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Monday, January 7, 2019

SPECIAL: Build the Wall — Best Argument in 2:25 Minutes

Found Here:


  1. A Declaration of Interdependence: 1976 NWO Manifesto

    Sometimes, it good to go back and have a look at the Senators/
    Representatives, Officers of the Board, World Affairs Council Of Philadelphia, Advisory Committee For “A Declaration Of Interdependence”, prestigious organizations comprise the initial roster of those cooperating in this first step of the council’s program, and Specialized and related agencies of the United Nations

    The Interdependence Assemblies, their concluding consultation, and Convocation will provide the initial 1976 program agenda for the Bicentennial era paralleling the thirteen years matching the period between 1776 and final adoption of the U.S. Constitution in 1789.

    In the context of a Bicentennial Era program spanning thirteen years, the nation’s primary and secondary schools call out for involvement.

    The graduates of 1976 will find themselves in positions of decision-making authority before the program reaches its conclusion. And the path of knowledge for kindergarten children of the Bicentennial year will parallel the entire program.

    It is timely, therefore, to reach as many students as possible at all grade levels in our primary and secondary schools to carry an awareness of Interdependence into America’s third century. These very students will be called upon to make decisions based on the ideas set forth in the Declaration and the actions initiated by participating bodies.

    The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia will expand its already well-established school program, and work to ensure that Declaration and its precepts will be included in the curricula and the texts of our schools.

    Starting with the schools of our region as a base, the prospects for national involvement are realistic and are being actively pursued. The National Education Association, Overseas Development Council, and Foreign Policy Association are assisting in this effort.
    Peace. ra

  2. Heard a "statistic" yesterday. 40% who remain here illegally are here on overdue visas.
    So is the wall 100% effective? Will it cure 100% of the problem?
    In the past, why has Yahuah allowed and caused foreigners to invade and overcome nations and lands of "His people?" Yes there are examples & there are answers in the Bible.
    Are we willing to face these answers, and Him?


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