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Monday, October 15, 2018

Come On, Donald Trump. You Are a Smart Man.

By Anna Von Reitz

Picture then-President Obama and the UN Bankruptcy Trustees sitting around a conference table. 

Picture Obama saying, "Well, all these land assets have just been sitting here unclaimed since 1953, why don't we put them into the pot as abandoned assets and use all that land as collateral backing our debts?" 

The Bankruptcy Trustees readily, eagerly, with great glee say, "Why, yes, that would be acceptable....if you are sure that all these vast acreages are abandoned by the original owners?" 

Obama says, "Oh, yes, quite sure.  The land titles were taken back in the 1930's, released in 1954.... I don't think there is any realistic likelihood that the heirs will show up after all these years."  

So the deal was done and all the American land assets were put up as collateral for Obummer's debts, "securing" and underwriting all the fraud and cronyism of the 2008 meltdown.  

A couple weeks later, Obama shows up again for a little discussion with "his" bankruptcy trustees, and he says, "Yeah, hey, fellas, I found all these private and personal trusts just laying around in the banking system.  Most of these haven't been accessed for fifty years. Why not take these assets as collateral, too?"  

"No problem, Mr. President. We can do that. We'll just do a little allonge in the name of the missing trustees....."

"Right," says Mr. Obama. "These dumb clucks were never told that these trusts exist, so what they don't know won't hurt 'em." 

So then, right after that, which basically means right after selling America to his Creditors--- he created new Public Transmitting Utilities named after every American.  

Suddenly instead of seeing mail addressed to "JOHN SMYTHE JONES" we start seeing mail addressed to "JOHN S. JONES".  

The estates have all been attached by the bankruptcy trustees, so the vermin needed a new "handle" to continue their scam of bleeding dry the clueless Americans. 

But meantime, day by day, the Americans are waking up and figuring things out, and even if it seemed like a good bet to the bankruptcy trustees----against all the odds, the Americans show up and they claim back their assets.  

And not just a few people claiming back a few pieces of land or a few ESTATES. 

No, the Americans show up in their long-disused Ship of State and they roll the whole shooting match back into the possession of the sovereign, unincorporated land jurisdiction States, against which no incorporated entity can transgress. 

So, even if Donald Trump wanted to seize our assets and honor Mr. Obama's deal with the corporate bankruptcy trustees, he couldn't, because he is President of an incorporated entity which is incompetent to sue a sovereign State. 

Our assets have been saved and our claims are cured and the Courts are obligated to change their legal presumptions accordingly.  All of that is in motion now. 

But the bankruptcy trustees and the Secondary Creditors they represent are all screaming bloody-murder: "Wait, hey, wait a minute!  We've been swindled! Obama told us nobody knew about the land titles and the trusts.  We were under the impression that none of the assets had been touched in years--- that they were abandoned assets. Somebody set us up!  We want blood!" 

No, it was the American States and People who were swindled and misrepresented and defrauded decades ago -- first by Wilson and
Theodore Roosevelt, then by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, then by Truman and Eisenhower. 

They all acted as a bunch of colluding self-interested accomplices to identity theft, credit fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and genocide on paper.  

And the plain fact is that they got caught, called on it, and out-gunned. 

So what's the mop up?  

The corporation Donald is trying to guide out of bankruptcy isn't going to make it. That's not his fault.  Without our "abandoned" assets on the table, it never had a prayer, anyway. And with our claims added to the claims of the Secondary Creditors, the whole shebang is doubly damned. 

Imagine what happens --- you are trying to claw your way out of a bankruptcy.  Your Priority Creditors are presumed dead, lost at sea.  So you are wrestling with your Secondary Creditors.  Then your Priority Creditors show up and you already owe them so much money that the Secondary Creditors get blown off the table, down the hall and into the elevator. 

Worse, all the "abandoned" assets of your Priority Creditors that you proposed to use as collateral backing your debts get whisked away, too.  They are back home demanding that their assets be returned free and clear of debt. 

Holy crappoli, could it get any worse? 

It could get a lot better, if Donald Trump realizes that his Priority Creditors have the option to buy him out of his situation and can do so without blinking. All he has to do is help us reclaim our assets from the guilty banks and go to work for the American States and People instead of the Queen and the Pope. 

Which was, if you recall, the original idea? 

As the Queen and the Pope owe us a tremendous amount of money as a result of their 150 year fraud against us, and as they have no "Delegated Powers" left to exercise in our behalf, and as all their little henchmen in the Bar Associations are prohibited from holding any public office or position of trust related to us and as Westminster owes us a Treaty of "perpetual amity and peace"-----it would appear that it is time for Donald Trump to weigh anchor and get on the right side of the Public Law and all the related issues. 

Incorporated entities have their advantages, but they also have their limitations.  

You can see the dark clouds.  You can see the confusion.  You can see the paralysis.  OMG, the actual Americans came home and claimed their assets.....the "dead" have risen, the Great Tribulation (tribute to Rome) is over, and we come like thieves in the night. 

Only we are not thieves.  We are the actual landowners. And the Priority Creditors of both "the" United States and "the" United States of America and all their Subcontractors and all the corporations formed under their auspices since 1860. 


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  1. Anna and Paul.... this is so know this! Trump is boxed in and can't move. His door is bared unless he comes to the side of truth. Don't ya just love it...

  2. "You can see the dark clouds. You can see the confusion. You can see the paralysis. OMG, the actual Americans came home and claimed their assets.....the "dead" have risen, the Great Tribulation (tribute to Rome) is over, and we come like thieves in the night."

    This is nothing but sick and twisted.
    The Great Tribulation being used as a means for filthy gain. Comparing yourselves to Jesus for money and land etc. etc. etc.

    1. a follower, once again Anna shows she has absolutely NO understanding of the bible. Instead she foolishly steals a few words from it, and then makes a sad attempt to fit them into her worldly ideas. And it gets worse with each of her such 'theft of words', for example here: 'the Great Tribulations = tribute to Rome''. This one takes the cake, since the Great Tribulation is NO tribute to Rome or anything else - - its the Wrath of God upon an ungodly world and has not yet begun.

  3. Federal Reserve is foreign banks running our treasury printing FRN'S private notes they print without backing it's thair debts .
    The shell game call it national debt absolutely not it's bank debts they reap the profits they carry the debt a lawful contract mutual benefits fully disclosed be get the shaft Wallstreet gets the gravey.

  4. Do you think that it would hurt anything to remind President Trump of his practically verbatim words from his inaugural address, "I am returning the government to the People Right Here, and Right Now!" ????????

    1. You don't think he knows...!! I've told him , Anna has told him, the Secretary of Treasury has no doubt told him, and Ron Paul has probably talked him to death about it....!!

      The problem is how do you explain to these so called Secondary Creditors that...oh, Obama was just a good com man , and most of our other presidents were just as greedy and corrupt, but that wasn't my fault....all of you were conned by foreign agents working for a foreign principal, and the American people were simply unaware of the politics going on because of all the LIES about transparency they feed the public with....but now they want their money back and the world court, and the pope said to return stolen property that our leaders were responsible for, not us...!!

      How do you think they lived such luxurious lives...!! I'm sorry, but your only solution is to sue the U.S. in "civil court" which considering the amount of money involved should only take about 200 years to be completely settled....!! Or we could just use immense force to make you return all of it, then we can work about getting anything back if any.....after all, that's the way it works in our country when it comes to a fraud suit....the courts don't even want to deal with fact they sanction it as legal....its your fault that you were defrauded...ask any American that has been through it....!! Until then, my hand is on the red button...go ahead and flinch...!!

      Every one is asking way to much from Trump, considering he has had at least a dozen assassination attempts on his life since he took office....!!
      Maybe the best thing we can do is hand over all the CEO's to every U.S. Corporation and you can squeeze every last dime from them using any method you seem necessary for them to talk and tell you where all their assets are.....good luck..!!

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  6. Just because someone is born here in (America) does not make them American. Just like if I were born in China that would not make me Chinese. The question of the Dey is who are the true Americans by definition. Webster's dictionary states that they are one of the copper colored people found here by the European crusaders. Christopher Columbo called the indigenous people of the land "Indians". However, this is not India and the term "Indian" is a misnomer. The People whom many of US refer to as African-American, Negro, or Black People are the true aboriginal indigenous Americans by descent (Moors/ Muurs/Moorish Americans). All the others who are here on the land of the Americas and are descendants of immigrants or pilgrims are U.S citizens or US Nationals NOT American Nationals. So are the so call "Mexican" people. They are American Nationals. Peace, Love & Light!

    1. More like Atlantis nationals😅🎶

    2. Malik, the race card doesn't work anymore. Wad it up and throw it into the trash bin.

  7. So let me see if I got this straight: Anna wants trump to help her get the Assets of the Priority Creditors (The People) released from the Banks.....and Anna want to bail out THE COUNTRY by either just giving them a hug and a kleenex and wipe away its tears and a little slap on the hand and they all get away with all past financial tyranny on the People .in exchange for that help from trump.
    OR is she promising to pay off those debts? See, again she is being very vague. And did you all notice she said NOTHING about doing anything for the american People. (You still think she gives a crap about you? Lol)

    As you read on then, ALL she expects back from trump then, is ''just work for the american people, instead of popes and queens''. Now what the hell kind of trade off is that? Did you all see how there is NOTHING in that, for US?

    But you gullible snowflake dreamers, you just keep on falling for the crap that Anna is FOR YOU, lol. If you can't see that all that crap is nothing but a RESUME' BUILDER FOR ANNA and her daydream of a Legacy with their Family Name on it.......then you lost your capacity to THINK.


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