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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

For Those Just Now Awakening

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember when you were a teenager?  How obnoxious you could be and often were?  

Oh, yes, you knew everything and your parents knew nothing.  

It was all so easy to take in at a glance, with no work and no thought and no effort on your part.  

And of course, you were more than willing to blow off your mouth on any subject and present yourself as an expert.  

Unfortunately, the "American Awakening Experience" goes through the same awkward, scary, stupid stage.  

When people first Wake Up and realize that all is not Yankee Doodle, Fun, and Roses, their almost universal response is: 

1. Fear.  What does this mean?  Where are we?  What's going to happen?  Who is in control?  (During this stage people feel panicked, alarmed, insecure, paranoid, like they want to bolt into the bushes, but most are sensible enough to know that there is nowhere to run.) 

2. Anger.  Who the hell is responsible for this?  Who are all these people?  Who or what is trying to harm me and my family and my country?  Well, whoever it is, I want a piece!  (During this stage people are in a rage.  They feel betrayed,  They want someone to pay for this mess. They want the guilty parties lined up in front of a firing squad.) 

3. Cold Resolve.  Whatever needs to be done, I am going to do it.  I don't know what exactly to do, but, whatever it is, I am going to do it.  (During this stage, people are calm, but still running around doing this and that on a hit or miss basis, not connected with others of like-mind, but beginning to search.) 

4. Connection.  Ah, so.... the dawn has broken, storm clouds cleared away, I know what is going on and I know generally speaking, what has to be done.  I am finding other people who know what is going on and we are beginning to feel our way forward.  (During this stage experience varies widely depending on local conditions and what organizations are operating and which people are active, but no matter what, there is comfort in knowing you aren't alone.)

5. Testing.  I begin to flex my muscle and exercise my God-given rights.  I begin talking about these issues and the history I am learning to other people who are still asleep.  I face rejection from some. (During this stage people find out that being an American requires hard work and determination and may involve sadness and losses of relationships as even loved ones and family members don't want to wake up.) 

6. Perseverance.  I begin to harden and mature.  I begin to realize just how precious freedom and property rights are, and how I and millions of others have been defrauded.  (During this stage, people realize how stupid they've been and how they have been unknowingly contributing to the evil, simply because they didn't bother to inquire, didn't learn their history, didn't care about government, and didn't think deeply enough.) 

7. Strength.  I begin to be truly effective.  I am not only master of my own situation, I begin to be able to help others. I find ways of dealing with the runaway government.  I continue to learn and share and build back my country and my countrymen.  (During this stage people still make mistakes and it is at this point that they are likely to get "cocky" and run the risk of federal jail time, because they still don't know the fine points of jurisdiction and court.) 

8. American.  I emerge from the process a fully-fledged American.  I know who I am.  I know my history, my law, and how my government is supposed to be structured and operated.  I know what's missing and what's still there and what has to be done.  And every day and in every way, I nibble away on it, like a mouse chewing down an elephant. 

Everyone on our Living Law Firm team has gone through these stages.  I have gone through them myself.  I expect them and I am not overly offended when I get some neophyte calling me up in the middle of the night and swearing at me as if I were the cause of the problem.  

Most such people are so disoriented that they mistake me for one of their erring public servants and think I owe them the time of day.  

Some think that I and the others involved are trying to steal something from them or commandeer "their" government away from them and still don't realize that: (1) that thing in Washington, DC is not their government, and (2) they have to participate and work to restore their actual government --- which is what we are encouraging them to do.  

Still others think that they can argue with The United States of America [Unincorporated] --- and to a man, they don't realize that The United States of America is the only viable, competent government still standing in international jurisdiction.  It's the only boat still afloat.  

So I guess you can stay in the water and let the sharks eat you, or you can sober up, climb aboard, and start doing your share of the work of running our Ship of State.  And be glad that Old Glory is still sea-worthy and that someone still had the lawful standing and skill to sail her.  

There are at this point only two choices for those living in this country--- (1) you can embrace the hard work of educating yourselves and restoring your lawful government to full operation (that is, help sail your Ship of State and restore your
land jurisdiction government) or (2) continue to subject yourselves to the tender mercies of the British Monarchs and the Popes. 

That fact in itself should sum up the situation for all those just now rolling over and saying, "Whaaa? Huh?"  And being able to trace where you are and where other people around you are in the process of waking up may also help you bear the considerable stress of realizing that your country has been amok by foreign interests for 150 years.


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  1. Dishonest Abe rolled up America into a trust and run by a new constitution (of America ) .not to mention the act of 1871 form a body corperate.

    1. We only have two choices.....Yea, the people like us fighting everyday behide the scenes, where people on the front lines get thrown in jail, or murdered like Finicim, always trying to make things in this country a little better for the next generation, while the other half was born and will die ignorant about anything except their own materialistic dreams and happiness...."F" every one else....!! I have up all the people I thought were friends because of that....those people live and die by walking over the bodies of the dead fallen fighting for the very freedoms we provided for them....not me this time...!! It's time for a two status for non-citizen Nationals, and one for the people who love slavery, even if it's just an illusion....!!

      Judge Anna, it's time to check your reality button....some people do not want true freedom, and it's even wrong to take that choice away from them....for someone that always talks about choices, you want to take that choice away like some dictator...!! My friends can't even spell freedom , much less know what it means, and they have absolutely no interest in learning....!! I say give it to them, but only when the courts are willing to realize that they can't touch or even come in contact with law enforcement or the courts without an automatic $$10 million dollar penalty and mandatory jail time....thats when the other half will realize that it's truely "the people" in charge of this country, and not govt.....!! Now let's start working on that....!!

      Otherwise, I only need to file one piece of paperwork and publish it in a public newspaper for for 4 weeks...

      My "Declation of Independance" from the Corp UNITED STATES, with more power than the President and the entire "Corp judicial system" , and military put together...!! Any confrontation with any of these actors will cost them $10 million , and if they try and arrest me for anything I can demand an involuntary bankruptcy hearing to make the Corp U.S insolent and all assets for it be turned over to me without protest, REMEDY or recourse.....!! Because right after the 4 week public filing if no one challenges it, it is law....and every top official will be forced to sign it...!!

    2. James, could you elaborate a little about your declaration of independance?

  2. Where is this law firm? So many half answers.. Never in entirety

    1. tridenent ridge. Great question/ answered would be nice, Anna posted that ! No time for they are much vary working! Close anough???

  3. The 8 stages mentioned in this article remind me of "The 12 Stages of Healing" (that I may revisit in light of what I see as a need for healing our identity as Americans). Healing on any level requires deep inner resolution. I think a lot of the American people need support for that part which goes well beyond simply sharing information, knowledge and/or even wisdom.

  4. I have read article after article... The only living law firm seems to be as real as santa claus... And pulling in real santa money... I worked for national legal services company. I knew the lawfirms in everystate, and many of the lawyers... My iwn lawfirm i knew in about 24hrs. 4 years later... I know many people serving HARD time.. Hear alot of hot air... But never ever who anyone is, never full answers, never a record of accomplishments, never a list of active cases etc. So many people follow anna, but few ask questions.
    Can anyone explain and show this living lawfirm? Anna collects money through paypal... The lawfirm dont...

    Just wondering... Beats 38 years in jail...knowing the correct info

  5. Bottom line is , its ourselves that Allowed the wool to be put over our eyes, by the controllers.

    1. Mya, this has gone on for hundreds of years. All we have had is a radio, if we were lucky. Even the telephone was not yet invented. Information was hard to come by. News was almost not even heard of.

      So Mya, under those circumstances, how can you say WE Allowed the wool to be pulled over our eyes? And How - when we have lies coming at us from all sides? And how - when our Representatives promised to go to DC and represent The People? How would we have any indication that they lied to us.......until after it was way too late?

      Mya, its time to lay the blame where it belongs - People who have done all this TO us, are all crooks and must be punished for their crimes. Stop trying to excuse them by throwing the blame on the victims of THEIR crimes.

      Now if you want to take the blame, you go right ahead, but do NOT try to speak for the rest of us.

  6. I am so far down the rabbit hole, I almost dont remember where I started on this journey of awakening or where I should begin waking others up.
    I DO know that I am fed up with corruption,so much so that I am running for Mayor of my small town against a popular good ol boy and his cronies who have been in for 6 years and going for another 2 yrs.
    Wish me luck! There will be transparency and more awakening along the way.

  7. That Is Awesome Kathy!!! Great Job!! Stay Consciously Aware and True to your "Why" at all times and you and your town/community will be truly blessed!! Go for it!!
    Much Gratitude, Love, Peace and Awareness Be for All Now


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