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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Quick ReCap

By Anna Von Reitz

In 1933 the vermin in the British Territorial United States Congress amended The Trading With the Enemy Act to include average Americans as "aliens" (which we are, thank God, with respect to their illegal and immoral corporate venture) and as possible "enemies". This gave them an excuse to seize all our assets and roll everything into trusts under The Office of the Alien Property Custodian.
The Territorial States of States "took title" to us and our lands and kept the equitable title to benefit themselves, and they split the takings with the Municipal United States organization run by the Roman Catholic Church by giving them the legal title to everything.
And what did we get out of this cozy arrangement?
The bill.
The schemers abused their position of trust to run up huge debts against our assets, then claimed bankruptcy protection for themselves and left us holding the bag.
They did this in 1907 and in 1933 and have tried to pull it again in 2015 and 2017.
Now the Rothschilds are trying to boot up two new corporate government structures, one British doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LLC chartered in Scotland and one French doing business as The Republic of the United States of America (Inc.) and we are having none of it.
Non-assumpsit. No contract.
And, by the way, all those "Delegated Powers" of ours that they were assuming were there for their new corporations to exercise in our behalf?
The Delegated Powers returned to us by Operation of Law, and we accepted them back. Formally. On the record.
So there is where it stands. Checkmated.
We, the Americans, are owed back all our assets free and clear of debt and encumbrance. We are also owed all the back rent, leases, mortgage escrows, utility payments, labor contracts, life force value annuities, and other assets that are rightfully ours.
We are the Priority Creditors and we are presenting ourselves as the Naked Owners. The banks are only middlemen with little or no bargaining position of their own.


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  1. Ok, so then where is the Claims Window located.

  2. I love it Abby, right to the point. Put up or shut up. Time for something other than words, we need tangible evidence that what Anna is saying is real. No disrespect intended. I am just stating the obvious.

    1. Well Abby and John, remember what Rothchild said? I care not who makes the laws, I control the money! So, my point all along has been that the laws are only as good as the honourable word that stands behind them. A man's word is his bond and paperwork won't change that. If the word is dishonourable, the paperwork is squat. If only to be able to find an honourable judge/justice with the power to back it.

    2. They pay us back in cash - all at once for all the theft - and our currency collapses, forcing us into a global system, what they wanted all along.

    3. As long as they have their traitorist BAR attorneys as their first line defence to run interference for them, the banks will always have "skin" in the game...!!

    4. Dan, yes indeed. James Pansini has been saying for months and months that as long as we have this crooked justice system, the BAR, in control, then we are really fighting a losing battle, regardless of what we do, what papers we do - - since when can we really think they will ever treat us fairly. Look what happened to Winston, for example.
      Even years ago, Erwin Shiff merely had a freedom books book store in las vegas, and 'they' wanted to shut him up, so they conjured up charges, threw him in prison, denied him health care and his medication, and he died there....just to set an example.

      Now the crooked justice system has done the same with Winston.

      So now the normal thinking person would have to realize - the answer is not in paperwork, but it is in ''going for the BAR jugular'.

    5. ๐Ÿ–’๐Ÿ’ฃ♩

      And who controls probate courts if millions of dollars (or more๐Ÿ˜ฒ) r @ stake? Dracula?๐Ÿ’ฅ

    6. DanB, wrong thinking. Who ever said they 'pay us all back in cash all at once'? That is never going to happen. Pay attention to what 'they have been throwing out here to see what would stick':
      The only number I've seen is the '2 grand a month' figure.
      That might be it, IF they do anything at all.

    7. Abby:
      You are right about Winston Strout, I came across Winston and Abby about the same time, They both are teaching almost Identical stuff, but even Winston admitted that after doing all that paper work and being careful that you made sure that what you are doing that you know what side you need to be coming from, Private or Public. He was pretty much like Anna on wanted you to understand the history and what got the subject to this point, going back into the laws form the bible explaining where something originated from and taken it to the metaphysical to the escatoric side. That with all you know if you come across a bad bad crooked judge, things that should work, don't.
      He said he came here to help solve the foreclosure problem. He knew that the banks were not lending you money to buy the house, that it was you signing the promissory note you were giving them money and then they turn around charge you interest on your money. The promissory goes as as asset on the bank's books, then they foreclose on the house that they have already been paid for.
      He said they were having problems with putting out solutions for people getting foreclosed on for some reason was not working,

      That he had some people in the pentagon helping him check out on some theories why the solution was not working. Found out that "they" were foreclosing on these homes, making people homeless, so thay the houses were sold and the money was going to fund the secret space program

      This was long before President Trump came out with his secret space program, his was just going along with the secret space program that already existed.

      I was listen to Dr. Greer on youtube yesterday and he was talking about $8 trillion that had been siphoned off out of thes banks for these secret projects going on that even the President or congress or the top CIA directors did not even have security clearance to know that they even exist. Lot going on that should not be going on and form what I have learned they are so powerful that there is no way they can be stopped.

      Probate courts is another big money maker for the bankers, Dr Greer said that 30% of the money for the illegal secret projects going on is funded by all the drugs brought in by the CIA, according to him and others the CIA is the largest drug cartel in the world.

    8. "That he had some people in the pentagon helping him check out on some theories why the solution was not working. Found out that "they" were foreclosing on these homes, making people homeless, so thay the houses were sold and the money was going to fund the secret space program"๐Ÿ˜…


  3. Some have nothing to add to the discussion but they enter comments of whining remarks to attempt to discredit what Anna has freely given as the product of her sacrifice, long time study and hard work. These nay-sayers attempt to make themselves look somehow credible, but lack any substance in their comments. Their behavior is that of fearful parasites on the blog assembly, and they add nothing. I say either contribute comments that are substantially illuminating to the given topic or remain silent, until you can comment with substance on point. Comments which add nothing and only detract are just heckling with meaningless noise. If you demand tried and true remedy from thieves and liars who have usurped the limited jurisdiction we American people delegated to government service providers, go find it by your own blood sweat and sacrifice then join afterward with your successful results to generously share as does Anna. Realize if you are looking for a window of some alphabet bureaucracy to stand in line to make your plea in your application for a Social Security benefit to "get your refund" you are attempting to exit the system by the way of the trap door. Don't be naive. Roll up your sleeves, gird up your loins in biblical terms and stand firm in defense of the faith in "No king but Jesus", as the revolutionary colonizers cried. And quit yer belly aching with hollow heckling. You are annoying and you add nothing but the noise of a whiner.

    1. Anon-y-mouse,
      Yes and there is nothing more that Jesus wants than us to get our money back! He never told us we might have to pay bills, or work.
      yes that is sarcasm at its finest.

    2. Anonymous, Please use a different ID. Please identify yourself with your ID even if it's not your name. I can't have a bunch of people using Anonymous or Unknown as an ID as it makes editing and moderating this blog into a huge time consuming task. If I can't get this across to people I will be forced to completely shut down the comments section of this blog, so please get an ID that sets you apart from everyone else.

    3. i agree with the anon post; all the "whiners" are greedy children looking for their "gimme gimme's" those B.C. accounts were created for "their" benefit as anna pointed out; these children do not grasp the fact that we are able to create our own credit to forgive debt/sin; the B.R.I.C.S, brazil,russia,india,china,soth africa banks honour promise to pay notes; michael tellinger explains and has the downloadable PTP note that he used to recover and forgive the mortgage debt on his property on the UBUNTU website; anna and team have done the same and whole lot more...

    4. Anon, wake up you dilldo; it is Anna who has been saying for a couple years now that these Assets that these CROOKS have been stealing for themselves, actually belong to US.

      So why are you here whining that we are simply asking 'where is the Claims Window then'? Why does that make us greedy?

      There are a lot of people who are so nested into their little world of 'go to work, get yer check, pay the bills, go have a beer, and eeking out the same ole boring life year after year'....and they actually could not stand to have any real money. They think having no money means they don't have any decisions to make; they are all made for them - - and SO they really dont want anyone else to have any either, so......

      they come out here and try to make a mockery of those who have the ambition to want to elevate their living standards for themselves and/or their children or grandchildren.

      So Anonymous, if you want to stay in your stagnated flawed mentality/life, that is fine with us. But what right do you think you have to keep others 'down there with you'.

      What makes you think you have ANY authority.....when you cant even follow Paul's Rules for a Forum that belongs to him...not you.

      P.S. Sin debt and Financial debt are NOT the same thing. They are totally UNrelated.

    5. Anonymous:
      What are you saying, you get to pick and chose who and what they say according to your view of how everyone should think and act and to only believe what you believe?
      Just to prove your point: what did your complaining about what other people say contribute to forum? Looks to me you are doing the same thing that you are complaining about. If not: show me what part of that paragraph added help or wisdom to the topic of this forum.

      So you are allowed to whine and complain (using your own words) but others should now be able to do the same.

      You don't even follow the rules of the forum, how long has Paul had posted at the top after Anna's article about not using the handle anonymous. If Paul had stuck to what he said about using the handle Anonymous there would already been several blocked. Maybe we should think before we start complaining about someone else when ourselve can't follow one simple rule. Of course this is just MOHO. Oups another one following your steps. Out of 9 quotes 10 counting mine, 3 complaining about what others says doesn't have anything worth saying referring to topic, and what they are saying is doing the same thing they are complaining about. 1 having to be admonished for not following rules, causing owner of forum to say if it keeps up he is shutting comment section down. Seems to just be another typical day in this illusion.

    6. Dear Abby,

      I left you several messages and a challenge on a different thread. You haven't responded with alacrity as is your modus operandi.

      Dear Abby. Cat got your tongue? Let's talk.

    7. Yes! Those of us that truly know who we are, as the Living Substance, True Asset holders/creators know exactly "where" our "inheritance/gifts" are located Now and Always! We are Not Looking outside of ourselves, or chasing "look alikes" or "following" False "idols" of worldly worshiped ideas and beliefs of man made greed, competition and Control using fake "Paper REPRENTATIONS" (graven images of alleged/controlled & manipulated worldly value aka monetary systems) to actually control our Now abundant thoughts, selffull/mindful behaviors and In Compassionate, soulful Service to others actions. Oh Yes, We have Claimed our Natural Birth Right Status and Inheritance and We are NOT waiting for any Worldly "approval" or "pay day" or "savior" to "say" we are Now Free!!! Its Time Now!! There IS No "Thing" outside yourself to be expected or Ever be presented to you By this World of illusions and mind games! You, Me, We are the Only True Living Substance and Real Value In Everything. Stop and Look Now. Be Now. Choose to See Real Value Now!
      Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be "priceless" Now for All

    8. Abby- I agree, it seems like when some are, I guess you could call it blessed a little more than others, the ones that might not be blessed as much as they are, the ones beneath there level of blessed are irritating to them, they are not on their level. Even though their level might only be few hundred $ more than the ones they are complaining about.

    9. a follower, I wonder if you have a Strong's Concise Concordance?
      I hope so, and if you do, look up the word 'wealth' and you will see exactly what God has to say about it.:

      First of all lets remember that it is the LOVE of money that is at the root of all evil. It is not money in and of itself. So in other words, we are to have a right perspective and attitude about it.

      Then there is Proverbs 13:22 a good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children; and, the wealth of the sinner is laid up FOR the Righteous.

      Notice it does not say a few bucks; or a cookie jar full of pennies; it says wealth. So that means a substantial amount.

      And then there is 2 Chron. 1 where God was with Solomon and He gave Solomon wisdom and knowledge and promised him riches and wealth and honor. Remember that? So this tells us God is not against wealth. But it seems to me He also gives us wisdom to do what is right, with it.

      IMO its all about having a well balanced well adjusted mentality about money.

    10. And since since God isn't a 'he'....It is also about letting go of childhood assumptions about God๐Ÿ’ฅ

    11. Michael, Ive known some people who have very weird attitudes about money. Some who have inherited a very large sum, couldnt spend it fast enough, like it is poison and they have the idea they must get rid of it as fast as they can. Then have little to nothing to show for it, and when their property tax comes due, they cry and scrap with the Tax Dept. and throw a fit trying to get their tax down a few bucks.

      Ive known others who have even said they cant wait to get paid, but then they say they cant stand having it and spend it all in one day. Seems like they have a problem that is similar to anorexia; there must be a name for it.

      So yes, in here I think we have some who are content to just talk about it ......forever. And down deep inside of them, they really dont want any conclusion, so they wont have to ever make any changes. It is surely some kind of quirk in their makeup.
      We need to tell them, it is not contagious so they stop trying to pass it on to others, LOL.

    12. Abby,
      Then there is Proverbs 13:22 a good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children; and, the wealth of the sinner is laid up FOR the Righteous."
      Beware of the wealth of this world as the world sees it. There are many verses pertaining to this.
      Rich in Spirit is the key. Has Alahim not chosen the poor of this world, rich in belief and heirs of the reign which He promised to those who love Him.
      Read James 2 There is a lot there that pertains to much of what we "discuss" here.
      The best inheritance i received was a knowledge of wrong and right. Not to be fooled by the arrogant and proud. Those who dangle a carrot of $$$ .
      As far as Anna's recent looking at the world through "Grandmas eyes" Why do we not instead see them through Yahusha's eyes or (Jesus) if you prefer?
      Calling each other dildo etc, how does he think of these things? You are simply falling into the traps that these Blasphemers are laying for you.
      Wally, who is this? how long has it been here? This person reminds me alot of someone else?
      Be careful Abby.
      Also, Death should not be entirely painless, the world makes it costly $$$.

    13. a follower, oh I already figured it quite 'strange' that this wally person would come out of nowhere and somehow Target me right off the bat. Its pretty obvious that somebody in here has scraped him up off the floor of some 'new age church' and steered him right in here with duct-taped instruction taped to his big mouth , LOL.
      So now lets see, who would be so cowardly that they cant stand my offensives, so they send some poor sucker in here to do their dirty work for them, hmmmmm. How long do we think it will take to figure that one out.

      See, a follower, you spotted that right off the bat, too. They must think we can all be fooled. That makes them just another dildo, LOL.

    14. They have recently turned back on the comments at a blog i frequent. WRSA western rifle shooters, also loosely connected to Ann Barnhardt and ' Fellow ship of the minds'( which i have seen linked here.) Its all connected.
      If you want to start gauging the temperature of "americans" WRSA would be a good look see, and other related sites. Anna thinking her cure will happen without war is a farce. i believe you know this. Her cure (Her many articles) and paper work and or any resulting gains in $$$ also will do nothing to protect anyone of us in a war.) Showing THEM your papers will not save even one of us.
      Remember Traps are being placed daily, in front of all of us, believers or not.Yes, this is how a trap works. we (all of us) who are engaged in this war are being baited daily. On these threads and in these articles and by the resulting comments and discussions. We face traps each day, designed to bring out the hatred and ‘fear’ in all of us.
      So look in the mirror people are we acting and talking like them? Do we want or need too?
      That keyboard that is in front of you is nothing more than an extension of the tongue in your mouth, your mind and your heart.


      Change in religious population due to


      • Christian -9M
      • Muslim +0.5M
      • Unaffiliated +8M


      • Christian +116M
      • Muslim +152
      • Unaffiliated +26M

    16. There is NO such thing as ''being born Christian'. A christian parent can however, Dedicate their newborn to God, but that is the best they can do at that time. It is merely telling God what their hearts desire is for their child. What transpires after that though, can be quite a different story. Ultimately,it has to be the individual who makes their own Path upon becoming of Age.

    17. And life after life it goes on for Soul♩

  4. ". If I can't get this across to people I will be forced to completely shut down the comments section of this blog, so please get an ID that sets you apart from everyone else." Paul

    Go for it Paul...but then who benefits?

    1. Yes. Who benefits? Great foresight, Leland Roth. But don't shut down anything until Abby finishes picking her bone with me.

      Dear Abby. Troll me some more.

    2. Dear Abby,

      You may enlist reinforcements to cover your back if you like. Caution: never bring an assault rifle to an artillery duel. LOL, ABBY,aka, Bone R. Killer.

    3. Wally, seems to me you are the only one who is 'dueling'. What do you do Wally - go around the internet flexing your muscles looking for a fight? Look, if you cant stand the heat, then you shouldn't come into the 'kitchen'. I don't have time for thin-skinned sensitive people who think everybody should be just like them.

    4. Dear Abby,

      Thank you for your response. Actually, I was responding to your witty sarcasm where you said I was in a stupor among other things. And I answered your serious challenge question about dying and being a financial burden in doing so. Since no one else responded to your challenge I thought I might at least get some feedback from you. Could you please comment on my answer to your internet distributed challenge questions?

      We can speak personal acrimony later. BTW, "Dear Abby" was the syndicated newspaper columnist, remember Abigail van Buren? People would solicit her advice on a broad range of topics. She knew the answer to everything.

    5. So did herJewish twin sister Ann Landers๐ŸŽค๐Ÿ•‹

    6. Leland I will do that as a last resort resulting from how much time it takes for me to moderate the blog. Frankly I have been letting many people get away with lots of comments that I personally don't want to see on here, but the search engines love new and original content and I don't have the time to read everything already, but I do skim everything, and when I see someone repeatedly use foul language and attack someone's character then I do delete them. Please keep these comments constructive. We are all trying to get America back to Freedom.

    7. My comments r always contributing to the discourse Paul....and u know it๐Ÿ˜…

  5. Lets see if this is accepted by the monitoring system Paul has in place...

    1. Yes your comment is identified even though there is no link to a profile. You have satisfied our requirement that you have a unique ID, so as long as you fly by the other guidelines you are good to go. They are at the top of the home page.

      "You will find some conflicting views from some of these authors. You will also find that all the authors are deeply concerned about the future of America. What they write is their own opinion, just as what I write is my own. If you have an opinion on a particular article, please comment by clicking the title of the article and scrolling to the box at the bottom on that page. Please keep the discussion about the issues, and keep it civil. The administrator reserves the right to remove unwarranted personal attacks. Use the golden rule; "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Do not attempt to comment using the handle "Unknown" or "Anonymous". Your comment will be summarily deleted. Additionally we do not allow comments with advertising links in them for your products."

    2. Thanks Paul for the task you do in keeping this valuable school on American history and politics operating. I value what Anna is offering, I like her folksy style and her clear analysis of the underlying deceptions that are the covert methods of the current political/legal system. I'll remember the rules and gladly hew to them as it does not help to stray off the subject path into personal litanies or off point issues.

    3. Now T.P. if you could explain to our readers how you came up with a unique ID without making it a link to a profile.
      I think there would be a lot more comments if people understood that.

    4. ๐Ÿ˜… my dad was in the Toilet paper division of P&G๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  6. As long as "they're" mortal -
    'they are touchable' ...
    A really determined no nonsense POTUS w/military Patriots can get to anyone that opposes the American peaople as parasites.
    Secrecy is only viable while hidden from sight- Son-light is a great cleanser...

  7. Well the dying question was out of place, admittedly, however I though it was a good thing to get people to think. And why it was on my mind at all, was my own brother dying last december and learning how close he came to being resorted to ''a jar''......had it not been for me stepping forward and going on a hunt thru the mess that he left his affairs in and consequently having to search thru for sufficient resources to pay the tab. All this while I live 80 miles away, and 5 trips were necessary all together.
    I wish someone would have said all this to me prior to all that; I would have tried to squeeze information out of him while he was still able to relate. I was just very fortunate that in spite of the disorganized situation, it all fell into place quite nicely.
    The moral is.......get your shit together and dont leave a mess for people.
    '' Now, back to your regular Program already in progress.''

    1. Socrates was an advocate of taking care of business if possible before dying for heresy, too๐ŸŒˆ

    2. Sure, Paul. Here's how I obtained the required item to participate in the blog.

      The "Reply As" tag offers Google Account, Name/URL, and Anonymous options in order to publish and print comments on the blog. I selected Name/URL, entered something that came to mind, "T.P.CommonSense" in honor of Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" Pamphlet-eering efforts to rally thinking colonists to come to their senses for the fight for freedom. Then I went to Preview, proof read the comments, then pushed "Publish" and by surprise, it was accepted and voila, I had the required item entered to participate per your just fine rules.

      People who do knee jerk reactions like many seem wont to do act as dimmer bloggers using bad manners. They only reveal their own mental limitations by these unintelligent behaviors. Meaningless comments of that sort are not worthy of being dignified with a response.

    3. Love Thomas Paine๐Ÿ’› His agostic leanings & subsequence life in France after his dramatic role in the American Revolution & before in England make him a fascinating historical character ๐ŸŽต

      "In December 1793, he was arrested and was taken to Luxembourg Prison in Paris. While in prison, he continued to work on The Age of Reason (1793–1794). Future President James Monroe used his diplomatic connections to get Paine released in November 1794. He became notorious because of his pamphlets The Age of Reason, in which he advocated deism, promoted reason and free thought and argued against institutionalized religion in general and Christian doctrine in particular. He published the pamphlet Agrarian Justice (1797), discussing the origins of property and introduced the concept of a guaranteed minimum income. In 1802, he returned to the U.S. where he died on June 8, 1809. Only six people attended his funeral as he had been ostracized for his ridicule of Christianity.[8]

    4. Anna's Article "A Quick Recap was the start of a few related and many unrelated comments on THIS blog thread.
      Continuing in her vein of thought (perhaps we can re-read her article to re-orient to its content) I offer to those interested in Anna's work and discoveries these personal experiences to further support her findings by my own experience and research.

      Part I : “In a U.S. District Court”

      In a U.S. District Court someone I know very well under my own witness denied being a "U.S. Citizen", denied being a "resident", denied the presumption he is a Fourteenth Amendment "person", denied being subject to United States law, and asserted with hard evidence his testaments to being one of the sovereign American people pursuant to the Foreign Sovereign Imunities Act, including his family historical and genealogical records of family who fought in the War of Independence, the original founders of the States of America as a confederate nation, in support of his Affidavit.

      The attorneys representing Plaintiff - the IRS, FTB and "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" (where is the "The" in front of the U.S.of A.?) failed to respond with any writing in re the denial of U.S. Citizen status, instead avoided the issue by simply pretending it was not raised.

      Those court actors were lying, deceiving by their actions in plain sight. THAT IS THEIR MODUS OPERANDI!! The issue of the denial of 14th Amendment U.S. Citizen status was avoided except for a tell-tale placement as the only evidence in the final entry into the court record by the plaintiffs... of guess what? A COPY OF THE FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT! Naked of any commentary from Plaintiffs... whatsoever! The existence of the document pre-supposes conclusively that Americans ARE the subjects of Congress.

      The defendant in closing arguments concerning underlying jurisdiction had requested the judge to admit or deny whether "California is in the United States"? The judge refused to answer the case destroying question, obviously avoiding the very question that could have shown in an honest court there was/is no jurisdiction of a U.S. District Court in California.

      California is the sovereign perpetual independent State created by our ancestors whose States united under the Articles of Confederation to create The United States of America. The court went on to make orders honored by STATE OF CALIFORNIA and COUNTY OF VENTURA to seize and sell a home of over 800k value. The proceedings never had any signature from any California or State of California judge, even the District Court judge merely stamped some insignia which was certainly not a wet ink signature as the feds were obviously taking charge over any State sovereignty. A FOIA request flushed out the admission that the federal employee conducting the auction was acting under a pseudonym - another layer of the deceit these criminals commonly employ to protect themselves and their fellow racketeers from prosecutions. Local County of Ventura Sheriffs, mere franchise employees of STATE OF CALIFORNIA the franchised "STATE" of the United States, assisted in the eviction while wearing their typical guns and menacing threatened violence against the targeted "subjects".

      Part II: “In a U.S. District Court” next Installment.

    5. I'm waiting still, or is the above the end? Thanx!


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