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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Fence Sitting Gets People Nowhere

By Anna Von Reitz

There are a number of Americans -even Americans who should know better-- trying to sit on the fence. 

Well, I am a country girl. I have sat on a lot of fences--- and what I can tell you about that, is that it leaves you vulnerable to attack from both sides. 

It's not a good or safe place to be. 

Especially not now and not if you are eligible to reclaim your birthright political status. 


To put it bluntly, the advantages of your birthright status are so far superior to any Territorial or Municipal status that your failure to reclaim your original estate is suspicious. 

If you really are the rightful heir, why would you hang back and fence-sit?  

This then draws attention to you from both sides.  The cows consider nibbling your backside and the pigs are watching your front. 

You are presenting yourself as "neither fish nor fowl"-- so what are you? An American? Or some kind of Federale? Or? 

In such a situation the Federales will assume you are one of them and they will subject you to their statutory law and to their Municipal Code and all their Public Policies without question. 

So you gain nothing by fence-sitting.  You only regain safety and control of your assets by making the decision and commitment to come home and truly adopt your lawful birthright political status.

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  1. Straddling the fence does not a decision make nor does double mindedness, you cannot serve two masters and you must decide now who you serve

    1. Actually does more harm than good for the cause as people are confused as to everyones position

  2. Once I got a ticket for not having a drivers license in a little court in Utah, State trooper hanging out in a parking lot and a judge in a bar restaurant with the "judges" office on the side. 25 dollar fine or 3 days jail so I paid up and left right away. Their were three of us, my girlfriend who was too drunk to drive but our hitchhiker was not a US Citizen but had a passport, Holland or something so the cop said he could drive, no problem. Another time I know a fellow who at a border told em he had no ID and could not read of write, no family and a made up hill country name. The guard near laughed and even put an x on the form and kindly escorted the man out, free to go. You cannot tell me status does not matter, I have seen it with my own eyes.

  3. Just think for a moment about what Anna is requesting from you people. She wants you to give up your 14th Amendment U.S. citizenship.

    "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

    1. I was not Born or naturalized in the "United States" and to claim I am is a lie punishable under penalty of perjury, that's why our Prisons are full to capacity. No Thanks.... They can keep their so called "CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS". I will accept and exercise my inherent unalienable rights. Why accept a limited privilege?

      CITIZEN: Definition; A citizen is a status of a corporate entity. It is a status applied to your "PERSON". A business is created with the BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Unfortunately the FOOL SCHOOL doesn't teach you anything about IT or how to operate IT, so YOU believe yourself is IT, and the rest is a bad story....

      What is the definition of "PERSON"? Who the hell is "YOU" anyway, ITS not me?

      Look up the DUNS NUMBER for the "IN GOD WE TRUST" dba UNITED STATES. I dare ya!!!! Originated in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. 14th amendment CITIZENS are subjects of the "IN GOD WE TRUST" by their Birth Certificates. THEY are PERSONS, not Living Flesh and blood..... ATTORNEYS AND BLACK ROBES have Authority over the PAPERWORLD. I am not PAPER.....

      Any man being led around by the nose deserves what he gets. Research everything. Remedy is in Plain sight. Look for it... Anna provides information. A man who is self governed looks up everything....

    2. Says who, Annie? My wife was not born or raised here but in Europe. According to the Act of 1855, she is automatically deemed to be the Citizenship (Capital C) of her husband. Since I am a American NCSN, so is she. Look it up.

    3. Annie, I just reread your post and maybe I responded a bit too quickly. Now I see that you said you were not not Born or naturalized in the "United States" as a corporation. Gotcha. Well, heck, no one can be born or raised in a corporation. No one can be a citizen of a corporation either. You can only be an employee or a stockholder. That would be like claiming McDonald's citizenship.

    4. The 14th Amendment was never ratified. Congress came up with the idea to "TRAP" everyone into financial SLAVERY, therefore let's call them "U.S.Citizens", employees of our CORPORATION. Don't you get it? All caps
      name = CORPORATION. Wake up, pull your head OUT, Research.....

  4. Please keep in mind that all 14th Amendment United States citizens are U.S. nationals by default. However, all U.S. nationals are not 14th Amendment Unites States citizens (only some are). Therefore, a U.S. national is a status that is below the status of a 14th Amendment U.S. citizen.

    Furthermore, you must meet certain requirements to be a U.S. national. A U.S. national that does not have the higher status of 14th Amendment U.S. citizen
    is a person born in or having ties with “an outlying ***possession*** of the United States” which is as of 2005, only American Samoa and Swains Island. Additionally, it also includes those individuals born abroad to two U.S. national parents, or those born aboard to one alien parent and one U.S. national parent. Additionally, there is a residency requirement for the parents of the child prior to birth in order to transmit U.S. nationality.

    U.S. nationals cannot vote in any election or hold elected office. They are allowed to work and reside anywhere in the U.S. without restrictions. They are eligible to apply for U.S. passport just like 14th Amendment U.S. citizens. In fact, there is no difference between the passport for U.S. national and 14th Amendment U.S. citizen. Both of them mention the ‘Nationality - USA’. Finally, they are eligible to apply for 14th Amendment U.S. citizenship through naturalization under the same rules as other permanent residents.

    1. 8 U.S.C. section 1101(a)(21)
      Constitutional Citizen/national
      Constitutional but not statutory "State" of the union. 370 HARVARD LAW REVIEW

      It may confidently be denied, therefore, that a corporation, in general, can have either a nationality or a domicile.'1 The sup- posed necessity that it should have either arises simply from a confused supposition that the corporation must imitate at all points a natural person.
      Nationality is a matter of allegiance. And a corporation has
      pace the ex parte deliverance of Mr. Alfred Lyttleton in the case
      of the Netherlands South Africa Railway - no power of rendering
      aid and comfort to anybody. Its directors can: but that is an-
      other story. Domicile is in origin and principle a matter of having a home and spending an income."2 And a corporation cannot
      enjoy Queen Anne furniture nor drink claret. Not even a meta-
      phor worshiper could quite realize that brilliant conception
      though he might in words formulate it as an axiom.
      In fact, the corporation need have neither domicile nor nation- ality. Those who have endeavored to fix it with one or the other have wandered in the wilderness of bleak uncertainty. Sometimes the thunderous voice of the law of the place of incorporation has sounded in their ears: sometimes the lightning flash of the place of exploitation has revealed to them another rule: again, the gleam has shown them the calm Olympia of the spot where the Board meets and control is exercised. Some have looked for domicile others for nationality - others have not been particular which- others have said that for corporations domicile is nationality. But really they have given themselves unnecessary trouble. The dominant reason for desiring to fix corporations with one or the other attribute is fiscal. The state sees what is called a person and
      11 Since writing this article, I find that much of what I had to say is expressed a great deal better in 4 LAURENT, DROIT CIVIL INTERNATIONAL, ? 72 et seq., ? i19 et seq. As I have never seen these views put forward in English, the present article must
      be regarded, for what it may be worth, as a corroboration rather than a reflection of the Belgian jurist's opinions.
      12 This grounds the true distinction between "domicile" and "house of trade"
      as criteria of the liability of goods to capture as enemy property. The proprietor of a "house of trade" makes money. The domiciled citizen spends it. If war-domicile meant carrying on business, there would be no need for the conception of "house of trade." In fact, the two are complementary. Cf. "Trade Domicile in War" in 21 JURIDICAL REV. (Edinburgh), 209.
      This content downloaded from on Wed, 19 Jul 2017 22:39:15 UTC All use subject to
      forthwith desires to tax it. Tax depends in many countries on domicile: consequently a domicile must be found for each corpora- tion. The state seizes goods as prize: nationality is in many countries the test of prize - consequently, every corporation must have a national allegiance.
      There is no such necessity. In prize, it may not unjustly be
      held that the infection of a hostile share condemns the whole. That has not been the Anglo-American way - but it is a possible way. The Anglo-American way is to distinguish the interest of
      the enemy and to confiscate it alone. The joint property of friends and enemies was so dealt with in The Eenrom'3 and The Vreede Scholtys.'4 It ought not to be difficult to discriminate between the interest of friends and enemies in goods which are the property of corporations. As to taxation, the necessity of attributing to cor- porations a domicile or a nationality is more apparent than real.

    2. The shareholders are never taxed twice over on the same grounds
      in the same country, in their corporate and in their individual capacity. It only requires an enactment that carrying on business in the realm is a ground of taxation, to make the corporators liable. There is no need to attribute a fictitious domicile to the corpora- tion because the corporators are not domiciled in the taxing area.
      It only needs that their liability be placed on its true ground.
      The interesting question which arises as to the effect of war on
      a corporation, nobody seems inclined to tackle au fond. The attempt was long made to evade the necessity by the facile method of attributing to the corporation an independent nationality of
      its own - usually that of the place of incorporation." "ROLB"

    3. ^ I have no idea how this relates to my initial reply.

      All 14th Amendment U.S. citizens are, by default, considered U.S. nationals. Not every U.S. national is considered a 14th Amendment U.S. citizen.

      So, by denouncing your 14th Amendment U.S. citizen, you are declaring to the federal government:

      that you are a person born in or having ties with “an outlying ***possession*** of the United States” which is as of 2005, only American Samoa and Swains Island; or

      that you are an individual born abroad to two U.S. national parents; or

      that you are an individual born aboard to one alien parent and one U.S. national parent; and

      that your parents were residents prior to your birth.

      If all of the above is not true then you have committed perjury.

      Furthermore, you give up your right as a 14th Amendment U.S. citizen to vote in any U.S. government election or hold elected U.S. government office, if you denounce 14th Amendment U.S. citizenship.

      Good luck following Anna, y'all. lol!!!!

    4. What's a "US national"? Anna's articles always refer to "American state national", which is NOT the same as a "US national". Was your intention to deliberately mislead or are you not familiar with the term, American state national"? It's obvious your many comments on this site are intended to disparage the efforts of Anna and the Living Law firm, consequently, you appear to be one of the many trolls, combating the spreading of the truth. Please go wash your mouth out with a .45 ACP!

    5. Who gave judges the right to interpret ANY LAW the way Cube Sphere says....!! Who are these "black -robed " soothsayers anyway..!! I never have them that right... Did any of you...!! You all think living by man's rules are better than Gods.....which is why we will always be slaves, corporations, or no corporations...!!!
      And someone please tell me how nations that are totally bankrupt (and in chap 7), can make or enforce rules of any kind...!! How is this system working anyway...!! The only reason why nations are fighting one another is because they have all been stolen from and want it back....but they all know it isn't necessary to have it...!! We are all living proof that this system runs on infinitum..!! The false assumption everyone is making is that you have to be solvent to exsist....maybe single individuals but not National governments....!! Not with computers and any one of a hundred accounting techniques that can deceive everyone they will always remain solvent and remain in force...!! The illusion works much better than reality because it is elastic , where reality and "real money isnt....!!

    6. State Judges are elected by the people. Federal Judges are appointed by elected officials.

    7. Btw.. if you give up your 14th Amendment U.S. citizenship, then guess what? You can no longer vote. hahaha!!!

    8. No so, Kerubale. Judges are appointed by the governor in my state. Non-citizen state nationals do not vote -- they elect. Why would you want to vote for a corporate governing board anyway? Boy are you ignorant. Just go and lookup the term American national which has been codified into the statutes for years.

    9. UNITED STATES is a CORPORATION. Look up CORPORATION.... Look up the many dba UNITED STATES, especially the "IN GOD WE TRUST". By law any ENTITY, business, PERSON, CAN NOT USE THE WORD "TRUST" without IT being an actual TRUST.... Look up the law... "IN GOD WE TRUST" is an IRREVOCABLE TRUST...

      I am born upon the Land.... My PERSON is PRESUMED DEAD AT SEA..

      Man is not FICTION....

      FICTION is not Man....

      The two have not joinder...… Ever...

      Corporations: British Crown, dba USA INC
      USA INC.
      Sub corporations OF USA INC...
      STATES OF STATES, COUNTY, TOWNS, TOWNSHIPS, BOROUGHS, etc..... all have DUNS NUMBERS easily accessible online..

      Once a Government incorporates IT is structured the same as WALMART. What Power or Authority does a Walmart Official/Officer have over man? Look up the Clearfield Doctrine....

      If YOU want to be a SUBJECT of CORPORATE "GOVERNMENT" then by all means volunteer.

      Ironically the CORPORATE GUNS here in my little neck of the woods have shown me the way out, Bless the employees. After many FOIA requests, what I didn't get gave me all the knowledge I needed. Look up FULL FAITH AND CREDIT. The CORPORATION CREATED BY ATTORNEYS OPERATING AS GOVERNMENT HERE CLAIM TO HAVE "FULL FAITH AND CREDIT" and the POWER to TAX because they have IT. CORPORATIONS ARE BANKRUPT.... Man has full faith and credit....

      The judicial branch of the real government is not operating... Pirates from the SEA or SEE are here with their guns and prisons. In my case because I ask questions they have a tool to shut off the water...

      I am a living Soul. PAPER did not create Man.....

      National.... Who cares what name is applied... or what YOU may misconstrue it to mean..... A man is a Flesh and Blood living Soul so therefore not a UNITED STATES CITIZEN...… EVER...…

      I do not claim to be a national..... I did not make a pledge of allegiance to US INC... This is most important..... The actions we took as children do not apply. I swear allegiance to my Creator, only.....

    10. Hey, Mr. Unknown Kerubale, try this one on for size...
      Sovereign American Nationals are not subject to the statutes and regulations, particularly Title 26, as they are limited in their geographical and legislative application to the District of Columbia as "sovereigns are the author and source of the law" according to the United States Supreme Court in Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356 (1886).

    11. Who wants to VOTE in their DAMNED PRETEND CORPORATE ELECTIONS. I withdrew my election to "vote" a year before I ever heard of Anna..

      ITS all a TV SHOW... INDOCTRINATION at its Best.... Watch "Good Morning Viet Nam" again.

      The man and or wombman supposedly elected by us, have to apply a "SIGNATURE" to a document swearing they are not or no longer a RESIDENT of the nation state they supposedly REPRESENT. US CITIZENS can hold DUAL CITIZENSHIP. Nation State "nations" can only hold one citizenship... We can not be a state national and a US NATIONAL at the same time. Look it up...

      ITS A GAME, a Distraction.... They become CORPORATE, therefore they have no duty, responsibility, or obligation to any of us indoctrinated FOOLS.....

    12. Voting is just like wrestling, all predetermined and putting on a good show for the public.

  5. Have seen the fence setter line (accusation) before. Seems to be designed to get one to pick a side.
    Why pick a side when there are liars and manipulators on both sides?

    You ask, "If you really are the rightful heir, why would you hang back and fence-sit? Being Prudent also has a time. We are individuals.
    The rightful heir? To what? An empire of dirt?( yes that's Johnny cash folks) A balloon? Shall we all look to gain from the enslavement of a world based entirely on nothing?
    More Credit?
    Many of you speak of "a Jubilee." Well what does this mean?
    Does this not mean 'we all' forgive debts as we too are forgiven?
    The only True choice to be made with any resulting freedom is man's way or Yahuah Alahim's way.
    Standing in the middle discerning the Truth is not sitting on a fence.

    1. Follower, Paul took a side and claimed his Roman birthright citizenship claiming he was born free.

    2. Paul was also a Jew.
      Perhaps there is a deeper more meaningful thing to see here.
      My birth rite does not come from Rome.


      "PAUL, ST. (died c. A.D. 68), founder of Pauline Christianity. His name was originally Saul. He later claimed that he was a Jew of the tribe of Benjamin, from a long-established Pharisee family in Tarsus. According to Acts (though not according to Paul himself) he studied in Jerusalem under Gamaliel, the leader of the Pharisees and grandson of Hillel. This account of Paul's youth, however, is subject to doubt, since the tribe of Benjamin had long ceased to exist, and Pharisee families are otherwise unknown in Tarsus. According to Paul's opponents, the Ebionites, he came from a family of recent converts to Judaism. He learnt the trade of tent-making (or perhaps leather-working), by which he made his living."

    4. I Don't believe it has anything to do with this earthly B.S. I always wondered why the Bible described so few would go to the Heaven out of the Billions here on earth. Its not the chosen JEWS. Babylon is the "SYSTEM". Those who come out are free... If the SYSTEM was fully disclosed to any of us, would we volunteer? I am un-volunteering.

    5. Which Bible?♩

    6. Annie, this is because so few choose to go. This is the free will choice given to all of us and who we freely dedicate ourselves to in this life, will be the one to claim us in the next.

  6. Geronimo and Sitting Bull did not have birth certificates or drivers licenses. They were born upon the land. Look what happened to them.This all sounds swell, but how will what you are organizing deal with communist China or any gang of organized criminals, including international (by means of deception brand) Zionism?

    1. Unknowing, let me help to clarify this 14th amendment issue you are having. Ever heard the founding of this country referred to as "The great social experiment" ? The founders were trying something new that had never been tried before. They made "We the People" the sovereigns. The govt. was "Of the People, By the People, For the People." With great power comes great responsibility. Proclaiming yourself a Sovereign is a great responsibility. It means you rule your own self as King of your own life and affairs. It means you can NOT trespass upon the rights of others as Sovereigns of their lives. It means of necessity that one must live by the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do to you". That was the experiment. If you give people the power to govern themselves, rather than be governed by a King, will they take on that responsibility. "A Republic, if you are ABLE TO KEEP IT."
      The 14th Amendment was passed after the civil war, when Anna is trying to tell you, is when all the shenanigans took place. Now the 14th amendment says, " Any person born or naturalized in the UNITED STATES is a citizen of the UNITED STATES." Now go look up in Bouviers Law dictionary of 1848, (the one used at the time) the definition of citizen. One of the definitions listed is "One who owes an allegiance to a SOVEREIGN STATE". So the 14th takes sovereignty from the individual and transfers it to the STATE. Now look up the word allegiance. One of the definitions listed says, "A DEBT owed by a feudal serf to a vassal lord". Now take off those Myopic glasses you wear, and "SEE" what the 14th amendment really says. It says because your mother happened to be in a certain geographical area that they (writers of the 14th) call the UNITED STATES when you came out of her womb, that you automatically owe a debt to "A Sovereign STATE.??? How is that in any way shape or form being BORN FREE? Who has the authority to make such a ridiculous claim that because you were born in such and such a place that you are a debtor, a slave? This is why the 14th amendment was not ratified by 2/3rds of the states at the time. They understood what it meant. I believe it took about 90 years before they actually got it ratified and that was by sheer hook and crook.
      The supreme court has ruled numerous times that "UNITED STATES" means the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, and territories. If you were born in any of those territories that belong to the US Corporation, then the 14th applies to you. Period. This is what Anna is trying to tell you. They Mis-classified all of us as 14th amendment citizens when most were actually born in one of the several states, which the supreme court has ruled are as foreign countries in relation to the UNITED STATES.
      So if you are okay allowing yourself to be classified as a debt slave, owing a third of all your labor to some foreign banking corporation,(that's what it truly is), then go ahead and stay in that jurisdiction. But if you wake up some day and say wait a minute, I was FREE-BORN, like the Apostle Paul declared to the Roman centurion who was about to have him beaten, who then became very alarmed that he was about to have a free man beaten, then maybe you will want to make that declaration to those who think they own you, and correct the records for yourself, and come home to the land and soil jurisdiction of your native birth.

    2. The founding authors of the U.S. Constitution that formed the United States already declared States as sovereign. States have sovereign immunity.

      There is nothing wrong with owing a State and the U.S. allegiance while operating in your secular (laymen) capacity. However, there still is separation of church and state which is the reason why Churches are automatically exempt from taxation (or owing a debt to the state).

      Anna should be focused on your true birthright which is your right to exercise your religious freely as the head of a religious household instead of misleading you all into believing that you can have your cake and eat it too. Misguiding you folks into thinking that you can have exempt status while in your secular (layman) political status and have sovereign immunity.

      Look around you and ask yourself why people aren't forming their own household churches and using them for for-profit endeavors to not only fund their family and living expenses but also for helping the general public through charitable acts?

      People like Anna do not want you people to exercise your birthright (religion to its fullest extent) because Anna herself is a Lutheran Layperson. Her motives are clear as day for me. She is a subverter. She's here to misdirect you all.

    3. People like Anna is pinning you folks up against the State as enemies of the state. She's exploiting emotions that you may have as a result of any legal and financial issues that you are dealing with. It is far more easier to harbor desolation than it is to receive consolation. Therefore, I highly doubt that any of you will come to a clear understanding even after you suffer the consequences of your misguidance. Just look at Dean Clifford. Locked up for years and still right back at it again. It's a sickness.

    4. ET Tishbite, I fully understand what you are saying, but I think many of us in here keep thinking that the Reality of our true status occurred naturally when we were born; were then stolen by deceit and fraud. And we all know that theft does not create true ownership, but in Reality whatever was stolen still belongs to the original and rightful Owner.

      So in view of all that, the big question that lurks in many minds is........then why should it be the responsibility to us as the Rightful and Original Owners of ourSelves, to retrieve ourselves. Logically it is the responsibility of the Thieves to Return the ''goods''; simply put.

      So here I stand, living and breathing, and hold in my hand a document signed by the Doctor who delivered me by his own hand, and that is all the Proof I ought to need to prove that ''I yam who I yam'' since the Date that is on that document, at which time there was no other 'owner' of me, which makes me the Original Owner of my Self.

      Everybody within the 'legal system' already knows this, just as well as we each know why all this elongated drawn out ''12 step filings'' to free our own Self??

      Its all just ludicrous to play this Game that has been laid out BY THE THIEVES. Why are we dancing to their tunes?

    5. 14th Amendment only applies to incorporated bodies, persons of color, think record of live birth. Man is protected in the use of his/her person. The church and State are two sides of the same coin, only a retrograde would make a claim so absurd that separation exists! The church is the body/maternal line and the State gives form to that body/paternal, by in-form-ation/action.

      Under section 1, 14th Amendment;
      Constitution of the United States of America

      "Art thou called being a servant? Care not for it: But if thou mayest be made free, use it rather"

      1 Corinthians 7:21

    6. The Constitution protects your right to be left alone by government.
      "The makers of our Constitution undertook to secure conditions favorable to the pursuit of happiness. They recognized the significance of man's spiritual nature, of his feelings and of his intellect. They knew that only a part of the pain, pleasure and satisfactions of life are to be found in material things. They sought to protect Americans in their beliefs, their thoughts, their emotions and their sensations. They conferred, as against the Government, the right to be let alone - the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men."
      [Olmstead v. United States, 277 U.S. 438, 478 (1928) (Brandeis, J., dissenting); see also Washington v. Harper, 494

    7. 1st Amendment makes the claim.

      14th Amendment protects the claim.

      I have allegiance to the U.S. and the State of North Carolina in my secular capacity. However, my religious capacity is totally separate. The state cannot impose upon it because of Separation of Church and State. I am to respect secular authorities as far as my religious viewpoint is concerned. I am to associate with like minded people (freedom of association).

      Call it retrograde or whatever else you want. You cannot stop me.

    8. Cube sphere, the only problem is that you folks and Anna aren't claiming that your beliefs, your thoughts, your emotions and your sensations are religious. And therefore there is no separation between you and the state. Anna is making secular claims to be equal to the state which is absurd because the State is Sovereign.

      Anna takes it further and encourages you all to "believe" that you are not subject to federal, state, local statutes. So this extreme mindset is where you think that the state cannot interfere with you which is even more absurd.

      So you violate their statutes, logically because you think they cannot interfere with you and because you think the statutes do not apply to you. All of a sudden, the state is a tyrant in your books.

    9. All the while this option has always existed.

    10. This is an undeclared war using fictional characters to usurp the authority of the people whom delegated those powers in the first place. All power is equal between people and the offices under delegated authority except in war. Informed people don't make up conclusions based on a belief system, look at what the experts say about these matters.

      " Since writing this article, I find that much of what I had to say is expressed a great deal better in 4 LAURENT, DROIT CIVIL INTERNATIONAL, ? 72 et seq., ? i19 et seq. As I have never seen these views put forward in English, the present article must
      be regarded, for what it may be worth, as a corroboration rather than a reflection of the Belgian jurist's opinions.
      12 This grounds the true distinction between "domicile" and "house of trade"
      as criteria of the liability of goods to capture as enemy property. The proprietor of a "house of trade" makes money. The domiciled citizen spends it. If war-domicile meant carrying on business, there would be no need for the conception of "house of trade." In fact, the two are complementary. Cf. "Trade Domicile in War" in 21 JURIDICAL REV. (Edinburgh), 209."

    11. "Tax depends in many countries on domicile: consequently a domicile must be found for each corpora- tion. The state seizes goods as prize: nationality is in many countries the test of prize - consequently, every corporation must have a national allegiance.
      There is no such necessity. In prize, it may not unjustly be
      held that the infection of a hostile share condemns the whole. That has not been the Anglo-American way - but it is a possible way. The Anglo-American way is to distinguish the interest of
      the enemy and to confiscate it alone. The joint property of friends and enemies was so dealt with in The Eenrom'3 and The Vreede Scholtys.'4 It ought not to be difficult to discriminate between the interest of friends and enemies in goods which are the property of corporations. As to taxation, the necessity of attributing to cor- porations a domicile or a nationality is more apparent than real.
      The shareholders are never taxed twice over on the same grounds
      in the same country, in their corporate and in their individual capacity. It only requires an enactment that carrying on business in the realm is a ground of taxation, to make the corporators liable. There is no need to attribute a fictitious domicile to the corpora- tion because the corporators are not domiciled in the taxing area.
      It only needs that their liability be placed on its true ground.
      The interesting question which arises as to the effect of war on
      a corporation, nobody seems inclined to tackle au fond. The attempt was long made to evade the necessity by the facile method of attributing to the corporation an independent nationality of
      its own - usually that of the place of incorporation." Candidly,
      the present writer, when considering the problem twenty years
      ago,16 was very strongly impressed by its difficulty. But much stronger was the impression of its urgency. If the doctrine of non-intercourse with alien enemies - to mention only one feature - was not to be emptied of content, it was clearly impossible to allow friends and enemies to work together in the bonds of peace under
      3 2 C. Robinson, I (I799). See also The Kinders Kinder, ibid. 88 (I799).
      14 5 C. Robinson, 5 n. (i804). (The property was actually documented as the property of the enemy; and probably this is the reason why the court said that a
      stricter rule might be applied if the shipment were made after the outbreak of war.)
      15 See, e. g., in England the dicta in Driefontein v. Janson, L. R., [I902] A. C. 484. 16 INTERNATIONAL LAW IN SouTH AFRICA, chap. 6.
      This content downloaded from on Wed, 19 Jul 2017 22:39:15 UTC All use subject to"
      the veil of a home-registered company. It appeared to me, and still so appears, that it is neither fair to the enemy to exclude him from control, while playing with his money, nor, on the other hand, possible to admit him to that intimacy of communication which control necessitates. The conclusion seemed to be imposed that the dissolution of the corporation was imperative: just as in the case of a partnership

    12. Abby, I struggled with the same questions. I know in my heart and my mind what my true status is. I know I was free-born. So why should I have to file a bunch of paperwork to tell those who were subverting my freedom by saying I was subject to rules, regulations, codes, statutes,etc. when I knew I was not bc I living my life to the best of my ability to do no harm to anyone's person or property, helping any who I could, and treating all men with the same respect with which I would like to be treated. Wouldn't that almost be an admission of their authority over me? Jesus' response to the lawyer who asked what the greatest commandment was...Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all the heart, soul and mind, the 1st and greatest, the second like unto it , thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these 2 hang ALL THE LAW and the prophets. So to me it's simple: if you are truly keeping these 2 what other LAW could you possibly be subject to? Now I'm not irresponsible about things. I carry car insurance just in case I would accidentally injure someone else, etc. But unless you declare your status, your standing, your position, will anyone know what it is? So I realized, it's a small thing to file some paperwork declaring who I truly am, so if the need ever arises I will have it to prove to whomever that I have declared who I truly am, who are they to state otherwise?

    13. Now I know that they do not always pay any regards to that paperwork. That could be just plain simple-mindedness, they are unable to see anything that they haven't been instructed to, or it could be plain tyranny; they know the truth but are just not going to allow it in their courts because of arrogance and knowing that there is little if any enforcement to make them. Case in point: last week my son had to go to court. We filed a Mandatory judicial notice and demand and motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction. we filed along with that exhibit 1: his state authenticated BC, exhibit 2: his Deed of re-conveyance to the land and soil of our state, exhibit 3: his Certificate of assumed name. We cited case law from supreme court in MTD stating the court could not proceed once jurisdiction was challenged, burden of proof was on court to prove it, no jurisdiction over non 14th amendment citizen, etc. etc. etc. Guess what judge did. Ignored what the secretary of state says by BC authentication. Ignored what supreme court says. He said this has been tried all over the country and has been found to be frivolous, and set a date for a trial by jury. What I think is frivolous is the judges actions. He did not even read any of those documents. So now Unknowing is salivating saying see I told you so. But that doesn't prove a thing other than a man who wears a black robe and sits to judge others was too arrogant or ignorant to even consider anything outside the box of his closed mind. But what recourse do we have? This is the fight!!! This to me is what men of faith and courage have faced throughout history. When you know the truth is on your side, you must stand against the tyranny that would subject you to their will.
      My thinking is this. How can any man who can not, does not understand what I am saying have any right to judge me at all. Example, I was watching Judge Judy one day. Not to offend anyone, I've spent enough time in "the Hood" growing up that I'm just gonna say it like it is. There was a black woman plaintiff, and a black man defendant. When JJ addressed the defendant, this brother was shuckin' and jivin' like he was on the corner with the boyz. JJ could not understand a thing he was saying, but I knew what he was saying and what he was doing. Very smart move. She asked him about 3 times what he was saying, and then turned to the plaintiff and said I'm going to have to dismiss your case, I am unable to communicate with the defendant. Brilliant move on his part. But at least she knew her limitations. If a judge can not understand what you are saying or have put down in plain language, esp when his own court recorded the deeds, his sec of state authenticated the BC, his bosses in the supreme court made the rulings, should he not recuse himself and say I do not understand what you are saying, case dismissed. But until what? Until the states assemble and set up jural assemblies? Until Trump does something? When will we have any recourse against these judges? So yes, sometimes it seems why file this paperwork if they are going to ignore it? Well I figure at least you have stated your truth. If they trespass against it and trample it under foot, that's on them. This is what we are called to. Stand up to tyranny or fall. The only thing necessary for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.

    14. To the best of my knowledge, no one at the time of Geronimo and Sitting Bull had drivers licenses or birth certificates, or am I mistaken? You appear to be making excuses to do NOTHING, and to merely accept your fate. I suspect that, if the "movement", proves successful, you'll quickly start speaking out of the other side of your mouth.

    15. hey ETT, we are on the same page. I typed my above comment about Paul to a follower before I scrolled down and read yours. Kindred spirits!

    16. And to you Unknowing. You said, The founding authors of the U.S. Constitution that formed the United States already declared States as sovereign. States have sovereign immunity.
      I'm gonna say this slow, so read it slow. Maybe it will sink in. The Founders established a Government "OF the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE". Without WE THE PEOPLE there COULD NOT be the government they established. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT!!! That is the ONLY POSSIBLE WAY a state could be Sovereign, because it was made up of People. Only God and those made in His Image can be Sovereign. A corporation is a fiction, a soulless entity that came into existence on a piece of paper, not through a woman's womb.
      Further you stated, "There is nothing wrong with owing a State and the U.S. allegiance while operating in your secular (laymen) capacity. However, there still is separation of church and state which is the reason why Churches are automatically exempt from taxation (or owing a debt to the state).
      So you mean to tell me that the people who had just fought a war to free themselves from tyranny, and established a govt the People would control w/o a Pope or King telling them they were subject to them, would then turn around and subject themselves to rule by taxation. Like Cube said, Church and state 2 sides of the same coin. You do realize Thomas Jefferson said,(paraphrase) The only thing a man possesses when he comes into this world is the ability to labor. Therefore government CAN NOT tax a man's labor. They can only tax the increase of his labor. Meaning if I work and earn $10,000 dollars, they can not tax that. If I put that money to usury, or invest it and make an increase, that part is taxable. How can there be nothing wrong with owing an allegiance, A DEBT, to a state, simply because I was born.
      This should be all the proof you need to see that our true govt. "OF BY and For the PEOPLE" has been hijacked. Why would the PEOPLE put themselves under the same type of oppression they came here to escape and fought to preserve. DUH!!! HELLO ??? And this layman's capacity of which you speak sounds to me like some crappola invented by a church that would seek to control. Jesus never said his disciples were above the common man who were but "laymen". As a matter of fact He said just the opposite. He that is greatest among you you shall be your servant. Remember the church used to tell the "Laymen" that they were just too ignorant to understand God's Word and that they needed a "Clergy" to explain it to them. You really need to break free from that mentality you have that it's okay to allow others to rule over you even when it causes to you or your fellow man. Who is this state of which you speak of as being Sovereign? If it is the state established by the founders, then I am the state, you are the state, Anna is the state, we the People. I'm not taxing anyone, are you? Are We the People making all these laws restricting our own freedom, and oppressing the poor? NO !!! Then who is? Our representatives? This is why we elected them? To increase our taxes and pass a million stupid laws to restrict our freedom. No. Corporations have taken over our govt and elected officials. The laws only serve them, and the worst ones are the corporations that provide govt services. But you might understand that if you could stop criticizing everything Anna is attempting to explain to us.

    17. ET, I couldn't have said it better than that,myself. Thats exactly where I'm coming from. I have several other reasons as well. Generally, we octogenarians are seldom messed with by the 'law' and (2) how much did all those paper filings cost; nobody has ever mentioned that; and when you live on fixed income I cannot yet see a valid reason to do it.
      We are not all in the same situations though, and I understand that. Thanks for telling your real story here. And now that begs some Response from Anna - - you've done what she said to do, and you are still being walked on, same as before.

      ANNA, what say you Now? Where does this fellow go with this?

    18. OK, y'all, let's talk some turkey here. Go and blame your mother. That's right. She was the one who got you started in all this mess. True, she did it unwittingly but she did it nevertheless. She agreed to the "fact" that she had "berthed" you into the sea of commerce and "delivered" you as a ward of the state by completing and signing a "certificate of live birth" and completing and signing an SS-5 form voluntarily applying for your SSN trust account number to which neither you nor her were the trustee. The COLB paperwork created the exemption and the SS5 authorized the Cesti-Que Vie trust in your name with the US corporation as the trustee. But now you have to let mom off the hook because you are even more guilty than she was yourself by perpetuating the fraud instead of correcting it and claiming to be a federal 14th amendment US citizen when you never even elected to be one in the first place. Tell me, when did you ever elect to be a US citizen? Can't remember? Could that be because you never actually elected to be a US citizen? Only foreigners who are "naturalized" today and apply for US citizenship actually elect to be US citizens. All others, it was simply presumed upon you and you perpetuated the assumption and the lie by repeating it over and over again, on your job applications, on your tax forms, on your voter registration, on your passport application, on your customs declaration forms, etc. Now go ahead and blame yourself for having to clean up the mess you and mom created together. So stop your whining and get to work and file the few pieces of paper to correct your status so when you are in deep doo doo, you will be grateful you did.

    19. 1FreeMan,
      Man has nothing at all to due with a birth certificate, which by the way is a certificated person/14th Amendment citizen and Citizen is adding a captain to the vessel. The reason the judge/administrator of the estate moved to ignore ET, is because no one presented an assumed name and power of appointment from the States creation/ROLB to act as attorney in fact. In absence of that power, the custodian of the record/trustee steers the ship for lack of a captain. Can a trustee act on behalf of the State if the State acts by the power of appointment? No, think about this. When and why would a trustee of the States creation act? You now have the answer, the office of debtor, the office of creditor and the office of administration, only 2 offices are filled, 3 are needed to fulfill the trust, in absence of the true creditor, the administrator moves into that office leaving you where? Yep.

    20. Well, cube, good points buit much easier to come in as the Executor and head over to the prosecutor right before the hearing and state "I am here as the Executor for this matter. Where is your written permission from the Executor's office to administer this estate?" If they are smart they will withdraw immediately, but when they stumble all over themselves, simply continue "So then you admit that you do not have any written authorization from the Executor's office to administer this estate?" When the court starts, state the same to the judge and tell him that this matter is "off the calendar" since the prosecutor has just admitted that they do not have written permission from the Executor's office to administer this estate." and walk out. Done.

    21. 1FreeMan, I must whole heartedly disagree. Neither we nor mom created any of this. You know as we all know, it was all deceptively put upon us, unknowingly, and without full disclosure, in fact with No disclosure at all; it is all fraudulent and is therefore all null and void.

      So I will again return to my original statement, and try to get an answer - - since there is all sorts of lawful proof of this Fraud, then why can it not be made entirely null and void in a lawful Court Action across the board and thus established for all Nationals once and for all? Why is this still being done one by one??

      Here's an example of what I'm trying to say: We all know that our crooked govt. established once and for all, a SS system. And they established an official date. It became ''law''.

      They did not say that each person had to go and dig up any law, or all the background, all the ranglings that brought it all about........but simply gave a very few simple, DOB, SS#, and where you worked for past xxx yrs. And that was all there was to it.

      So now, all the Goods are in print, as Anna has posted endlessly. Why is that not good enough for these bastards; why do we each have to 'take up swords and go do battle' to just hope they will agree to what is already in print, and is irrefutable??

      I don't know why this point is too hard to understand. What has Anna gone to Court FOR? If not to get all this established once and for all, then WHAT? What have all those Filings been FOR, if not to get these things all established EN MASS?

      All we have heard about any of that stuff, is 'we need money to File; we need money to take this to the World Court; these filings cost $50 per page'. On and on that went. Thats fine. BUT WHAT was all that FOR? And what good did it do, what did it accomplish? That NOW we are told ''if You dont get YourSelf reconveyed, then your ass will be grass''?

      Do you see why this is not all adding up for some of us ''stinking thinkers'' out here who just never shut off the ole brain pan and actually see these missing pieces to the stinking puzzle.......are missing?

      Just answer that and maybe I will quit CCC'ing, Lol.

    22. 1FreeMan,

      Perhaps that is another route, deceit usually has a way of coming back to its source. This criminality is so obvious, it will be hard to find a place to run not too far in the future, future is now and their time is short.

    23. Abby, I agree that it is all unlawful and the fraud is on the record. But this is war and whining about it is not going to change anythng. So tell me, what are YOU doing about it? Don't tell me what Anna should be doing but tell me and everyone here what YOU personally are doing about it other than uttering snide lines from the sidelines? Do you really believe that your constant CCC is going to change anything? If you know it so much better than Anna. then where are your solutions? Instead of exercising your critical spirit, why don't you provide something of substance if you believe that Anna is doing it all wrong since you seem to know it so much better, right? Maybe instead of playing armchair quarterback, you should start your own blog so like minded people can start criticising, condemning and complaining your efforts.

    24. ET Fisbite.....thank you for finally telling us on this site what results you had....finally someone weighs in...!! And your point of "misunderstanding language" is what this is all again I ask, who ever have these "black robed" sorcerers the right to interpret law, much less make it from the bench...!! I wasn't even around when the constitution was passed, because if I had the right to vote on it, I would have never allowed it ever...!! No one has the right to make "blanket" rules for everyone, especially from one end of the country all the way to the other when we live in a muticutural multiethnic Nation, where every single community is different than the you know why , when the Queen was coronated, she was supposed to have put her signature in the KJB that she would never legislate law....!! How many times does it have to be proved that "Centralization " never works. And if corporate tax law is as simple as people suggest on this site, then why is title 26 over 10,000 pages of small legalese print....Has anyone on this site read that book cover to cover....I don't think so...!! That's the first clue you know FRAUD is being pulled...!! As far as "unknown" goes, I can see his point, but unknown even you are a slave to taxes...the only tax you are getting out of is "income taxes" doesn't get you out of at least 30 other taxes you seem to be ok with....!! It's fairly simple in my book.....ANY TAXES (sales, gaoline, alcohol ,tobbacco, and firearms, just to mention a few) simply translates to SLAVE....PERIOD...!! Sorry, unknown but it's true...!! You may not be as much a slave as other people, but make no mistake...your a slave and the sooner you accept that the better we all will be....!!

    25. Here's the Equation for those that need one...

      TAXES = Slavery

      How simple does it get...!! The only reason for taxes is to make up for the fiscal "irresponsibility " of govt employees to keep within their budget, because they are theives, straight out....!!!

    26. "The power to tax, is the power to destroy"

    27. @cube sphere, Authority is vested into the government from the people and not delegated from the people. There is a big difference.

    28. Also keep in mind that the U.S. Constitution and constitutions of the 50 states are interpreted via spirit of the law and not letter of the law. The law in the U.S. is case law. The law is not what laymen and laywomen think or interpret it should be. It is CASELAW and the Judicial system that is in place (1/3 sovereign along side Executive and Legislative) has the final say on how to interpret and enforce it.

      You all have freedom to associate (as long as you don't fall under rico act). You all have freedom to exercise your religions. But it appears that you folks are too busy and distracted with imposing your interpretations of the law on the rest of the population which are overwhelmingly 14th Amendment U.S. citizens. You want to travel on public roadways as you deem fit. You want to operate in your for-profit (secular capacity) and not be subject to taxes. You all are simply heathens. You are unaware that you are unaware. Extremists. Domestic terrorists. Anti-social. By your own inequities you shall be exposed.

    29. You're an opp if you're not with the team
      I just talked to Kolvenbach in a dream
      He told me "keep grinding keep doing your thing!"

    30. Glad you r having dreams Unborn!♩

    31. Crazy Horse was by FAR my favorite founding 'father'....& he didn't have a birth certificate either. H e had two wives, too♩

    32. 1FreeMan, I can't believe that you still don't get it; that you still fail to read precisely what I post, instead of going all around it. I know you are way smarter than that.

      Young man, I have tried to be cordial toward you since you are my Brethren; but I must ask what is wrong with you? Do you not see that You are the one who is whining all the time in here?
      Do you not see that I have continued to post my personal viewpoint, and how I never lean on People to ''obey me"? What does it take for you to take a look at yourself, instead of seeing yourself as perfect and all others are at fault IYV?

      Who are you to bark orders to others, such as me, and Demand that I Do anything? Why would I embark on a losing battle? Surely you know the true condition of mankind, and that under their circumstances, they do not win this battle, hard as they try.
      Are you one of those religious Reconstructionists? Or what?
      Have you not yet learned the root cause of this mess, and that mankind will not do what it takes to mend it, and worse, that it is now way too late to repair? Why do you love this wicked world so much?

      Let me go on record again: I can see all that is wrong, and pointing out those things is NOT ''whining and complaining' - - it is pointing out all those things that are wrong; and if you can't see that, then maybe you need remove your rose colored glasses.
      Why do you bother with your same old attempt to boss people and tell them what to do; why don't you make your opinion known, and then move along. People can do what they want with it; its not your call.

    33. Abby, here you go off the deep end again and claiming things I never said or did or do. But then again that is what people naturally do when they cannot answer questions and get trapped in their own web. No one on this post cares about you posting your "personal viewpoint" of what you point out as all of Anna's so called mistakes, incomplete information and shortcomings without providing any constructive criticism or solutions. All your postings are nothing more than bitter complaints. Your whole attitude displays such a critical spirit and does not edify the hearers but only tears down and condemns. And, yes, as your brother, I am holding you accountable for it. You know better than to be behaving as worldly as this and totally in the flesh and all carnality. Please refrain your critical spirit and curb your comments if you cannot edify or speak words that help build intead of tearing down other people especially Anna who is in the midst of the arena and in the heat of the battle, slugging it out against the enemy while you choose to remain safe in your comfy cocoon on the sidelines and out of harm's way.

    34. Unknown: Such a fitting NAME....

      Why do YOU give a damn any way what happens to any of us. Is it because it is only going to take a few of us to stand up to make a difference and not the Illusive 51% that want to eat us for breakfast?

  7. Sorry, but making that old accusation (fence sitting) as a means to try to intimidate or to produce guilt, just doesn't work with me. In fact I see that tactic as very disrespectful of your ''fellow man'' which you claim to want to 'help'.

    I also must agree with A Follower.....heir to what? THAT is what I'm waiting to hear. Just what is there to 'inherit' here and just what is there to be gained? It is going to take far more than just mere promissory words, especially when it has never been detailed just what that means.
    We have been told some of these old things are over with now. Yet, with our common sense and our eyes, what we see is the same ole same ole as before. We are even told the Queen is done for; yet she is still carrying on just as before. My question is.......which Tense are you living in, here?

    1. Abby; can you please explain to me exactly why you follow Anna's articles? It seems to me that you are more interested in casting dispersions, than anything else. I have agreed with a few of your comments but those are few and far between. I understand that you're frustrated and it's not always clear to me what the process is or, how to cope with the PTB, after our change of status. Because of this, I've also enrolled in the classes offered by "Neo", who became known to me through this site. I'm of the opinion that no one person can possibly have all the information and answers to our dilemma. I've also found that Christopher Gronski and Kurt Kallenbach (who was also introduced here, I believe) possess a lot of additional knowledge, and different opinions. At the end of the day, it's each person's responsibility to make their own decisions and act accordingly. And, in the event our decisions prove to incorrect, we must also take responsibility for this as well. No one's holding a gun to your head and forcing you to do anything. Asking intelligent and respectful questions is perfectly understandable but, bitching and complaining and STILL FOLLOWING THESE ARTICLES, IS NOT!

    2. Abby, I couldn't agree with Jack more. As I have asked you several times already, why are you even here? You refuse to do any of the work. You refuse to study. You refuse to help anyone else. Ok, I will admit, one time you did help someone with the tax court procedure you very reluctantly had just done yourself. But why do you always CCC (criticize, condemn and complain)? Wait, I know why. It's the story of the Little Red Hen who does all the work to make bread while all the other animals in the barn yard refuse to help her from planting the grain of wheat to harvesting it, from sifting the grain and milling it to preparing the recipe to baking the bread. But as soon as they smell the aroma of the fresh baked bread, now all of sudden, they all want a piece of the bread. Read the plot here:

    3. Jack, that is Your self made label you like to try to slap on me. But if you really knew what is really going on, and if you really listened to my exact words, then you would see that I am simply pointing out real problems, real snags, and real-ity. It ain't a perfect world, as you know. And nothing presented in here is utopian, regardless of how much we'd all like for it to be a be-all end-all to all shit in this tyrannical world, lol.

      And let me go on record as saying that I am in NO way frustrated with anything; because you see, I already know things I cannot convey to most people. Suffice it to say, that I have absolutely NO faith in mankind to EVER do the right thing, no matter what WE do, and no matter how right we are.

      You think I am just in here whining and just like to complain and find fault?? Go above and read what ET Tishbite's experience was just last week IN COURT. Then tell me I have no basis for what I've been saying all along.

      Now, on the other hand if you and any others don't like Reality and prefer to think all is coming up roses if we just accept all of this Plan and take it for granted that it will ''fix our world'.....then you are just being very gullible and not yet faced the real corruption, whereas I have.
      But y'all will catch up sooner or later, lol.

      You are entitled to your opinion, but I am here so I can keep up and don't have to come and pop in next year and ask some stupid question, lol. (that is, IF we are even still surviving by then)

    4. 1FreeMan, well good, you found yourself a bud who you agree with.
      What is that to me?

    5. 1 FreeMan, yes kindred spirits we are indeed. I should have told J to tell the prosecutor that he was the executor of the estate and slapped down a copy of his certificate of assumed name. Instead he told her he wasn't there to plead, but that he had 2 MJN&D Subro & MTD filed, and he wanted the court to address them. She was completely clueless, and asked the judge if he wanted to talk to him. He stood his ground and objected a half dozen times but that judge completely ignored all the paperwork we had filed. You know the whole situation. You know where we're heading with it. Keep me appraised of all updates, as you always do. Thanks Brother

    6. Yea, I know the routine least you made your objections known, but she denied them purposely to see if you have the guts , money, and time to waste on an appeal, which you would probably win but who wants to do all this work when she should have just taken judicial notice of your paperwork and your actions in court that you aren't one of the stupid ones, and dismiss the case...You know what it tells me...they are so desperate for money and to be in control that they simply don't care about "ANY" RULE OF LAW...!!!
      By the way, what does MJN&D and MTD stand for...!!

    7. James it's Mandatory Judicial Notice and Demand and Motion to Dismiss. I'm not sure what kind of game they're running. They're calling it a criminal case, charges are assaulting a police dog and interfering with an officer trying to do his job. He (my son) wouldn't ever hit a dog, he just grabbed it by the collar and was holding it till the cops caught up. He said he was practically petting the dog when the cops got there. Then the cop ordered the dog to bite him after he told the cop to call off the dog when he let go of his collar. But they've had him coming into traffic court for hearing. First time they asked him for ID. He was the only one they did that to. They set another hearing and again traffic court. 60 people in there and they kept him till almost last, and then were just trying to get him to plead. They don't know what to do with him bc he just won't agree with them and let them take his power from him. Even when the judge set a trial date he said I object and the judge said I'll make a note of it for the record. They've ignored everything, we threw at them , subrogation, lack of jurisdiction. Like you've said many times on here, until we have some recourse with these courts they're going to continue to do as they please.

    8. Smh... @ E.T. Tishbite. You see no correlation with avoiding a simple traffic citation, taking matters in your own hands by grabbing a Police Dog, and then obstructing due process at a hearing in a court of law.

      Can we say self-righteous? It's a sickness, I tell you all. It is a mental condition you folks are suffering from and a condition people like Anna are exploiting.

    9. James,you have made a good point. What is the consequences for a judge who rejects all the paperwork people have done and present in court, as is being done in Tish's case, above?
      What is to stop them from continuing in that same manner? We know what is supposed to happen, but what is it that will enforce it?

    10. Unknowing ,wrong again. Not much on detail in what you read. It wasn't me, it was my son. Not a simple traffic violation. He was walking home, minding his own business, had committed no crime, but was stopped by a cop who asked for ID and then told him he had a warrant from another state, and he was under arrest. Now my son is a peace-loving, non-violent kind to all person, but he has dread-locks like Bob Marley. He gets profiled by cops all the time. You should be able to appreciate that A.K. The warrant the cop pulled up had already been taken care of a couple years before. It was from an incident where he was in a red-neck state and 2 cops pulled him from his car and tazed him and beat him with billie clubs, then made him plead guilty to a bogus charge. He has a fear of cops, so he ran. The dog found him laying in a ditch, and he just grabbed the dogs collar to make sure it didn't attack him. He said by the time the dogs handler got there he was petting the dog. It pissed the cop off and he told him to let go of the dog. He told the cop tell him not to bite me. The cop proceeded to hit him on the head with his flashlight, and with 2 cops with guns and tazers standing there, and a dog, the dogs handler still ordered the dog to bite him while he was already laying on ground and had been hit by the cop .
      Oh but I know, our public servants who serve and protect us and our constitutional rights, who make their living from taxes, would never act badly in your world. Only us crazies who believe that we know the truth about who we really are and what our true political status is, who try to explain to the authorities that they have mis-classified us are the ones obstructing due process.
      They seem to have the same mindset as you, judging those you know nothing about, saying they're self-righteous and suffering from a mental condition.

    11. ET, oh indeed; I have seen this on even our local news just way too many times. And it seems to be happening all over the nation.....more and more Please keep us posted on any updates.
      I hope your son wins his case.

    12. Abby, respectfully, You bash people with the Bible all the time, which irritates the hell out of me. Heir to what? Isn't that answer in the Bible? We were not promised a Rose Garden Here, but we are promised an inheritance if we follow Jesus, God, Holy Spirit or whatever Name is Cool Today..... This SYSTEM is BABYLON.... Come out of HER.... I respect your questions, I just don't understand why you would ask this one.

      We come into the world with nothing and leave with nothing so what do you want to inherit Here? This is SATANS world. God threw him to Earth. HELL is Here. Come out of Hell and Inherit the Kingdom of God.... as promised....

  8. And for the record there are two or more "unknowns" in this forum.


    2. If all the unknowns could please just pick a name, any name, it would not be so confusing. The only reason I can think of Kerubale flipping from UCADIA to unknown back and forth is that he is probably using different devices, right? Maybe you could just sign in on the other device? Just a suggestion so we don't confuse you with other unknowns.

    3. 1FreeMan, I agree, lol. It sure would help to keep things straight in here, between the 2 different Unknown's.

    4. 1freeman could use some assistance can visit

  9. Anyone pushing fake US CORPORATION narratives like 14th amendment bs clearly is acting as a solicitor for their agendas♩ ratified in 1819☇

  10. Replies
    1. Robert....I have to say ,I am starting to realize that this "KIM" persoperson you talk about seems to be for real and is shaping up to be what you said.....a very smart and giving individual who seems to be truely interested in making this world a better place.....but I am going to dig deeper into it because it is fascinating if it is really true....!! We have so many intelligent and good people behind the scenes, that I can't believe the world hasn't solved this problem yet....!! It is truly a tremendous darkness we are fighting...!! It's going to take a lot more than Jural assemblies to attract this problem...Its going to take the entire world coming against this darkness of evil that pervades our planet....!!

    2. James, maybe Robert can tell us what Kim is doing with the Funds she is sitting on like a mother hen, lol.
      Seriously, it would be interesting to know, because I don't see it out here in the real world among the minions.

  11. Uet, some celebrate them...go figure?

  12. What is the Definition of DOMESTIC?

    What is the Definition of Terrorist?

    What is the Definition of the combination.

    May be the equivalent of SOVEREIGN-CITIZEN=MASTER-SLAVE.

    FEAR PORN at ITS Best....


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