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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Accounting

By Anna Von Reitz

For all the confused people out there: 

An accounting ledger traditionally has two sides to it, a plus side, and a minus side. 

For 150 years, without our knowledge or consent, the purported "Trustees" have had all American land, property, and assets sequestered and held in trust, accruing credit and interest and lease payments and fees and rents.  

All that has been going onto the plus side of the ledger for the benefit of the American States and People ---- supposedly.  

In actual fact, the American People were never told a word about this cozy arrangement, with the result that the Trustees (Queens, Kings, and Popes) were able to invest our assets "for" us and benefit themselves and their bankers via having access to this gigantic Slush Fund and control of all our assets. 

They borrowed against all our assets and thus created obligations that they forced their own subjects --- the unwitting "U.S. Citizens"--- to pay off as franchise debts. 

So, as you can now see, all the debts and costs have been accruing on the minus side of the accounting ledger, against all the "U.S. Citizens".

Americans = credit.  U.S. Citizens  = debt.  

Of course, accidentally on purpose, we, the Americans, were all systematically mis-identified as "U.S. Citizens" and divested of our lawful inheritance and forced to go through an unmarked legal obstacle course to prove who we are and regain what was always rightfully ours.   

All of this, everything we have suffered, is nothing but a gigantic Breach of Trust and Identity Theft swindle-- using a bogus accounting system, falsified public records, a rigged foreign court system, and private, foreign mercenaries operating under color of law to provide enforcement.  

The bankers have sat in the middle and profited as middlemen, making sure that they had access to all our assets for their investment slush fund, and making it difficult nigh-unto-impossible for people to ever find their way "home" again and reclaim their estates. 

What happens when you bring both sides of the ledger together?  

The "U.S. National Debt" vanishes like a pfoof-tee in a high wind.  It is literally nothing compared to what the Americans are owed. 

And that puts an end to the "presumption" that we are bankrupt and that our service providers are bankrupt and also puts an end to U.S. receivership by "U.S. Bankruptcy Trustees" appointed by the guilty banks responsible for this situation.  

We, the People, of The United States of America [Unincorporated] are richer than Midas, several times over.  They, the "inhabitants" of the British Territorial United States and Municipal United States, are destitute. 

And this is all arbitrary, the result of false accounting practices and deliberate self-interested falsification of public records.  

Many banks have benefited themselves from this situation --- not just the Federal Reserve.  The IMF has been on the receiving end, too.  The World Bank. The IBRD.  The BIS.  J.P. Morgan.  Citibank.  Wells Fargo.  Bank of America.  Bank of England.  Bank of Scotland.  Parabas.  UBS.  The list goes on and on.  

They all lined up at the trough, they all benefited themselves at our expense, they all conspired to rob us blind and leave us mis-characterized as destitute, endlessly indebted  "U.S. Citizens".  And at the end of the day, even that wasn't enough. 

No, this time around, they planned to take it all, and "resettle" America, just as they resettled Ireland 150 years ago, using mercenaries from the Federal Agencies acting under color of law to displace and evict their clueless victims ---- over debts the victims never owed. 

What we have done is to reclaim the American Credit side of the ledger and put the screws to these criminals.  Now, acting as the Priority Creditors, we are waiting for Mr. Trump to bring us the debt side of the ledger.  We will exercise our option to reconcile the books.  

By law, we are owed our estates back, free and clear of debt or encumbrance compiled by secondary parties.  See the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, which is still standing and still part of the international probate code.  See Article 9, Section 402, of the Uniform Commercial Code. 

Not only are we owed back all of our actual factual assets and our Good Names free and clear, we are also owed 150 years worth of fees, leases, rents, accruals, insurance payments, labor contracts, and joint venture proceeds, plus interest.  

Thanks to action taken by Living Law Firm members, all the assets of the Territorial and Municipal United States and the Federal State of State Trusts have been rolled over and under the protection of the sovereign unincorporated States.  

Thanks to our Living Law Firm, the Constitutions are still in place, and the Queen and the Pope are still obligated, but no longer in control of our contracting process. 

Thanks to our Living Law Firm, your lives and your property have been re-secured and returned safely to the land jurisdiction States. All you have to do is the paperwork to identify yourselves as Americans, native to your State of the Union.  

Best of all, all our Delegated Powers have returned to our control by Operation of Law.  That's the cherry on top of the whipped cream.  We are free to determine our own future and enjoy our rightful place as a free and independent country. 

It has only taken 242 years.  

"But, but, but....don't we have to pay taxes to pay for all the public assistance and welfare and costs of government and the military and....." 

No.  Not anymore.  A new way of financing government is being put into place, one that does not depend upon human trafficking, bogus accounting systems, identity theft, enslavement, or any other evil.  

This will bring wonderful changes not only for America, but for the whole world.  So, take a moment. Bow your heads. Listen carefully to the silence.  The Great Fraud is ending as quietly as it began, with the shuffling of some words on paper, and the reconciliation of an accounting ledger.


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  1. I cant help but notice you ever so slyly avoided any mention of 'and you as individual americans will be receiving your portion of the Assets that are Yours'.

    Folks, don't hold your breath. Expect to continue 'getting your living by the sweat of your brow; and being the poorest 'Midas' of all time, lol.

    1. Detailed Instruction explaining HOW to view our trust fund on line would be a great start. If this is so valuable and you contact people stating they can set you free or some such babble but for the "how to" they want Thousands of $$.
      My guess is it's a good way to compile a list of Names for future use much like faceplant

  2. Greetings! Since my recent purchase of "You Know Something's Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" and my receipt of Paul Stramer's republished letters from Anna Riezinger, I have been exhilarated by the informations contained in both the text as well as the emails. Additionally, I take interest in the comments volunteered by people inspired to comment. Even commentary from Abby, who is such a bone r killer and always seems to be laughing to his/herself evidenced by the constant "LOL" punctuation. As I continue to educate myself, I rarely conclude that pursuit of truth is a waste of effort.
    Thank you Paul Stramer. Also Anna, James Belcher, Paul Snover.

    1. Abby is definitely female....Ask Jack🎤

    2. Well, Wally, now tell me you are just a jolly ole happy camper to just always hear about ''how rich we all are'' and yet never told just how is there any truth to that. Tell us all how you just love talking about it now for at least the past two years, yet it has never gotten to first base ......YET.
      Tell us all that you are just happy hearing words with no action behind them........EVER.
      Tell us Wally, are you nuts or something? How did you get yourself stuck in PC mode and cant get out, Lol.

      Wally, Im not picking on you but I am trying to give you a kick in the a55 to wake you to hell up, and ignite, get out of your stupor. Its perfectly ok to step up to the Mic and ask ''whats in it for me'. You know you all want to know but just cant muster up the real You that got buried way down under somewhere and turned you all timid and shy.

      Oh, never mind. Leave it to Abby; she isn't afraid to ask the Right questions, lol.

      I just have one serious question for all of you:

      How many of you can afford to die right now, IF you would happen to die today? And do you know how much it will cost you to die? And can your loved ones afford to carry on without you, IF they would find themselves in that position?

    3. Wally junior...its always a good endeavor to learn the truth....Bit it's quite another to get REMEDY from it.....ask Winston Stroud, who after studying this problem as long as Anna is now going to do 10 years in Federal prison for helping people with their foreclosures using his "commercial imstraments" which are all lawful, just like the banks, except he doesn't have the courts or cops to back him up....!!

    4. Dear Abby,

      LOL. I've always wanted to pen that salutation. I'll answer your serious question first: I can afford to die right now without undue financial distress placed upon my loved ones. I am completely cashed out of all investments with counter party risk. The cash converted to a few items of enduring use and precious metal coins and jewelry. I am divested of all real estate in the USA and have titled autos only as real property. My foreign owned agricultural real estate is an incorporated entity vetted by the US Embassy in that country. I have no expenses and live off my SS retirement benefit with the welfare of my children. I don't drive. I can walk 10 miles a day and defend myself against man and dogs. With my Medicare Plans A,B,D,and F, I'm ok unless they bankrupt. I never use my benefits anyway. When I die, cash some coins pay the man, party on without me. Keep my stuff. All of it.

      Once I realized how I've been duped my entire life, I cashed out and possess the crumbs I've been astute enough to save and pull my chips off the table. Sure, the income stream of Social Security payments is easily manipulated but that aside, there is nothing any one can steal from me anymore other than a burglar or robber. I do not live in fear of government theft: I sold it all.

      Dear Abby, I seem to sense that you live in great fear and insecurity. But I'm probably mistaken. I'll answer your other personal questions of me later.

      Dear Abby...Lol.

    5. Well Wally, the fact is I do not live in ''fear'' but we do have a very fragile world where none of us knows what will happen from one day to the next, right? To try to deny that is being a liar.
      Even statistics show that at least over half of our population is living on anxiety medications of one kind or another, or at least sleeping pills.
      So lets not try to play 'big shot' here and pretend everybody is at peace in this Swamp, ok? I happen to live in reality, but I am not a mess and I do not take ANY drugs at all, nor do I even drink, or smoke but most of all I have the Lord and He is responsible for taking care of me. So you see Im good.

      But I am also very much aware of the Swamp that this world has become. And I also know there is a healthy fear, which is a fear that is founded. We all have that except those that try to deny it. Question: Do any of them go to bed at night with their doors unlocked?

      Checkmate. Lol.

      Now as to the nuts and bolts of my question about 'can you afford to die'.......let me explain why I asked that, and tie it together with the crux of Anna's Article and why I ''accused'' her of telling us'we are rich as Midas' while at the same time, Never telling us where the Claims Window is located.

      And so I asked about that fantom illusive stash, which Ive done a few times before in the past. AND I have gotten bashed a lot for asking (by those who are still stuck in PC mode that has them brainwashed to think you are never to ask about money LOL).

      SO, that is why I asked, 'ok, then how many of you can even afford to die''. Since they all sit in here acting like they are sitting pretty already and dont need the money for anything, LOL. Liars.

      I asked that, because most people are not in a very good position to be able to die, without leaving their loved ones with a whole set of new problems that would bring about.


    6. I also asked the question because I know almost nobody that is in a very good position to die. I know grown children who are counting on their parents to come up with the cash. I know parents who are counting on their children to come up with such burial funds. And none of them have even discussed that with them. They just assume.
      I tell you what that kind of thinking does; it will leave your loved ones behind, very pi55ed off with you, and that would not be a good thing.
      Now what makes it a little worse is that anna is nowhere near having any access to the Funds/Assets she speaks about. And its really about time she admits that, so folks wont be relying on anything from that mess, in case they were.

    7. Dear Abby,

      Lol. I got to do it again! No. I don't "see" anything. You asked who could die right now without being a financial burden or hardship on ones loved ones. I said that I can and gave some substantiation describing my personal circumstances allowing me to live my wonderful lifestyle even as we speak! I'm not wealthy and I don't care. I realize the world is a dangerous place and we can't know what will happen from day to day but I'm ready to defend myself if necessary. I think something is bothering you to the extent that you feel it necessary to correct people of their erroneous beliefs, whatever they may be. Why are you so unhappy? Are you afraid of being a burden when you die? What a ridiculous thought.

      Dear Abby. You aren't so tough. I think.

    8. Dear Abby,

      "...I know almost nobody who is in a good position to die." I have personally cared for people who could afford $100,000+ a year to live and ultimately die in assisted living facilities. They possessed the finances to pay for their "care" which most certainly wasn't worth their monthly room and board fee. Several residents died in their sleep and relatives came to consummate their relationship with the deceased. Dear Abby, no matter how wealthy you may be and the amount of assets you leave when you die may be a windfall for your loved ones, NOBODY is in a good position to die. Have you ever watched a "Do Not Resuscitate" person die before your eyes?

      John Henry Dough is correct in agreeing with you that "words are just talk and talk is cheap". But I agree only to the extent that this is true particularly with you, Abby. You have sought to ridicule me for expressing my thoughts and opinions on this thread of comments pertaining to Anna von Rietz's profound research. Your talk is bargain basement pricing.

      If you are so hedged in this evil world by your religious beliefs, why do you taunt and belittle people?

      Dear Abby. Let's talk.

    9. Dear Abby,

      You have asked me rhetorically if I'm nuts. You assessed that I'm stuck in PC mode and can't get out. You've allegorically kicked me in my ass to wake me up out of my stupor. Because I haven't asked "what's in it for me?", you conclude I'm "timid and shy". Presumably to timid and shy to directly engage with you in adult conversations.

      Dear Abby! I hereby challenge you to engage with me in conversation whereby I may try to determine the nature of your major malfunction. Why did you think it appropriate to troll me? Perhaps you have keyboard courage?


  3. tony.please put up link of all paper work we need to do.

    1. Basic forms:

      Article 928

  4. James, Winston's last name is Shrout. Just so you know.

    1. Sorry about that..I did want people knowing the right name...!! But most people that have been around the patriot community know who Winston is...but your right, and I stand corrected...!!

  5. I have to agree w/Abby, words are just talk and talk is cheap. Saying that our assets have been secured doesn't mean a thing until we can either access those assets or the bad guys stop trying to put us in their jails for not following their phony laws. I am sure everyone on this forum would love for what Anna is saying to be true, but the simple fact remains nothing ever changes. Nothing she has promised has occurred yet that I can see. No disrespect intended Anna. This wolf thing you keep crying has to stop or actualize.

  6. I was picturing the condition of our world today, and remembering Sachmo singing that old song of his in that scratchy voice, 'What a Wonderful World'. And I thought how that would go over in today's world. Can you just ponder that, and see how out of place that would be !

    Well anyhow, since I'm so full of joy and good news ( Haa !) it is looking like our Southern Invasion is more nefarious than first appeared and very carefully and deliberately orchestrated. Coming in many various ways and to different areas of our southern border. It also seems that there are some strange flights going to and fro, as tho they are delivering .....what? People? hardware? Going to various locations further north. This is not some small thing, good time to keep your ears close to the ground, and eyes wide open. Pay attention,be surprised by nothing. Reports from on the ground are that there are few if any small children or women. That was mostly for visual affect. Dont do pity partys. This is a very sneaky bunch of thugs not all from south america.

  7. Wealth? Everyone's definition is different, and mine is certainly not wrapped up in Money as there is only Credit in this manufactured economy. I will never die. My body will expire and my spirit will be set free as energy. I look forward to freedom everyday. The STATE of... stole my identity, IT can certainly dispose of my body it renamed as a ship lost at sea. . That Question is not an every day worry.

    1. I'm in agreement with you 100% Annie Mcshane. I believe you are wound up just right in how you percieve your reality. You are at peace.

  8. This may be a little off point but someone finally won the lotto for $1.2 billion dollars.....only one person had all the numbers correct....!! And just about everyone these days takes the one lump sum....what makes me so mad about the lotto, is they know the odds are so great that usually only one person wins all that money and the IRS wins every time along with the the IT'S just had a windfall by taking half of $1.2 billion.....!! For what...doing nothing...!! That money is going to funding the exact things we are fighting against....!! No one person should receive that kind of money, at the expense of everyone else...Its upsurd to think anyone needs that kind of money....and it makes it to easy for the IT'S to collect....Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't that money supposed to go to the schools, not the IRS...!! There needs to be a law in place that no one playing the lotto can win more than $10 million....after that the money has to be dished out to everyone with the next closest numbers and on down until everyone gets a little piece....then let the IRS figure out what they should get, making it much harder on the IT'S to collect so easy....!! Don't laugh....a lot of countries do exactly that, like Brazil....and everyone is a lot happier playing because of that....!! This is how they corrupt all of us in this fraud scheme of absolute greed...!! The average American thinks it's perfectly fine for one person to win , because it could be him....!!

    1. Has it occurred to u that this particular lotto may be another democratic scam James?

      "Mega ball lottery
      My suspicion: It was allowed to go over a billion because an elitist needed the cash, and the "anonymous payout" went to fund election fraud in favor of the communists. The Democrats and Jews run the lottery system. If you think it can be trusted, well, go play." Jim Stone ex NSA asset 💥

    2. Dying is easy...Living is the hard part💥

    3. Dear Abby,

      I was picturing you humming "Its A Wonderful World" as you furiously tap tap tap your keyboard/keypad conjuring language to disparage, insult, and mock me for simply enjoying the information provided in these forwarded emails from Anna via Paul. Where are you? Wo bist du? Adonde va usted? Ko nichi wa?

      I challenged your impugn of my integrity on this thread. Speak up and exercise your First Amendment Rights. Where are you, Abby?

      Uh oh, I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU. Dear Abby, it will be fun, educational, and perhaps even civil despite what Hillary says regarding civility in conversation. Come on Abby, this could be good for you.

      Dear Abby....I'm waiting.

    4. James,I recall when the Lottery first came into being, it was said that it would go toward schools. That was some 40 yrs ago, and today we have schools all over the city that are in such bad condition, and almost none of them have any air conditioning. So it was so hot in September that school had to be cancelled numerous times.
      And now they are bundling schools, combining some into one, and closing others. Parents and children alike are having their lives disrupted and torn apart by this.

      Thats one point. The next point is that.....letting it get that high draws more people to buy tickets, and in the end, more TAX is collected from the Winner, in a larger chunk.
      But worst of all, it seems to me that it is a great way for the States to get their citizens willing to pour our their money and make themselves a little poorer than before.

      Im not one bit interested in lotteries, but IMO they should have had a thousand winners instead of just one. Nobody needs a billion dollars.


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