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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Note to the Rest of the World:

By Anna Von Reitz

No, we did not leave you behind or adrift or struggling all by yourselves. 

The Megalomaniacs who set this System up abused our Copyright Office, our Patent Office, and our Trademark Office to accomplish all this fraud against living people.  

That means that with the Delegated Powers returned to us fair and square, we are now able to sort through and return the purloined intellectual property to the actual owners. 

Please be aware that this was all done by British Territorial United States operatives and Bar Association Members ---- not by our actual American Government and certainly not by the American States or People.  

We have no interest in keeping anything that isn't ours and will rest easier when all the other countries are properly back on the map and all the other people are in full possession and enjoyment of their Good Names and assets, too.  

Each country is responsible for making its own correction in terms of correcting its own public records, restoring its own lawful government, and resolving its own "national debt" once it has access to its "national credit".  And, obviously, each country will need to address their own banks and guilty bankers and politicians. 

Most of the original Plotters are long dead, so there is no direct satisfaction possible, but we can fully expose who they were and what they did and we can guard our countries from ever being afflicted by such parasites again. 

We will assist to the extent we can and stand with and stand by all the other people who have been impoverished and defrauded by these monsters in suits. 


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  1. Until you see the unholy triple crown corporations/countries within countries/CITY OF LONDON/VATICAN/WASHINGTON D.C INC. neutered and completely disempowered we won't be free of this parasitic cyst em that have the controls of the armies/police/policy enforcers,bankers and there courts.

  2. ALERT!!!

    Sweet Anna, glad you made this wonderful video for newbies, with Sarah. Please let Sarah know that she has misspelled your name with an 's' at the end of your name instead of a 'z', so the link that she gave is not getting to you:
    "You can view hundreds of articles and resources on her website at " {Needs a Z)

    See at:
    The United States has been Hijacked w/ Judge Anna Von Reits (should be z here too) by: Sarah Westall, Published on Oct 16, 2018


    1. You couldn't have an easy name like Smith..!! No it had to be a difficult name to spell...!!These millinials will never be able to find you...!!

      You need an easy handle....!!!

  3. As an Australian how can i participate to bring my country back to the people?

  4. You cant...not alone...!! Be more worried about just getting out of "sodom.and Gomorrah " before it is totally annihilated.....and it won't be long....!!


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