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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Christmas "TROVE" from FEMA

By Anna Von Reitz

Save your fellow Americans more stress this Christmas Season.  Demand the resignation of the FEMA top brass and their replacement.  Anyone who could come up with this scheme deserves to be in prison, not walking the streets with a government ID. 

FEMA is an unaccountable, illegal, unelected  "Agency" that we never authorized operating on our soil.  Our advice to President Trump?  Kill FEMA now and save yourselves the liability of being associated with this:

No involuntary surveys. 

No picture books about the glories of children snitching Nazi-style on their parents. 

No assholes in flak jackets coming to private homes on Christmas Day, barging in and telling us about their importance and authority.  These bastards are on our payroll and we want them stomped, de-funded, sent home to their own families on Christmas Day and as for their deranged Boss, we want him fired.  

Not eligible for rehire.  


Anna Maria Riezinger
The United States of America [Unincorporated] 


  1. Of course you would, so would all the other cowards and chicken-shits, too afraid to stand-up for themselves and their families. Why don't you also volunteer to go to a FEMA camp, too? That's a great way to get rid of you, once and for all!

    1. A.V.R. # 1 Aprentice. T1October 16, 2018 at 10:01 AM

      Perhaps this Robot roll would like to volunteer to get in line to test out the Guillotines Obama Hauled in and partnered with FEMA--- in attempts to take out "the people" who have risen and WILL NOT STAND DOWN. Take us out why? because he got caught RED HANDED for High Crimes-still punishable by death by hanging. FEMA would be smart to run and hide as accomplices of high crimes. We demand FEMA leave our shores NOW along with BAR or they will be the ones subject to their demise against the people. Hourah!

  2. Big pharma/
    15 October, 2018 21:21 - We the Sovereign People of Planet Earth declare our Sovereignty!

    1. robert that letter is so true; my youngest daughter changed my life by providing me with the facts that changed me 10 years ago; i am no longer an "Orc" a patriotic, war mongering slave to "masters will"; not eating flesh and a plant based diet and the medicinal mushrooms i.e. reshi, chaga, lions mane, cordyceps, maitake, etc and cannabis; i fill in partime at an "health store" and it is amazing to see the number of young people who are aware of this change; cleaning up the gut will also clean up the mind...

    2. True gut health IS it, not the pharmacy

    3. Gut help at this point is just a "pipe dream" because everything, including the water we drink has been intentionally polluted or contaminated by military nanobots waiting for 5 G to be activated...!!

      You want to see proof of this
      ...then go out and rent the movie ..."THE KINGSMEN" A with Samual Jackson as the rich bad guy with the ultimate plan...!! Yrs, it's an action film, but make no mistake , no matter how far fetched it seems, Hollywood is again placing the Truth right in front of us as entertainment to the clueless masses....!!

      Here's what nanobots look like in your body...

      And they can only be seen by a "scanning tunneling microscope ", a sophisticated electron microscope...!!

  3. As Anna has clearly stated, as of October 8 of this year, the delegated services have all been vacated and revert back to We the People, who now control the government of the Federation of States of America. They no longer have any legitimacy or authority aside from the "assumed authority" they can manage to dupe people into buying. Your game of false government is over, at long last. May justice be swift.

    1. Do you plan on taking on our industrial military complex to do it....!! Good luck..!!

    2. Chris, where is your proof? There is none. It all just on paper or ''in yer dreams''. Nothing has changed.

  4. Enought of the German bashing Israeli writers surveyed all top generals british, American , NATO and asked what troops were the most diciplined most brave generals like George Marshall who wrote the Marshall plan.they rated German #1,best air force followed by RAF...
    the real killers were run by the Rothschild France britton, America yep since the take over of the molto jew Lincoln and got worse under Wilson , obama.untill the ppl are permitted access to this info we resort to U.S.A. NATO EU. political porn.lies!


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