump yesterday.  While he is wondering how he can protect America's borders and do his job without funding, I just flat-out told him.  Go ahead and declare your Territorial Emergency  ---- and coordinate with us, your actual Employers running the land jurisdiction government owed to this country.  

We're back.  We're "home again".  We have the lawful authority to deputize every man in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California if we want to, and we can authorize them to pack up their 30.30's and go make the Mexicans and Hondurans an offer they can't refuse. 

The Territorial and Municipal United States Governments are milling around like chickens with their heads off, squawking and squealing about the Border Crisis, the Border Crisis, the Border Crisis and the Wall, the Wall, the Wall.   But the reality is that we can have a million armed men on that border and backing up the Border Patrol as sworn deputies in 24 hours.  And we don't need any "Emergency Powers" to do it, either. 

Mr. Trump is justly concerned because it is his job and his business to provide for the safety and security of this country and its people.  He has limited forces and funding to do it and 20,000 Meso Americans wanting to illegally cross our border is a real threat.  To him.   Not to us.  We can squelch that nonsense like a mosquito running into a very big fly-swatter.  

The Municipal Hacks aren't at all concerned because they don't represent us, they simply took it upon themselves to claim (falsely) that they have the right to spend our money and enslave us to pay their bills when they demonstrably and definitely don't.  In fact, all those clueless numb nutz in the Municipal Congress need to be permanently ceasing and desisting any claim to represent these States and this country---- because they don't and never have since 1860. 

It's been nothing but a gigantic fraud scheme for 150 years, and thank the Lord there is no statute of limitations on fraud. 

The Municipal "Congress" has managed to mess things up so completely that their corporation has required both bankruptcy and liquidation and for ninety days they can't pass a new spending bill, so even if they wanted to, they couldn't give Trump money for a Wall.  

And they have no business making claims upon us and spending our money any way.  

They are committing blatant international fraud. They don't represent us.  They are not our fiduciary or fiscal agents.  They are running their own separate "independent, international city-state" and most of the Democrats are Dual Citizens of Israel.  All they are doing is picking our pockets in broad daylight and the worthless Papal Administration has been sitting there as our "Trustees" getting kick backs and letting them do it for 150 years.  

Just because they hold their private corporate elections in every state of the Union doesn't mean those are our elections.  Just because they open up their "franchises" like Dairy Queen franchises in every state of the Union and call them "STATE OF......" doesn't mean these are our States.  

Trump could spend existing allocations in the Defense Budget to build the wall or beef up border security in other ways--- and he should.  That's our money however it was illegally and immorally and fraudulently fleeced from us and one of the duties of the Territorial United States Government is to defend us.  We didn't give it to them to defend the members of the the treasonous Municipal Government or the Hondurans, did we?  

No.  Nobody in their right mind could defend any such assumption.  

We have our "Emergency Powers" and they don't need any declarations, legal interpretations or explanations.  Cross our borders and leave Mr. Trump unable to defend, and we will defend ourselves.  There isn't anyone anywhere who has one iota of an excuse to say anything about it. 

The Pope needs to get off his duff and arrange an airlift for all the members of  the Municipal Congress that still want to play this game.  Looks like most of the Democrats will be finding new homes in Israel.  Maybe a few decades of hard work on a Kibbutz will do them some good. 


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  1. Another set of reasons for the duplicity and ineffective control of the United States-Mexican border has to do with the territorial nature of the "United States". Read the first article, first sentence of the Northwest Ordinance. This is the first instance in The United States of America law where the word "district" was used.

    District is a political control concept popular among British political pretenders, directly imported to our nation to create a political ploy to assert authority over land in the unincorporated States. Today there are so many districts "in the United States", all of them always in flux, it makes ones head spin. On purpose!

    But in the day of the N.W. Ordinance,
    the claim was made that the entire territory of that Ordinance was "one district", like throwing a net over land that in fact belongs to the sovereign American people. "One district" was divided into hundreds of political districts as expansion continued, but all districts (except possibly for things like water districts) are under the false claim of being "political districts" a theory that holds useful to bring accountability to those claiming citizen status, (don't you "vote" "within a district"? etc., but only because people have been coerced and hoodwinked to (falsely) admit to being politically dependent on a two year temporary Congress OF the United States. Without that coercion and stupid self admission that American people are coerced into, that self admission causes them to being a subject to Congress, therefore a subject of the franchised STATE OF STATE Legislators as well. Without that nexus of self admission into citizen class, presto, no Amendment could possibly apply to them, including the 13th, the 14th, the 15th etc. etc, nor could any statute, Congressional or State, apply to them either.

    The Constitution of 1787 and the other constitutions of later dates could likewise not possibly apply to them, though they each would continue to be instruments of accountability for any Congress of the United States, all its officers, all its executives, all its judges, including the SCOTUS.

    Why don't people read the Organic Laws, realize the only first two, the Declaration of Independence and the N.W. Ordinance,are documents of freedom for the people. The succeeding documents like the Constitution of 1787 etc. are all political claims of a self interested group looking for treasure and dominance who have stolen our birthright from free Americans, taxed and regulated them into insanity, and yet that tyrannical lawless class of persons have only a very precarious claim of authority over others, all of it based on people ignorantly and unnecessarily self incriminating themselves, by signing documents that attest to their "citizen of the United States" subject status.

    This underscores the utility of preparing our own self identifying documents and rejecting whatever any one else has claimed we are.

    The feds cannot make a simple construction of a wall because to do so will bring endless lawsuits from States which have enough legal savvy of the facts I have recited to make for a never ending series of lawsuits challenging the limited to "districts only" limits of federal political jurisdiction. The wall would of nessesity use States (peoples) land, and States even though compromised badly in today's franchised STATES OF STATES, would try to defend their ("claimed") sovereignty over the land within their States' borders.

    This set of realities cannot be publicly discussed for obvious insurmountable reasons, so the arguments and political posturings will likely go on for an indefinite time into the future, because politicians are determined to rule unlawfully without disclosing the facts to the public, or they might become violently ejected from among us, the sovereign American people.

  2. If the mexican immigrants were crossing the border to attack US is one thing but the vast majority are simply looking for better economic opportunities, which some of our immigre grandparents also did "illegally." Also let's remember how this country was acquired, by conquest and (broken) treaties. So keep your guns in holster unless your life is actually being threatened. A wall is merely a monument to failed policies, and a red herring. It's a miracle we've done without one for so long, even while we encouraged other nations to tear down theirs.

    1. Do u have any facts WHATSOEVER to back your p.o.v. Dean?😃

    2. mans "gov." & mans "church" combined' has become the charity arm of the people instead of individuals making these choices. Giving away free stuff and rewarding those who take advantage of charity both within the country and out, has its disadvantages.

  3. Heres a fun thought.....Build a really HUGE WALL around the 10 mile Square of D.C. (a lot better & quicker than 2000 miles) and Man the Entrance/Exits AT All times from Foreign Tresspass ON OUR Land, Always. Have armed Militia on Both Southern and Northern Borders loading ALL Tresspassers onto permanent fleet of Busses to transport and re-locate ALL these "Re-fugees" to the 10 Mile Square "U.S." to Be their NEW Citizens and Res-Idents, lol

    Once the word spreads that All tresspassers get confined to a 10 mile square in the REAL U.S., I think their thinking" will change about the "Benefits" of migrating to the U.S. "Land of the Fake and Free" lol

    1. Of Course We must provide "Constructive Notice" and Full Disclosure to ALL Tresspasser's So they make a fully informed decision whether they REALLY wish to become "U.S" citizens and what that actually translates to(voluntary ownership/servitude). If they agree vs. choose to turn back to their homeland, than we fully document their Voluntary Agreement to Relinquish ALL "Citizenship" to the lands of their Birth, Certified with two witnesses and exchange With New "U.S. Citizen" Identification documents BEFORE transporting them to their New D.C. Homeland. Once they Learn the Truth, I imagine they return home and start making the necessary changes needed in their own countries "GOVERNMENTS" and start taking back control of their living lives again

    2. good one Kelli, I really like that ideal

  4. This is the issue: Do we believe in our capacity for self-government, or do we abandon the American Revolution and acknowledge that a few intellectual elites in a far distant capital can plan our lives for us better then we can ourselves? We are not ignorant citizen incapable of determining what is best for ourselves. Nor are we blind to the flagrant misuse by, and inappropriate conduct of our elected public leaders. All leaders must be held completely accountable for their actions that break the laws which we have established by our legislators and mandated by the will of the people. The moral and ethical corruption must not be allowed to continue and unchallenged and it must be punished to the fullest extent of our laws so that the world will see that the government of the United States is still responsible and answerable to, We the people!

    🔸 Bev Farrar �� shared a post: POTUS Trump Goes Nuclear On Comey & Other Deep State Operatives Who Tried To Derail His Presidency - - - - Posted on January 12, 2019 - - - - "It’s interesting to watch the now-breaking story of how an FBI investigation was opened into a SITTING PRESIDENT after said president fired FBI Director James Comey. Remember, that firing came AFTER an internal review by the FBI of Mr. Comey’s job performance that recommended the firing of Comey. Those same high-ranking FBI officials who informed the president Comey should be fired then turned right around and used that firing as cause for the FBI investigation into President Trump. This scenario is so out of the norm, such a stunning break from protocol, that it should be the #1 news story right now as it appears to solidify the case that the Deep State was, (and likely remains) completely out of control in its pursuit to destroy a duly-elected President of the United States. Lyin’ James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter S and his lover, agent Lisa Page, & more, all disgraced and/or fired and caught in the act. These are just some of the losers that tried to do a number on your President. Part of the Witch Hunt. Remember the “insurance policy?” This is it! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 12, 2019"

    High crimes and misdemeanors Traders Of the United States The charge of high crimes and misdemeanors covers allegations of misconduct peculiar to officials, such as perjury of oath, abuse of authority, bribery, intimidation, misuse of assets, failure to supervise, dereliction of duty, conduct unbecoming, and refusal to obey a lawful order.

  5. My solution is always simple...a rope and gravity or a pike and gravity... the maggots and buzzards have to eat too.

  6. Perhaps build a big wall around an area and put all the offenders in there. Like a banished village in Alaska. Make sure everyone knows why the place exists, and inside some simple work to they can start paying back what they owe. Like an assembly line putting one screw in a unit of some sort all day for 8 hours. Or just give em enough stuff to survive and let em have to get along with each other. Keep the place as a museum and shrine for all so no one ever forgets again.

  7. That is why jury's power of the common people who derive law from God and the educated who derive law from their own thinking, highly educated of course are at odds. How smart are men that the solution is to conquer and observe the Universe through the eyes of men? Beware of your self, are your really sure of what you are saying.