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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Big Con

By Anna Von Reitz

For most people, contemplation of how our American Government has been commandeered by foreign con artists-- British and Papal Agents-- will be hard enough to deal with.

However, beyond this deplorable breach of trust and criminality is a far more common, pervasive, and universal con scheme --The Big Con -- that underlies the world as we know it. 

I will call it "The Pillar to Post Scheme".  It is very simple ---and it is the necessary condition needed to "divide and conquer"-- as in divide and conquer all of us. 

Basically, the Fraud Artists deliberately set up two sides to everything and use this mechanism to --as my Mother used to say, "Play both ends against the middle". 

Here is a stellar example of it:

We now know that in the Dark Ages, the Roman Catholic Church paid  Mohammed to popularize the Quran throughout the Middle East, apparently in order to create a "Pillar to Post" situation for itself-- that is, to give itself something to fight against and an excuse to confiscate property from the Moors and the Jews.

This creation of religious controversy was the "necessary condition" for The Crusades and all the money, power, and property assets that the Church acquired as a result. 

The whole enmity between Islam and Christianity was ginned up with malice aforethought-- created, and not by accident. 

We were all used by the "Belief Makers"--- for their gain and our loss.

The Crusades depopulated Europe leaving the Church as beneficiary of most of the resulting largess.

We have all been "played" throughout history in exactly the same manner.  

The Perps create two sides and we stupidly line up and choose one side or the other, as if all our choices suddenly dwindled down to that. 

Statutory or Common Law? 

Allopathic or Naturopathic Medicine? 

New England Patriots or Dallas Cowboys? 

Republican or Democrat? 

Catholic or Protestant? 

It's all the same game-- Pillar to Post. 

One of the most obvious and vicious examples occurred during the British Protectorate in the Middle East. 

They drew some lines on a map and labeled it "Palestine".  Everyone inside the border of Palestine was this labeled a "Palestinian" and redefined as such. 

Where, the day before, a peaceful polyglot culture of mostly Arabic and Jordanian people co-existed with a large contingent of European Christians and Jews--- we now had all of them arbitrarily labeled as "Palestinians".  Side One was created. 

Then all the Perps had to do was create another "side" for the newly created Palestinians to fight against. This was accomplished by importing large numbers of Jews. 

Pillar to Post.  A recipe for endless war for all of us and endless profits for arms dealers and "defense" manufacturers--- also endless excuses for foreign governments to meddle in the region. 

The Vermin are trying to do the same thing throughout the world. 

The Masters of the Big Con are busy setting up multiple two-sided hate complexes-- Muslims against Christians, Immigrants against Americans, Immigrants against French, immigrants against Germans, Jews against Everybody, Blacks against Whites and so on. 

They are desperately promoting "sides" to everything, and if they have their way, we will soon be fighting each other over which brand of toothpaste we use. 

Crest or Colgate? 

The important point here is that we are all being played--- conned, set up, used by these Vermin, who are sitting back and profiting themselves from our misery, and never even being identified as the Cause of it all.  

Look at what the Church gained from the Crusades?  Most of Europe was de-populated, with the Church being the single largest beneficiary of the wealth and assets left behind.  

The Church also gained the power of taxation -- a power formerly held only by secular governments.  

Remember that the Income Tax began as "Peter's Pence" --a tax imposed by the Church on Parishioner's income for the prior year, collected by the Inquisition and due April 15 of each year -- to support the cost of The Crusades. 

And what is the current Income Tax? 

Technically, and top IRS officials will tell you this to your face- it's a gift and estate tax. 

They are taxing you for the privilege of gifting your estate to them, and you are presumed to be doing this voluntarily as a religious subscription to FDR's "Holy cause". 

If the Bushwah got a quarter of an inch deeper, we'd all drown. 

And what is this "Holy cause"?  

War, eternal, perpetual, horrific, endless war to please Lucifer, the "god" who "loves the smell of burning flesh".  

You and millions of others are being defrauded every year out of large portions of your earnings to finance your own destruction and the destruction of other innocent people around the world. 

Technically, it is being done by a web-like interlocking trust directorate linking 147 key corporations worldwide and via commodity rigging of the world currency markets by the euphemistically named "Exchange Stabilization Fund" --- but in truth and in fact, in a greater sense, it is only possible because we have been fooled into choosing sides and falling for all this malarkey. 

I have one "side"-- the side of life and love and sharing and justice and passion and pleasure and abundance and freedom and peace.

These are the fruits of waking up and putting a stop to their Pillar to Post schemes and withdrawing all support from the organizations that promote these evils.

Are you ready? 

The next elections held in this country need to be Public Elections for Public Offices---not Make Believe private corporate elections for political lobbyists. 

Declare your political status on the public record and join your State Jural Assembly.

Wake everyone up and spread the word.  

Be not like dumb driven cattle. 

It's easy. 

Stop choosing sides. 


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  1. I would like to know where to find the evidence that the Church was responsible for popularizing the Muslim Heresy by paying Mohammed to spread the Quran.

    1. There are youtube videos about it.

    2. Amazing Discoveries How the Catholic Church created Islam.

  2. Here is what I find on the subject in the Catholic Encyclopedia.

    1. Paul,
      You are a good guy , I for one so appreciate your dedication and hard work, however you allow catholicism to dictate everything and you do not question it. All of your resources that you footnote are catholic... can you see this ? The fox and the henhouse, cops investigating themselves....please consider this , what if you have been lied to ? What if some of the info you read, believe and then footnote is wrong ?.... I was pretty hardcore like you until I started seeing first hand the hyprocrisy and stepping back and trying my best to be as open and nuetral as possible...its been a very alienating wierd ride so far. Ignorance was definetly bliss and much easier. I cant read or hear anything without my bs sensor going off...

    2. Paul, I too so appreciate your hard work. I found Anna's website and I signed up to get notifications from your website. I check several times a day to see if something new has come in. I'm happy you have had a good experience with catholicism, I have met others who also have had good experiences. My mother passed when I was 14, my youngest brother 8 months. There was no comfort or outreach from the Church my father faithfully wrote a check to each Sunday. Our Catholic family thought it better not to mention my mother, like she never lived, for years. There was so much judgement, finger pointing and "You're going to hell" for any infraction, especially asking questions. By the time I was 17 I had to convince myself this was hell in order to get by, because nothing could be worse. I have never been in trouble and I hope I have never harmed anyone intentionally. There is more to "GOD" than wrath. Some People say my mother didn't go to heaven because she wasn't saved according to some of these other religions out there. My mother wasn't raised Catholic but joined to marry my father. I don't think my father went to communion once after my mom passed. He said he wasn't worthy. What is that nonsense? Those hurting and grieving and doing the best they can with 4 young children need Jesus the most. Our family also had the mindset that the Catholic religion was the only True and correct religion and only Catholics are going to heaven. I love Jesus. I was baptized at 34, which was one of the best experiences of my life, and some in my family said that didn't count, I was baptized Catholic. I'm relating this experience because it's the same BS Anna is talking about in this article. Are we Loved? Are we just here for the whims of a jealous God to punish everyday. I have made peace with the whole mess but many have not and they can divide and conquer because we don't realize we are all from the same source. Its no wonder FICTIONLAND has control. Thank you again for all your work. This takes commitment from all because at some point we have to stand together.
      Peace and Love to you and yours.

    3. It's rather obvious that neither of you have studied the Catholic Faith from what the Church itself has written over 20 centuries of time. Have your read the lives of the Saints, or have you followed what Catholics actually believe from their own writings or official teachings? I doubt it. You have mostly read what fallen away Catholics are saying against the Church or what Protestants say about it.
      And when it comes to bad example, every so called church has it's bad apples.
      Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!
      Don't talk to me about how bad the Catholic Church is until you have studied what it teaches from the Church's own documents, and don't tell me that what is in Rome or the Vatican is Catholic. It's not. Francis is NOT a true Catholic Pope. He is an anti-pope. And so were several of his predecessors, back to John 23.

      Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli) was the last true Pope, at least publicly.

      Pope Pius XII
      260th Pope of the Catholic Church
      Pope Pius XII (Italian: Pio XII), born Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli (2 March 1876 – 9 October 1958), was the Pope of the Catholic Church from 2 March 1939 to his death in 1958. Before his election to the papacy, Pacelli served as secretary of the Department of Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs, papal nuncio to Germany (1917–1929), and Cardinal Secretary of State, in which capacity he worked to conclude treaties with European and Latin American nations, most notably the Reichskonkordat with Nazi Germany. Expressing dismay at the invasion of Poland, reiterating Church teaching against racial persecution and calling for love, compassion and charity to prevail over war.

    4. you are correct about pope francis because he is literally the current 'acting' pope ; the actor playing his part is the actor known as jonathan pryce ; others in here too

    5. When I questioned my family about why they believed what they did, I was told because that's what we believe. Shouldn't Catholics know why they believe something over the other religions out there. Shouldn't they have answers for a young child seeking knowlege? Where are all these great documents? Are they written in the pristine Catholic Bible still in its safe place inside the right cabinet space of my aunts China Hutch? Who allowed the priests to sexualy abuse children and covered it all up? Who allowed these Pope's to claim the souls of all men to be their property? It's all called the Catholic Church? So how is a young child supposed to know the difference? Is it not the responsibility of adults to bring forth the truth and teach the children? Its wonderful, the teachings were maybe good at some point in the past but there was no one when I was a child that cared to teach anything good or protect my soul like they promised at the baptism ceremony. No one today is taking responsibility for all the evil going on in the name of the Catholic Church. Same answer now as I got at 14. It's not really the true Catholic Church. Huh??? Well ok, it's not the true UNITED STATES, or United States of America, or united States of America. I chose one, it was wrong so now I correct the record. The representatives of The Catholic Church caused me harm as a child. So who or what is this true church that I should gladly embrace now today, without fear and with great joy? The leaders are corrupt and evil, but the people are so good. Sounds the same as the situation with usa/USA. Love our neighbors, condemn our neighbors, same shit different day/year. All Man is created equal. We are the body. When does the division end? Ok Good v Evil, but the problem here is Good v Good. I don't care what religion a man choses. Religion is created to divide, just like Football. The question is, is a man evil or is he good. The other question is, should we love him anyway so that he may see good and come to the father?

    6. Annie, your problem may be that you lump all people into one single group. But people are not all the same, so its necessary to divide them up, according to their belief, their deeds, etc.
      God is all about division; he never considers all mankind as being all the same. Remember, we are not each the handiwork of God himself; he merely provided the design, and then told Man to ''go ye and multiply'. Surely you cannot believe that every person born was the plan of God, do you?
      You could ask yourself then why would God cause a child to be born to one who lives in squalor and eats out of garbage dumps in some of these foreign countries. It simply proves that that is not a birth decided by God.
      We also need to stop falling for the 'Unity message'' as IF God wants all people unified together. He has never said any such thing, anywhere.
      Also, it does not matter what ''any religion teaches'. We don't get our teaching from religious organizations; that is generally their own opinion, being taught as ''gospel'. It is not.

      Yes, it is 'nice' to assemble with likeminded folks, but unfortunately I don't even know 10 people who are likeminded, lol. God is not the author of confusion; man is, and they are the ones who went around creating their own 'religion' (churches) to please themselves. Ultimately, it really doesn't matter to me what 'they' think or do or decide, or what they choose. The real Truth is right in the written Word OF God. 'OF God' means that it comes from God, down to men, who then put it in writing. But the Words were not the word of men, they simply heard it, and wrote it, and that is all., men did not write the bible; you could say they simply ''took dictation'.
      Surely it cannot be a stretch for anyone to realize God made the entire earth, the sun, the moon, the waters, everything on the earth and in it, including Man...........but cant speak??

      The answer is......many people are evil, and some are good. And they will never come together in 'unity' and shouldn't. Otherwise the evil will corrupt the good.
      Learn about division and to accept it; look at each person as a separate individual and don't try to put them all in the same basket.

  3. If you remember, I said this same thing many articles ago...!! And the perfect "Con" of keeping us separated is "professional sports", which they perfected in America to a fine tuned engine...!! That natural desire to beat your oppent is now intimately entwined in our sycy to such a degree that it is no longer an advantage to know people...!!
    We are all unequally yoked, and they have us fighting over everything. And now they even have us fighting between genders with all these sexual harassment laws so that most guys are going to have to turn gay or become rapist if they want sex....!! How convient to also make prostitution illegal...!! We are being "herded", and people just follow...!!

    But our real separation comes from "money", which is so esoteric that no one really gets it...they just know they can't live without it so there are only two choices for people...either work your ads off under stressful conditions or "STEAL"..!!
    The CABAL are only knowledgeable in one thing only and very good at it....creating money or instraments, and until we accept a new way of thinking, they will always be in charge...!!

    1. good one james, that makes sense on a grand scale

    2. I agree James. I distinctly remember when they came out with Thursday night edition of Monday night Football. Still hear the Jingle in my head. I remember because that was the breaking point of my first marriage. Of course it wasn't just football, there were many other serious issues but it happened at the same time. My Ex although a supportive father now is still consumed by sports. Such a waste.

  4. Anna, what a con job you are selling here, telling these followers of yours that ''you offer them your 'one side' IF you have any power to bring that about. You are playing on peoples' emotions saying such a thing.
    Even Jesus came to bring Division; the sheep from the goats; good from evil; wheat from the tares. He has even set his own true Believers aside from the World, saying that ''we (true christians) are still IN the world, but are no longer OF the world''.

    It is modern day FALSE religion that preaches Unity, when in fact God has been going around Separating his Own FROM those who are not His own.

    So anna, once again, you speak against Gods Own Word and Mission. Did you miss the admonition ''what does Light have to do with darkness, come out from among them and be ye SEPARATE'? 2 Cor.6:11-18

    1. Here is what I find an encouraging example of people reaching equilibrium as equals, by listening to and obeying God's Word. That is the key, listening to and obeying God's Word. No end of mischief will be found when mortal man and woman sees themselves as the authority over others, it will always lead to tyranny by those "given authority". We must retain our political authority as sovereign American nationals, appoint fiduciaries under private contract with very close scrutiny and accountability and with severe penalties for mis-application of specific limited delegated authority under contract to "put out the trash", and humbly with great diligence harken to God's perfect directions in governing our individual private lives. WE must control the laws of banking, for historically banking has been the source of downgrading our money, our economy, and our public integrity.

      This quote does not preclude existence of various faiths, but it does illustrate what the faith of the hearers to apply God's word allowed a condition of equality leading to peace and prosperity.

      Alma 1: 26 "And when the priests left their labor to impart the word of God unto the people, the people also left their labors to hear the word of God. And when the priest had imparted unto them the word of God they all returned again diligently unto their labors; and the priest, not esteeming himself above his hearers, for the preacher was no better than the hearer, neither was the teacher any better than the learner; and thus they were all equal, and they did all labor, every man according to his strength."

      27 "And they did impart of their substance, every man according to that which he had, to the poor, and the needy, and the sick, and the afflicted; and they did not wear costly apparel, yet they were neat and comely."

      28 "And thus they did establish the affairs of the church; and thus they began to have continual peace again, notwithstanding all their persecutions."

    2. Ucadia,
      You appear as dangerous as she may be.
      Two wrongs do not = a right. And then your language(most of the time) and your reaction to p58? Wow do you not see you are both much the same?
      Or is this just more nonsens to add to the chaos and confusion?
      No shortage in that.

    3. Joel, there is NO Book of Alma. What are you quoting from here?? Also there is no Book of Nephi which you posted earlier.

    4. Enter the scriptural references I provided into the web search engine like Google, and the scripture will come up, along with other references giving fuller context. The Lord wants the worlds searching souls to have access to His Word, which He tells us will never end. I am sure the intel for the Web has come to us as part of the restoration of the fullness of times in which we find ourselves, now underway, and foretold by all the prophets. This is an exciting time in the worlds history...After all He is The living God whose words will never end providing His Light to believers forever. Thanks for asking.