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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Abel Danger to the Rescue

By Anna Von Reitz

For all those who desperately need to know this, there really ARE heroes out there leading the fight for sanity, safety, health, accountable government, and the American Way.   Meet Field McConnell and Abel Danger. 

This is for all you guys out there who realize that America and the rest of the world have fallen into really deep Kim Chee and who are frustrated by all the legal battles and historical recaps and can't-do-anything-about-it news.  Here is where the pedal hits the metal:

SERCO:  why is a British conglomerate acting as the Paymaster for our military?  

Senior Executive Service? --- The Grand-Daddy of all the unaccountable agencies within agencies exposed at last.  

Benghazi ---- you want the real poop?   Well, here it is. 

Begin with visiting the website:

Then sample the vast video archive of over 900 radio shows: Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigation

Then kick back and listen to Field's annual addresses straight to you from Canton, Texas, Van Zandt County Veterans Memorial:   


Then learn about the assassination of Pat Tillman and 38 others aboard Extortion 17: 

If all this evidence and reporting isn't enough to convince you, nothing ever will be enough.  While I and my Living Law Firm have been battling on our front, Abel Danger has been whooping up on another.  And just like an Army in the field, we all need your insight, help and support to expose and combat the evils that oppress people worldwide. 

I am often criticized because I don't get into political movements.  Though it comes as a real jolt to most people, political parties were never part of our lawful government and still aren't.   The so-called "Democratic Party" and "Republican Party" are professional lobbying organizations no different than the Tobacco Lobby, and just as corrupt.  

So why support or get drawn into all that?   Giving it a nice label and calling it a "Party" doesn't cover up the stench.  A pig is a pig is a pig, isn't it? 

But there are organizations that are worthwhile--- organizations that prevent nasty things from happening, organizations that help find and define solutions, organizations that seek out what is good for all Americans and all mankind.   Abel Danger is one of them.


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  1. I have been watching Field for nearly as long as I have been following you, Anna. I am not a particularly intelligent or accomplished man, but my life experiences set me on a course of investigation that, more through Divine guidance than by my own research savvy, I found many of the most important figures in the "American Patriot Movement," right around the same time, and independently of one another. I had been studying the family law system, trying to figure out how the courts and the Division "of destroying" (your) Family Services had gotten the right to tell me what to do with my own children in, well, everything. Not simply, "Don't beat them or sell them as slaves" but literally EVERYTHING. I disagreed with them. They had more bullets and barrels than me, plus the kids were still babies and sitting there with me in the living room the first time they came, pistols drawn, to make me raise my kids their way. Anyway, I wish I had known 20 years ago what I know now. . .even though down deep inside I knew there were flaws with their claims, I just didn't know how to go about pointing them out, or even exactly what they were. It was as much an intuition as anything else. Do you believe an intuition can be so strong that sometimes the truth just glows like a magic ring or something? You can just tell that this one isn't like the others? Your voice, the voice of Field. . .they are glowing magic rings in the truth quest for the rest of us and I am just so grateful to have been able to find your work when I did.

  2. Oh by now we all know politics stinks, and that the two party system is a joke, both are the same. However, it is still these 2 parties that are acknowledged as being the ones who have the Say in matters. And so that cannot be ignored, since they 'rule' and 'we follow.....or else'.

    Just like they are the ones who got the bright idea to put round-abouts at the crossroads to replace the 4 way Stop or the old traffic light 'down at the corner'. And so now you no longer have to stop either way, just hop on the round like a merry go round, and hop off wherever you need to go.
    And so just like this stinking political system of rule, there is no way to avoid the Round About because the straight thru is no longer there, Lol. Its all there is now, like it or not, but that is no reason for Republicans to not get out and Vote against the Commies.
    OTHERWISE, you will get 'leaders' like hill ary who would insure that this coming Invasion, invades all of us.

    1. I have an idea for you Abby , get off your whiney butt and do something positive...

    2. Ahhh, now I see Patriot58, yer a hill ary lover demo Commy, eh.
      Or is it that you just love those south american invaders and the mid. east. thugs mixed in with em, Lol. Maybe you will get to have them over for sunday dinner, LOL

  3. bubba, that is probably true. The Roths have way too much money and use it to buy whatever they want to buy. And that is why The People need something 'way more powerful than money'.

  4. And I just found out from "soverign warriors" that Winston Stroud, a well known and very intelligent patriot was just indicted for writing out commercial instruments for people losing their homes through unlawful foreclosures and received a ten year federal sentence, when according to how they determine the punishment for crimes by giving it a numerical number, which his should have been 1 year with a rating of 9, they gave him 10...!! And he has 30 days to turn himself in...Hopefully something will happen before them to save him....!! See what I mean by doing everything yourself without a ton of people behind you as witnesses and for support...!! Another good patriot goes down for the count...!! Will the "deep state" ever lose its grip on all of us....they are getting worse, not better...!! Whatever Trump has planned, he better do it soon ....!!!

  5. Rothschild usurped years ago the Roth's good name at least on my French family side over 500 years ago. Rot-childs have been around only 300 plus years for the record Abby! They were originally known as Bauers.


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