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Sunday, January 6, 2019

True and False Nobility

By Anna Von Reitz

I have what is often referred to as Outhouse Luck. Something terrible will happen to me, but then something wonderful will sweep in right behind it and I will be better off than before. 

Let me give you an example of it. 

As a Junior in High School I had a Best Friend (we are still Best Friends) and a Boyfriend.  We all ran around together and knew each other from early childhood. 

Three weeks before Prom, my Boyfriend was elected Prom King and three days later he asked my Best Friend to be Prom Queen. 

She called me up all confused and said, "I don't know what to do! Of course, I want to be Prom Queen, but I won't even go to the dance if you don't want me to."

That's an example of a true Best Friend. 

But I knew she was innocent and had not caused my problem, so, of course, I was a Best Friend in return and said, "Oh, no, go ahead. Have fun. I will be okay sitting this one out." 

Darn near everyone in the whole small community was affected.  I had people stopping me on the sidewalk and expressing their shock and dismay.  A Committee formed to overturn the Prom King election -because people has assumed that if they voted for him, I'd be the Prom Queen-- but I shut that down and loyally slaved away on the various event committees just the same. 

Was I hurt?  Of course, it was awful. 

I was shocked as everyone else and with only three weeks to go before the ultimate High School social event, everyone else who might have asked me was already committed. 

It looked certain that I would be sitting at home alone crying in my beer.  But then, I had a thought....

Not everyone is a Junior in High School.....

So I explained the situation to an older friend  --and without a second thought, he gallantly came to my rescue. 

On Prom night, much to everyone's amazement, I showed up on the arm of a handsome man nobody had ever seen before and we went riding off into the proverbial sunset in his white T-bird  convertible with the top down. 

That's Outhouse Luck.  

He was older. He was richer. He was better looking. He had his own classic white Thunderbird convertible.  

So what if I was the equivalent of his kid sister? Nobody else had to know that. 

Outhouse Luck often involves a little initiative, like me going out and drafting my date. 

I had a glorious time and the rest of the town just thought, "By golly, that Anna had a secret boyfriend we didn't know anything about!"

The Devil strikes, but the Lord answers. 

So yesterday, I was driving home and my left front tire blew.  It was Minus 4 and the road was icy. It could have been a real disaster. That's the manure. 

But--here come the roses-- I was literally a stone's throw from a Chevron station, and I limped the car in with no problem. 

A young guy happened to be working on Saturday in the shop and he had my spare tire on in no time. I gave him the tip of his lifetime and was on my way in less than half an hour. 

All this to explain my actual point: 

The so-called "Common People" of this country possess True Nobility. They have a sense of fairness, of generosity, and of freewill that comes from the heart.  Nobody has to tell them what to do, they just do it.  They change the flat tires and rescue the brokenhearted.  They have the inner resources to triumph. 

False Nobility is based on accident and appearances, on bloodlines and money-- on attributes  having nothing to do with the choices we make or the values we hold.  

Thus it is that when push comes to shove the true Kings arise, like my Prom date, like that young man freezing his fingers to change my tire yesterday. He didn't even charge me to do it. 

The American people do all sorts of things, make all sorts of sacrifices, and never think a thing of it.  Why? Because they are truly noble. 

Their Nobility comes from within, from their sense of right and wrong and fair play and justice.  It comes from their sense of generosity, no matter how little they may have to share.  It comes from their willingness to help others and has nothing to do with bloodlines or power or money. 

It is because of this stubborn true Nobility that while we may all suffer, we also have Outhouse Luck. 

Our current situation in this nation and in this world may look grim, but we will endure and we will find our way out of it--fires, earthquakes, and politicians notwithstanding. 

As America -- the actual America ---wakes up, so does the rest of the world. 

The rats are revealed by their own actions for what they are, and we shall overcome, because ours is the truth and the power and the grace to do so. 


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  1. i do like the article and your point is well received. There are several good messages and lessons to be seen.
    This morning while comments were off, i went searching and came upon this article:
    i would like to discuss much, starting with individual. i believe you are mistaken about the individual not being referred to or singled out within the New Testament.
    Also , Learned this several years ago, the word Luck does not once appear in the Bible.
    i believe you should engage more with us dirt people.
    Thank you,
    a follower

  2. Pay-again-pagan-P on a passport. Okay thats funny, poor P-59

  3. How beautifuly and simply those common thruths are layed out. Thank you, Anna.

  4. Great article Anna... I am a true believer in this pay it forward concept... Helping others and expecting nothing in return is the correct way to act...

  5. Gotta Love good ole' "Outhouse Luck"!!!!! Sooo Grateful!! Thank you Anna!!

  6. Thank you Anna for your wisdom...

  7. I really have to wonder when anna is ever gonna get her head out of the clouds.

    1. Actually that is your PROBLEM 'Silver Girl'πŸ˜‰

    2. Abby,
      and any True believers who are doing there best with His guidance.
      Believers who absolutely know that Yahusha Mashiak (Jesus the Messiah, the Son) did and Has come, and died for our sins
      Unless she starts listening as well as she speaks, it may not happen.
      i was led to some interesting parallels involving the closed for comment threads.
      And yes it does involve the "Music"as Anna has brought up.
      This is the manifesto of "mother monster" This link is by far the "best", this seems to mirror the garbage that Anna and many seem to be selling.

      In this video it is presented that both good and evil, "both races" have been birthed in space. Does this sound familiar?
      This is a lie, we know this is not True. Yahuah AlaHim, Created the earth, then created His people by combining the dirt of the earth and His breath. In the New Testament we are told "Jerusalem above is our mother." Just those few and simple words there lies in much Truth, can you see it? Can you see the opposite teaching and belief on earth? Can you see the lies and the false truths that have and are being presented daily?
      Then through her sites and various New age connections i was led to this:Goddess worship! Plain, simple and in your face!

      Talk about returning to Egypt: Goddess worship? Were we (we the real church) (We the real followers) not also warned of these things?
      In posting and revealing this i hope all you True believers will have a look, a good look. Tell me if i am wrong and the why.
      Anna you are also invited, Do i have this wrong?
      Paul, hello Paul? Where do you stand?

    3. aFollower, we know that we are in the Last Days, not only by all the descriptions of what happens in these Days, but also by just observing what is going on and the attitudes of people. And worse than ever, is how LIES will be told to the point where LIES will prevail over real TRUTH. And we are seeing that NOW.

      The Truth is being taken for being lies, and all these LIES are being accepted as being truth. We know that satan uses people such as anna and anyone else who becomes ''well known'' and then after they gain a large following, satan really shifts them into high gear to PROMOTE total LIES.

      And so I have noticed that in the past, anna stuck to her findings and the work of the Firm. She ''seemed'' to be seriously aiming at helping people to fix things. BUT anyone who is a Watchman can really see how she has been slipping into ''preaching bullshit'' and New Age crap and total nonsense. Even to the point lately of TRYING to influence her followers that ''Jesus is not who people were told that he is''. Words to that effect.

      SO it is EASY to SEE how satan is now almost totally using her to literally DRAG folks AWAY from God and the LORD JESUS, and INTO ''we are our own saviors'' or....'we have to do it and I will lead you out of this mess''. She has now nearly reached own state of 'diety'' and stupid people just sit there and are sopping this up ......because they are SO damned ignorant. !

      Folks, I really hate to have to say this, but anna is not going to save you. Christ is your ONLY answer. Take it or leave it. Believe it now......or you will believe it well after it is too late. Take your pick. Whatever you do adds nothing to me, nor does it take anything away from me. Stop idolizing mere people.

    4. Abby have you ever listen to this man's version of the bible? He grew up in the Jehovah's witness church and was kicked out because he did not agree with their teachings. Check out a few of his videos. -

  8. Hearing rumblings that trump is gonna address the nation this wed. eve at 9 pm. May be about national emergency re: southern border. We shall see.
    (I am suspecting there is a whole lot more to this than what is being told; just have that ''feeling in my innards' lol)

  9. I cretainly believe most people are good. It's those simple kindnesses that make life worthwile. Thanks Anna for sharing.

  10. Your writing makes me feel good. I look forward to it everyday. Thank you.

  11. Thank you Anna. So very well expressed.

  12. Yes, as Anna reminds us it is something noble and godly seated deeply within other people, almost all people, that inspires them in simple charitable ways to serve others in need.

    A trait that always inspires me is to witness the godliness (even if "in embryo")in others in the universal desire and efforts strangers often make to help, be it by giving directions, assisting with an urgent situation, or just beaming an understanding smile.

    Here it is we affirm we are all brothers and sisters of our Father God, whose core attribute is pure love, and the younger siblings of Jesus Christ, the great healer who showed us how to love one another, first. When we follow his light within us, the light of Christ, we ignite the same light in others, and they do likewise in us. We are figuratively the voice and hands of our big brother while on earth.

    Serving others in love, with pure motives, is a spiritual food, like reading scriptures and prayer.

    Warning: Doing these things causes strange inner confirmations of God and spirituality, and will definitely break apart over time the prejudices and unwillingness to receive Gods spirit, and will bring you closer and closer to your best spiritual self, and to your Creator.

    1. Joel, Ive heard your stuff from a lot of misguided people. But the fact is, just because we are all human beings, does NOT make us 'all brothers and sisters'. It just makes us being from the same human race of people.
      IF you really study the bible you would see that it speaks of two different kinds of People. The Godly believers, and the other which is unbelievers, the ungodly. And you'd see that Jesus himself said of the Pharisees that ''they are of their father the devil, children of hell''
      AHHHhh. So you see? We are obviously NOT 'all brothers and sisters'. I recommend you start studying diligently and set aside all the sayings that people spew, lol.

      NOTE: Did you know that King Jehosophat was severely punished by God for ''loving and helping the wicked'? Yes, that is scripture. Go look it up and you will see. By studying for yourself, you will also SEE many many things that you will NEVER hear preached in ANY church by ANY pastor.

      God is only the Father of those that are his children who Obey Him and do His Righteousness. Unrighteous people are not His Children. That's just how it is. Sin causes God to turn his face FROM people. Just as He turned his face from his own Son WHILE he was dying on the cross FOR the Sins of Repented folks....because he cannot look upon any Sin.

      Reason it out.

  13. I love your stories and your wisdom, Anna. But I have another side to this scenario.
    That young man did not " just happen" to be in the shop at that business.
    That young man was hired by that to STAFF that shop to service customers.
    I know how this goes..My husband and I owned and operated a Chevron Service station and towing for 15 years
    We paid over minimum wage to our employees with benefits ( which is unheard of in a small town mom and pop business.
    What we learned was happening was our employees who we paid to be in our business in our stead, our business that we paid the payments on, the insurance on, the equipment we had to buy to be there in case a customer needed service.. And the employee services the customer, does NOT charge the customer and they get " tipped"...
    So the employee gets his wages, his benefits AND the tip of a lifetime", did NOT have to buy the equipment he used for it.
    Imagine all the employees doing that, and where does that leave the business owner?
    Just saying a different perspective

    1. Thank you Katy, we do need to see from different viewpoints.

  14. Unfortuneately, there are just to many people of the other type who wouldn't lift a finger for anyone unless there was something in it for them...

  15. Guess it gets kinda confused wether its the boss, the indentured servants working for the boss or the bankers who the boss must obey or not have enough money. After such system has been around for a while we might check in to see who has most of the labor benefits and where the so called money is coming from in the first place.

  16. nna's "Kingdom of the Dead" linked by Ben FulfordπŸ‘♭♯

  17. Anyone know what the NWO Declaration of INTERdependence is
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  18. Don't bother answering this Ucadia guy. He has completely lost the right to comment on this blog and all his comments are deleted summarily for his use of personal attacks, lack of positive constructive criticism and the profuse profane language he has used.

  19. Fabulous as always. Now that you mention it, I think my good deeds (that I always LOVE to do) have ensured an angel outcome in all my tight binds.

    Similarly, the joke kinda IS on the dark ones, as even though they love to manufacture human beings getting squashed under their satanic boots, people eventually pop out from the hard experiences deepened in their love of the Divine Presence, goodness, what really matters, etc. I always thought that was pretty funny - Satan's big rebellion to drown the human sprit ends up making everyone just pop up like bobbing corks. God is good!