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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Why Every Non-Federal American Needs to Declare Their Actual Political Status

By Anna Von Reitz

Make no mistake -- there are "Federal Citizens" and people acting in that capacity among us. We see and work with them every day. The Postal Clerks at the local post office, the Territorial State of State Police, the doctors at our local hospitals who have been improperly licensed and conscripted, the Bar Attorneys occupying our court buildings, and the list goes on.

But if you were born here in one of the States or to American parents claiming their birthright on the land of one of the States and are not a "federal" employee or dependent, you need to come home to the land and soil jurisdiction you are heir to.

As I pointed out just yesterday--- Territorial and Municipal citizens (what they have you classified as thanks to deliberate falsification of the public records) have no constitutional rights, no rights of redress, and no protection owed to them in international jurisdiction.

For your safety and the safety of your family, you must take action to reclaim your "Natural Person" status and re-convey your "title" to your "land assets" as instructed in Article 928 on my website:  Here is the link:

It is only when you "return" to the land and soil of your birth and reclaim your proper political status that you can access your constitutional guarantees and exercise your exemptions from FEDERAL taxation and obtain redress from theft of your property and other assets.

It's only when you stand on the land that you have the power to direct your employees to do your bidding.

It's only when you know who you are and are able to prove it -- by having recorded your political status -- that you are protected from attack in these courts.

This morning I was told that Destry Payne neglected to record his own claim to his Good Name, so no wonder they have seized upon the opportunity to arrest him and railroad him under their usual false pretenses. Let this be a lesson to everyone concerned: if you don't claim your rights, you have none. If you don't exercise your exemptions, you have none.

And if you don't claim and re-convey your Trade Name to the land and soil of your birth and expatriate from all other presumed obligations, you will still be "subject to" the Queen.

See this article and over 1100 others on Anna's website here:

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  1. Can't open files for repatriation

  2. The fact that Destry has NOT reclaimed his Title and property back to land doesn't surprise me at all. The fact that HE and others in the "National Assembly" are focused on a "Membership" drive and "data collecting" personal info campaign for the newly awakened,very green and gullible to "adhere" to "leaders" that talk the talk, but don't walk the walk IS a HUGE Unacceptable, wreckless and inexcusable fraud !! Isn't this the same man seeking to be appointed as "Military Liaison" and Communications Coordinator at the National Level???
    Sadly No ONE is being vetted, and the same old ignorant "blind trust" and being led by False Egoic Patriotic pride & "Good Christian Duty" leaders agenda IS repeating itself once again.
    The good news IS All "members"" at the State and National levels are being disclosed now of the liability being created by the "leaders" leading you. Its time to take Real responsibility and the necessary steps to properly Vet EVERYONE and their factual status Before they are allowed to hold any office period, including but not limited to Juror! Ignorance IS NOT an Excuse and their ARE No more "victim" cards left in this nefarious and dangerous game being played on us Now. Wake up and Demand documented proof and Answers Now!! Stand UP and Start taking real responsibility Now!!

    1. Here are two articles on Destry, from Sun Tzu:

      And about Destry's lastest arrest:

  3. In the records of the county closest to my domicile, the clerk does not accept declarations of political status. The only filings accepted must relate to "real property," which, as most of us know, pertains to a right to use land. Does anyone have a solution?

    1. Joseph A.: Publish a notice in the paper of record in your vicinity. Something like:

      Legal/Public Notice
      Public Notice is hereby given to the recipient of same that declarant accepts and reclaims his true status as an American State National as stated in the document "[give title here]." To view this document, write Lastname, Firstname Middlename, Fiduciary, c/o [your mailing location, no zip].

      Have this notice published four consecutive weeks (check if four is enough in your area). You have now created a public record--or so I'm told. Perhaps mailing the notarized proof of publication of your Notice (which the newspaper gives you at the completion of the publication run) via Registered Mail to yourself and not opening it (as Anna has advised regarding other documents) would be a belt-and-suspenders action as well.

      I, too, have a recalcitrant County Recorder and have had to figure out this workaround.

      Best wishes!

    2. Upon my first beginning of recording one of the documents at the County Recorders Office - I too ran into opposition. Here is what happened and what I did...The worker looked at my document with a confused face and said she will be back. She went to her boss. Her and the boss look at the document. The boss then approach me saying she could not record a document that does not make sense to her. I immediately said, "This is a legal document that my attorney suggested I file so I am not asking your blessings - I am asking you to do your job and record this document as requested." She looked at the worker and said to process it. From that point on I had no problems processing future

    3. Type or Write in the Upper Left Hand Corner. Record upon Demand and or File upon Demand. If the Document is Notarized they cannot deny filing/recording. Notarization is only for identification purposes. Even if they look at the DRIVERS LICENSE OR PASSPORT, with picture, paperwork is what matters....

      Know Thyself..... Most Important....

      There are laws governing CLERKS... This addition is with my documents...

      (27) Pursuant to Title 18 U.S.C.A. § 2076 in applicable part: “Whoever, being a clerk (or supervisor) or employee of “UNITED STATES” charged with the duty of receiving securities or holding in trust securities on behalf of any person or makes a false report shall be fined $5,000 or imprisoned ten years or both.” As synonymous with correlating DELAWARE compiled laws; DELAWARE and federal civil procedure laws; DELAWARE rules of court; and all other DELAWARE codes and uniform commercial codes separate from Title 18 U.S.C.A. § 2076. Also Title 18 U.S.C.A. § 2071 (a) concealment by supervisors secretaries or clerk(s) verifies in part: “Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals or attempts to do so” from any individual “shall be fined or imprisoned three years or both period.” Simply Stated: All “Register of Deed Clerks” are liable for non-compliance to the text herein under due process and obstruction of justice as described herein. This agreement is valid at 12:00 noon on the day that it is recorded, unless and until rebutted as indicated herein, within Thirty (30) calendar days. After Thirty (30) calendar days you may not rebut this contract.

      Look up these laws. They apply to them not to yourself.

      Look up the Job description for "NOTARY PUBLIC". A NOTARY has the same if not more power than the ACTOR in the BLACK ROBE. These laws are made to govern THEM. Use the STATUTE(S) to make life easier.... The remedy is there in plain sight. They do that on purpose...


    4. Also...

      I record everything in Lamar County. Georgia-state. First. Once things are already on the PUBLIC RECORD, its kinda difficult to say NO.

      Thy only thing I ever get from Lamar County is a general correspondence stating they no longer redact information and it is the responsibility of the filer to redact.... Ok with me....

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  5. Replies
    1. Amstad, Spielberg and Morgan Freeman:
      You do know that Spielberg is part of the pedo gang?
      And Morgan Freeman has been outed also?


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