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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

So Now, The Payseur Myth

By Anna Von Reitz

We have yet another European Bunko Operation to deal with: the Payseur Myth, which claims that a bastard son of the French King owns all the resources and corporations of America. 

Let's begin with the fact that "Payseur" is the name of an Office--- that of "Purser" or "Paymaster" of the Army, not a surname at all, and that putting a bastard son of a king into such an office was (and is) common practice of the European Monarchies who practiced "Bastardy".  

Illegitimate children were considered proof of the king's sinful nature, which they inherited in full, so that their illustrious fathers could remain unblemished. 

In essence, Royal Bastards got drafted to do all the dirty work for Dear Old Dad.  They were the assassins and Daredevils and political instruments of Empire, the bankers and paymasters of government, the Svengalis behind the throne quietly connecting the web of monarchic interests worldwide. 

Hence the saying that "the world was founded by a bastard son". 

Payseur and his Purser position was no different, and once you realize the position of the French Government being used by French and Benelux and English Commercial interests, the whole entanglement of France in American affairs becomes clear. 

Remember when the Templar Empire "disappeared" in the very early 1300's?  The same thing happened four hundred years later when the Dutch East India Company disappeared, too, taking all its ships and tonnage of cargo and insurance providers with it. 

We know also that the British Throne has been conquered by French interests since the Norman Conquest and that the monarchies of both nations have colluded continuously ever since.  

In essence, the same Paymasters have worked for both France and England like two pockets in the same set of pants.  This was made permanent and inviolable and has held steady since 1702 when the Dutch East India Trading Company was given "safe harbor" in America by the British Monarch. 

We have had the interests of the Dutch East India contingent (France and Benelux) preying upon us on one side (The United States Company) and the British East India Company (The United States of America Company) preying on us from the other side, ever since. 

And, once again, we have the Pillar (United States, Inc.) and the Post (United States of America, Inc.) with the American States and People being kept confused and driven from one side to the other by these "service providers". 

One had best remember that when the Union Army took over responsibility for our money in 1863, their Purser or Paymaster in effect confiscated all the assets of the Northern Federal States of States in receivership.  

Thus, the Paymaster-- the Payseur of the Grand Army of the Republic-- operating as an employee of "the United States" Company owned and operated by French-Benelux and complicit Americans --took over everything in sight and in the "legal sense" owned it. 

The legal definition of "ownership" is as you will find very different from the common meaning of the word.  Mr. Payseur became the Caretaker and Trustee of all this American property --essentially holding it in impound and using the US Army to enforce this "Guaranty Arrangement" until such time as the Americans paid back the "war debt" incurred by the Northern Federal States of States. 

What is particularly irritating about this is that these two European Commercial Companies, both deceitfully infringing on names we associated with our government, caused the entire bogus "Civil War" and staged it on our soil as a commercial mercenary conflict to enrich themselves and enslave us to pay debts that were never rightfully ours. 

You can see this pattern again in what happened in the so-called French and Indian War (actually an extension of the Thirty Years War in Europe) just prior to the Revolution and in the much more recent "Vietnam Conflict" which was also an illegal mercenary action  involving us in French wrong-doing and forcing us to pay for their debts. 

So much for Payseur "owning" everything, and also an end to any confusion about who or what has been infringing upon us using deceitful names and False commercial claims to set up their Pillar to Post game in America. 

It's France-Benelux using the United States Company (now Corporation) and a puppet Municipal "Congress" and the British Crown using the United States of America, Incorporated, to cause all this confusion and trouble for us and the rest of the world. 

And neither of these commercial entities have a thing to do with our actual government or country except that they are vendors of "governmental services"--- subcontractors in the business of providing us with services we could (and should) be providing for ourselves. 

The actual Puppet masters of this entire farce are the members of the Roman Curia and the Holy See (another Pillar and another Post) running FRANCE and France, which runs the UK and Westminster. 

It's all a show, a play, replete with actors pretending to be something or someone else--- and until we all wake up and see through this unholy lot of claptrap and take back control of our own affairs, we shall continue to suffer the consequences of Gross Breach of Trust, inland piracy, illegal conscription, illegal confiscation, identity theft and the other evils with which we are all familiar. 

The answer does not lie in participating in their corporations and trying to take over political parties. 

The answer lies in drawing a clear line between who and what they are and who and what we are, so that they can no longer pretend to be the "United States" nor the "United States of America" nor any Trustee or Agent of ours. 

They must be unmasked and recognized for who (France-Benelux and Great Britain) and what (foreign commercial service providers) they are. 

They are not American and they do not  represent America.  They are just filthy dirty European commercial corporations infringing on our Good Names -- corporations that need to be liquidated and forced to pay their own debts for a change. 

And until we do this, they will continue to try to control us and to steal our resources and hold our purse-strings "for" us.  They will continue to use our sons and daughters as cheap mercenaries. And they will continue to use us and our country like a giant puppet to terrorize the rest of the world, while taxing us to death at home. 

Time to make them pay-- literally-- for their sins.  And expose them for the cheap, immoral cads and criminals that they are. 


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  1. First let's start by dissolving the Army completely and exposing them for the traders they are and were....!! Nothing will move forward without this first being done....!!

  2. The Truman Show
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. "Truman Burbank" The Tru-man-B-ur-bank, thus man is the productive power of labor, that labor may involve a birth/space that the "Firm" uses as its business plan-et. Who is the father of the States Foundling child produced by mom alone? Moms father to cut to the chase.

  3. James, I think we may all agree that the entire military complex is involved in an effort to ultimately thoroughly control virtually every aspect of human life.

    Already as has been witnessed the many and deadly false flag attacks, they have also deeply entrenched themselves in our backyard. 5G is everywhere and growing, and the focus point for much of the offensive power available for bringing the masses to capitulation.

    As a nation we are between a rock and a hard place. As a race of humans we are faced with many unpleasant choices. The common people are spinning down the spiral of increasingly not enough of what is required to live a normal life. Somehow we will overcome in our individual circumstances and get it together.

  4. For the Record, it is the world that has labeled children of those whose parents have not trotted down to the county court house and slapped down their $25 to get their permission to get married, as being 'illegitimate or bastards'. But biblically speaking God has an different meaning altogether, and it is given in Hebrews 12:1-8 which says that a bastard is one who does not have The Father (God). In otherwords, all non-true-Believers are all bastards according to God.

    If that were not true, then what would we have to say about Isaac who was delivered Rebecca by a Servant sent by his father Abraham to go fetch to be the wife of his son, Isaac. And when she was delivered to Isaac, scripture tells us that they simply went into their home (which was a tent) together and were then husband and wife. No marriage license, no govt. licence bureau issued paper 'permission'.
    The point here is, today the world measures legitimacy based upon govt. records and paperwork to make that determination; but God has quite a different Standard.
    Looks like then, most people in this world are bastards, in the eyes of God.

    1. It has been said that the letter kill, to state otherwise is an epic failure. A book can't be a teacher, obviously.

    2. cube, tell us, what did you learn math from? Why then do colleges all require books for every class, if they are not to be learned from? Why do students then need to spend $100 or more for one class book?
      Sorry, but the bible is a book that teaches; and it also is extremely applicable to real every day life. Would you like me to give you some real life examples, for proof?
      Try it, you might LEARN something of value instead of wasting so much time on your worthless word game preoccupation, lol. But, your choice; makes no difference to me, personally.

    3. Whatever bible u believe in sure has twisted u Abby😉

  5. So....... All these incorporated services providers as fictions can only be under authority liquidated and its shareholders and board directors prevented to continue the fraud by the Roman Curia and the Holy See.... So, who has the authority over the Roman Curia and the Holy See ??? To "encourage" or coerce" them to implement the necessary lawful means to finalize the remedies to these fraudulent activities ???

    I often have wondered how it would be if those changing their political status (which I have almost completed) form the organs of their own government, how those paid operators in the corporate franchise "governments" will just discontinue enforcing all the legal statutes and ordinances which funds their own job security..... Attempted to file a UCC-1 form establishing creditor status for my sister in MICHIGAN but MCL 440.9520(5)(e)rejects such filing due to the debtor and secured party are substantially the same or the debtor is a transmitting utility...... pretty clever, state legislation prohibiting the filing...

    1. Richard, therein lies the entire problem - - there is no enforcement that can be implemented and anna has never crossed that bridge. But some of us actually do look ahead and we can clearly see there will never be any manner of enforcement to any of this paperwork.
      Each of you has to do whatever you think you should do, but know that if you try to use any of it, any judge can demand a mental evaluation on anyone at any time the mood strikes them....just for your bringing up what is right and trying to use it in your defense. It is only fair to warn of this risk prior to such an attempt.

    2. I should add, that if a judge decides to do it, they can institutionalize one for this evaluation, which could be quite a length of time.
      IF this is not in the equation, then anna should speak up here and now and tell you ''it is impossible for this to happen''. Which she cannot do.
      I am simply saying we need to use Wisdom. Would you jump into water without first checking to see how deep it is?

    3. Title 18 USC Section 911

      Whoever falsely and willfully represents himself to be a citizen of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years or both.

      Why are US CITIZENS enemies of the State and non-citizen state nationals are protected
      under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Just wanted folks to know that Fulford has a darker side. 1st, he's part jew & this comment from Ben goes right along w his true character: Here is what Fulford said: "...A big issue that still needs to be addressed is the whole issue of older men having sex with teenage boys, a widespread but highly taboo practice. In many cases, older men use a position of power to sexually abuse young boys. In other cases, it is completely consensual. Society needs to openly discuss this and figure out what sort of stance to take on this issue."
      Ben is a pedo-pusher. Seems informative on one hand & is a PEDO-PUSHER on the other & THEY WILL ALWAYS REVEAL THEMSELVES.
      What is it about Ben that he cannot recognize that WE HAVE ALREADY LONG DISGUSSED THIS ISSUE OF MEN HAVING SEX W BOYS? This issue has long been determined. YET Ben forgets which is quite convenient considering how articulate he is.
      Ben pretends theres not much wrong w it, nor w pedophilia. Its WE WHO ARE WRONG, becuz we simply do not recognize that CHILDREN SHOULD BE HAVING SEX W ADULTS if they chose to.
      So this is Ben Fulford by his own words. A JEW & PEDO-PUSHER. Now Ben is friends w Robert David Steele & promotes him too. Won't go into RDS today.
      Thanks & Stay Sane.

    2. Wink, I agree with you. For ben to say it should be brought up again ? and decide what sort of stance to take on the issue????
      Ben needs to go stick his head in a toilet somewhere ! What a sicko, that one.

    3. Wink, I am always interested in what BF has to post in his weekly report. I found his credibility shot from the starting gate but he is spoken of in many social media circles so I like to read up. But anyone who befriends RDS is "hairy on the inside", as my mother would say. Full Ford was caught with egg face when he reported Neil Keenan died, much to NKs surprise. That quickly ended their turbulent "bro-ship"!

    4. Winky dink pushs a pedo lie with no source link in particular...Typical dink stuff😉

    5. Here is brainless winky dink source for his pedo charge😂


      Just the record Ben is Christian, just not Christian enough for Jew hater Winky dink☇

    6. So how come nothing been heard from Neil the last few months Danika?

      If I recall correctly...'Neil' failed to answer correctly an answer to Ben's very confidential question.

      As u may know the use of clones is an old trick...


      Nancy B. Detweiler
      7 years ago

      The National Economic Security & Reformation Act

      Compiled by Nancy Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

      Information is added as it becomes known, along with the date it is included.

      NOTE: Writing a history of NESARA requires locating the separate dots and attempting to put them together to create truth. The original documents are sequestered and those individuals directly involved are still under a strict gag order. I have used as my foundation a history written by James Rink. My research set out to prove NESARA by locating original documents and articles written by reputable people that illustrated each of the tenets. I have inserted some of these URLs for these tenets into Rink’s history. In my 7+ years of research, I have found nothing to disprove the existence of the NESARA LAW. The internet is loaded with disinformation that can be easily dismissed by research.

      As you read this history, you will find mention of high officials being cloned. The capacity to clone an adult individual signifies just one of the many secrets withheld from the public. As “all that is hidden is revealed,” this fact will be confirmed. Cloning of an adult individual is used for various reasons by those working behind the scenes–one example will become known at the divine right moment–the cloning of Princess Diane to avoid her death. Another example is to clone a public figure to prevent public reaction to he/she being removed from their position, as occurred with Janet Reno ( info. added 2014).

      Now that information regarding the government/military cover-up of the extraterrestrial presence is in the public domain, we can see parallels of the facets regarding NESARA that many have used to discredit it. Some of these are: deliberate cover-up of information, government/military gag orders, the suspicious death of persons who attempted to tell the truth, control of the media, and the ruining of individual lives and professions.

      I encourage all to do your own research and add to the pool of documented evidence on the truth of NESARA.]

    7. Leland, I was in conversation with NK over the holidays within a group setting. Many witnessed his liveliness.
      He could be cloned could we all be...

      Worthy document to review:

    8. I haven't been cloned yet...😉♭♯

    9. Ahh, so leland exposes himself as being in favor of pedo sickoism. Hmmm, that speaks volumes.

    10. Show me the link where Fulford actually wrote that 'silver girl' that 'speaks volumns' end timer freak😉

    11. Fascinating how people like known Jew hater Winky dink & now known end timer bible fanatic Abby manipulated fake quotes to trash someone with absolutely no source link to back their bs☇

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. If Abby & Winky Dink feel the need to trash a great blog writer like Fulford...THAT IS CLEARLY A GREAT SPIRITUAL SIGN TO ME THAT BEN IS DEFINITELY ON THE RIGHT TRACK😂💥

    1. Fulford has been way out in left field many times over the years. I stopped reading him a good number of years ago. And so I Expose him for his many many errors in his craft.
      Lets not forget he is the one who once chucked everything and went and lived in the forest for a few years. That speaks much for the defects in his cranials. (I will have to go back and refresh my memory on just what was the precursor to that twisted decision,lol.) Maybe somebody else remembers that. ?

    2. Who is better informed? Abby or Ben Fulford? Decisions, decisions 😂

      [For those not aware, Abyss is known, on this site, for having nothing good or wholesome to say about virtually anything. This person makes it clear that she alone represents the truth and takes on all challengers. I feel it is particularly important for Abyss that others submit to her rule. OK, here goes!

      Abyss is particularly biased when it comes to religion, or as she would say 'christianity'. Abyss says Christianity is a relationship whereas religion is not about a persons relationship to their god but rather to a set of do's and don'ts from which they can be easily measured. Abyss claims not to be religious, but from what I have verbally witnessed cannot be a Christian either. In fact I firmly believe Abyss is not one however, or even close to being one, since real Christians do not go around belittling others. I find it interesting that Abyss believes in the devil and therefore I presume, santa claus. Apparently Abyss also believes in something called a holy spirit, I guess in contra-distinction to an evil or malicious spirit. Abyss knows all the rules of who will and who will not go to heaven when they die, and when on that subject Abyss will blather you with what they're kind says the fairy tale bible book has to say about who will be saved, and who will not be saved. To hear her spirit through her writing one would think they had better get in good standing with Abby now, in this life, because she can tell you more about god than any writing in existence. This rather large group of apostates also believe god killed jesus cause he could not control how angry he got when he considered how bad and sinful his creation the human race was at the time, and for the most part still is. His human creation was in fact so bad, god decided to have his one son arrested, tried, beaten and crucified. Voices in his (gods) head, must have kept repeating the phrase 'you must kill your only son and then I will be happy'. I guess we should be happy about this because through it all somehow we all got saved from something we did not know was threatening. Then it gets really interesting because TRUE FOLLOWERS of Jesus were commanded to eat his flesh and drink his blood. Ish, but then this was making god very happy to view the tremendous suffering he imposed on his son Jesus and all because he just got so mad at his creation. Well Abyss sure likes their own point of view, but goes one step further in that their kind believes some kind of a holy ghost inspired various men and women to write words that they received in secret from god and that those words could get you saved. Whatever that means.

      Of particular interest to me is that their type also says that god does not have to follow his own rules, but rather that only his human creation has to do so. Abyss says in Galatians we learn of the fruit of the spirit; love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, meekness, temperance and faith, all of which, through what they call believers, are to be lived through their life, but god does not have to because he likes to kill a lot I guess. Kind of an unstable being if you ask me. But, Abyss says God does not have to ever display any of those things we just identified as 'fruit of the spirit'. Come to think of it, it is becoming clearer that the Abyss does not have to live a life in obedience to the rules of their unfair and madd god either. A god like that cannot be trusted. It appears that god and Abyss are the two beings that do not have to be like jesus, but that all others sure do, and that if all do not heed their instructions and insights, well they are just plain going to hell.

      Abyss claims to have great insight into the last days of the earth. I personally think most of her kind just believe in scattered darkness before dusk and scattered light just prior to dawn. In either case the meaner you say something the more likely you will look like an expert.]

  10. I must disagree with Anna on the subject of the Payseur family. Lewis Cass Payseur WAS a man who controlled the railroads in the US back in the day. He owned them. Plenty of research rich info on this obscure family.

  11. It is interesting all this divide and conquer stuff. It is all true, even here. This book says this, that book says that, he said, she said. EVERYTHING we have been taught has come from those before us and that which has been expressed since our birth. ALL of it brings us our present day perception of what ought to be. We keep wishing the world as we want it as opposed as to what it really is.

    In my opinion, those who have assumed authority over us are using every means possible to force us to either fall in line or be eliminated. Those of us who know this is wrong have only one choice left and that is to become the "David" and stand up to "Goliath" and become the "Giant" and put him in his place.

    Not ask, just do it for the sake of all mankind. All of this paperwork only works if the system in which it is recognized is honourable. We know from the millions of papers, honour still only comes down to enforcement and how do we do that. We have to take ACTION.

    All the 'good' books out there might as well be Alice in Wonderland. They mean nothing unless we are willing to stand our ground in the physical. While "David" may have held the sling shot, he, in my opinion was not alone. Those standing behind him were the threat to "Goliath". David was only a pimple on the elephant's ass and the people were the pimples that were going to cover his entire surface and drive him into submission in the end.

    In the here and now while the past may influence perception, none of it matters. What really matters is what are we going to do Now! Now is all we have.

    1. Here's another great book☇

    2. Dan, I cant speak for others, but as for me, I differ on so many things, but it is for the sake of giving the Right Side to some things - not any attempt to divide or to conquer. But for sure, I will never align myself with what I already know to be quite Wrong.
      It should be understood that I am not here to be a troublemaker in any way; I am here to shed light of a sort that is rare, due to the fact that since PC (political correctness) had come into vogue whereby true freedom of speech got shoved out the door, I find it is about time the truth be told, whether it is appreciated or not. Whether it is digested by anyone, or not. Whether it makes me hated or not. And people can do with it what they want, but they can't say 'I never knew that'.

      P.S. I appreciate that Paul allows free speech in here; otherwise, we would have controlled speech which of course is the opposite of freedom of speech. Truth should always be welcomed. It may get a little rough sometimes, but I call it constructive criticism, that is left to be criticized as well, till enough info is out here for one to then make up their own mind. Truth is just not always going to be pretty; its just a fact of life.

  12. While researching the history of American Blues roots and all of it a visual clip of about 100 people dancing to live music was interrupted for several minutes by a man occupying the office of Sherriff. He stopped the music and from up on the stage forced the people back apart with a think rope that had fallen and no one dancing cared and all were having good time and were mixed. The so called government feared these friendly "poor folks" and many people in those days or many origins living on the land it was felt would band together against the so called government if allowed to remain friends thus divide and conquer again, get the people, family, husbands and wives, men and women fighting each other one group thinking they can take judgment over some other group or the other group. Judgment belongs to God not men. People have been steered like cattle in to one herd or the other not aware they are all people. Guess no one thought the "law enforcement" would ever grow in to the monster it has.


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