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Monday, January 7, 2019

Two Foreign Governments

By Anna Von Reitz

We, Americans, are dealing with two (2) foreign governments on our shores--- one Territorial United States Government presided over by the British hegemony, and one Municipal United States Government presided over by the  bunko artists of the "Republican" and "Democratic" Political Lobbies,  in what pretends to be "a" "United States Congress". 

These two entities were built into our government from the beginning, but never intended to play anything like the roles that they have since usurped. 

The Territorial United States Government was supposed to oversee new Territories until their eventual statehood and also provide a government for Possessions run as Territorial domains, like Puerto Rico and American Samoa. They also provided other stipulated services as clearly stated in the Territorial United States Constitution.   

Instead, they have usurped upon our States and established their own "States of States" and liberally substituted themselves for our rightful government in betrayal of trust and duty.  

In their defense, they will say this was necessary because we did not re-establish Federal level States of States after the Civil War, but in fairness to us, nobody explained the situation and no effort was made to inform the public and allow for Reconstruction of the lawful government we are owed.  

In additional fairness to us, we were never required to replace the Federal States of States and are perfectly competent to run our commercial affairs as States, so that there has in fact been no "emergency" and no viable excuse for what has been perpetrated in this country. 

The Second Thorn in our flesh, the Municipal United States Government, is run as an "independent international city-state" under a foreign charter issued by the Holy See, and it was (and is) supposed to be limited to providing a municipal government for the Municipality of Washington, DC, wholly within the ten miles square of the District of Columbia. 

Instead, they, too, have established their own Municipal STATES OF STATES and have incorporated more than 185,000 municipal corporations to function under their boot heels--- and the Pope's.  All of this activity by them is strictly unconstitutional and illegal, too. 

Unfortunately, the fraud perpetuated here proved to be very profitable and the rest of the world's governments followed suit.  As a result, the French and the Germans and the Japanese and the Aussies and the Canadians and nearly 200 other countries are similarly beset by two layers of foreign government, all functioning as "governmental services corporations" -- that have nothing to do with the actual government that the people are owed. 

It is vitally important for everyone to understand the fact that these jokers are just corporations in the business of providing "governmental services" under contract and are not our actual government.   They see their "job" as selling us services like any other vendor, and if we don't like the service they provide--? 

In theory, according to them, the only people we can complain to are their bosses and their bosses --- as you can clearly see --- generally don't give a fig about service to the country or the people in it. 

Why?  Because they are nothing but political lobbyists occupying vacated Public Offices under conditions of fraud and deceit.  

As long as we let them get away with it and are deceived by this giant game of "Pretend" they have everything to gain and nothing to lose by continuing on with this out of control charade. 

We, the People, (as opposed to "We, the Persons") are supposed to be self-governing, so we are the actual government in this country, but in order to fulfill our role, we must move to organize our Jural Assemblies and exercise our prerogatives, or we shall have none.  

The lawlessness and the "circus" in Washington are at least to a degree our own fault. 

We have not taken the time to study and to act upon our duties as Americans to provide our own government, which is supposed to ride herd on these two foreign subcontractors.   

The situation would be like owning a company and leaving two subcontractors to run it.  

People are constantly asking me --- why doesn't President Trump do this and why doesn't he do that?  And most of the time the answer is that their problem  is with the Municipal Government run by the members of the Municipal Congress authorized under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17. 

President Trump can't address the Municipal Congress's separate, foreign, and "plenary" government until and unless it usurps against the parts of the Constitution that he is responsible for.  

It is always a case of the "pot calling the kettle black" with these two entities--- one that pretends to serve us, and one that pretends to represent us --- both of them acting in default.

The Territorial Government blames the Municipal Government and the Municipal Government blames the Territorial Government --- and we suffer for it both coming and going.  

Mr. Trump may be obligated by his presumed service contract to declare martial law to seal our borders.  The big question in everyone's mind should be --- why, if these members of "Congress" are supposed to be "representing" us and our country, aren't they doing their duty to protect and preserve us?  

A country without enforceable borders cannot be said to exist. 

So this latest attack against our border security is a direct attack against our country, our nation, our identity, our security, our very existence. 

The further question is why should any member of Congress be promoting lawlessness?   It isn't as if we don't already have lawful means of entering this country---- so here we have a purported "lawmaker" condoning lawlessness.  

I choked when I heard Nancy Pelosi claim that an effective border is "an immorality".  The only immorality involved is a Congress-person advocating lawlessness and destruction of our country and getting paid (handsomely) by us to provide such a gross disservice.  She should be taken to Fort Belvoir in chains and made to stand trial for mental incompetence and treason.  

Or she can stay sequestered and silent  in her little ten mile square "kingdom" until such time as we decide to outlaw it and dismember the agreements that ever allowed it to exist for breach of trust and commercial contract. 

The answer to the Fake Congress and its members will be found in the International Organizations Immunity Act (IOIA) of 1976, where the Municipal "Congress" washed its hands and departed from its obligations to us, choosing to "release" their public offices to the United Nations, and to only retain their Municipal (foreign private corporate) offices as part of the independent, international city-state government of the District of Columbia.  

This in itself is lawlessness and insanity.  They were created by our government and when they depart from us, they depart from any excuse for their existence and purpose as a separate government on our soil.   As a direct result, they have been dependent on the Territorial Government to give them a "safe harbor" --- one that they have not deserved. 

It is a reprise of the Dutch East India Fleet bilking its customers and shareholders in 1702, and being given safe harbor in New York by the British East India Company---- for a price.   And the price, if they all have it their way, will be paid by us.  

This is why we have refused to accept their offers to contract and why we have continued to bring our demand and to accept the return of our Delegated Powers. 

They, the members of this thing calling itself the "United States Congress"  literally don't "represent" you.  They claim to "represent" --- as in, act as proxies for --- corporation franchises named after you: YOU.  Thus, they endeavor to seize control of you and your assets and cast your shareholder votes in their filthy corporation, too.  

The ones ultimately responsible for all this, are the members of the Roman Curia and the Pope, who should be collapsing not only the corporations involved in this travesty, but also preventing the people running this criminal game show from exercising any further ability to create, operate, act as shareholders, or benefit from any corporation whatsoever. 

Criminals are not supposed to be exercising privileges --- and creating corporations and operating them and benefiting from them is a privilege. 

To the extent that the Pope and the Curia have allowed these Vermin to operate on our shores, the Pope and the Curia are responsible not only for the corporations being liquidated, but for assuring the rest of us that these Vermin don't just throw up a new shingle and continue on abusing us under a new name. 

Nancy Pelosi and all the other members of this deceitful, fraudulent, out-of-control, criminally-minded "Congress" need to be shut down and exposed so that everyone clearly understands that they are not our representatives. 

People ignorantly voted in their private corporation elections because they were defrauded and deluded into believing that they were voting in public elections instead. 

These Vermin have been running a con game to our detriment and in violation of any contract we ever had with them.  They have no excuse. They have been fully informed.  None of those "Persons" involved in this crime syndicate should be allowed to participate in, hold any office, or reap any benefit from any successor organization created to replace it.   And none of the people running the Municipal United States Government should be allowed to hold any office of trust public or private again.

Which is why I am banging on the Pope's door about this and stomping around to the members of the Curia.  It's not enough to bankrupt and liquidate their old Municipal Bordello aka "Swamp".  These same guilty parties have to be prevented from just coming up with a new name and going right back into business.

Keep the pressure on all the rats. Keep the exposure going.  Keep explaining it so that everyone on Earth understands the con game.  Keep holding all those responsible feet first to the fire.  Your lives and your future depend upon it. 


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    1. Anel....whenever you or anyone else post a site to go to, at least let us know what the site refers to as a courtesy to everyone and to let us know if we even want to follow it up....make sense..??

    2. James, I totally agree ! I do not just go to any ole site somebody just plops down. It could be unhealthy for my computer and it might not be of a bit of interest to me. People should give an overview of what its ABOUT.

  2. totally agree, one reason why its okay with me for having a shut down, congress has done nothing to serve us, but for their own greed. yep shut down keep down. maybe more people will wake up. Thank you Anna

    1. Joe, I agree. It makes no sense, that's why they likes to do. It's all about moneys paying out to workers the Deep state didn't want to pay, but to keep for themselves. On the other hand, I got the feeling the British is upset with the Deep State for Excessive negligence, by bringing all Toxic and deceptive elements to deceive people as if people are stupid, when logic and careful handling should have been done. The Deep state plays games at the expenses of the British. Even though, the British and The Deep state are so committed to themselves, Logic and Common sense has to be in consideration. The British has already blamed the American Finding of the Truth on The Deep State, based on what Anna told this blog, not long ago.

    2. When I realized the frauds of income taxation directed at non constitutionally defined "taxpayers", alleged to be "Citizens of the United States", when I realized the colossal fraud perpetrated on Americans forced to sign a 1040 form under penalty of perjury when no one has even read the tax code, in order to play in the commerce fraud game of employment under corporations, and when I realized how far out of any constitutional bounds the STATE's and the UNITED STATES routinely operate, when I realized no "representative " had ever in fact represented me in any possible way, when I realized I had not signed the Constitution to become a party to it, when I realized Article IV of the Articles of Confederation describes the rights a "free inhabitant" to be politically free and live in any state, when I found no such "free inhabitant" in Article IV of the Constitution was brought forward in to that document, when I realized the POTUS never is required to conform to the oath prescribed at Article VI of the Constitution set forth for all government employees to take before entering their office, when I realized no "officer" has ever taken that oath either...these and other discoveries caused me to realize the United States "government" is running totally self interested series of crime syndicates.

      My thought was "Well, having clear and obvious evidence of crimes against me and my fellow Americans, I, one of the sovereign American people, don't have to voluntarily contribute to this crime syndicate, I can boycott the entire gamut, I can withdraw voter registration, I can refuse to sign the jury service form requiring me to fraudulently state under penalty of perjury that I am a U.S. Citizen, and I can redirect my energies toward rebuilding a free self governing society under the laws of nature and natures God." It has been a great experience of learning to keep my "Shinola Sensors" on alert, discovering most people just don't care so long as they have the comforts of life, but gladly I continue to discover more and more awakened people to these facts of frauds.

      Soon the people who understand the fraudulent conditions we are herded around by, will increase in numbers until the society will come to a self correcting, self purging tipping point, and millions of minds will coalesce into an unstoppable movement to drain the swamp, clean the State, sweep out the local power brokers, bounce the banks, and start afresh. Anna is providing some valuable education in preparation of these very badly needed events. So are those who search diligently for God's directions.

    3. Joel, I totally agree with you. The people of this country and the world have been hoodwinked... away from all truths literally.

      As Anna wrote that these two entities (Fed and Municipal gov) morphed into something that they were not intended to. It was all by design through the god of this age, the god that they trust in. The god that has usurped the Creators creation. They have morphed into the whole worlds govt and that is why "they" eventually want a one world govt for their god, the god of lawlessness.

      This is only one faction of the usurpation of Creators creation that satan acquired at the garden. We were not knowledgeable of it until now. The tangled web of deception has been exploited by the wwweb. Its sooo much deeper that just toilet paper with presidents faces on it. Its spiritual to the core and has been well hidden. This is a spiritual war.

      In order to better understand the web of deception here is a link that goes into the best description of ALL things being done behind the backs of the peoples of this realm

    4. keep in mind, we were never forced like the vampire entering your door, "he must be invited in." we were just too lazy as with all things before we figured out the water was boiling and we need to hop the hell out now...or like fairly land where we were seduced into a trance like state until we questioned, wow how long have we been here enjoying the benefits and privileges, man we gotta get outta here now before we cannot anymore!!!

  3. Thank you so much for your work in helping us try to understand the crimes against us!

  4. I mostly agree with Anna on this one, the following is still influenced by the British. Why? the Municipal Gov't/Court supported by the foreign influenced "United States Congress". It consists of corrupt lawyers, extracting our resources while contriving to provide underperformed services for us, while taking all our Social Security benefits off our Disability Trusts and retirement in form of a wash, by making ppl pay tax for their retirement, it's like receiving NO retirement or any benefits. They railroad ppl the same way their STATE COURTS doing, no difference. Proof? every new president had to visit their UK masters first to make they follow their scamming duties. There are lots of evidences online if you know how to search.

    The next one I agree 100%: one Territorial United States Government by the British agents, aka States Gov't. Or "STATE OF XX" or "XX STATE" a dba of foreign U.S.A.Inc., helping Corporation pillage over people properly across 50 corrupt states, without shame. These people brought many toxic and deceptive elements into many countries, not just ours.

  5. The BAR is every bit as dangerous or more than Congress (filled with mostly BAR attorneys), the BANKS, and Corporations, because they have created their own language to dupe and deceive the entire world...!!
    If they aren't taken to task soon, we won't last 1 year before they use their magic to confuse and deceive everyone all over again....!!
    Everyone has to learn how to be an attorney themselves, including Corporations...meaning no one can hire an attorney for their case just for convience sake...If sued or criminally charged, you and you alone have to fight your own battles...Especially Corporate attorneys...!! No more titles of nobility , who get paid just to ruin people's lives...!! If a man or woman wants to sue a corporation, than its the CEO himself that has to show up on his own to fight and litigate the case, not a special dept in the company just for that purpose...!! No way..
    It has to come to "mano e mano"(one on one)...with help only from "counsellors " that are willing to help people involved in court proceedures...!!! But not attorneys who can arbitrarily called into "Chambers" for "private negotiations", without all parties being invited in also...!! Really the whole justice system is to complicated like everything else for normal people...Thats why I say all courts need to be only confined to small and large claims courts...!! Even if it is a criminal case...!!
    This way everyone is forced to know law, whether they like it or not, so people will not so easily be deceived again....And there will always be people throughout time who will push for this same system unless we catch it quick and arrest them and try them for treason...!!

    The real problem is that there are just to many people in the world that even without the "Deep State", we would still be fighting each other and other countries, because no nation can survive in peace if everyome claims kingship(sovereignty)...Who is going to stop one king from doing something his neighbor, another king, doesn t like or feels he is being damaged...!! People cause their own troubles when all they want to do is call some govt agency to help them with a personal controversy, which shouldn't involve the cops....people are going to have to learn how to respect other people's privacy and the right for a quite place to live without the constant thumping of base speakers blasting out Rape music...!!

    1. we cant even get along on this small site with like minded people haha

  6. Interesting comments & great article by Anna as usual 💓

    Reposted in full in comment section of Ben Fulford's latest report ☇

  7. Allowing them ( 545 agents if satan ) to live would be a mistake.. start with their execution.. approx 8 million work for the cabal...I am sure we could find more who have committed TREASON against us...maybe add Francis and a few from the Curia to rot on pikes as the fence around that " ten miles square....just as a suggestion

    1. It's been done! How did that work for ya? We are back or soon to be at square one. How to break the cycle?

    2. p58 gotta be an agent or just stoopid neither one is good.

  8. Pope Francis warns of resurgent nationalism, urges help for migrants\

    Do you think these Communist via socialist are ever going to sway your way?
    They like many here, do not even begin to disclose the True answer to the problem.

  9. Want to see the part that Disney and Hollywood play in the deception
    These links will provide some detailed information on what these so called elite have been doing around the world
    Read an article the other day that the actor Trump is going to send our troops to Africa now to secure their interest in the minerals they have made claim to
    Also read that we have 6 I think Naval Aircraft Carriers now docked in their home port of Norfolk VA and that this is a potential set up for our Navy to be destroyed - can you say planned genoicide of sons and daughters
    All of it links back to the following documents
    Want to know why they destroyed our industries - well because now they can bring in China and others to rebuild factories - ship in migrant workers and pay them shit wages - and Trump can say hey look the economy is doing great factory work is booming all the while FOXXCONN is Wisconsin pays $800 a month flat wage and this is the only job you will ever have
    And while they pulling this shit they putting on events to disarm as per the UN agreement
    They have been brainwashing the kids for a long time
    And how about that another foundation leading the way
    Now I'm all about saving the earth but these people aren't about saving it when they are the ones blocking out the sun, spraying chemtrails all over the soil, water, us and all other inhabitants etc etc etc
    Notice the location on the link above - The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
    So while the rich pricks and foundations get richer, the slaves will be reduced to living in villages where our every consumption will be tracked and traced by the controllers for compliance - this is why Amazon is building wifi certified homes to track everything that happens within them - it is also why they put smart meteres on our homes to track and trace through them and sell the information to Google
    They will confiscate all the natural resources and the people will be forced to comply you see how this is all working folks
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  10. Are you sleeping? Are you silent? Are you complicit? Civics 101
    https ://ecclesia .org/truth/maxims.html
    Maxims of Law
    Richard Anthony
    Table of Maxims [list of 27 categories]
    Fraud and Deceit:
    - He is not deceived who knows himself to be deceived.
    - Let him who wishes to be deceived, be deceived.
    - He who does not prevent what he can, seems to commit the thing.
    - He who does not prevent what he can prevent, is viewed as assenting.
    - He who does not forbid what he can forbid, seems to assent.
    - He who does not forbid, when he might forbid, commands.
    - He who does not repel a wrong when he can, induces it.

    - A maxim is so called because its dignity is chiefest, and its authority most certain, and because universally approved of all.
    - The law which governs corporations is the same as that which governs individuals [godless entities].
    - Legality is not reality.
    - The law sustains the watchful.
    - Those awake, not those asleep, the laws assist. [1 Timothy 1:9]
    - Legal remedies are for the active and vigilant.
    - What is good and equal, is the law of laws.
    - Whose right it is to institute, his right it is to abrogate.
    - Laws are abrogated or repealed by the same authority by which they are made.