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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

About Winston Shrout

By Anna Von Reitz

So, WINSTON SHROUT was convicted of "income tax" offenses. 

You can only be convicted of such offenses if you or your "vessels" owe such taxes---  right?

And no "vessel" permanently domiciled on the land and soil of an American State owes such taxes, because why?  

Because all our taxes of every kind on all vessels whether trading vessels or commercial vessels are either tax exempt or tax pre-paid, a condition known as "tax percuse".  So long as these "vessels" are operating as American vessels, they are safe. 

It's only when these names can be mistaken as British Territorial or Municipal United States VESSELS that they can be taxed. 

So---that in turn tells you that Winston never went through the process of reclaiming his Good Name and Estate and re-conveying them to the land and soil of the American State where he was actually born. He never recorded his claim to his own name and estate, or if he did, he didn't bring that recorded information forward to the District Attorney and others responsible----most particularly, the Clerk of Court.   

If you have your paperwork in order and on the record and you look the Clerk in the eye and say, "You are operating under the 1933 Amendment to the Trading With the Enemy Act"  that is as good as saying, "Caught you. Prove that I am an enemy combatant or yield." 

But, Winston never re-flagged his "vessels" in international trade and commerce---- never permanently domiciled these NAMES on the land and soil of one of the sovereign States via a recorded claim presented to the Clerk of Court.  

If he had recorded his Re-Conveyance and his Certificate of Assumed Name and his two Witnesses confirming that he was the "Winston Shrout" whose actual birth was recorded on the BC issued by the Territorial State of State --- that is, if he had proof that he was operating as an American Vessel/VESSEL --- their court couldn't say anything to him, much less accuse him of a foreign statutory crime or successfully try him.  

From the above, we know that he was operating "WINSTON SHROUT" as a British Territorial Vessel belonging to the British Crown.  And none of those vessels are tax pre-paid.  All such "U.S. Citizens" operating under the "Diversity Clause" owe federal income taxes. 

As a result, his remedies worked as long as the other Party was solvent. Once they declared bankruptcy, no Mutual Offset Credit Exchange was possible, because the bankrupt entity had no credit left to exchange.  And as we all know, you can't bring claims against a bankrupt. 

This is exactly the reason that I issued the Private Registered Indemnity Bond covering all the unincorporated States of the Union, so that people could switch from remedy based on Mutual Offset Credit Exchange to remedy based on making an insurance claim against the Underwriters of the bankrupt entities. 

So --- Mistake Number One --- continuing to operate as a British Territorial Citizen and/or Municipal United States CITIZEN when you don't have to, and thereby subjecting your Name / NAME to their jurisdiction and having no evidence on the public record to counterclaim against their presumptions. 

Mistake Number Two --- not claiming exemption and revoking "election" to pay federal income taxes BEFORE they bring their claims. Remember--- first in line, first in time.  Hit them BEFORE they hit you.  

Mistake Number Three -- continuing to use remedies that became "discretionary" for the Federales in 1999, and using these remedies even after the Federal entities are bankrupted. 

Mistake Number Four -- not observing that these vermin are acting under the 1933 Amendment to the Trading With the Enemy Act and holding the actual Holder in Due Course as Surety for their debt, which is a securities fraud of very high order resulting in a war crime that carries a capital crime charge with it. 

Read that, they can be hung for doing what they are doing.  

It is called "salacious securities fraud with intent to foment sedition".  Reduce that to plain English, they are setting up a situation where normal people will start to riot and hang the perpetrators in the streets.  

Once you give them Notice of that fact and claim "Habeas Corpus -- deliver the body to me." they are also looking at civil fines described under 18 USC 472 and are in violation of UCC Article 9, Section 402, which clearly states that the Secured Party (the American) is not surety for the DEBTOR (the U.S. Citizen/ CITIZEN) entity. 

So, bottom line, as usual, they convicted WINSTON, a Municipal franchise entity, not Winston, the man, and they have offered to incarcerate the man as "cargo" on the foreign Municipal United States VESSEL  dba WINSTON SHROUT. 

The man can counter-offer at any time, by going directly to the Clerk and the DA and delivering his demand.  It's not as strong when he hasn't bothered to do his paperwork to reclaim his birthright political status, but they are still attempting to railroad him under the 1933 Amendment to the Trading with the Enemy Act, they still have no excuse for doing so, they are still subject to all the penalties once he calls them on it, and they are still committing securities fraud by holding the actual Holder in Due Course as surety for WINSTON's debts in violation of UCC 9-402. 

WINSTON = "U.S. Citizen" = DEBTOR.
Winston = American (if he claims it properly) = Priority Creditor

We are closing in on the whole lash-up, so I don't expect that Winston or anyone else is going to be held for very much longer, with or without exercising their proper options and claims as Americans.  We have returned all the State of State and STATE OF STATE and  State Trusts to the control and ownership of the sovereign unincorporated States, so all this horse hooey based on similar names deceits is coming to an end. 


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  1. I was wondering when Winston Shrout's name was going to come up here.


  2. ''we are closing in on the whole lash up...............'' So Anna, as usual you throw out these few crumbs, like you always do, with NO details whatsoever. You just leave it up for yet another conundrum, which NOBODY needs.

    So Anna, why don't you spend another Article and give full DETAILS of just what your last paragraph there, actually MEANS. Why do you say that stuff; its high time you tell us just WHY you say that, and WHAT is going on that we should even believe it.

    Try, Anna. I know you can do it. What actions are you LITERALLY involved in and with who, and what is being said, literally. Otherwise, I just take that as just more sugar coated bs.

    1. Read her other articles no one discloses more. Look around the articles.

  3. Thank you Anna for ALL YOU/TEAMS work and perseverance on all of our behalf! We owe you a great deal of Gratitude!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  4. I sent a registered letter to Clerk of Court and it was returned. I went back to Post Office and spoke to Post Master General and she was visibly shaken, said she would take care of it and resend it. Well, that was once again returned to me. I had asked her if I had addressed it incorrectly or if the clerk had done the mailing incorrectly and she said "No. I know what happened and I will personally see that it is delivered". Well, obviously she couldn't. It is very corrupt here.

    1. I did the same thing in my foreclosure case and even sent it registered mail...first to the judge herself, which in a position of public trust is prohibited from refusing mail, but she did it anyway. Then I did the same thing to the court clerk which I know she can't refuse, but the judge got her to put a checkmark on the form sent back to me st aging I had no standing....which the paperwork I sent clearly stated that "NO ONE" had standing to foreclose because the original NOTE was missing and no one knew who the original lender was....!! Yes it is totally corrupt here in sunny Calif......!!! Winston Stroud wasn't in the wrong...the Corp state that is completely bankrupt and insolvent are the ones that should be going to jail no matter what his argument was because an "insolvant" entity cannot rule for anyone, unless he's the Godfather....!!

  5. Winston Strout has been the host on The Goldfish Report on youtube every friday called Country Roads, where he taught each friday on a different subject dealing with the reclaiming your status. The youtube was shut down and they moved to bitchute. The 15th of October was the last time I say him on the show.
    Winston taught everything that you teach Anna, everything you mentioned above and a lot more. He had his own website until it was shut down around the 1st of Oct. His last appearance on the goldfish report, he said that he could not talk about his usual topic, that his site had been shut down. His !st cd selling on his site was reclaiming your status and on the cd he used his paper work as an example on how to do the bc and everything you mentioned above.
    I know a while back he had filed some paper work (liens) against the United States Inc similar to what you did involving large amount of money, I think that is when his trouble first started. From my knowledge of him, he has done everything that you have done, makes me wonder why they were able to convict him and they have not messed with you that I know of. I know his trial has been going for quite a long time, he just turned 70 yrs old a few months back. I believe he said he has been teaching this for 35 to 40 yrs.

    1. Winston Strout also didn't understand subrogation >Merriam Webster dictionary

    2. I disagree, I have listen to Winston teach on subrogation and had cd's on his website on subrogation, I don't understand how he was convicted on income tax evasion. I believe he was originally charged on creating financial instrument that was paid toward the national dept. It was quite a large sum.

    3. That is true...they charged him with creating unlawful commercial instraments....!! But who ever said that only a bank can write up instramemts....NO ONE..!! But again they have in place their traitorist BAR attorneys coming to their defense when most of them don't even know what the BAR stands for..
      !! Real geniuses..!!


  6. I was sued last May 4th for $25,000 including attorney fees and court costs. The first summons from the clerk of courts for the dead to respond came a few days letter. I placed a sticker over my name and address as follows; RETURN TO SENDER
    This was done with the next two summons that were posted. The plaintiffs lawyer motioned for a summary judgment on Aug 9., the judge granted a motion hearing for Sept 18. On Sept 14, I placed into the record of the case a ADMINISTRATIVE NOTICE AND DEMAND:WRIT OF ERROR CORAM NOBIS/MEMORANDUM IN LAW, AFFIDAVIT OF FACTS, and an Exhibit "A" APOSTILLE HAGUE CONVENTION/ ACT OF STATE entitled The motion hearing was postponed for 10 days. A default judgment order was rendered on Sept 28., for $1500 and court costs. I went down to the clerks office and requested two certified copies of the judge's order. After receiving the orders I immediately recorded a ucc 1 using Anna's Private Indemnification bond, I accepted the order for value and captured the case where no judgment could be lodged on the record, CASE CLOSED ON OCT 3, 2018. You have to have: 1. STATUS, 2. STANDING, 3. CAPACITY. Do your paperwork and come back to the land jurisdiction, without it your lost at sea never to be found.

    1. This was learned through Anna,s postings

    2. Robert, it appears you have provided a brief summary. The Admin notice ad demand:Writ....etc doesn't ring a bell from Anna's postings, neither does the UCC 1.

      Not disputing your efforts, but who would even know what this stuff is and what to do about it?

      I understand the Status based on the "basic forms" Anna wrote, but Standing and Capacity, not so much? Obviously just filling out the forms and recording them is insufficient and incomprehensible to the average

    3. were lucky , even though you are very intelligent..!! What State was this in, because most courts here in Calif. would have just ignored a "Writ of Error" saying it no longer exsist, because it only exsist in "The nature" of a Writ of Error" , because Congress let each court call it something else....usually it goes under "supervisory control"...I dont know how it slipped through your judge, but you were lucky, that's all I have to say...!! But with this system they can always wait a year or so and come back after you when they figure it out, or charge you with something else....My suggestion now is to lay low and don't bring anther case into that court....!! But good job...please let us know if they come back for more...they hate to lose...!!

    4. Would you please explain this process, step by step, I want so badly to do this, but don't know how. thanks

    5. Robert...out of the 3 things you mentioned , the most important is "standing", in order to bring a civil or criminal case to court...!!
      But in foreclosures , no one had standing, especially the banks , since there is no "REAL PARTY OF INTEREST" (FRCP 17a) , that can step forward to claim that status without the "Original Note", which was unlawfully separated from the morgtage/deed of trust/trust deed, in order to be sold as complicated commercial security instraments, called derivatives , called CDO (Collateralized Debt obligations), and then unlawfully rated triple A rating, marking them as very secure, when in fact they were all worthless , which is why the banks protected themselves by using "Credit Default Swaps" and "Put Calls", effectively conning all there buyers, mostly the Chinese, to but worthless securities...and our govt has been bending over backwards to please the Chinese....and Trump wonders why there is a tremendous trade deficit...!! Anyway, everyone needs standing unless you are the govt.

      They don't need any of the 3 points you mentioned to win a court case...!!

  7. What's the evidence that the Constitution, laws and codes apply to me?

    1. That has puzzled me too. The politicians are the ones which swore an oath to uphold it, so I'm confused on how that applies to us.

    2. although it does recognize the Common Law, which common law is the question, English or American?

  8. I say everyone take a look at this and make up your own minds
    So is this the Queen that Anna sent her letters to?
    All of it from what I can see is fraud right out of the gate and these families have been playing this game for a very long time
    Now you know why 'Hollywood' is so involved in the political divide
    Just think of how much time and energy they have used to plop a tell lie vision in front of each and every one of us and to feed us this garbage about our history and everything else and now they here to reclaim the land like they doing in Is ra el?
    Just my opinion but with this evidence alone I would think that there are major SEC laws and everything else being broken here and it's not by the common man either
    The perpetrators are frauds themselves

    1. Shelby, what in the world would make you believe that nonsense? Where's the evidence/proof? It's ridiculous!

    2. I agree Jack. I grew up watching I Love Lucy and at no time did I ever see anything close to a resemblance between ERII and Lucy. Prince Charles is 6 months younger than I am and I have kept an eye open on the Royals since learning that over 60 yrs ago.

    3. It doesn't matter who she is because her coronation was a complete fraud, substituting the "stone of destiny" with a fake one and then lying under oath on the bible that she would only use God's laws on the people and never legislate herself...she broke that promise almost immediately afterward, proving she is no "Soverign"...!! And it was proved in 2011 in the case of "REGINA v JAH....and there is a case # but I don't feel like looking it up right now...but you can probably Google it....!! That makes all attorneys licenses void since they all depend on her sovereignty for that license...!!

    4. james pansini, oh please, please, please look that law up for me, I would DEARLY love to know about the licenses being all void, WOW.
      I had come across some information many years ago that she is a fraud sitting queen since she is NOT the true heir to the thrown, some woman in America is, the dna proof of it, ancestry etc. proved it, but geez that was many years ago. thanks

  9. Why not come to winston defense? Obviously he needex assistance and none of you so called "we the people" aid and assist this man? Have me wondering if there is any hope left after everyone sit back and watch this man get life. Well 10 years for a 70 yrs man is life.

    1. Didn't Shrout once defend the 'system' as being ALL good in his ''You Own A Bond'?

    2. Revolution.....that is a million dollar question, that I have been harping on since I found this it fair for one patriot (any patriot) to let him.go it all alone when they have the whole power of the corporate state behind them.....most people on this site seem to think so....not me...!!!

    3. Oh, I got many solutions to Shrout's current problems (or/& anyone's else's for that mater - including my own๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒˆ), but then it is always interesting to notice how a 'new' problem seems to eternally pop up after the 'old' one is solved or resolved๐Ÿฏ

      Funny how that works๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿฆ

  10. LOVE THIS..."If you have your paperwork in order and on the record and you look the Clerk in the eye and say, "You are operating under the 1933 Amendment to the Trading With the Enemy Act" that is as good as saying, "Caught you. Prove that I am an enemy combatant or yield." TO ALL BELLIGERENTS!

  11. As far as I know the Trading with the enemy act" was repealed in 1999...!! It's no longer valid...thats what they are saying on "soverign warriors"..!!

  12. Ok Carol....i found the case number of the case of Regina v JAH (John Anthony Hill) is T20107746 and was held in Great Britain itself..i can't find the exact court,but I did have it at one time....!! Google it..!!

    But the original case was about 3 kids that Great Britain was setting up to be the fall guys for the "London Bombings" who were completely innocent, because JAH is also a filmmaker and director of several documentaries, one of which was about the London bombings, that he called 911 the ripple effect, in which he lasted out in Great detail the undenial proof about the bombings and that they were charging the w tong as a favor to the court, he sent a copy of his video documentary to the "court clerk" not the prosecutor, to clear up the facts if she choose to do ....instead , the court choose to put a warrant for johns arrest for attempting to influence the jury and arrested him in Ireland and brought him to Great Brittion to charge him independently of the other 3 guys of there charges....!! He was in jail for 150 days and conducted his own defense because he was very calm and during his trail used a good trick of diverting the charges against the Queen for her part of the fraud she pulled on the people because of her false coronation and ultimate betrayal to the people with her hand on the bible, saying she would never legislate any law other than God's law...but broke that promise almost immediately....she even confessed as much last Christmas on British television on live TV as the television crew went crazy trying to cut her off....But not until Britions and Australia heard the whole the time it reached here, her so each was already censored so we never heard it here....!! The British immediately placed the Queen under house arrest until they knew they could trust her again.....!!

    No one 18 years old should ever take such a high profile position since there isn't one 18 year old that knows anything about world politics, and the fraud being perpetuated throughout the world....!! Any way John was completely exonerated from all charges by the jury as the judge and prosecutor were literary running out of the courtroom....!! Quite a story....!! He still says today God wanted all this exposed and that's why he turns out his documentary was a much better and more believable than anything their own govt could come up with...!!

    1. God is a 'he' accordion to James....fascinating ๐Ÿ•‡ But I wouldn't be surprised on the truth of James other claims about that Queen being 18 & too beautiful then to lie perhaps?

    2. Not intentionally LIE....but to weak at 18 to do anything but what she was told to do by extremely powerful people, way older and more cunning than an 18 year old....but she knows it all now and can't change it....!!

    3. Seems like 'Trading with enemy act' was renewed by Obama James....Please correct me if I am mistaken...anyone please๐Ÿฆ


  14. Anna I am alarmed with your claims. Do you have any first-hand knowledge Winston failed to do everything you are claiming? Winston stated the weaponized IRS is the antagonist. The IRS legal argument claims Winston was profiting off of a privilege (Goldfish Report). The mere use of a FRN is a privilege for all (US Persons) since there is no lawful money. Their private corporate scrip is a benefit privilege for US Persons. Once you change your legal status you better not use their credit system! When using a FRN you are engaging in enemy activity by creating more public debt by the mere use of Federal Reserve promissory notes (IOU’s) for commercial activities i.e., bread and milk. US Persons can only use their paper under restrictive conditions of emergency war powers and bankruptcy proceedings – US Citizens are considered the enemy.
    The end result is you will be treated as the system has defined you, as an enemy of the state engaging in paper and domestic terrorism and worthy of suppression by any means available pursuant to the rules of military occupation, emergency war powers and codified bankruptcy administration. You can argue about it as long as you want but those are the facts.

  15. When you back the courts into a corner you expose the gun in the room. The proceeding will be sealed and you will disappear. There is no rule of law! Winston is good man! Commercial remedies exist in the UCC - their playbook, but they are not honorable. Nothing has changed since the days of Sherwood Forest and the crooked Sheriff of Nottingham.

    1. This has been my interpretation in concept all along. The remedies are not honoured and as a result all are up the proverbial creek without a paddle. If one exits the political status of US Citizen, there is no financial system that allows one to survive lest it be trading in gold or silver, hard physical value, but then you must find someone else who is trading in that commodity as well. Time for a Robin Hood.
      Perhaps that is one reason why Trump has not changed his political status. He has to fight from within since an alternative provable system is not yet up to steam.

  16. Leland as you sent me over here to read the comments...I have and here is what the issue is..again and again and the comments and I hope everyone will read this, in the most simpliest terms I can make it: 'YOU CAN NOT DEFEND YOURSELF IN COURT...YOU WILL LOSE!" It is impossible to defend yourself in their court and expect to get any justice. You will get railroaded. WHY? BECAUSE YOU ARE SUBJECT TO THEIR JURISDICTION....IF [THAT'S A BIG IF]: you attempt to REPRESENT yourself, you have agreed to come to court without objection on the record, you answer I'M here, you have an attorney present to REPRESENT YOU, you comply in any way...WITHOUT OBJECTION! What is ANNA'S PAPERWORK? exculpatory evidence that you are WITHOUT THE JURISDICTION OF THE COURT. WHAT DOES ANNA SAY TO DO WITH THAT EVIDENCE? LAY IT OUT IN THE COURT RIGHT! WHY? Because if you just laid it out in the court, the court has thus received your SUPREME AND SUPERIOR JURISDICTION VERIFICATION EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE! IT SUBJECTS THE COURT TO YOUR JURISDICTION AND YOUR RIGHTS AND YOUR NATIONALITY AND YOUR NON-CITIZENSHIP AND YOUR CONSTITUTION. You put the paper in their court...heck I would lay it on the floor of the ship within the gate, on the ground! I have said it again and again and again in my comments...everything is paper...paper...paper...its a paper system. It's ruled by paper...its ruled by what's on the record....its ruled by the paper trail. THEY DO NOT GIVE A RATS BEHIND WHAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. AND THE ONLY THING THAT SHOULD BE COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH IS...HOW DID YOU GET JURISDICTION OVER ME? WHO GIVES A RIP THAT THEY SEND THE DOCS BACK THROUGH THE MAIL...SO, WHAT....THAT'S PART OF THE 'paper' GAME. DID YOU SEND IT REGISTERED? DO YOU HAVE THE REGISTERED RECEIPT? WAS IT DELIVERED? OK...THEN....WHAT THEY DO WITH IT AFTER THAT IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS. KEEP IT AS EVIDENCE THAT THEY VIOLATED LAW. THE ISSUE IS...PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT REGISTERED MEANS. IF THEY GOT IT AT ALL....IT BECOME RECORDED, WHAT THEY DID WITH IT AFTER THAT IS MORE OF THE SAME RECORDING. IT'S EVIDENCE. OH....BUT WAIT FOR IT...see my continuation below....

      You the true power over them, comes into a court, where they refused to accept your order of nationality and they even went so far as to mail it back to you! REALLY? And you have it in your hand...the evidence of their treason and sedition! You one of the People who sent them the evidence of your land jurisdiction and the subjection to it and they send it back to you? WHAT? REALLY? Oh and then you go and lay what they sent back to you on the floor within the gate of their court? WHAT DO YOU THINK JUST HAPPENED? YOU TELL ME....belligerents! It's all a paper game...the paper started when they took control of you by birth certificate. It ends when you take the paper control back. They KNOW WHAT THOSE PAPERS ARE AND THEY KNOW WHAT THOSE PAPERS MEANS AND THEY DON'T WANT THEM IN THEIR COURTS...BECAUSE THEY KNOW...BUT THEY WILL ALWAYS CALL A BLUFF on you! I am going to say it again for any thinkers....HOW DID THEY GET JURISDICTION OVER YOU? and this time I will had...HOW DO THEY KEEP IT?
      AND AGAIN....THE PROBLEM WITH WINSTON SHROUT....A4V....A4V...A4V...HE TRIED TO USE 'THEIR' SYSTEM WITH A PROCEDURE! YOU CAN NOT USE THEIR SYSTEM WITH A PROCEDURE. IF YOU ARE USING THEIR SYSTEM YOU ARE WITHIN THEIR SYSTEM AND THEY ARE THE BOSSES AND THEY HAVE RULED THAT PROCEDURE IS ILLEGAL AND ANYONE WHO USED IT WILL GO TO JAIL. WELL, THERE YOU GO! No one on this forum, can find in any act of Congress...that procedure and if it is not in their acts of is illegal. GET IT! WAKE UP PEOPLE..STOP TRYING TO DO ALL THESE PROCEDURES! The only thing you can do LAWFULLY and LEGALLY is COME OUT OF THEIR SYSTEM. You can LAWFULLY and LEGALLY reclaim your right to NATIONALITY...non-citizenship status. THIS RIGHT IS PROTECTED BY INTERNATIONAL, FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS. US TITLE 8...again...understand you dual status. YOUR STATUS PER THAT LAW...National and Citizen. Ask yourself: what am I a national of? and what am I a citizen of? THINK! The judge and clerk just violated U.S. title 8 and committed fraud against you by the U.S. MAIL SERVICE. RICO, TREASON, SEDITION, COLOR OF LAW.....EVER READ TITLE 18? Ever wrote a "PRIVATE" for their eyes only, letter to a judge or clerk NOTICING them of their unlawful and illegal acts? EVER PUT THEM ON NOTICE giving them 30 days to respond or forever hold their peace? then at the end of 30 days, sending them your docs to them both publically and privately? WHO HAS THE POWER ANYWAY! either you have the power or not!

    2. ps INTERNATIONAL LAW REGARDING NATIONALITY...TO WHICH IS LAW WITHIN THE UNITED STATES...TO WHICH THE JUDGES AND CLERKS ARE SUBJECT: violations of civil rights, human rights, unalienable rights, secured rights...ANY AND/OR ALL color of law violations usc 18-242 and conspiracy usc 18-241. STOP TRYING TO DEFEND YOURSELVES AGAINST THEIR PUBLIC POLICY...BE OFFENSIVE...FOR GOODNESS SAKES...catch them in their crimes and put them on notice OF criminal charges. give them their 30 days due process to correct their actions and repent of their sins. if they fall silence, they agree and commit fraud. ACQUIESCENCE BY SILENCE IS A VERY POWERFUL TOOL IF YOU KNOW HOW TO USE IT. I ALWAYS ACCEPT THEIR SILENCE AND LOVE IT WHEN THEY DO! YIPPEE...WHEN THEY DON'T RESPOND especially to a registered letter they received. MAN, MOST PEOPLE JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND THEIR OWN POWER, THEY JUST DON'T GET IT....THINK PAPER! THE ONE WITH THE POWER AND THE PAPER WINS!
      ac·qui·es·cence: the reluctant acceptance of something without protest.
      n law, ACUIESCENCE occurs when a person knowingly stands by without raising any objection to the infringement of his or her rights, while someone else unknowingly and without malice aforethought acts in a manner inconsistent with their rights. WHERE ARE THE BELLIGERENTS?

    So, I sent Anna's paperwork for myself to the DEPT OF REVENUE. I received a friendly little letter back from a MR. ESQUIRE [lol, he put that behind his name.] Mr. Esquire said in one sentence [the entire letter] "ON BEHALF OF SOUTH CAROLINA, HE DISCARDED MY DOCUMENTS AND WOULD DISCARD ANY FUTURE DOCUMENTS FROM ME...BECAUSE THEY ARE FRIVILOUS TAX PAYER PAPERS."
    MR. ESQUIRE, 20 deficiencies were found in your one sentence letter and let me explain to you deficiencies sent through the mail are fraud...we will just begin there!
    1.) nationality choice: is a right.
    2.) the letter head says' STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA, in the body of the letter you wrote on behalf of South Carolina [its representative].
    3.) you gave yourself a title of ESQUIRE while representing yourself as a rep. of a several State.
    4.) the statutes of the STATE OF SC say all public docs are to be protected by your office and archived in the state archives. affidavits signed by notaries are commercial documents and are part of the public records.
    5.) the Constitutions federal and state say private trade and private property are tax exempt.
    6.) the Constitutions federal and state and superior court rulings states private individuals have a right to not expose any records to any public officials without due process of a warrant based upon probable cause to see those records
    7.) the Constitutions [federal and state} demand separate and distinct oaths of office...which oath did you take, because the federal constitution forbids U.S. CITIZENS from taking oaths to the state jurisdictions.
    8.) private individuals are those individuals who are not part of REGISTERED [WITH SEC. OF STATE] proprietorships, partnerships or corporations
    9.) private individual are members of households and all their possessions are private and pursuant to the Constitutions [federal and state} and SC statutes are tax exempt and pursuant to FEDERAL LAWS, REGS, AND RULES ARE CONSUMER GOODS and are tax exempt.
    10.) private individuals have a right to their private trademarks and copyrights
    11.) Esquires do not have license to practice LAW in SOUTH CAROLINA, they can practice EQUITY by a certificate issued by the Bar assoc. but have no right to practice LAW as LAW belongs to the several States and the People and supersedes and suspends equity. So you MR. ESQUIRE you do not get to suspend the Common Law by discarding my documents.
    I won't continue to list all 20..but you get the gist. So I began, NOTICES: OF INQUIRY....QUESTIONS AND GIVING 30 DAYS FOR RESPONSE. What response do you think I received....SILENCE...yippee....ACQUIENSCE AND on and FOR THE RECORD! I have sent 3 said notices...all inquiries to different issues with these deficiences...met with silence. Now, what do you think I am doing? I am issuing a notice: findings by their acquiescence...conspiracy [noticed 3 officials], violation of oaths, color of law, RICO. they are going to be given 30 days to respond to these findings and I am pulling oath of office to see to which jurisdiction he took oath [even though I know it is the U.S.]...fraud, because he did not represent South Carolina. South Carolina is mothballed...he represents the STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA...STATE OF THE UNITED STATES.
    I have to given them due process: time to respond. Each time I have given them 30 days to each notice. It’s a process…but it is their right to “SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD THEIR PEACE!” Ps. This notice has the demands that have been found.

    1. CONTINUED...The demands are to clean up their act and issue a tax exempt certificate pursuant to SC statutes. SC statutes authorize a tax exempt certificate for personal [private] property but they don’t say what official is to issue it or how to obtain it. I am also demanding my records with the state be made private pursuant to the affidavits sent to Mr. Esquire. A LITTLE SALT IN THE WOUND.
      BY THE WAY...I also called them out on public policy vs. law and their conspiracy against law by the use of public policy. When I made my initial call...I told the women what I wanted to do about sending my docs and needed to know who to send them to...what did she say? "WELL, YOU CAN SEND THEM TO....BUT, NOTHING WILL BE DONE...BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST FRIVILOUS TAX PROTESTOR PAPERS." Well, there's the PUBLIC POLICY [their policy on how to respond to the public]. That policy is not law...but, that's what they use to override the law, when the Public attempts to access RIGHTS. How many people were stopped by that telephone gate keeper and never sent their docs? How many people were stopped by the letter, stating again the public policy? GET THIS PEOPLE...YOUR RIGHTS...SMACK THE CRAP OUT OF THEIR PUBLIC POLICY!!!! Here's a public policy...'anyone who sends us Anna's NATIONALITY CHOSE AFFIDAVITS...we will send them back to them'! GET THE PICTURE YET?


    1. LELAND POWER TO THE are welcome!

    2. Leland, I was thinking about something, after your comment about BELLIGERENCE..I think you might like this: Ben Franklin reportedly was asked what type of govt had they given the people. Ben replied a Republic if you can hold onto it.
      I find that interesting, because what is a is individuals living together with respect for each others rights.
      But, I think why Ben said "if you can hold onto it", was he knew, others would try to take those rights and the People would need to be BELLIGERENT TO HOLD ONTO THEIR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS and it was much easier for people to allow their rights to be taken without objection, then to stand with them. That is what has happened. The question is when will the People get Belligerent enough to know they have to protect their own rights from those who would steal them. It is their duty to themselves and their posterity.
      Fact: In Law...neither the Constitution nor the rights are null and void and no govt acts can abrogate them. When will the People accept the truth and stop letting the thieves: steal kill and destroy?


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