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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Is JFK Jr. Living [Lost at Sea]?

Found here:  Original Network News


  1. Watched the video.
    Saw this today:Strong Earthquakes Hit Indonesia, Alaska, Brazil and Yellowstone's Old Faithful
    Also would like to add, The last two threads still bear further discussion.
    Anyone else feel this way? Any ideas where we should or could take the discussion?

    1. aFollower, exactly what are you referring to?

    2. On "Their Satanic Majesties"
      In the Last paragraph, i would like her to explain this more clearly.
      "That Yeshuah didn't come here to die for their sins?
      To them, I can only reply that the meanest truth is far better than the grandest lie."
      i put this in the same category of her stating that choosing from the tree of life was also a false idea.(paraphrasing)

    3. aFollower, I totally agree. In fact, Jesus WAS sent to earth for the sole purpose TO die for the sins of those Repented born again Believers ! God saw that nobody could possibly keep the 10 Commandments, and that the sacrifice of animals was NOT going to work. SO, THAT is the very reason WHY He sent his only begotten SON to BE the sacrifice, one and for all, for those that came to the Cross and surrendered all of their sinful ways, repented, and agreed to turn FROM Sin.

      As Ive said before, folks, do NOT get any of your spiritual teaching from Anna. She does not know God, she does not recognize the Savior God sent for mankind, and she is teaching false beliefs. Anyone who denies Christ is in grave trouble, and following such a person's beliefs, will net you the same thing. This is why people should NEVER idolize anyone; satan will use them to mislead you, and you are afraid to go against them for their errors; or you will fail to believe they could ever be in error about anything, and find yourself off track before you know it.

  2. Thank you for posting this Paul! Tried to add it to "The Principle of Substitution" article, but the comments never opened up. It was thoroughly enjoyable to see many of the concepts that Anna has brought to the attention of all.
    Peace. ra

  3. This photograph looks nothing at all like JFK Jr. But it does resemble the Prez himself, but then there is photoshop and trick photography everywhere these days.


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